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Max Anderson Max Anderson Freelance Jobs Expert

With over 25 million registered users and 12 million completed projects, Freelancer.com is a giant of the freelance world. However, there have been recent issues with spam, fake profiles, and low-quality work. If you’re looking for a freelancer, I recommend you head over to Fiverr, where you can hire someone for as little as $5.



Bigger Definitely Doesn’t Mean Better

Freelancer is definitely one of the biggest freelance websites out there, with millions of members joining the site over the years.

Along with the large user-base comes an even larger problem that has been at the forefront of Freelancer’s dip in popularity. I am of course talking about the extent of spam posts and spam applicants that the platform seems to attract without having the ability to control it at all.

If you don’t want to waste your time wading through all that spam, you’ll be glad to know there’s a great alternative in town. We recommend Fiverr as it is home to a wide variety of freelancers who can get practically any job done. And the best part is that the prices are unbelievably low – you can hire a professional on Fiverr for as little as $5.



When Quantity Takes Over Quality

Freelancer claims to have a database of more than 7 million users, which is a staggering figure to say the least. While this used to be a big positive point, over the years the lack of control Freelancer has over spam applicants and posts has made it a serious issue for the company. The old say of ‘quality over quantity’ certainly rings true here as you can get lost in a minefield of low quality posts, and tons of low-quality applicants bidding on your jobs. If you are happy to receive hundreds of applicants and shockingly low-prices, then you won’t be fussed by Freelancer, but for those looking for a clearer outlook, Freelancer certainly proves to be an issue.

You can find freelancers and employers from all over the globe, but the current Asian invasion on the freelance market has flooded Freelancer the most. The major part of the active subscribers of the site are from India, China and Philippines, alongside with way more qualified and reliable specialists from Eastern Europe, which also agree to work for wages below the minimal survival level.

The other 10% of the applicants would be the scarce highly skilled professionals from the Old World and the USA who had been working through Freelancer since its very first days and who are not willing to leave the sinking ship. They have the highest level premium account and all the possible badges available on Freelancer, but in most of the cases employers prefer to hire a cheaper workers with less experience. Scams and frauds became another plague of Freelancer these days. Should you hire a reasonably good freelancer, make sure you have a senior developer or an editor who’d be able to make almost inevitable improvements.Explore Freelancer.com Templates



They Invented These Features

One may agree or disagree with the feature set and policies available through Freelancer, but it’s hard to shrug off the fact that Freelancer is the web-freelance resource that actually invented the ways most similar platforms work. Despite the tons of spam and inadequate bidders, Freelancer keeps blooming and engrossing the less business-savvy rivals.

Various badges, levels and complicated XP system used for ranking is something of their own unique invention, which other freelance websites have adopted and improved to eventually surpass Frelancer.com.See full list of features

Ease of use


A Maze of Buttons and Features

Freelancer’s navigation might seem a bit complicated for a first-time user, but in fact everything is highly intuitive and – let’s face it – with so many features Freelancer has to provide to its clients, there could hardly have been less menus and buttons. The registration process is simple, and you may even skip it in favor of logging in through your Facebook account. You can register as a freelancer looking for work, a customer seeking for contractors, or get an account enabling you to perform both of these functions.

Once you’re in you’ll be prompted to complete your profile and add a portfolio as well as perform a lot of other tasks that will make your profile rank higher and seem more legit and attractive to potential clients.

As a customer, you will get tons of applications per each and every job posting, but bear it in mind that a major part of those applications are automated and generated by scripts. This is done by freelance slave-driver agencies, posting as individual contractors who’ll promise to do the work insanely cheaply. They will even do it – but the resulting work created by severely underpaid workers will be poor.

See if Freelancer.com is Right for You



The Support Is On-Line, But Not Exactly

Freelancer has a 24/7 live-chat support, but it’s not actually an instant means of troubleshooting, as the operator assigned to you may easily turn out to be “away” in the chat. However, you can always resort to the FAQs, extensive troubleshooting section, write an e-mail or submit a ticket.

  • Email support
  • Limited live-chat support
  • Extensive FAQs
  • No phone support



Fifty Dollars for What?!

Freelancer – with its extreme money-sucking policies – is not making money on the monetary transactions between the employers and the freelancers after a job well done. Freelancer.com is totally indifferent – if not to say “oblivious” – towards your activity on the site, as long as you are feeding it with your cash for acquiring new levels and ranking higher in the freelance lists. However, unlike iFreelance, which takes your monthly fee and leaves you the hell alone, Freelancer.com does not forget to get its cut of your money. The only thing that justifies this and the extremely high premium account fees is that you can save a lot of money hiring cheap workforce through Freelancer.

Initially, you start out with a totally free account, but you have to pay to unlock more options and lower the transaction fees.  The tests available for freelancers are all priced $5 and above. You can pay to make your job posting or bid show #1 in the list of similar offers.

There are various ways to pay and withdraw money from Freelancer. You can use your verified credit card, PayPal, Skrill or Moneybookers account to deposit or withdraw funds.

