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PeoplePerHour Review 2024 – Is It Really a Good Deal?

Anna Sonnenberg Anna Sonnenberg Freelance Jobs Expert

Overall, PeoplePerHour provides a flexible marketplace for hiring freelancers. But the marketplace has some significant downsides, too. If you read the terms carefully and know what to expect, you can get your money’s worth – but if you haven’t factored the fees into your costs, PeoplePerHour might not be the best deal for you, and you’d be better option for a more affordable option, like Fiverr.


🏁Starting priceFree to use. Freelancer rates vary
💲Fees10% of order + £0.60
🏆Top freelance categoriesWriting, SEO, development, logo design, voiceover, illustration
🔎Freelancer screening processYes
⚖️Dispute resolutionYes
💬Live chat supportNo
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A Flexible Freelance Marketplace With a Few Surprises in Store

Whether you need a freelancer to create content, program an app, edit a podcast, or do just about anything else, you can find someone on PeoplePerHour – and for a relatively cheap cost, too. But is this online marketplace really a reliable solution, or is it a worse deal than it appears?

Although some PeoplePerHour reviews ask if the site is really legit, it looks promising at first glance. Since 2007, the marketplace has connected freelancers with marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Today, the platform supports a long list of industries, ranging from writing and design to business and technology.

PeoplePerHour also has flexible hiring options – meaning you can browse gigs or post your own projects – and a helpful rating system to guide your recruitment. But when I tested the platform, I found it’s not always easy to get your money’s worth, especially with all the added fees.

Keep reading to see if PeoplePerHour is the right freelance marketplace for your needs and learn more about some of its hidden surprises before you sign up.



An Outsourcing Solution for Both Casual and Frequent Buyers

PeoplePerHour freelancer search
With over 10,000 freelancers, PeoplePerHour offers plenty of choices

With its streamlined hiring and project management systems, PeoplePerHour.com has the features you need to outsource just about any job. If you want to manage projects outside of the office, the mobile app has you covered too.

Although the platform is pretty full featured, it does have one major flaw. Most freelancers offer services for hourly rates, but PeoplePerHour doesn’t have a time tracking app.

Other freelance marketplaces, like Upwork, offer time tracking apps because it’s helpful for both the buyer and the seller. Freelancers can ensure they get paid for their time, and clients can ensure they pay only for work that falls within the project scope.

If you hire through PeoplePerHour, you’ll have to use another program or trust freelancers to track their time manually.

Multiple Hiring Options

PeoplePerHour gives you three options for hiring freelancers:

  • Search offers: Review and purchase available service packages
  • Search freelancers: Filter sellers by level, skill, or hourly rate
  • Post projects: Pitch your own job and get proposals from freelancers

I was glad to find that most of these options were easy to customize, even premade offers. For example, freelancers can often do jobs faster than advertized, or add complementary services for a set fee.

Freelancer Scoring Algorithm

While PeoplePerHour doesn’t vet freelancers with skill tests or other traditional means, the platform does use a scoring algorithm to rate sellers. The CERT algorithm considers four elements: community, engagement, repeat usage, and trust. Since it factors in both skill and performance, this score seems like a fair way to rate freelancers.

However, PeoplePerHour isn’t particularly transparent about exactly how they calculate CERT scores. They do state that they factor in skillset, work quality, professional ability, response time, reliability, track record, and number of jobs done. But it’s anyone’s guess as to how these elements translate to a numerical score.

If you want to hire a freelancer with a high-quality score and consistent performance, you’ll want to look for CERT 4 or 5 sellers. You can also seek out TOP CERT freelancers, who are considered the best of the best.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

An internal ranking system like PeoplePerHour’s CERT algorithm is great for identifying top performers. But, like many business owners, I also want to read customer reviews – especially since they tend to highlight both selling points and flaws that might be deal breakers.

I was glad to see that PeoplePerHour publishes customer reviews and ratings alongside CERT scores to offer more insight for buyers. I’d be even happier if I could filter freelancers by rating or number of reviews, but the platform doesn’t have this functionality.

On-Site Availability

In most cases, you’re likely to be hiring freelancers for remote work. For some projects, however, it might make more sense to collaborate in person.

Not all online marketplaces offer this option, but PeoplePerHour allows you to search for freelancers who are available for on-site projects. Your options for non-remote freelancers will naturally be much more limited, but the marketplace still provides reasonable results.

To test this feature out, I looked for sellers available to complete an on-site project in New York City and found about 50 freelancers who could do the job.


Ease of use

An Intuitive Platform With a Visual Interface

PeoplePerHour offer search
The PeoplePerHour interface makes searching and filtering easy

Getting started with PeoplePerHour is relatively easy, as the platform has an intuitive design. The visual interface makes the marketplace pleasant to use, too. Each results page makes the offer and base price clear and prominently displays the freelancer’s star rating and number of completed jobs.

