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Logogenie Review [2024]—It’s Easy, But Are The Designs Unique?

Sophia Conti Sophia Conti Graphic Designer

Logogenie offers an easy way to design your own logo, but it’s difficult (and pricey) to guarantee that your logo is completely unique. For the most affordable way to get a truly custom logo, we recommend getting one designed on Fiverr instead – you can get a professionally designed logo for $5. But if you want to dabble in graphic design yourself, Logogenie is a great place to start.


💎Service TypeDIY logo maker
🚀Free to TryYes
💲Starting Price$24.90
📁File FormatsJPG, PNG, PDF & SVG Files
🔄Free RevisionsNo
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress

Logogenie Is Straightforward to Use, but Are the Designs Good Enough?

Logogenie homepage
Start your logo design right from the Logogenie homepage.

Logogenie features logo design in its simplest form, giving you an easy way to customize major logo elements without dragging you down into the difficult details. Is it the best logo design tool out there? No. Is it good enough to make a logo for some websites or small businesses? Absolutely.

There’s a reason – maybe a couple of reasons – why Logogenie has created more than 500,000 logos for business owners and bloggers all around the world. First, it’s intuitive, with an easy learning curve that’s perfect if you’re a graphic design newbie like me. It also offers support in multiple languages and has a one-time payment that’s pretty affordable.

Of course, all tools like this have some limitations and quirks. I extensively tested Logogenie to uncover these quirks – and to flag the hidden features that could make it the right tool for you.

If you want to compare Logogenie to other options, check out our ranking of the best logo design services available. We tested the top logo design services to provide you with detailed information to help you make the right choice.


Does Logogenie Have Enough Choices to Create a Unique Logo?

I was skeptical that Logogenie would have enough options to create a logo that felt truly distinctive. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of customization freedom and a huge amount of options during the creation process.

Logogenie doesn’t have an AI-powered logo generator like Wix Logo Maker or other big-scale logo designers. Instead, it gives you professionally designed templates to customize using an array of shapes, fonts, and icons. This gives you more options – and more chances to create the right logo for you.

More Than 1,000 Logo Templates

To start designing your logo on Logogenie, enter your company name, and then choose from more than 1,000 logo templates to customize. These templates are created by Logogenie’s internal team of graphic designers.

Most of these templates look pretty good, but they’re not much more than a simple icon and text in a cool-looking font. For extra pizzazz, sometimes there are two different colors.

Logogenie's marketing logo templates
The template layouts will change slightly based on whether you include a tagline.

Templates are sorted by industry, and there’s some background AI going on that selects an industry for you based on your company name. Website Planet is a pretty obvious name to choose an industry for. When I tried something vague (my own name), I got a pop-up asking for a couple of keywords to help narrow down the right industry.

There are 18 template categories to browse, and you can also sort and filter by font type and whether you want an icon or shape-based logo. Icons are more complex designs created by professionals and usually include multiple colors. Shape-based logos make use of geometric shapes, but with added flair.

You might be wondering how you can get a unique logo if everyone can choose from the same templates. First of all, you have several customization tools to distinguish your logo from another design with the same template. You can also purchase exclusive rights to your logo, which will remove the icon and template you used from the website so others can’t use any variation of it. (We’ll discuss this in more detail later on.)

Drag-and-Drop Customizer

Once you’ve selected your logo template, you’ll be taken to the drag-and-drop editor where you can modify colors, fonts, spacing, and more. Each element of your logo – icon, company name, and tagline, for example – will be editable separately.

Drag-and-drop logo editor - Logogenie
Logogenie’s drag-and-drop editor automatically separates your logo into distinct pieces to customize.

You can only have one color and font per text box, so if you have dual colors like in the example above, your company name or tagline may be split into two boxes. Thanks to the grid guidelines in the background, even separate pieces will always be perfectly aligned with other elements. There isn’t a “group” function, though, so each element has to be moved individually.

Extensive Font & Color Selection

As you customize your logo, you’ll be able to choose from more than 50 fonts and literally any color you like. Hovering over a font in the menu or modifying the color in the color picker will give you a live preview of that selection. This makes it super easy to compare choices and quickly undo anything you hate, like when I unintentionally chose a font called “Sweaty.”