The payment protection mechanism allows freelancers to ask for an upfront payment, and for the customer to demand complete satisfaction in return. There is a whole section on the site, dedicated to resolving disputes between freelancers and customers.

The 1 month free trial allows both freelancers and customers to try it out without for paying services fees, but of course, that doesn’t mean you get free work done. You would still need to pay the freelancers you hire.


How does Freelancer.com match up to the competition?


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January 02, 2022
Not as serious as it looks

Don't expect to start working whithout paying a lot on this plateform. Honestly, don't waste your time and money with their certifications, they are buggy and full of mistakes, they clearly don't have the expertise to judge your skills. Everything is business on your back.

November 23, 2021
Don’t Bother

I should have checked this company's ratings before wasting my time appllying for a new account. The creation is simple. Activating, another ball game. The system is wonky, leaving you to repeatedly do an idiot password reset or by some miracle, get a Chat invite. All they do is sent you copy paste login instructions. Not a difficult fix guys!

George Koller
October 18, 2021
Really rather DISGUSTED.

My impression that they tried to make their interface too simple, and not they must hide behind some strange conventions that defy logic. One of my hires could not get paid for weeks because of an ID issue. Some great FreeLancers for sure, but after a year of sending some real money and watching these people take a significant chunk of it, I'm ready to look around for an alternative!

Rares Trufin
September 30, 2021
They banned me for trying to warn other users of a scam

Got a job, everything seemed to go well, untill the client asked me to provide a crypto payment. Obviously recognised this as a scam and reported it and tried to warn the other bidders of it as well. Of course there isn't a way to send messages to others so I created a project named "warning others of scams" so I can communicate with the others. My account got permanently banned after that. They still haven't answered any tickets sent and told me this is ireversibile. The site is full of scams and they don't care about it. Seriously wouldn't recommend to spend your precious time there.

Bartłomiej Poni
September 12, 2021
The worst Company ever!

worst company of how I cooperated! I've been waiting for my money for two months, support is a joke! you are scammers !!! I have been waiting for the return of my money for two months or a document from the bank confirming it! instead he keeps writing the same crap to me! great company, great support! zero contact and the commissions were charged right away! in one word CHEADERS! I do not recommend!!!

September 01, 2021
It’s not really worth it

I don’t think a logo is worth $ 20. For very beginners, it may be worth it, but there are better sites and options as well. In addition, the whole system is terribly slow, unresponsive. Unable to identify a passport e.g. I don't pay € 100 to be verified by a freelancer. Exaggerations and shortcomings.

Shaun Waters
August 24, 2021
Avoid this platform

There are great freelancers on this site - however, the team behind freelancer make it impossible to work with - holding back funds that you paid from the freelancer and then making it impossible to speak to support. There are much more professional sites to work with

Ahmed Mohamed Gaber
July 13, 2021
This website acts as a digital slave ship.

I had the worst experience with this website, I had 2 projects as a freelancer on this website and both went bad: 1- My first project: After the project was completed and delivered later the client managed to withdraw the money probably through his bank so the milestone was reversed and I have lost my money. 2- My second project: After agreeing with the customer on the milestones I have started working on the project and completed most of the required work, but then the client changed her mind and wanted to add extra requirements or cancel the project, I tried everything with her but she was acting in a really nasty way with me, so I have canceled the milestone to end the project but she left a negative review on my profile and 1 start rating. the website then wanted me to pay the fees for that project although I didn't receive any payment for the work I have done. When I have contacted the support service with screenshots of the chat they just closed my ticket and did nothing about it. In summary: 1- The website has no secure payment system, after completing a project you can lose your money if the client called his/her bank and asked to cancel the transaction. 2- prices for the projects are very low and most of the freelancers there compete over price. 3- No customer support for freelancers, you can submit a support ticket but they will simply close without doing anything about it. 4- The website policies are completely biased against freelancers. they will charge freelancers for projects even if they didn't receive any payments.

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Freelancer.com REVIEW: BOTTOM LINE

Freelancer was and still is a giant in the web freelancing market. The site itself is excellent, but a bit too greedy when it comes to giving you anything for free or promoting your profile. The hype and shameless promotion played a nasty trick on Freelancer: it is the most popular and populated site, but this is precisely what has lowered its actual value for customers. However, as long as there are people willing to resort to the cheapest labor possible to have good-looking profiles, Freelancer will still be one of the key freelance websites out there. If you are looking for a freelancer, we recommend Fiverr – there are loads of freelancers and the fees are inexpensive.


  • Great number of qualified and cheap freelancers
  • Works with different payment systems
  • Has reliable tech support


  • Too many unskilled newbie freelancers
  • Tons of spam postings and bids
  • Charges money for every step you take
  • You may need to hire a senior developer or an editor to look over the work submitted to you
Max Anderson Max Anderson
Max is a Product Architect and Data Scientist. He teaches HTML, CSS, and JS to young web developers, and he wrote a few of the first guides to mobile app developments for Android and iOS.

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