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Emily Wang
Emily Wang
Freelance Jobs Expert
PeoplePerHour is a place that lets you find employees or establish a side income. Although you can find any kind of contractors from coders to nannies, the majority of freelancers on PeoplePerHour offer web-based services.



Not Just an Internet Based Freelance Site

What distinguishes PeoplePerHour from other freelance sites, is its location-based targeting feature. This allows buyers to hire people from their local area for specific regional-related  jobs; likewise, freelancers looking for local work may address buyers in their area.

PeoplePerHour showcases an immense platform for freelancers, seeking to work online. But as is customary in this day and age, they have not succeeded in avoiding the spam problem that is rampant in many other freelance sites. This negatively affects both buyers and sellers. Another cool feature is that you can manage a freelancer, as well as an employer account under one roof. Simply switch between the two, registering a single credit card!  This is a brilliant time saving feature that benefits both parties.

Why Choose PeoplePerHour?

  • Access to freelancers worldwide, as well as workers in your area
  • Manage one account for both selling and buying services
  • Payments are secured through Escrow and  PeoplePerHour Wallet system

Wondering if PeoplePerHour is the best option for getting your project off the ground?

Let us tell you about it!



Newer Than Most But Just as Good

Established in 2007, PeoplePerHour showcases jobs and employment opportunities to people around the globe. Despite its buyers’ option to hire  freelancers based on location, you may choose to hire freelancers from anywhere. With more than 330,000 freelancers on this platform, people can get hired for an assignment or offer their services through promotional posts. Many candidates, particularly from India and China post jobs for a very low fee in order to secure assignment, so competition is fierce for freelancers.

Despite the demographic variety of the PeoplePerHour’s population, most job postings and mini-portfolios are written in good English, a fact that has become increasingly rare these days.  While abiding by the site’s rules, some freelancers advertise self-promoting posts, that hinder the overall impression of the site. However, PeoplePerHour does not seem to discourage this shameless competition.

The quality of  services provided through PeoplePerHour varies greatly, depending on the kind of  assignment you are seeking to outsource. PeoplePerHour’s standing rates between the cheap and easily available offers from sites like Fiverr and the outsourcing giants like Guru or UpWork. Before hiring through this site you should consider if it is the right place for you. One thing that really makes PeoplePerHour stand out, is that unlike other similar sites that strictly prohibit any direct communication between the employer and the contractor, PeoplePerHour encourages personal contact. The range of jobs and professionals available through this site vary from the standard IT, multimedia, writing and design categories to some totally bizarre things like a job offer for people who own grinding machines.



If you have dealt with other freelance websites, even prior to 2007, when PeoplePerHour launched their platform, you probably have seen it all. The scheme to make a match between employers and employees is an old classic. The employer creates a bid; potential workers bid via a cover letter. The employer reads the cover letter and, if interested, skims through the potential contractor’s portfolio.  When and if everything is agreed upon, both parties create an Escrow agreement and deposit a guarantee. Once the assignment is completed and the buyer is satisfied, payment is released to the employee. The site survives through charging service fees. The scheme is old as the world of web freelancing itself.

The main feature of PeoplePerHour is the option to search for local contractors. Social media integration makes it easier to avoid scams and frauds. However, it complicates the lives of those working under nicknames and pen-names. You might also want to think twice before you integrate your Facebook account with compromising pictures and embarrassing wall posts into your user profile. Think about it.

Ease of use


We Told You We Were SPAM

PeoplePerHour made an honest statement during the registration process. Their registration letter is most likely considered as SPAM and that’s precisely the folder where we found the registration letter a couple of hours later, after we pressed the “resend” button about a dozen times. This disqualified PeoplePerHour to a certain extent.

The dashboard interface looks like a hideous cross-breed between LinkedIn and Twitter on steroids. The numerous “Me! Me! Hire me! I can do this and that for so and so!..” reminded us of a market full of pushy vendors, screaming at you to buy their wares. This is an instant put-off for any serious potential employer. Hence our verdict is: the registration process is replete with bugs and the interface is unattractive.



Emergencies Can Only Occur During Business Hours, Right?

Despite the fact that PeoplePerHour deal with our money directly, they haven’t taken the trouble to provide live-chat support. There are e-mail forms to fill-in, describing your problem, leaving you with no other option than praying for a prompt reply.  In fact, their response time is quite fast, and usually takes just a few hours. There is a forum and a phone line. However, the latter is accessible only during location-specific business hours and is very expensive. Start-ups on a tight budget, we recommend you opt for the email option and practice patience!



