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OVHcloud, Why Won’t You Let Me Cancel You?

Shira Stieglitz Shira StieglitzWeb Hosting Expert
OVHcloud, We Need to Talk. Seriously.

Once upon a time, we tested five of the most popular web hosts to see if they could be hacked. The results were very interesting and somewhat disturbing, and if you haven’t read them yet, you really should.

But today, that’s not what our story is about.

To test these different web hosts, I had to sign up for their services. That part was easy enough.

When our research was complete, it was time to cancel the services (after we managed to hack them all, we didn’t need them anymore). As they all offer money-back guarantees, you’d think that would be just as easy.

In some cases, it was. HostGator was probably the easiest. Canceling my account took no time at all. Canceling my Dreamhost account was also simple, and Bluehost actually canceled my account themselves after it was flagged for “suspicious activities.” Canceling my iPage account was a bit more complicated, but definitely not impossible.

But here I am, over a month later, still stuck with an OVHcloud account.

I want to cancel it.

I really, REALLY want to cancel it.

But like a stage-five clinger, I just can’t get rid of it.

My quest to cancel my OVHcloud account began in the same place all major quests begin – Google. I thought this would be a good place to start, knowing that if you search for “How to cancel HostGator” or just about any other web host, you instantly get the link you need.

how to cancel hostgator

As someone who uses Google services quite often, I knew you can also find cancellation guidelines in the Google Knowledge Graph when you search for “How to Cancel ____”

cancel ipage

cancel dreamhost

cancel bluehost

Easy, right? You can find a link to cancel just about anything (well, besides a stage-five clinger).

But oh no, not OVHcloud.

Seriously, take a look at the search results for “How to cancel OVHcloud”:

cancel OVH search results

The first thing you probably noticed is that none of these results are from the OVHcloud website. They are all from forums. And trust me – I’ve visited those forums. I couldn’t find any information on how to cancel an OVHcloud account, but I found a whole lot of disgruntled users complaining about how difficult it is.

Silver lining – I was not alone.

OVH cancelation forum

Even the tutorial article (search result #2) is all about how difficult it is to cancel OVHcloud’s VPS service.

how to cancel OVH

My Cancellation Story

I’m no newbie to the world of web hosting, and using the internet to figure things out is part of my job (which I am quite good at, thank you very much). But eventually, I realized there was no possible way I could figure out how to cancel my OVHcloud account.

On January 2nd, I gave up and sent my initial message to OVHcloud.

OVH customer service message January 2

Fast forward to a few days later, and still no word from the OVHcloud customer service team.

OVH customer service message January 6

Finally, on the 9th – a whole week later – hell froze over. Okay, not really. But I did receive a message from OVHcloud.

OVH customer service response January 9

Now, I’d like to point out a few things:
  1. They did apologize for the delay in response, which was nice.
  2. I was told to contact the web hosting team if I needed assistance – but they didn’t give me any information on how to do that. (The inner grammar freak in me would also like to note that the “w” and “t” in Web hosting Team were capitalized, but the “h” was not. This annoyed me on a whole different level.)
  3. Someone informed me that I should address this matter within a span of seven days. However, it wasn’t specified whether these seven days encompass all days or just seven business days. Additionally, upon acquainting myself with OVHcloud’s unfavorable history concerning customer service, I couldn’t help but experience a sense of concern about the possibility of encountering issues. (As a hint, I’m fairly convinced that my apprehensions turned out to be accurate.)
  4. None of the links provided offered any information on contacting this supposed team.
I immediately responded, politely asking to be directed to this elusive team, although every bone in my body was itching to start a fight and throw in some choice four-letter words.


crickets meme

Subsequent messages on the 15th and the 23rd have elicited no response.

OVH customer service message January 15 and 23

It has now been almost a month. The only upside to all this is that I know I’m in good company. A quick visit to OVHcloud’s TrustPilot page tells me all I need to know:

OVH trustpilot review 3
OVH trustpilot review 2
OVH trustpilot review 1

If you’re thinking of using OVHcloud as your next web host, you might want to read this next review. I think it sums it all up nicely.

OVH trustpilor review 4

Dear OVHcloud, I am calling you out. Please help me cancel my account!

customer service meme

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Jesse Brightman
I am in the same situation. OVH is a garbage company with terrible performance and zero support. And they upped my bill all of a sudden with no explanation or heads up. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Steve Kenneth
I have had so many issues with support and yes, I know how to manage a server, but when the server does not load or when you pay for auto backups and when they happen it halts your server because OVH does not play nice with C panel in this process as they have told me with a ton of support tickets. Looking elsewhere right now for reliable VPS hosting that can work with auto backups without causing server to halt.
They have the worst business practices, basically no way of canceling, especially after the next bill has been due (and it's marked as due later but actually it's too late if you trust their date), and they pile up bills year after year and spam you to eternity (luckily can be marked to spam). Especially to consumers it's banned everywhere to do things like that, everyone else just cancels the service after no payment.
Read more reviews
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