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LogoGarden Review 2024 – Cheap, but Is It Good Quality?

Sophia Conti Sophia Conti Graphic Designer

LogoGarden can do the basics, but it isn’t that great of a logo maker. It’s something I would have used in college to design and order t-shirts for an event, maybe, but it’s not something I’d use to create a professional logo for my small business or blog. You’d be better off with a logo design service like Fiverr, where you can get a professional logo for as little as $5.


Can a Basic Logo Maker Give You a Professional Logo?

LogoGarden logo maker tool
In addition to letting you create designs, LogoGarden sells promotional products emblazoned with your logo.

LogoGarden seems more like a shop for promotional products that happens to have a logo maker, as opposed to a dedicated logo design tool. You’re only able to create the most basic logo style – text and one icon – but there are just enough options to create something unique.

Of course, plenty of effective logos are simply a line of text and a little icon, so LogoGarden might be able to offer you just the right thing for your needs. More than two million people have made their logos with this tool, evidence that LogoGarden is doing something right.

When I tested it out, I found my LogoGarden creations looked a bit amateur, so I wouldn’t use them as my business logo or for any other permanent, professional need. You’re better off going to Fiverr and spending $5 on a professional-quality logo. But I could see it working well in plenty of other situations, like creating a logo for an event or fundraiser, a just-for-fun blog, or the company your protagonist works for in your latest screenplay.

If you need a guaranteed unique, high-quality logo, I’d recommend checking out some of the entries on our list of the best logo design services.


Can LogoGarden Create a Logo That’s Truly Unique?

LogoGarden is a really basic logo maker. You pick an icon, type your company name and tagline, and choose colors – that’s pretty much it. There are a few little extras that help elevate your logo design, but you’re not going to find any complex features or tools.

That said, let’s take a closer look at some of the elements that make LogoGarden a useful tool.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

You have complete freedom to move the individual parts of your logo anywhere you like on the grid. The elements of your logo are limited, you’ll only have a single icon and a few lines of text to play with, but you’re free to put them exactly where you want.

LogoGarden drag-and-drop editor
For a little more guidance, you can turn on the snap-to-grid feature.

You also have the ability to rotate and resize both text and images to any dimension, much as you can with Wix Logo Maker. With the handy undo and redo buttons, you have the flexibility to experiment and get your logo just right before finalizing it.

Large Icon Library

You choose your logo icon from a substantial library of images and symbols in more than 30 categories. These categories span pretty much every field or purpose – there’s even one called “Landscaping & Pool.”

Some of the categories aren’t quite accurate, as evidenced by the selection of bee icons in the marketing category.

These icons are more simple than I’d like them to be, but there’s a good variety of styles to choose from. It’s comparable to the icon libraries you’ll find on other logo makers – Tailor Brands comes to mind. One major drawback is that your icon can only be a single color, so you miss out on the design variations that would come from a two-tone icon.

You can change your icon at any time, and your new selection will fall into the exact size, rotation, and position as the previous image. This is a really useful little trick to easily compare a bunch of icons in the same layout. There isn’t any way to favorite or save icons though, which can be annoying if you’re flip-flopping between two options.

One of my biggest complaints about LogoGarden is there aren’t any non-icon shapes or symbols that you can incorporate into your logo. Many logo designers (both human and machine) include lines, basic shapes, or abstract symbols to make a logo more unique and interesting. Some basic shapes are available in the icon library, but you can’t use them as well as a more niche icon.

Interesting Selection of Effects

It’s kind of disappointing that you can only use a single icon in one color, which may be why LogoGarden attempts to spice it up with some early-2000s text effects.

Like the WordArt of my third-grade book reports, you can add shadow, reflection, shine, and distress effects to your icon and text. In the right hands, these effects would probably look good, but without the ability to control the intensity of each effect, they just look amateur.

There are also these weird shield effects that may have been the height of graphic design prowess when this tool was created, but are now just a strange add-on.

LogoGarden shield effect
If you’re starting an antivirus software company, LogoGarden might have the logo-design effects for you.

Unlimited Edits & Downloads

With your one-time payment to download high-resolution files of your logo, you get unlimited revisions and redownloads. You can go back in and make changes to the color, size, icon, and so on with no extra charge, and download the new version at any time.

There don’t seem to be any restrictions on the extent of your revisions, which is really helpful in case you completely change your mind about your logo style. You’ll have to pay for every version of the vector files you request, however. The unlimited downloads only apply to JPG and PNG files.

If you’re starting an antivirus software company, LogoGarden might have the logo-design effects for you.


Ease of use

Does a Basic Editor Mean It’s Easy to Learn?

LogoGarden’s minimal features make it super easy to learn and use. The design interface has just three major sections: choosing your icon, editing your font, and adding effects. These menus are similar to those you might find in a word processor, so nothing feels too new or unfamiliar.

This simplicity is LogoGarden’s biggest claim to being easy to use, but here are three more features that make using this tool a breeze.