You can easily click on any profile that catches your eye and scroll through the seller’s portfolio. If you like what you see, you can bookmark freelancers or offers so you can find them quickly when you’re ready to place an order.

Multiple Search Capabilities

If you want to get a sense of what you can get for your budget, you can search the marketplace a couple of different ways. You can type what you want into the search bar, or you can browse PeoplePerHour’s freelance categories.

Then you can filter by price, delivery time, or location and click to read more about any of the offers or freelancers. You can then contact freelancers directly or proceed with a purchase.

Workstream Tracking

Once you get started with a project, managing related communication is straightforward. The PeoplePerHour inbox applies status tags to messages so you can quickly track down projects that are in discussion, in progress, or completed.

You can also star messages and apply project labels to manage your inbox more efficiently. That means messages won’t get lost in a busy inbox, and you won’t have to wonder where anything is.

Easy-to-Find Rates

Whether you hire freelancers per project or per hour, their rates are crystal clear and displayed prominently on their profile or offer. Any add-ons include pricing so you know exactly what you have to spend.

However, the PeoplePerHour fees that the marketplace tacks on to every order are less clear. See below for an explanation of all the extra buyer fees you can expect.



Expect Slow Response Times and Incomplete Answers

If you don’t mind hunting a bit for information, PeoplePerHour has a pretty comprehensive help center. You can type your question into the search bar or review common topics to find answers.

Alternatively, you can browse the community forum, where someone may have already asked your question. You can also post questions there, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get a response.

I posted a question about viewing freelancers’ portfolios and work samples on a Saturday afternoon. Five days later, I was still waiting for a reply. A lot of the forum activity is geared toward freelancers instead of buyers, which may explain the lack of response.

PeoplePerHour community forum
Don’t expect a lot of engagement from the PeoplePerHour community forum

If you need a reliable answer, you can use PeoplePerHour’s email support system – at least in theory. The customer support team is only available from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. UK time, though, so you could end up waiting a while.

I submitted a question about the refund policy on a Saturday afternoon, knowing that I’d have to wait until at least Monday before getting a response. I eventually got a reply on Tuesday afternoon, so it took about two business days to hear back.

PeoplePerHour support
The welcome was nice, but this response didn’t really answer my question

As you can see, the response wasn’t exactly insightful. It provided no explanation and just pointed me to the (very lengthy) terms and conditions. At the very least, I’d appreciate a jump link to the appropriate section or an excerpt from the policy.



Pricing for projects on PeoplePerHour varies a lot since freelancers set their own rates. While there are plenty of inexpensive projects and affordable freelancers, base pricing is higher than what I’ve seen on other platforms. For example, the cheapest hourly rates I found were $8, and the least expensive PeoplePerHour jobs started at $10.

As a buyer, you also have to factor in the PeoplePerHour fees. Buyer fees for most payment methods – including PayPal, Skrill, and major credit cards – are £0.6 + 10%. That’s about double the fees that freelancer marketplaces like Fiverr charge, making PeoplePerHour a much worse deal. With Fiverr, you pay for the price of the freelancer, from as little as $5.

Be prepared to do a bit of currency conversion while you’re at it. PeoplePerHour lists buyer fees in pounds and freelancer prices in dollars, so you’ll want to do the math to know what you’re paying in your local currency.

If you’re on a tight budget or a strict timeline, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for PeoplePerHour’s additional fees. For example, it costs £10 to flag a project listing as urgent, £15 to mark a project as “featured,” and £26 to add a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to a project.

Prior to hiring a freelancer, make sure you acquaint yourself with PeoplePerHour’s refund policy. While you have the option to cancel and receive a refund for orders that are currently in progress, please note that the marketplace does not provide refunds for orders that have been accepted.


How does PeoplePerHour match up to the competition?

Fiverr BusinessCompareOur Score4.9Compare
UpworkCompareOur Score4.9Compare
PeoplePerHourCompareOur Score3.0Compare
Freelancer.comCompareOur Score2.5Compare


Overall, PeoplePerHour provides a decent marketplace for hiring freelancers. With this platform, you can outsource the vast majority of your business’s needs, from marketing to tech to design. Since you can purchase freelancers’ offers or post your own job, the marketplace offers a lot of flexibility, increasing the chance it can meet your needs.

But PeoplePerHour has some significant downsides, too. Freelancer prices are higher than what you’ll find in other marketplaces, and the buyer fees are surprisingly steep. If you go with Fiverr instead, you can hire freelancers for as little as $5 and pay a buyer fee of just 5.5%.

If you read PeoplePerHour’s terms carefully and know what to expect, you can get your money’s worth. But if you haven’t factored the fees into your costs, then PeoplePerHour might not be the best deal for you.


Is PeoplePerHour a good way to hire freelancers?

Yes, PeoplePerHour is good for hiring freelancers, since it supports a wide range of project types and budgets. When you use this marketplace, you can filter freelancers by ratings, reviews, and skills to find the right person for the job.

How does PeoplePerHour make money?

