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5 Best Free Text Logo Makers Online with HQ Downloads in 2021

Andrea Schlottman Andrea Schlottman

When designing a new logo, your very first choice is this: Should I use an icon, or should I just use text?

Some of the world’s most memorable logos have been icon-based – like the Nike swoosh or the Apple apple. However, as powerful wordmarks from Google, Hershey, Coca-Cola, and FedEx have shown, text-based logos can be equally effective.

But to make a text logo really stand out, it has to be designed well! Without any symbols or icons, it’s easy for text logos to look plain, boring, or amateurish.

To help you avoid a low-quality wordmark, I’ve reviewed a handful of DIY text logo generators to find out which ones really stand out for text logo design. Read on for my in-depth review of five text logo platforms.

Rather have a professional designer create your logo? Jump down to find out how you can get a custom logo for an amazing price.

Our Top Text Logo Maker Picks:

  • Wix Logo Maker – Customize an AI-generated logo to make it your own
  • Tailor Brands – Filter by “text-based logos” for quick and easy startup
  • Looka – Accent your text logo with gradients and/or creative containers
  • BrandCrowd – Add new text boxes for size and placement effects
  • LogoMaker – Breeze through a simple editing interface with 2,000+ templates

What We Look For in the Best Text Logo Makers

  • Font selection: With no icon, you’ll need a creative font that captures your brand personality without feeling generic.
  • Customization tools: To truly personalize your wordmark, you want the ability to freely move text, insert new text boxes, add colors or gradients, and change the alignment.
  • User-friendliness: Even if you’re a beginner, you should be able to quickly understand what you can do, how to do it, and how to undo it.
  • Pricing: In addition to affordable pricing, you should be able to try before buying and only purchase your logo when you’re happy with it.
  • Final results: Even though you’re going to make your own text logo, you want a finished product that looks polished and professional, not homemade.

1. Wix Logo Maker – The Best Text Customization Options

A sister site to the popular Wix website builder, Wix Logo Maker offers a beginner-friendly interface for DIY logo design.

Its powerful text customization options include curving, rotating, and moving your copy on a drag-and-drop canvas. That means you aren’t limited to a straight line of text, and you can easily click and drag your text anywhere.

For really easy but interesting effects, you can also make text transparent and add a background color, container shape, or both. In the screenshot below, I jazzed up the plain text of “Fair Skies Air” with a circle in the background and some extra color.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - customizing a text logo

My only complaint? It would be helpful if the fonts were categorized by style rather than alphabetically. The fonts are so unique and varied that it would be much easier to choose by category (like Elegant or Modern) than by specific font name.

However, Wix Logo Maker does offer impressive functionality for text logo design:

  • Choose from a gallery of preset text alignments at any time
  • Use recommended color palettes for quick changes
  • Curve and rotate text boxes a full 360 degrees
  • Add a background, filled container, or border container to accentuate text

For in-depth information about Wix Logo Maker, read our expert review.


Pro Tip: Wix Logo Maker has no option to filter for text-only logos, and most of the AI-generated logos include icons by default. You’ll have to focus on the text part and remove the icon later.

Text Logos Made with Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker Quick Snapshot

One-time payment or subscription? Both: one-time payment for logo only, subscription for extra services
What files are included in the most basic package? PNG
Add-on services available? Wix domain and website plan, social media graphics, printed business cards
Can I get help from a professional designer? Yes – professional logo touch-up available with Deluxe plan

2. Tailor Brands – The Best AI Wizard for Text Logos

AI-powered Tailor Brands starts with a walk-through wizard and then presents around a dozen logo options for you to customize. In terms of cool text logo options, I like how the walk-through wizard is text-focused. You can opt for a name-based or an initial-based logo style (see screenshot below), then vote on a handful of your favorite fonts.

Tailor Brands screenshot - Choose logo type

Beyond the wizard, however, I think the text-specific options are a bit lackluster. For instance, you can’t rotate text, move it around, or insert backgrounds that don’t already exist in your template.

Nonetheless, Tailor Brands does offer decent customization options:

  • Select new fonts or font pairings (if your template has two fonts already)
  • Change background fill or shape (if your template already has one)
  • Get helpful design insights about color and typography

Tailor Brands screenshot - Text logo editor

Want to know more? Read our in-depth Tailor Brands review.


