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Sophia is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist. She specializes in digital marketing and B2B content for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When not writing or editing, she can be found searching used bookstores and watching the penguins at the San Diego Zoo.
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Wix is packed full of features to build just about any type of website. It feels like there’s always a new surprise just around the corner that makes designing your site easier and better. There’s even a free plan you can use to build a fully functional site. But with a website builder that’s so easy to use, can you really build a professional-looking website?


Weebly is one of the best ways for beginners to build a website that looks and acts like it was built by an expert. It still has some limitations, but if you want to keep costs low and have all your tools in one place, Weebly could be the way to go.


Webnode has some great features that you won't find elsewhere, including robust support for SEO and multilingual websites. That said, it also has some annoying limitations, and its editor is not the easiest to use. If you don't mind the learning curve, it might be the right choice for you.


SiteW boasts some cool features and a colorful interface, but underneath the surface, there are a few frustrating quirks that really detract from the overall site building experience.


LogoGarden can do the basics, but it isn’t that great of a logo maker. It’s something I would have used in college to design and order t-shirts for an event, maybe, but it’s not something I’d use to create a professional logo for my small business or blog. You’d be better off with a logo design service like Fiverr, where you can get a professional logo for as little as $5.


Logogenie offers an easy way to design your own logo, but it’s difficult (and pricey) to guarantee that your logo is completely unique. For the most affordable way to get a truly custom logo, we recommend getting one designed on Fiverr instead - you can get a professionally designed logo for $5. But if you want to dabble in graphic design yourself, Logogenie is a great place...


There’s a lot to like about Jimdo: in terms of ease of use, it’s definitely one of my favorite website builders, and there’s a free plan you can use to try it out. But when you look at the whole picture, it is lacking in some key areas - unless you pay for a higher-tier plan.

Google Sites

I really wanted to like Google Sites, but ultimately I was disappointed in its lack of ability to create a fully functioning website. There are some really useful features for certain contexts, but if you’re trying to build a site for yourself or your business, you’ll be better off with a builder like Wix that offers more design and function options.


SimpleSite offers an easy enough website building process, but it’s so stingy with customization options and website features that it almost feels too simple. If all you want is to get a basic website up and running quickly, SimpleSite could be fine. If you want anything more than that, you should consider an option like Wix.

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When you don’t have the budget or time to hire a dedicated SEO strategist, a strong website builder can go a long way in helping Google understand your site - even if you only just learned what SEO is. But not all website builders can actually do this well, and a great website doesn’t mean much if nobody can find it. I worked as an agency SEO strategist for two years,...

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There are many free landing page solutions out there, but most of them aren't great. You don’t want to invest time or money in a marketing campaign only to find out your landing page doesn’t produce the results you were expecting. For this reason, I tested all the major landing page builders on the market. I built a real landing page with each, to check their conversion...

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Shopify Payments: Not Always the Best Option [2021 Review]

Shopify Payments gets rid of your transaction fees and keeps your payment gateway under the same roof as the rest of your tools for managing your online store. It makes running a Shopify store easier and more affordable than it would if you used an alternative payment gateway. But - why does there always have to be a but? - Shopify Payments has some limits on what...

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Fiverr vs. Guru – Only One Affordable, Reliable Option [2021]

Fiverr boasts affordable freelance rates, while Guru claims to have the best freelance experts in the world. But which one can give you quality freelance work without breaking your budget? Spoiler alert: It’s Fiverr. Not only is Fiverr the more affordable option, but its sellers offer professional-level services that are easier to browse and assess to find the best...

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