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5 Best Restaurant Website Builders + Online Ordering [2020]

Sophia Conti

A good restaurant website needs to be simple but powerful – there are only a few necessary features, but they are truly critical to your website’s success. A website builder for restaurants follows the same logic: it doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective, but it does need to have the right tools.

To give you the best list of website builders for restaurants, I extensively researched and personally tested all of the builders on this list (and a bunch more that didn’t make the cut).

Whether you run a cafe, a burger joint, or a fine dining establishment, any one of these builders can help you create a site that looks like it was designed by a professional – even if you’ve never built a website before.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Website Builders for Restaurants:

What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Restaurants

Website builders for restaurants should be simple and cost-effective, but still give you the tools to provide a smooth user experience for your customers. You’ll want easy integrations for menus, online reservations, interactive maps, and other contact information. Because restaurant information may change often, such as with daily specials or menu item availability, these website builders should also be easy to use.

Here are some other key features I looked for:

  • Design flexibility to let you personalize your website to match your unique restaurant branding
  • Email marketing features to notify customers of specials, deals, and events
  • Lots of options for displaying menus

In addition, all of these website builders include some standard and essential features to ensure your website (and restaurant) can be found by anyone. These include mobile-friendliness, SEO tools, contact forms, and Google Maps.

1. Wix – All Your Restaurant Features in One Place

Wix shines among the options for website builders for restaurants, offering a ton of easy-to-use features and tools that make it simple to manage every aspect of your restaurant’s website. For starters, it offers 64 restaurant-specific templates divided into five subcategories:

  1. Catering & Chef
  2. Restaurant
  3. Cafe & Bakery
  4. Bar & Club
  5. Food & Drinks

Wix’s templates feel much more unique than what other website builders offer, and every element can be easily customized to perfectly match your restaurant’s branding.

Wix website templates for restaurants
Wix has dozens of fully-customizable restaurant website templates

Wix App Market offers a wealth of apps for everything from creating online menus to taking orders and reservations via your website. You can also easily connect your social media accounts. Everything can be managed and analyzed in your website dashboard, and to make things even easier, many of the restaurant templates come preloaded with the Wix Restaurant apps.

The Wix Menu app creates some truly stunning and useful menus, allowing you to add labels such as “Vegan” or “Spicy” and feature special dishes. It’s SEO and mobile-friendly, as well as very intuitive to use.

Wix Menu app
The Wix Menu App is beautiful and easy-to-use

When it comes to pricing, Wix also can’t be beat. All the features mentioned above are available on the free plan. If you want to take online orders, though, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the Business plans. Once you upgrade, you can also connect your own domain name to make your site easier to find.

Here are some other great Wix features for restaurants:

  • Wix Restaurants Orders, the online ordering app, is completely commission-free and even lets you add special discounts to customer orders.
  • Restaurant Analytics provides order tracking and other restaurant-specific analytics on designated restaurant sites automatically.
  • Wix Reservations provides automatic email confirmation for customers reserving tables.

For a full list of features, don’t miss our in-depth Wix review.

Free Plan?Yes, with most features included
Starting PriceCombo Plan: $13.00
Menu Options?Native menu app with unlimited pages & items
Restaurant Templates64, divided into 5 subcategories

2. Squarespace – Create Stunning Custom Menus

Squarespace is well-known for its exceptionally designed templates, and its 10 restaurant templates are no exception. The beautiful, image-focused templates bring an immediate feel of class and professionalism to your website, keeping your food as the main focus.

Squarespace templates for restaurant websites
Squarespace offers stunning, image-focused restaurant templates

The editor lets you build custom page layouts using content blocks. There’s also a series of menu page layouts, and built-in guidelines provide a good balance of customization freedom and design assistance.

You can construct your menu in any way you wish, and Squarespace provides online reservations and online ordering through integrations with OpenTable and ChowNow, respectively. These integrations function as additional block options in the editor, and since they are the exclusive options for these functions, you can receive support from Squarespace itself.

While there’s no free plan on Squarespace, there is a 14-day free trial. You’ll need to be on the Business plan to use the ChowNow and OpenTable integrations, which does raise the price point. However, Squarespace provides excellent value for your money, as our expert found while testing the service.

Here are a few other standout features for restaurants:

  • E-commerce features are seamlessly integrated to sell gift cards, merchandise, and more from your restaurant website.
  • Email campaigns can be built and sent from your website editor or dashboard, so you can easily promote deals and discounts to your loyal customers.
Free Plan?No, but 14-day free trial
Starting PricePersonal plan: $12.00
Menu Options?Menu page layouts & blocks you can customize
Restaurant Templates10

3. SITE123 – Built-In Restaurant Tools for Easy Building

SITE123 is almost as good as Wix. It’s easy to use and has built-in menu and reservation options, but it lacks a few features that would make it truly stellar. Compared to other options, the site editor is a bit simpler to use. This means that building a site goes more quickly, but the downside is that the 21 restaurant template options don’t look all that different from each other.

SITE123 templates for restaurant websites
SITE123’s restaurant templates are easy to use, but all look very similar

You can create menu pages using the built-in page templates, and reorder and adjust content sections to your liking. The online reservations tool, which comes preloaded on restaurant templates, allows you to include table size options and choose manual or automatic confirmation of a reservation. You can also manage your reservations within your site dashboard.

What SITE123 lacks is any other restaurant-specific apps, most notably anything that can efficiently conduct online ordering. You’ll have to use a third-party tool and link to it or embed it in your site. Pricewise, it’s comparable to Wix, but with fewer features, so it’s not the best value on this list.