Pro Tip: The customizations available in the left sidebar (e.g., Type or Layout in the screenshot above) vary by template. If you don’t see the customization option you’re looking for, it might not be available with your specific template.

Text Logos Made with Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Quick Snapshot

One-time payment or subscription? Subscription only
What files are included in the most basic package? JPEG, PNG
Add-on services available? Print-ready business card templates, branded business documents (e.g., letterhead, presentation slides), social media scheduling and analytics tools
Can I get help from a professional designer? No

3. Looka – The Most Creative Preset Layouts for Text

Looka’s AI-powered walkthrough wizard is one of my favorites of any text logo maker. Although you can’t filter for text logos specifically, you’ll get to choose your favorite logo concepts⁠ – and unlike many other programs, Looka offers a nice selection of text-only designs (like SpaceBox or KoloSystems below).

Looka screenshot - Text logo templates

In the customization editor, Looka stands out for its preset layouts for text. With just a click, you can select from tons of cool text logo designs: one line of text, two lines of equally sized text, two lines of large and small text, and so on. Many of these layouts also come with background containers, like the filled square or outlined circle in the screenshot below.

Looka screenshot - Text logo editor

In Looka, you can make your own text logo by:

  • Selecting preset text alignments and layouts
  • Copying styles from a logo you like (via the Inspiration tab)
  • Applying suggested color palettes, exact hex colors, or gradients
  • Adding unique backgrounds and containers

For a full list of Looka’s features, don’t miss our expert review.


Pro Tip: Looka’s font selection is divided into 20 categories, like Serif, Quirky, and Grunge. However, many fonts do not support special and non-Latin characters. If your name or slogan uses these, be prepared to search through many fonts to find one that works.

Text Logos Made with Looka

Looka Quick Snapshot

One-time payment or subscription plans? One-time payment
What files are included in the most basic package? PNG
Add-on services available? Website builder, business card templates, social media graphics kit
Can I get help from a professional designer? Yes – one hour of design work from a senior designer (available as an add-on for an hourly fee)

4. BrandCrowd – The Largest Variety of Logo Templates

If you’ve heard of DesignCrowd, the popular designer community, then you may be interested to know that BrandCrowd is the same company’s DIY logo generator.

Unlike many other text logo makers, BrandCrowd is not AI-powered. That means less guidance at the beginning, but it also means super-fast results for you. Just enter your business name to get up to 9,600 logo templates within seconds.

One great thing about BrandCrowd is that you can filter results by text only – something I wish more logo makers offered.

BrandCrowd screenshot - Text logo templates

BrandCrowd does support special and non-Latin characters, but the fonts are fairly limited. I tested traditional Chinese, Russian, and special characters from Spanish, Polish, and French.

BrandCrowd screenshot - Text logo templates, non-Latin characters

BrandCrowd’s text customization features allow you to:

  • Add as many text boxes as you need (up to 50!)
  • Type more than 100 characters per text box
  • Arrange text boxes in front of or behind each other, not just in a single line
  • Insert lines, banners, and badge elements to accentuate text

Learn more about BrandCrowd in our in-depth review.


Pro Tip: Choose your logo template carefully, because the customization options vary depending on the specific template. If a certain capability is not already built into your template, you won’t be able to add it on your own. For instance, the neon logo template below allows for cool effects like shadows, but many other text templates do not.


BrandCrowd screenshot - Neon text logo

Text Logos Made with BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd Quick Snapshot

One-time payment or subscription plans? Both: one-time payment for logo only, subscription for additional services
What files are included in the most basic package? PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, PDF


Add-on services available? Web design and hosting, printing on promo items like T-shirts and business cards, editor tool to easily resize your logo for various social media platforms
Can I get help from a professional designer? Yes – edits from a professional designer for an additional fee

5. LogoMaker – The Fastest Results with Text-Only Filters

Similar to BrandCrowd, LogoMaker is not AI-powered. You simply enter your business name, slogan, and industry, then get 2,000+ logo templates, which you can conveniently filter for text only.

LogoMaker screenshot - Choose logo styles

LogoMaker offers two really notable features for text logo design:

  1. You can add new text boxes
  2. You can easily resize text

These features let you divide your company name and slogan in almost any way⁠ – giving you more options for playful, creative, and emphatic sizing.

For example, in the screenshot below, I can add a new text box to finish the company name (“Paws on the Go”). That allows me to make “Paws” as big or small as I want and move it anywhere.

