Shira Stieglitz

Shira Stieglitz

Shira is the head of content and research for Website Planet, and for the last 10 years has been creating and managing content marketing strategies across a variety of industries, including digital marketing, internet security, fashion, and travel. She is a big believer that content is king. When not consuming everything she can read online, you can find her watching bad reality television, in the kitchen cooking up something new, or spending time with her family.

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OVHcloud, Why Won’t You Let Me Cancel You?

OVHcloud, We Need to Talk. Seriously. Once upon a time, we tested five of the most popular web hosts to see if they could be hacked. The results were very interesting and somewhat disturbing, and if you haven’t read them yet, you really should. But today, that’s not what our story is about. To test these different web hosts, I had to sign up for their services. That...

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Your Typo Is Costing You 12% Extra on Your Google Ads Spend

In an age when verbal slang is normal and it isn’t uncommon to see messages with grammatical and spelling errors, it’s easy to assume that typos are a part of everyday life and, therefore, should be of no consequence to website copy. But we were curious: in an industry such as ours, that relies on compelling content to move visitors through the sales funnel, do good grammar...

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Report: Women Freelancers on Upwork & Fiverr Make 50% Less Than Men

The pay gap is a well-discussed topic in Washington D.C., with women on average making 77 cents on the same dollar earned by men. Unfortunately, it seems as though this gender bias may be even more extreme when it takes place in the digital freelancing workplaces. Research conducted by Website Planet (WSP) recently uncovered that female freelancers are being paid...

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