Logogenie font options
Fonts are categorized by styles including Rounded, Futuristic, Elegant, and Creative.

There’s no option to upload your own font, so you’ll have to make do with what’s available. I think the fonts lean a little too much toward the quirky end of the spectrum – you won’t find anything basic like Arial or Helvetica – but there’s still a broad range to choose from. You might find a font you’re surprised to love!

For icons with multiple colors, you can edit each piece separately to achieve the right color combination. The editor helpfully highlights the portion of the icon you’re changing.

Logogenie color editor function
The selected portion of your icon blinks while you choose your desired color.

I found it brilliant that while you can edit the colors in separate parts of the icon, there’s no way to mess up the layout by accidentally moving the yellow part a few pixels up or down and making the whole design look a bit off. This little trick means it’s very difficult to make your logo look bad.

Huge Library of Icons, Shapes, & Pictograms

While Logogenie’s templates are simple and only contain a few elements, you have the option to enhance any template with a selection of shapes, pictograms, and other icons. You can add symbols, punctuation, separation lines, and a lot more.

None of these elements are particularly unique or stunning, but it’s a good set of design basics to enhance your logo. When it comes to making something unique, the subtleties can make all the difference!

You’ll also be able to swap out the icon from your template if you decide you don’t like it. Just delete your existing icon and browse through the options in the icon sidebar. Type a keyword or two to narrow down your results.

Sample of Logogenie's icon library
Logogenie’s icons have a good variety of colors, shapes, and styles.

If you end up not liking your new icon selection, you can always hit the undo button and go back to the last version.


Ease of use

Have Zero Graphic Design Experience? Logogenie Is Perfect for You.

Logogenie has a simple enough setup that pretty much anyone can try it. At the same time, it doesn’t seem like it’s dumbing down the logo design process. It’s a really great tool for beginners.

Since you start from a template, you can have a logo in the time it takes to type your company name. But the drag-and-drop customizer and the other features discussed below help you to get your logo just right. If you don’t like the changes, it’s super simple to revert back to your original template.

Clean, Beginner-Friendly Interface

If you’ve tried your hand at any sort of graphic design before, you may have felt overwhelmed at all of the options for creating and customizing a logo. (I know I do any time I attempt a Photoshop tutorial…)

But Logogenie distills it all down to just six buttons on a sidebar. Two of these are the “Undo” and “Redo” buttons so you can change your mind and make as many mistakes as you need to land on the perfect design.

Logogenie text editor interface
This is the most cluttered and complicated tab of the Logogenie editor – and it’s not even that complicated.

What keeps this interface so clean is that anything you’re not currently using is hidden. If you’re changing colors on your icon, you won’t see any options for customizing text. If you’re browsing background shapes, you won’t see any of the other shape categories. This helps you stay focused and you’ll always know exactly what you’re working on.

Automatic Color Palette Saver

This is a smaller detail, but one I always appreciate when I encounter it. Whenever you choose a new color for any part of your logo, that exact shade will be saved underneath any of the color pickers in the editor. You’ll be able to make sure every piece of your logo sticks to the same colors without worrying you’ve got a slightly off shade.

No Account Necessary to Start Designing

One of the best things about Logogenie is you can land on its website and start designing your logo right away. You only have to enter your company name. (And if you want, you can skip that step and start designing with filler text.)

No signup at the start makes it possible for you to try out the tool and see if you like it before committing to paying for something or handing over your email address. It’s another way Logogenie is both accessible and approachable for anyone.



It’s a Good Thing It’s Easy, Because Logogenie Isn’t That Helpful

It’s good news that Logogenie is so easy to use because you’re not going to get much help from them. The only support option is email – you can email them directly or use the contact form. I tried both, and it took about three days to get answers to my questions about file formats, usage rights, and logo revisions.

Thankfully, I didn’t have any questions about how the logo maker actually works, so I was able to create my logo without their help. It’s an easy enough tool that you really don’t need more than the handful of video tutorials Logogenie offers.

The videos cover basic tasks like how to modify your text color and font and they’re easy to reference as you work. Since Logogenie is set up to accomplish one simple thing, there’s not much to discuss, so the videos are short and few.