PeoplePerHour makes money by charging fees. In addition to the service fees that buyers pay, freelancers pay a percentage of their earnings to the platform.

How much does it cost to use PeoplePerHour?

Freelancers’ hourly rates start at $8 per hour, and project offers start at $10 apiece. Since sellers can set their own rates, some experienced freelancers charge more.

Which is best: PeoplePerHour vs Fiverr?

These marketplaces are two of the best freelance websites for 2024, but Fiverr is better than PeoplePerHour. Fiverr rates start at $5 per project, and the platform features freelancers specializing in a much wider range of categories.
Anna Sonnenberg Anna Sonnenberg
Anna Sonnenberg is a digital agency owner who specializes in email marketing, content strategy, and social media management. For over 6 years, she has run Sonnenberg Media, a digital micro agency that works with small businesses in the CPG, SaaS, marketing, and health & wellness industries.
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I was scammed

Client that I worked for did chargeback and PPH said they cant pay me my earning because client did chargeback. I never had such experience with other freelancing site Freelancer works here with hope of earning - not being scammed. Big sites like PPH must have legal teams and fianacial tie ups to cover all such problems. I has worst un-expected loss experience with PPH

Sophie, India
February 20, 2024
Better feel to visit on this website new work new hope for best life

I ' m try to find online work so i reach on this website .New work will be give experience and knowledge for future. People per hour will effective tool for beginner. Its filled dreams of hard working people. Thanks to all who make apps for house wife .

anonymus, India
December 05, 2023
Poor all round

Creators are ripped off with extortionate percentage of fees. They also make it very difficult to claim your money. Support are rude and unhelpful. There is zero quality control of the job adverts, which often give no clear idea of the actual work required.

Will, Qatar
November 26, 2022
PeoplePerHour scam my Freelancing earning?

Yes. You are right PeoplePerHour.com scam freelancer earning. Without Issue and warning 200 Pound Scam my freelancing Earning. My Account was deactivated without issue. "Very Unprofessional Freelancer Marketplace. Customer support is very Unprofessional more than 7 days can't reply support mail. And without Issue freelancer account has been deactivated. Don't use PeoplePerHour They only support their own community. I want to give PPH review 0.00001" -Md Maminuzzaman Momin

Christine Elibeth, Bangladesh
October 10, 2022
People per hour is nationality biased

People per hour will not allow Pakistani nationals to create account, usually it automatically reject application within an hour while saying "after careful review". If you are Pakistani national then simple avoid people per hour and do not waste time asking for an account

Farhan, Pakistan
September 06, 2022
This is the worst experience of my freelance work in the last 5 years!

This is the worst experience of my freelance work in the last 4 years! I don't understand where my earned money goes from my account? Writes - Purchased list of recommended offers! I didn't buy anything! Why am I being charged an additional 20% VАТ? There is no such freelancing on any other exchange! The response of the Support Service has to wait for 7-10 days. Why do you have such a mess going on?

Kuba Rutkowski, USA
August 15, 2022
Could do better

It doesn't work as well as it did. It's expensive and the customer support is very poor. I've been on the site for a very long time. In the beginning, it was good and the fees reasonable. Over the last few years, the fees have become almost untenable and customer support has been farmed out to a foreign land. It's very poor. I am a lawyer and am competing with people with no experience or qualifications. Most people do not understand that anyone can call themselves a lawyer. The word means nothing and so many people prioritise cost over experience. PPH need to provide filters to protect their freelancers and their customers. At this point, there are no such protections.

Chris Hutchins, USA
June 30, 2022
how is it even legal

I have to concur with everything others have said, Peopleperhour is a total ripoff. They charge you on every penny you earn multiple times. they take 20% commission on everything you earn and then charge you 20% tax on top of that when you get paid When you want to withdraw your money they charge you 1.9% for that too. They also won't even give you access to your money for 14 working days after you have been paid. You only get a certain number of credits per month to apply for jobs, if you run out to credits, you have to pay more. So you are essentially paying PPH for the privilege of earning money for them. If you want your proposals to be pushed to the top, you guessed it, you have to pay for this too, which makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. It is incredibly easy for any buyer to scam you. They can simply ignore you when the job is done and refuse to pay the invoice, and PPH always sides with the buyer in my experience, and all you get from them is "there is nothing we can do". They will tell you to ask for more deposit upfront, but this makes no difference whatsoever. Customer service is a joke.... So many times I have tried changes to my profile rejected with no explanation, and spent weeks and weeks going round in circles with people who cannot even understand english trying to find out why, only to keep getting nonsensical replies that have nothing to do with the issue. It is hard to imagine how PPH is even legal.

Russ Michaels, Great Britain
May 05, 2022

Thank you! I appreciate your comments. Those are quite concrete and comprehensive. Yours should help newbies like me to foresee what is waiting us joining in Peopleprehour.

Andrew Tran , Vietnam
November 22, 2022
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