Background Grid for Alignment

A drag-and-drop editor is great for design freedom, but everyone can use a little guidance to get their logo perfectly aligned. LogoGarden offers this guidance in two ways: the grid layout in the background of the design interface and the alignment assistant, which you can toggle on and off.

LogoGarden grid alignment tool
The blue lines appear when your selected logo element is aligned with the top, center, or bottom of the other element(s).

I wish you didn’t have to turn the alignment guide on and off – I prefer to have this kind of help throughout – but I also understand why someone might not want it throughout the design process. Overall though, this feature helps elevate LogoGarden ever so slightly in my eyes.

No Account Necessary to Start Designing

I love when online tools let you start using it without asking for your name, email, phone number, favorite color, and deepest secret firsts. LogoGarden lets you do just that. You won’t have to hand over any personal information until you’re ready to save and purchase your logo.

In addition to cutting out a lengthy sign-up process, this setup is a great way to test out LogoGarden before committing to the tool.

Get a Logo Designed for You in One Business Day

If all of this still sounds like more hassle than you want to do, LogoGarden also offers to design your logo for you for an extra cost. I personally wouldn’t take this option – you can find cheaper, better logo designers on Fiverr – but if you’re planning to order t-shirts or stress balls featuring your new design, then LogoGarden could be a good one-stop-shop for both needs.



There’s Not a Lot to Ask About LogoGarden, and It Shows

Since there’s not much going on with LogoGarden’s logo maker, there’s not much need for an extensive support center or immediate live support. The existing support center is a series of FAQs, which are organized by topic for easy browsing. There’s not much on the logo maker itself, however. Most support questions related to the promotional products LogoGarden offers.

LogoGarden support center
LogoGarden offers a simple website builder in addition to logo design and promo products.

The support center pretty much answered anything I wanted to know, but in case you have a question you can’t find the answer to, there’s a contact form linked from the bottom of every page.

I got a response by email in about three hours, and the team was very thorough in their answers. That’s not a bad turnaround time, but it would be nice if there was some kind of chat option, even if it was just a bot with some additional FAQs.



Does LogoGarden’s Basic, Inexpensive Package Have What You Need?

LogoGarden’s basic package is very affordable, but mostly because it doesn’t include much. The minimum offering includes high-resolution (300 dpi) JPG and PNG files with a transparent background, unlimited downloads and revisions, and trademark rights. These files are available to download as soon as you purchase them.

You’ll need to pay an extra fee and wait for one business day to receive vector files, available in EPS, SVG, and PDF formats. The LogoGarden team manually creates these files upon your request, resulting in a separate process. However, their delivery is notably prompt.

You can also order all kinds of promotional products with your logo printed on them, including business cards, shirts, pens, water bottles, and a lot more. These all need to be ordered separately – there aren’t any packages or bundles.

Usage Rights

You’ll be able to trademark your logo once you purchase the basic package, but you won’t be able to copyright it. The copyright is based on the icon itself rather than the combination of icon and your company name, and LogoGarden doesn’t sell those rights. This means that another small business or blog could make a logo with the same icon as yours.


How does LogoGarden match up to the competition?

Fiverr Logo DesignCompareOur Score4.9Compare
Wix Logo MakerCompareOur Score4.8Compare
LogoGardenCompareOur Score3.2Compare
Get Custom LogoCompareOur Score1.5Compare


Ultimately, LogoGarden just isn’t that great of a logo maker. You’ll be able to do the bare minimum, but there’s nothing about it that makes for a truly unique or valuable logo designing experience. It’s something I would have used in college to design and order t-shirts for an event, maybe, but it’s not something I’d use to create a professional logo for my small business or blog. You’ll be better off with a service like Fiverr or one of our other picks of the best logo design services


What’s the difference between trademark and copyright?

Trademarks protect the use of your company name and logo, while copyright protects creative work. There’s some overlap – a logo can have both a copyright and a trademark – but the copyright specifically refers to the creative aspects, while a trademark governs the commercial use of your brand or company identity.

Do I need vector files for my logo?

Vector files are a flexible format that allows you to print your design at any size while maintaining the quality and resolution of your original logo. You’ll need them if you want to print your logo on banners, signs, shirts, or other items in order to maintain image quality.

What’s the best free logo maker?

If your goal is to get a logo design for no cost, try one of the best free logo makers that we’ve extensively tested. Keep in mind that while a lot of logo makers are free to try, you might run into costs when it’s time to download your logo.

How do you design a good logo?

The best logos are simple, with clean lines and no more than two colors. A good logo should convey your business purpose and values and remind consumers of your company whenever they see it. It shouldn’t look too similar to other logos, especially your competitors.
Sophia Conti Sophia Conti
Sophia is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist. She specializes in digital marketing and B2B content for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When not writing or editing, she can be found searching used bookstores and watching the penguins at the San Diego Zoo.
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