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Barbara Harris Barbara Harris Form Builder Expert

CoffeeCup Form Builder is a straightforward program with minimal learning required. As long as your web host supports PHP, you can create complex web forms with the help of this simple drag-and-drop interface. Unlike certain form builders, CoffeeCup caters well to a wide range of users. Beginners get a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows them to create and publish forms without any programming knowledge. However, more advanced users also have the ability to customize their forms further with the help of split-screen and cross-browser previews of raw code.



Fun and Stylish Forms With a Free Version

CoffeeCup Form Builder is a straightforward program with minimal learning required. As long as your web host supports PHP, you can create complex web forms with the help of this simple drag-and-drop interface. Put in checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, drop-down lists, or even fields for payment details: you can customize your form however you’d like and control how it looks to your users. The free Lite version is sufficient for most users, though additional features are available with the higher-tiered plans.

Unlike certain form builders, CoffeeCup caters well to a wide range of users. Beginners get a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows them to create and publish forms without any programming knowledge. However, more advanced users also have the ability to customize their forms further: the software allows split-screen and up to 11 cross-browser previews of raw code, so users can test and edit their forms in multiple formats.

Why Choose CoffeeCup?

  • Build powerful web forms in minutes without coding
  • Forms styled with HTML5 and CSS3S
  • Easily integrate your form with popular payment providers
  • Host forms on S-Drive or your own server

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Design From Templates in a Snap

You can easily create a form from a template by choosing File>New From Template.

Template Selection: There are approximately 2 dozen templates, ranging from the the most basic/essential forms, through to eCommerce forms.  All templates are very cleanly designed and easy to use.

Customization: You can customize the individual templates to your heart’s content. The Lite version comes with a dozen quirky themes to help you get your form noticed/filled out. More are available for purchase or are included with the paid version.Explore CoffeeCup Templates



CoffeeCup Brewing With Features

CoffeeCup comes with a good amount of features, even at the Lite level, to help you quickly build incredible forms.

When you come to creating a form you can access all the tools and features down the right hand-side of the screen, all broken down into well-thought out categories. The higher the tier plan, the more features will become available, but most users will find the free version good enough.See full list of features

Ease of use


A Dream to Use With Straightforward Publishing

If you are a beginner then the first thing you want to see is an easy to use interface, clutter free and with minimal tools and features to help you build a form . Luckily, CoffeeCup handles this area really well and makes creating and publishing forms a piece of cake.

Downloading and installing the app is quite easy, but a separate step is required to configure/create your S-Drive. The S-Drive website itself is easy to use and manage.

The best part is the intuitive interface which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. And if you’re someone with more coding skills under your belt- then you have plenty of opportunity to take your forms to the next level! With multiple ways of viewing your work including Split-screen and up to 11 cross-browser previews- you will really be prepared for any format by the time you publish your site.

See if CoffeeCup is Right for You



Toll-Free Support for Everyone!

CoffeeCup is one of the few providers to offer toll-free support to all of their users. On top of that, they encourage users to get priority support from their Support Room, where they promise to answer within 24 hours.

An extensive knowledgebase has a variety of articles as well as tips and tricks.
CoffeeCup has a blog with all the latest news, and there is also a forum where they encourage suggestions for features and products. A 63-page user guide for the Builder is included with download/purchase.

  • Email Support
  • Forum – plus separate Ambassador Program for enthusiasts
  • Support Center
  • Phone Support
  • Blog
  • Video Tutorials
  • Live Chat



Two Types of Pricing: Software and S-Drive

Pricing for CoffeeCup is multi-faceted. On the one hand you have the Web Form Builder which is a pricey after a 2-week trial, that includes the form builder along with a variety of other tools for PC users, and a Lite version which is free. Then, you have S-Drive, which is kind of essential if you don’t want to upload everything manually  to your own website. While the software is good, coupling it with the S-Drive fees can give you a real advantage over your competitors. There is a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 2 weeks free trial, so there is really nothing to lose.


How does CoffeeCup match up to the competition?


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Shelley Harris
August 04, 2021
Nightmare – Don’t do it

I purchased a domain. Since I did I have been constantly harassed with phone calls, emails, and texts. They did not even have my phone number. Coffee cup sold my information, my purchase details, and then somehow gave them enough information to get my cell phone number. The people that have been harassing me are relentless. All-day long nonstop. Don't buy anything unless you want to be tortured to death.

Great Britain
June 06, 2021

I tried the trial, did not like it, and then found it was impossible to uninstall --- even the workarounds didn't work. Eventually, I had to simply delete the program files and do a registry finesse. Apparently, Coffeecup had known about this issue for years.

