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Sandra is a writer and editor based in Singapore. Sandra keenly understands the need for businesses to remain on the cutting edge with the latest technologies and enjoys researching and the newest developments in tech.

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Squidix Web Hosting

Squidix Web Hosting is one of the few independently-owned American web hosting providers with a full range of easily-scalable packages. Their plans are simple yet feature-packed, and their reliability and transparency make them a crowd favorite.


Bytemark is an incredibly developer-friendly hosting service based in the United Kingdom. They own and operate their own data center in York, and even developed their own cloud hosting platform in-house to ensure full transparency and reliability.


One of the pioneers in the Austrian web hosting space, World4You now hosts over 293,000 domains on their servers. Their flexible, affordable, and feature-packed hosting plans are especially popular with beginners.

Spiral Hosting

While many hosting providers tend to overpromise and then underdeliver their customer support, Spiral Hosting has made their mark on the industry with their commitment to their customers. Founded in 2006, they now operate eight data centers around the world.


Shinjiru is a Malaysian company that began operations in 2000. They offer a number of shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting solutions for security-conscious individuals and corporations.

ShapeHost is a Romanian web hosting provider that was established in 2015. They currently have servers located in 15 countries worldwide, though their cloud VPS hosting solutions are primarily based in Europe and North America. Before you make any final decisions, you should check out Hostinger's cheap plans.

Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a premium web hosting provider based in Dallas, Texas. Started as the preferred dedicated server provider for gaming networks, they later began providing dedicated server hosting to small and medium-sized businesses.


KoDDoS specializes in medium- to high-risk web hosting, advanced DDoS protection, and offshore shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting packages. Their data centers are located in the Netherlands.


GlowHost is an American web hosting company that was founded in 2002. They excel in customer support and offer a range of high-quality web hosting packages for businesses.

Total Server Solutions

Total Server Solutions provides fully managed servers, server management, restoration, and maintenance. They have data centers located worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, and Sydney.


KnownSRV is a European host that was established in 2013 and have established a reputation as a solid offshore hosting provider. They operate out of data centers located in Luxemburg, Romania, and the Netherlands.


GeekStorage has clearly invested much time and thought into creating a custom server stack optimized for performance, efficiency, and security. A privately-owned company headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, this small web hosting provider is on a mission to provide high-end performance hosting optimized for developers.


GigeNET, formerly known as GlobalWebHost, was founded in 1997 and specializes in enterprise-grade public cloud server and dedicated server hosting. With their premium high-performance server solutions and world-class support, it’s no wonder they’ve been able to retain over 99% of their customer base year after year.


Since their inception in 2007, Beget has become one of the top ten web hosting providers in Russia. They’re known for offering reliable web hosting services at a good price.


FORPSI is part of the IT giant Aruba, one of the largest internet and IT solutions providers in Europe. They primarily serve the Czech market with their quality shared hosting, cloud computing, VPS hosting, and dedicated server offerings.

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