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Webydo Review 2024 – What Users Actually Think About It

Donna Moses Donna Moses Website Development Expert

Savvy web designers will appreciate the advanced features and the design freedom Webydo offers. The prices are significantly high and the learning curve steep, but what you get out of this site builder is well worth it.



Webydo Delivers Innovative Website Building Solutions

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Webydo positions itself as a different type of website builder. Rather than cater to small businesses and professionals looking for a DIY website, Webydo is made specifically for the experienced web designer.

Founded in 2012, Webydo is serious about providing a responsive, no-code required platform to build a website. Its powerful, designer-oriented features have seen this builder likened to Adobe Photoshop.

At their disposal, experienced programmers have a host of third-party plugins with which they can build complex and professional websites that support functions such as eCommerce.

A visual intuitive drag and drop interface facilitates the designing and site editing process. Other impressive specs include parallax scrolling tools, integrated eCommerce, web fonts, blog, and modern responsive templates.

The number of templates is limited but there are plenty of customization opportunities to create your dream website. Users will benefit from the HTML-based design management system and the content management system.

While Webydo’s editor is a WYSIWYG tool, new users and those who lack experience with InDesign and Adobe Photoshop will find that Webydo has a particularly steep learning curve.




Create Perfect Websites Based on Beautiful Themes

Templates: You will not find too many templates but the ones on offer are  certainly good-looking.  Admittedly, web designers will likely change the look and feel of these preformatted templates, but the beautiful designs do offer a good place to start building a stunning, customized website.

Mobile styling:  Webydo’s templates are not conventionally responsive and there isn’t an app available for mobile editing. However, you can easily custom design your website by creating breakpoints for the site to adapt to different devices. This way, some elements will be viewed only on desktop but not on tablet or mobile for improved user experience.

Customization: While you can design a professional website from the available themes without needing to code, Webydo offers much in the way of customization. From web fonts to HTML and CSS access you are really given the opportunity to design and personalize your websites. Admittedly, the widgets and add-ons available here are significantly limited but the ones available mostly get the job done.




Scalable, Versatile Features for Your Growing Business

eCommerce: Webydo lacks a built-in eCommerce solution but integration with an Ecwid account lets you set up a web store from where you can sell physical and digital products. The product listing on a Webydo online store is stunning, and there’s a lot you can do here including changing shipping costs, enabling larger digital downloads, and eliminating product listing limits. Coders can build eCommerce functionality. PayPal integration is required for payment processing.

Blog:  Webydo’s blogging tool is not as sophisticated as one would expect compared to what other popular site builders offer. Nonetheless, the microblogging tool lets you create posts, add rich media such as images and video, and publish.

SEO:  Webydo offers powerful SEO tools that will make any website more visible at the search engine. You can specify meta tags, connect to Google Search Console, integrate with Google Analytics, and set 301 redirects.

Other neat features available include social media integration, live video streaming, a powerful photo editor, parallax scrolling animator, and photo galleries.


Ease of use


Bring Any Web Design to Life Using Intuitive Tools

Webydo, like other modern site builders, comes with an intuitive drag and drop interface that provides for a relatively easy website building experience.  While you do not need code to design beautiful websites with Webydo, working with the site editor requires solid experience with InDesign and Photoshop. All in all, Webydo will not be easy to use for the average Joe.

Everything You Need In One Place

Even though there is a hefty learning curve, all the tools you need to build a professional customized website are neatly organized and easily accessible from Webydo’s Design Studio and Dashboard. From here you can preview your site from the end-user’s perspective, easily drag and drop elements, and customize every element on your site.  Once again, designing with Webydo can fast become complex if you lack basic web design knowledge, but the professional web designer will appreciate the freedom to create a truly customized website that goes beyond what you would get with a conventional site builder.




Help is Only a Call Away!

Webydo is clearly committed to providing all the support it can to its customers. Want to learn more about the available features? Check out the comprehensive knowledge base and video tutorials.

There is a vibrant support forum here where you can ask questions and start discussions with fellow designers. If you have suggestions for features that should be added to the Webydo software, the Suggest feature lets you do just that.

You can reach the support team through email or by phone. The absence of live chat, which should be provided by a site builder of this caliber, is the only reason why I didn’t give a 9.2 rating for support.



Versatile Prices for Personal and Business Website Needs

Webydo does not come cheap. You can try out the free builder for a month, but you will need to input your credit card or PayPal details for automatic billing at the end of the trial period.

There are four plans available: the Pro, Team, Agency, and Enterprise plans. The Pro plan gets you started with your web design business by giving you access to one designer account, CMS, and free hosting for 10 sites, email support, and client billing.