LogoMaker screenshot - Text logo editor

One disadvantage of LogoMaker is that you’re stuck with what your template offers. You can add new text boxes, but you can’t change the background color or add new background shapes. The font selection is also pretty limited.

Nonetheless, you’ll enjoy these text logo capabilities:

  • Easy drag-and-drop canvas
  • Ability to add new text boxes (up to five, depending on your template)
  • Convenient color-picker tool with suggested popular colors
  • Resizing objects by dragging the corner

Need more information? Read our in-depth LogoMaker review.

Text Logos Made with LogoMaker

LogoMaker Quick Snapshot

One-time payment or subscription plans? Both: one-time payment for logo only, subscription for additional services
What files are included in the most basic package? JPEG, PNG, GIF, EPS, SVG
Add-on services available? Domain, website builder, Google My Business listing, printing on promo items like T-shirts and business cards
Can I get help from a professional designer? Yes – hire a LogoMaker designer for a custom logo

Prefer to Work with a Graphic Designer?

Online logo makers can be an amazing tool, but any text logo generator will limit your choice of fonts, layouts, and other customizations. If you want a truly personalized text logo but you don’t want to spend a fortune, I’d recommend hiring a professional designer from a platform like Fiverr (don’t miss our full Fiverr review). You can actually get a custom logo for as little as $5.

  • How Does Fiverr Work?
    On Fiverr, you’ll find thousands of graphic designers from around the world. You can view their profiles, portfolios, and reviews before hiring, and the wide selection means you’re likely to find a suitable professional within your budget.
  • How Do I Hire?
    Use filters or browse manually to find designers. Although there isn’t a filter for text logo design, entering “text logo” or “wordmark” in the search bar will help narrow the results. Once you find a designer you like, use Fiverr’s messaging system to ask questions or click the button to hire. Click here for some expert tips on how to hire the best designer.
  • How Much Will It Cost?
    Fiverr’s name comes from its famous $5 rates. While there are still quite a few designers who charge only $5, others charge a bit more. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find a good designer on this platform.
  • Is Fiverr Safe?
    When you hire a designer on Fiverr, you’re actually giving the funds to Fiverr first. Before the designer is paid, you’ll have the opportunity to give feedback and request edits. Payment will only be sent when you approve the final logo.

As part of his mission to find the best new logo for Website Planet, my colleague tested three different designers on Fiverr to see if a higher price tag means a better logo. Watch what he learned in the video below.

Text Logo Examples by Fiverr Designers

Sample text logo by Fiverr designer - PCOGI

Logo by logoflow
(hire logoflow for $5)

Sample text logos by Fiverr designer

Logos by logotype_maniac
(hire logotype_maniac for $5)

Sample text logo by Fiverr designer - Tara Traw

Logo by deluxemedia
(hire deluxemedia for $40)

Sample text logo by Fiverr designer - Eraze

Logo by illustriouss
(hire illustriouss for $5)

Sample text logo by Fiverr designer - Aqua

Logo by vigszabolcs
(hire vigszabolcs for $225)

Final Recommendations: Which Text Logo Generator Should You Use?

Text-only logos should be both simple and memorable. Without an icon competing for attention, your logo can tell your story through font, layout, and color. (For more help creating a great text logo, check out our beginner’s guide to wordmark logo design.)

No DIY logo makers will give you a completely bespoke font or custom lettering, but many of them do a serviceable job for text logos. Here are my final thoughts:

  • If you’re the type of person who can’t decide on a color from a box of 64 crayons, go with Tailor Brands. This tool minimizes logo concepts and customization options while still providing a fairly personalized result.
  • If you like playing around and editing your choices, try Wix Logo Maker. The wide variety of options provide almost any customization you could want.
Wix Logo Maker Tailor Brands Looka BrandCrowd LogoMaker
Free sample logo? Yes Yes No No No
AI-powered? Yes Yes Yes No No
Standout feature Curve, rotate, and adjust the transparency of text Easy filter for text-based logos Apply color gradients and background containers Get 1,000+ concepts in just a few seconds Add new text boxes and freely place anywhere

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with getting a text logo from the pros! On Fiverr, even fairly limited budgets can accommodate a talented designer, and the slightly higher cost can pay off in terms of unique brand identity.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a designer, text logo design is your chance to tell your story in just a few words – or just a few letters. So take advantage of the best free-to-try logo makers and dive into better branding today!

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