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An easy to understand web building platform that will allow you to take full control of how your business looks on the Internet. With a free service and all the features you need to build a professional looking website, BlueVoda could tick off all your check points.



Little or No Experience? Not a Problem With BlueVoda

To compare the best website builders on ease of use, templates, customer service, and value for money, we tried to build the same site on each platform. Check out the results here.

Whether you need to create a simple homepage or a fully functional multi-page website for your business, then BlueVoda have got your back. With drag-and-drop functionality it allows even the basic of users to hit the ground running, and this can all be created in just 30 minutes.

Unlike other website builders you will have no adware popping up, but you will lack support options and you do need to download a setup.exe to start the build process which isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea.

Why use Blue Voda?

  • Powerful Editor
  • Great Features (Such as easy flash integration)
  • Free

Lets take a closer look at Blue Voda…



Easily Modifiable Templates

Template Selection – Blue Voda provides 100’s of professional looking templates that suit a variety of different niches. While not many are spectacular, the majority of them are at least a bit visually attractive, placing them ahead of a bunch of their competitors.

Customization – Each of the templates provided can be modified easily, changing properties of every element on the page with only a few clicks.

Multimedia – This editor goes beyond with its media support. Not only does it include the typical audio, video, and photo gallery widgets, but it also includes support for streaming media as well as flash.Explore BlueVoda Templates



Unlimited Web Pages & One-Click Publishing

Don’t expect a range of jaw-dropping features with BlueVoda as you will be disappointed, but they do offer your basic features that can help you get your new site looking perfect. With the drag-and-drop tool you wont need any HTML or coding knowledge to create a site, and with a gallery of templates to build you site on you don’t need to be a graphic designer.

If you want to create more than one site, you also have the ability to create an unlimited number of sites at no additional costs.

The biggest let down is that this is a web builder that isn’t web based, and in order to use BlueVoda you will need to install a desktop program which isn’t the end of the world, but does mean that features such as stat tracking wont be available to you.See full list of features

Ease of use


Powerful with a Tiny Learning Curve

Blue Voda’s site editor is very easy to learn the basics of, letting you start building a basic site within minutes. The user interface is similar to most windows programs and should be familiar to most people who have used computers previously. As you use the more advanced features such as media streaming and flash integration, it gets a bit more difficult to use. Granted, learning how to use this tool is exponentially easier than learning how to do such things on your own, but the gap between the difficulty for most of the editor and the advanced features is a bit jarring. It isn’t too terrible to overcome though, and could be learned within 25-30 minutes of experimentation.See if BlueVoda is Right for You



Flawed System that will Eventually Solve Your Problem

  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Center
  • Email Support
  • SEO Help
  • Blog
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat
  • Forum

Very little is offered in terms of support, with only a handful of online tutorials and a slow, ticket-based help system available. The help system did solve my problem, but it took a lot longer than I would have liked, leaving a gap in support response of more than 15 hours at one point. Overall, it took a day and a half to eventually get my problem solved.



A Price You Can’t Complain About

Blue Voda’s site editor is not only a solid product in itself, but it also adds to the deal by being completely free to use. The only thing keeping it from a ten in this category is that when you attempt to publish your site, you are bombarded with suggestions to purchase hosting through Voda Host. Its a bit annoying, but in exchange for a great product thats free, I can’t say it bothered me too much.


How does BlueVoda match up to the competition?


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Bottom line on BlueVoda


  • Powerful Editor
  • Great Features (Such as easy flash integration)
  • Free


  • Support is Lacking
  • Slight Learning Curve
  • Templates aren’t Perfect

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Barbara HarrisBarbara Harris
Barbara is an expert in Performance Marketing. She leads WebsitePlanet PPC and SEO teams, and she mentors SMBs on the use of Search Advertising as well as Social Marketing.

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