Fly Now, We Will Charge You Later

For an initially free service, PeoplePerHour tends to charge exaggerated fees once assignments begin.  The commission fee for every transaction is 3.5% –  which sound reasonable, although depending on the date the account was opened, it can go up to 5% (excluding VAT). In any case, the fee is applied only after you have invested or earned your first £175 ($280 equivalent) in the month. PeoplePerHour persists in showing all charges, fees, and prices in £ pounds.  This is not only inconvenient for both buyers and sellers, but it also makes both parties incur in additional bank charges on currency exchange.

  • Payment System – Escrow through your credit card and PeoplePerHour built-in wallet.
  • Payment Protection – Escrow protects the money of the both participants in the deal.
  • Once you’ve registered your credit card within the system, your money is safe within the PeoplePerHour Wallet. Afterward, you can swiftly deposit and withdraw funds through the site. Thanks to Escrow, you may rest assured your money will not disappear without a trace. But it means that without an initial deposit into your PeoplePerHour account, you will be blocked from either hiring or working.

Sellers Account

/ Month
  • Transaction fees: 3.5 % (excl. VAT) - Additional 15% service fee on amounts above $265
  • Signup fee: 5% (excl. VAT) Additional 15% service fee on amounts above $265
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Safouen Turki
the best experience for starters

If you are a new to freelance business and you do not have clients or audience, Believe me PeoplePerHour will help you and build a reputation for you! Just be patient

As a freelancer, you pay a lot for very little benefits

Very low cost-benefit for freelancers. Stay away.They take 20% of the money that is paid to you. They also charge the seller. They charge you a withdrawal fee. Currency exchange fee. If you have a problem with clients not paying, there is no much they can do. They can analyse the case and release the money that is in deposit but... SURPRISE! They charge you for that too. As if that service was not included on the 20% they charge you. They also give you a limited amount of proposal credits and charge you if you need extra ones, which is fair, but their system is full of flaws. 90% of the projects are never awarded, so you end up wasting proposal credits (it should be returned if not awarded!).I just sent a proposal that costs 3 proposal credits. I cancelled it in order to send a new one. I should be able to do that and not be charged 3 other credits. But they do. They are asking for 3 proposal credits again. Now I am unable to send more. I would happily buy more credits, but timing is really important for sending proposals.The customer support just told me "you should be able to send another proposal indeed, and it doesn't look like it is possible for some strange reason. I will escalate this and you won't probably get an answer until Monday because no one in that department is working today". HAHA WHAT A JOKE. 20% of my money for this?Not sure why it is so hard to just give me 3 proposal credits so I can submit it again???

Adam Smith
Great article !

Fantastic article ! Thanks for sharing the information. I used to wok via PeoplePerHour and UpWork , and currently I moved to the . Anyway, I am always happy to follow the news about those platforms !

Terence Stahl
PeoplePerHour Review

Used to be a pretty good platform but instead of keeping things basically the same and working on getting rid of the bugs, they're obsessed with changing things round and introducing new features that nobody wants. Very complicated now just to get registered and bid for jobs - they want scans of ID and goodness knows what, they have complicated algorithms for everything that don't work. You eventually realise you're spending more time trying to negotiate the site and keep your profile in order than doing work. Their support is the pits, HO is in Greece and the customer support team are mostly Greeks and there are major communication problems. If they don't understand your ticket at all you never get a reply, mostly you get a cut and paste reply that might or might not be relevant. Escrow doesn't work for freelancers because they take the money from the client, wait for you to complete the job and request payment, AND THEN they verify the client's credit card. If they can't verify it you don't get paid. Apart from wasting your time and ripping you off if you're unlucky and a few other bugs and niggles, hey it's a great site.

Artak Babayan
PeoplePerHour Review

very bad experience - I lost of 2250$ work to the buyer that was introducing 3D models business. I did all what was requested by Buyer and then "peopleperhour" blocked my account :(

no response from support any more....

PeoplePerHour Review

I'm an engineer who has worked for B.T, Ericsson, Yamaha, Honda, Sony, Sanyo, Tyco etc. in my mid 40s. Only have been on PPH due t a personal lfei style change caused by a SPiritual life style.

I have been on PPH for 5 years now. Had Cert 4 Rating until recently. Now at Cert 3.

I am ONLY coming to the point of reviewing PPH, because the site uses others review of our work(I have had 20+(i.e., 100%) 5 star reviews ) to penalise us, "reward us" and so on.

And yet - without wasting any more of my time than I have done on PPH for the last 5 years- I would say that, there are some NICE things about PPH; just like other well-known freelancer sites.