Logogenie help video pop-up
The ‘Help’ video interface lets you get an answer quickly, then return to your task.

I was much more frustrated by the FAQ section, which is where I expect to see detailed information on pricing and logo use. There were some basic answers, but I didn’t think they provided enough information. This made it more annoying that support took so long to respond. If you’re in any sort of hurry, you could end up waiting a long time to get the answers you need.



Reasonable Prices…Unless You Want Exclusive Rights to Your Logo

You pay Logogenie a one-time price for your logo files, with no recurring payments or monthly fees. The standard logo package is pretty reasonable and comes with JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG file formats.

You can find a few inexpensive add-ons (though costs accumulate if you acquire them all) designed for tasks such as vector files, social network formats, and a black-and-white file. Furthermore, an additional fee is applicable should you wish to make post-purchase edits to your logo. To ensure cost savings, ensure complete satisfaction with your design before initiating the download.

Usage Rights

When you purchase your logo, you’ll be able to use it wherever you like: on your website, business cards, company t-shirts, stress balls shaped like rubber ducks – whatever you can think of. But you won’t get the copyright unless you purchase the exclusive rights, which is the most expensive add-on.

The explanation of this add-on is pretty confusing. It claims Logogenie will remove your logo from the site if you purchase this option. As far as I can tell, this means you’re buying the copyright to your specific icon, so no one can create a similar-looking logo. However, support didn’t respond to confirm this for me, so if you’re interested in this option, proceed with caution.


How does Logogenie match up to the competition?

Fiverr Logo DesignCompareOur Score4.9Compare
Wix Logo MakerCompareOur Score4.9Compare
LogogenieCompareOur Score3.3Compare
Get Custom LogoCompareOur Score1.5Compare


Logogenie is ultimately a good enough logo design tool. It’s not going to create any award-winning logos, but you can most likely find a good combination of icons, fonts, and colors to match your brand. I wouldn’t use it if I was trying to found a future Fortune 500 company, but I could happily design something nice for my blog or Etsy shop. 

While the logo maker itself is really easy to use, the support options and pricing packages leave a lot to be desired. You could get a guaranteed unique logo on Fiverr for a lot less hassle (and a lot less money), so if you’re not particularly attached to the idea of making a logo yourself, that’s likely a better option. 

But Logogenie is free to try, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go!


What is the best logo design tool?

The best option for logo design is hiring a freelancer on Fiverr to create one for you. It’s affordable and easy to get a completely unique design. If you want to take a DIY approach and make the logo yourself, check out our list of the best logo design services.

How do you make a good logo?

A good logo should be simple and easy to recognize. It should instantly remind consumers of your brand. In general, a good logo will have:
  • Text of the company name
  • An icon, image, or shape
  • No more than two colors
  • Consistent and complementary fonts

    Where can I make a free logo?

    Most logo makers will charge a fee for downloading or saving a high-quality version of a logo, but there are still some places you can create one completely free. Here’s our list of the best free logo makers in 2024.

    How do I copyright a logo?

    To copyright a logo in the United States, follow these steps:
  • Make sure your logo is unique and the copyright is available.
  • Fill out and submit the application to the U.S. Copyright Office.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Wait for confirmation of your copyright.

In other countries, the process is similar, but you’ll need to confirm the exact steps with your country’s copyright office.
Sophia Conti Sophia Conti
Sophia is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist. She specializes in digital marketing and B2B content for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When not writing or editing, she can be found searching used bookstores and watching the penguins at the San Diego Zoo.
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Amazing and easy to use. Less 10 minutes to design my logo. I spend 50$ for my logo. You have lot of choice, i think more 4000 propositions. Logogenie support help you if you need help. I think i will but business card soon. I really recommand without hesitation.

Scott, USA
January 06, 2022
They are HORRIBLE to deal with!

They try to use a foot-in-the-door sales method to get you to buy something and then upsell via phone like crazy. I requested they stop calling and they continued to try. They tried telling me it would cost an additional $200 to send vector files lol insane. If they would have been upfront and the price was $200 for the logo design and files that would have been fine. Instead they tried to use shady practices. The first person who contacted me was going by the name of "Kevin Bacon". Seemed legit from the start...

Clint Lenard, USA
November 19, 2021
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