The Team plan offers a branded solution to upgrade your business. Here, you get 3 designer accounts, CMS, and free hosting for 30 sites, client billing, white label CMS and branding, the ability to add code to site, and help with full set up.

The Agency plan gives you access to advanced business features including 10 designer accounts, free hosting and CMS for 100 sites, client billing, white label CMS, a dedicated account manager, template generator, 100 site exports, and capacity to add code to site.

Upgrading to the Enterprise plans, which is tailor-made for larger companies, gets you custom accounts, full white label CMS, site code, template generator, free hosting and CMS, customer billing, custom support, and custom site exports.

The prices obviously go far beyond what you’ll see being offered by standard site builders, but Webydo’s advanced features make this builder a worthwhile investment.


How does Webydo match up to the competition?

WixCompareOur Score4.9Compare
SquarespaceCompareOur Score4.8Compare
CompareOur Score4.4Compare
SimpleSiteCompareOur Score2.5Compare


Savvy web designers will appreciate the advanced features and the design freedom Webydo offers. The prices are significantly high and the learning curve steep, but what you get out of this site builder is well worth it. The eCommerce function is not advanced as one would think even though you are expected to pay more for this feature than you would with other site builders.

If you are looking for an advanced, powerful platform that will let you design professional websites, Webydo might be just right. The cutting-edge tools, combined with an easy to use drag and drop interface, are attractive incentives for any web designer looking for a challenge.

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So bad

I have been working with this platform for around a month and I don't like it at all, you have two work separately (desktop version and mobile) and is not easy and a waste of time, also the customer service is terrible, updates are very old and the social media is from 2018 I don't recommend it.

anonymus, Canada
June 24, 2021
Can be decent but also a persisting NIGHTMARE

I have used Webydo for 5 years. It's an OK tool to use, especially if you do not wish to use custom code. Most likely the result will be decent, even good, especially if you opt for something not too "sophisticated". They have not improved their services/design options for at least 3 years (=1 century in web terms), they have increased their prices and especially given what their competition is offering the word that applies is ..."joke". Unnecessarily counter-intuitive functionalities if you are a beginner. And last, but ooooh, so not least! Customer support...somewhere between a nightmare and "run away as fast as you can". I used to have the most astounding account manager, he kept me on board despite the numerous mess-ups/bugs. When he left the company, the experience has been between acceptable and awful. Very unstable design studio, often customer support agents apply patchwork fixes and when real bugs occur, one is bound to wait for the dev team to take over. As I am typing, I have a website that remains (increasingly) buggy for 1,3 years!!! There is a great chance your professionalism towards your clients and reliability will be severely compromised, even if it's not directly your fault. I was forced to switch platforms and start designing my websites from scratch. I discovered Webflow a year ago and ever since not a single day goes by that I don't feel like hugging these people!!! UNPRECEDENTED experience & customer service. The capabilities of their studio are mind-blowing, the quality of their code just eats anyone who dares calls themselves "competition", for breakfast. Their CMS?! Poetry. And cherry on the cake, MORE affordable and flexible pricing plans. Respectfully, Webydo=thumbs down.

ANNA K, France
December 06, 2019
Untrustworthy Company

Terrible Customer Service! Their prices are very high compared to other services and providers such as GoDaddy or Squarespace. It is impossible to get a response quickly to resolve simple issues. It always takes more than 24 hours to get a response from their team. They give you the run-around when you ask for a refund or cancellation. They change their policies quickly and start charging you more for something you have already paid for. BEWARE of starting an account with them! Best advice I can give is stay away from Webydo, and start your website with another company.

Belle, USA
May 29, 2019

Hello, I see your comment and I see that webydo has several problems. Just thought to make the purchase by the white label CMS tell me if this is also bad

RBB , Mexico
November 19, 2019
Unfair financial practices

Webydo is fine...although I like Wix better, as a website builder. My advice about Webydo though, is to BEWARE of their automatic annual charges. If you forget to turn off the annual auto charge, they will not refund any prorated share of your money, even if you cancel within 24 hours. "It's company policy." Ugh.

Patrice Gallagher, USA
October 31, 2018
Highway Robbery

Nice try. Software is marginal and the business practices are shady. Had not used the product in over a year because of the many issues and hic-ups. Called to cancel because the dashboard does not allow you to set up your financial payment. Communication nightmare. Forgot about it and a year later was charged $ 420.00. I called and emailed the same day to try and retrieve a refund and this is what I got back: "Webydo does not offer refunds on renewals - what I can do is turn off the renewal of your subscription so it does not charge you again next year." Aargh. Criminal.

Tim Barrett, USA
September 01, 2018
Family sharingMulti User SharingExpert SupportBackupSmart syncPersonal SolutionBusiness SolutionTeams optionsOffline foldersFile history and recovery
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