Here are some things I do like about SITE123:

  • Single-page websites are really easy to build, so you can maintain a simple site while offering all the essential information.
  • The contact form builder is very simple to use and you can customize your form to your needs.
  • Predetermined page layouts help you design your site quickly, while still offering a good amount of customization.

If you’re not sure if this site builder is the right solution for you, read our expert SITE123 review to find out more.

Free Plan?Yes
Starting PricePremium plan: $12.80
Menu Options?Built-in menu page layouts
Restaurant Templates21

You can create a professional restaurant website on WordPress.com, but you’ll likely find it’s a bit more “DIY” than some of the other builders on this list. There aren’t any restaurant templates offered by WordPress.com itself, but if you cross-filter by “food” and “business” you’ll find 15+ decent options. Any special menu features or reservations tools will also need to be added via plugins.

WordPress.com food templates for restaurant websites
WordPress.com has some relevant templates, with more available via third-party marketplaces

That said, when you look to third-party themes and plugins, your options increase rapidly. You can find plugins that offer more robust features than some of the restaurant features on other website builders. The caveat is that this route is more pricey – you need to be on the Business plan or higher to add plugins, making WordPress.com the most expensive option on this list.

Alternatively, you could build a simple, no-frills site – no online orders or reservations, and a PDF menu instead of interactive – for the lowest price on this list, while still getting a custom domain name for consistent branding.

These features and plugins are just some of the options that can expand the capability of your restaurant website:

  • Multiple options for menu and ordering plugins, including FoodPress, WPPizza, and even a plugin designed especially for beer menus.
  • Use the OpenTable integration on the Premium plan (a lower price point than Business) to take reservations.
  • Display a Yelp widget to show your restaurant reviews and entice customers to leave their own.

To learn why many of the pros prefer WordPress, read our full WordPress.com review.

Free Plan?Yes, but very limited
Starting PricePersonal plan: $4.00
Menu Options?Through third-party plugins available on a business plan or higher
Restaurant TemplatesNo, but may be available through third-party sites

5. Weebly – The Simplest Website Builder for Restaurants

Weebly is a simple and straightforward website builder, perfect for setting up a website quickly and easily. That said, it’s not great for full design flexibility. There are enough customization options to make you feel like you have some control over the look of your site, but you don’t get the creative freedom other builders can provide.

One excellent feature is Weebly’s Restaurant System app created by Gloria Food, which takes care of menus, online ordering, and table reservations in a single app. The app is free to install and doesn’t take commissions, but you will have to pay a monthly fee to accept online payments.

Weebly Restaurant System app
Weebly’s Restaurant System app provides menus, reservations, and online orders

Weebly is also one of the most affordable website builders on this list. The main reason to upgrade is to connect a custom domain, as the advanced features on higher-tier plans are geared toward e-commerce sites.

As a simple site builder, Weebly doesn’t have many extra features, but here are a few other things that may be beneficial for restaurant websites:

  • Weebly is owned by Square, so you can easily integrate the Square payment gateway if you’re already using it in your restaurant.
  • There are simple but strong e-commerce features if you want to sell gift cards or merchandise.
  • Mobile apps let you manage your website and restaurant orders from anywhere.

Find out more in our in-depth Weebly review.

Free Plan?Yes, with most features included
Starting PricePersonal plan: $6.00
Menu Options?4 app choices, including 3 free
Restaurant Templates?No

Which Website Builder Is Right for Your Restaurant Site?

The great thing about all the website builders on this list is that they make it easy to create a high-quality site, with essential features for restaurants of any size. You’ll find these website builders are affordable too. Nearly all of the essential restaurant features – even specialized apps or plugins – are available on the free or lowest-tier plans in most cases.

I have two personal favorites, though:

I like how Wix lets you manage your menus, orders, and reservations all in one place. Besides, no other website builder gives you so much creative freedom.

Squarespace lets design custom menu pages and add third-party integrations like OpenTable or ChowNow, and it has some of the most beautiful templates out there.

BuilderTop Feature
WixManage all restaurant functions in one place with Wix Restaurant apps
SquarespaceBeautiful designs that integrate with OpenTable and ChowNow
SITE123Menu page layouts to create custom menus
WordPress.comUse third-party plugins to add extra features, like a dedicated beer menu
WeeblyAffordable and simple with a free all-in-one restaurant app


What is the best website builder for restaurants?
The best website builder for your restaurant depends on your needs. If you want to manage everything in one place, Wix is the best option. If you need integrations with other restaurant tools, like OpenTable or ChowNow, Squarespace is a good pick. If you need a simple and cost-effective website builder for your restaurant, Weebly might be the right choice.
What are the best restaurant plugins?
The best restaurant plugins will depend on your exact needs, but there are a few frontrunners to keep in mind:

  • The Wix Restaurants app suite provides all your functionality in a single interface, for free.
  • GloriaFood makes Weebly’s Restaurant System app as well as plugins for WordPress.com.
  • FoodPress is a robust restaurant management plugin for WordPress sites.
Should I use third-party tools like ChowNow and OpenTable?
These third-party tools can expand your restaurant’s reach by giving you a presence on other platforms that hungry diners may use to find restaurant recommendations. Integrating them into your site can provide a smoother experience for your customers. However, using these platforms requires you to have multiple accounts that you may need to maintain, rather than keeping everything in one place, such as with Wix’s Restaurant apps.
Inside this Article
What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Restaurants
1. Wix – All Your Restaurant Features in One Place
2. Squarespace – Create Stunning Custom Menus
3. SITE123 – Built-In Restaurant Tools for Easy Building
4. WordPress.com – A Powerful Builder for More Complex Sites
5. Weebly – The Simplest Website Builder for Restaurants
Which Website Builder Is Right for Your Restaurant Site?
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