February 07, 2021
Useless Software … Not as described

#1. I am not able to install the software anywhere else except under the "OneDrive" #2. When I do and load a new project to include my local website files... It does not allow me to edit any of them,.. #3. I cannot connect to my remote Namecheap server Regardless of what I do ... Using the same credentials with FileZilla, and/ or WinScp, or other FTP programs I am more than able to do so... I have tried every conceivable configuration such as FTP, SFTP, Tls Explicit; you name it.. NOTHING works.. #4. I tried Direct FTP, but it only allows the S-Drive Bottom-Line: CoffeeCup software is Totally Useless ! in so far as connecting and uploading files to a remote server.

December 19, 2020
However, Coffeecup never listens to their loyal customers

I have been a loyal customer at Coffeecup Software for almost 15 years. The products from the past are very good. The products I am talking about Site Designer 4.0 / 5.0 as well as Visual Form Designer 4.0 are very below par. They really don't do anything to the core of their program (more css3 features, more HTML5 capabilities, Javascript capabilities, no plugins which is a shame. What many customers asked for is to modify the code, such as a buildin css3 / html / js editor, we don't get that either. It is really not a professional product but rather for hobbyists. I have now moved away from it for 3 years and switched to wordpress and pinegrow 10,000 times better. n short, Coffeecup is junk

February 08, 2020
I gave up on it.

I used to use Coffee Cup software a lot. But now I paid for the site designer 4.0 and it has so many bugs, it is worthless. I did submit a ticket and it was the usual check your firewall and antivirus. And my website disappeared when they were hosting my domain.

Nick Harvey
Great Britain
October 29, 2019
Disappointed with Site Designer

I've been using Coffeecup Software for years. Every program was easy to use and inexpensive. Then after a short gap, I was searching for a simple program, that I could use to make a quick responsive website with. I am competent in Html, Javascript and W3.css, but wanted something different and looked at Coffeecup Software which I've always been most happy with in the past. I downloaded their Site Designer trial, but unfortunately, because of a family crisis, I only actually got to use the trial session for a day or so. As I did not get a response from my email asking for a further few days to explore its inner functions, I brought the product with the trust of the Coffeecup brand. Now that I have given Site Designer a proper trial, I sadly have to say that I am very disappointed with the software. I find it extremely complicated and not user friendly. The online help videos are not very helpful, they show how to acheive your task but is very difficult to understand. Will I purchase Coffeecup Software in the future?

January 28, 2019

We accidentally deleted the form we used to collect important info. The server team did not have a back up of it supposedly. What commercial service does not have back ups of what is going on in their servers? Definitely not trustworthy.

Joe Deasy
September 03, 2018
Buyer Beware – Dishonest Company Coffeecup Software

At coffeecup.com, "Lifetime Updates" was prominently marketed as a major value added feature of Coffeecup Software for many years. As such, that feature is in fact a valid legal contract they made with all of their customers. As others note, they violated that contract and actively censor any comments with reference to it. What makes matters worse, is Coffeecup Software not only promised updates, they also promised to make the software available for re-download at any time. This was useful, and valuable, in that it could easily be installed on a new computer system, or reinstalled in the event it got corrupted. That worked a few times, but when Coffeecup decided to break their promise, the download page disappeared. The way it worked, was that coffeecup.com would list all the software packages you purchased in the account page of the website. The SEO page title is "Download Your Purchases | Coffeecup Software" and the page title reads: "Software You Own". Anytime you needed to, you could go to that page and download the latest version of it. I had purchased about 15 software packages. According to today's "account page", I now only own 4 software packages (all of them out-dated and thoroughly useless). The primary tool "HTML Editor" is long gone. So not only do I not receive updates, I no longer own the software I paid for (according to them). Hmm, wouldnt it be ironic if I used that outdated "HTML Editor" software that I dont own to create a website mocking their dishonesty? After they discover this review, I'm sure they will lock me out of my account page at coffeecup.com. But thats ok because I have no need to return there, and have screenshots of their broken promises in case any class action ambulance chasers get in touch with me. Joe Deasy

May 24, 2019

I believe every bit of your review. I haven't the faintest idea where the four and five start reviews are coming from. Responsive Site designer is a toy!

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CoffeeCup is a tantalizing brew of software and service, with a couple of caveats in terms of pricing. It’s costly for the builder unless you can get by with the Lite version. However, you barely have any form usage/storage with the Free plan. Power users with their own servers might best take advantage of the Lite plan, but upgrading to any one of the premium versions will give you fully featured forms, providing good value for your money.


  • Easy builder for basic forms
  • Instant integration with S-Drive
  • Regular Expressions add powerful features


  • Full version software expensive
  • Separate cost for S-Drive

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Barbara Harris Barbara Harris
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