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WP Engine

If you're looking for an improved top-of-the-line hosting experience for your WordPress website, WP Engine is well worth the price. With fast loading times, rapid content delivery, strategic account management, and robust security features, WP Engine has created a world-class managed WordPress hosting platform that stands out in both performance and speed. But it should be...


Duda is one of our most popular website builders because it provides seamless mobile functionality, impressive inSite personalization, a wide array of business-first templates and better still, an easy and rich user interface that lets you build a gorgeous website with just a few clicks. And if you can't find a Duda template that works for you, then Wix has 500 templates in...


The 1and1 IONOS Website Builder promises users the ability to quickly build an online presence using stunning customizable templates, versatile editing and design tools, business-oriented web apps, and an exciting assortment of marketing tools. You can choose from up to 10,000 industry-specific templates that have been built to be fully-responsive. It does feel a little clunky...


Yola offers a genuinely simple way to set up a basic website. This relatively inexpensive site builder gives access to one of the most sophisticated e-commerce online stores you will come across. But do not expect too much here regarding extra features.


Voog is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to set up a functional multi-lingual website. Constructing your website with this builder is a very intuitive and hassle-free process.

Zoho Sites

Zoho doesn't offer much in the way of e-commerce, but it's a solid website builder with lots of customization options.


Savvy web designers will appreciate the advanced features and the design freedom Webydo offers. The prices are significantly high and the learning curve steep, but what you get out of this site builder is well worth it.


Advanced users will appreciate the flexible editing options and the app creation capabilities that Simbla offers, while beginners will love the simplicity of building a website by just dragging and dropping elements.


Overall, Sitelio is packed with some impressive features and amazing templates that will go a long way in helping you set up a solid website with the process requiring no learning curve at all.


uKit is a slick and contemporary site builder that definitely gets the job done. You will find everything you need to build a basic website.


MotoCMS has been in the industry for close to a decade now, and their vast experience is very evident on several fronts. From the get-go, this site builder gives you the impression that anyone can use it to build a professional DIY website without any complex expertise needed.


Mozello has many good things to offer for both beginners and professional developers. In general, it is easy to use and is a great builder if you are looking to set up a robust digital storefront.


The people behind Ucraft have obviously put in a lot of effort to offer a solid website builder for setting up a digital storefront or a personal website. While the templates are limited, anyone with basic computer skills will be able to build a professional-looking website.


BaseKit has successfully positioned itself to serve the telecommunications niche—few site builders are this specific about their target market and this has earned BaseKit a good reputation among telcos and hosting companies. Right from the get-go, you get the sense that this is a serious site builder that focuses entirely on providing a seamless and dependable web experience...


Virb has plenty of untapped potentials, but where things stand currently, it may be a while before real improvements appear for this site builder. In spite the lack of a drag and drop functionality, building a professional website with Virb is generally easy.

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