 They enable clients and candidates to find each other – clearly.
 There is an opportunity or two- once a month- to earn a few bucks, if one is unemployed and not earning their day-job wages , that they are used to earning and living on. (I’m a contractor engineer, so used to earning “high end” daily wages, even if it’[s only for 6-8 months at a time, due to health /life style reasons).
 There is an escrow system, which “protects” the buyer(client) and……(for most part) the seller. Unfortunately, my experience of doing LARGE projects on this site, as a seller(worker) has been very very negative, stressful and compeletely unworthy of my professional time, dedication and 20 years experience.

Anyway, PPH, on the negative side, is a complete scam, in MANY ways:
1) The customer support Ninjas are NOT professional or objective- and are completely useless, uneducated fools who ONLY look out for their site’s good and financial goals…..!!
2) The (client) feedback system(unlike, say eLance) is completely usless, as we have no way to leave COMMENTS on clients feedback.
3) The automated feedback is completely unreliable and (often) UNTRUTH based ( I recently received(1 out of 5 stars, “job not delivered”) for a job I had spent 45 hours doing, and had offered a FULL 100% refund for – was completely unfair and ridiculous !! As I never got to leave feedback for the other party, and yet they took my software, (bulled me in to adding more and more features) and then refused to talk about releasing the escrow payment – and then I refused to work with them and offered them a 100% refund.
4) The site is mostly geared towards honouring the buyer/client and NOT the Creative, intellectual and technical expertise of an engineer such as my self. Extremely poor experiences, is all I have had with about 2 dozen clients(even though who left 5 star feedback for me), when it comes to various personal, technical, moral and ethical values/issues.
5) Finally…. And this is something the U.K Government would want to know about. PPH is ******ridden with fraudsters/liars(i.e. not real clients who wants to get jobs done) who use it to :
a) carry out fraudulent eBay transactions,
b) gain new passports (British passports),
c) get their student/university home work done(plagiarism),
d) and lately, I have noticed certain members of certain Islamic countries in the Lebanon/paletine region posting jobs with “windows applications(.exes)” that need modification, and when I scanned those .exes with my anti virues(as did dozen other developers), it turned out, they were viruses!! (Trojan horses). One job advert even said” this job is only open to software developers from Israel”. So, clearly, this is a case of CYBER WAR being carried out , thru the PPH medium. What do the U.K police have to say about this criminal conduct?
Eventhough I reached CERT 4 on PPH , I would say, as a fully qualified and nearly-retired engineering consultant , PPH is a complete WASTE Of time, in terms of:
1) hourly rates(some actually post jobs requiring up to 10 -20 man hours of work, for say $20!! Is this site a joke or what??)
2) QUALITY of folks who post jobs(mostly individuals and “veryyyyy.. small businesses”. Wonder Mwhy Ericsson or Microsoft will not hire thru PPH(Both of whom I have worked for, by the way)
3) Quality of many of the workers/candidates too is DISMAL – to be fair.
4) The actual SITE it self has a few bugs, some of which are as old as the site(functional bugs)- and inspite of repeated requests, haven’t been addressed.
5) And ….. last but not least, the “customer support ninjas” who work there(probably just half a dozen of them, sitting at home, replying email and queries), are completely NOT caring in their ways, and only keep repeating the same song(just like many other customer support hot lines in the world!), for all kinds of scenarios.

Overall, I would give my 5 years of PPH experience 2 out of 5.

Will NOT recommend it to anyone who is a fully qualified, sincere, hard-working and MATURE professional.

I WILL recommend it for getting your “logo drawing”, “quick website creation”, “cheap proof reading” kinda jobs done.

Thank you for having this forum, for my Self, as a 5 year PPH veteran to be able to leave feedback for THEM (PPH) – for a change! .

Please stay from PPH, if you wish to have inner peace and NOT be abused - of your skills, creativity, intellect , and .. sometimes, PERSONAL dignity! :-

Bottom line on PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a good and reliable freelance website where you can find both remote outsourcers and workers in your hometown. You can hire contractors and also use the site as a source of a side income if you decide to apply some of your skills in the many listed categories. PeoplePerHour is far from being high-class freelancers’ darling, though has a lot of easily available and enthusiastic workforce. However, you may need to think twice before starting out with this site due to its high commission fees.



  • Large number of competent freelancers
  • Find and hire local workers
  • Secure transactions by Escrow
  • Buy & Sell services under a single account
  • Very high commission fees
  • Annoying interface
Emily Wang
Emily Wang
Emily is a Web Designer and Art Director. She is experienced in creating Brand strategy and marketing collateral for both big and small organizations.

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