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9 Best DJ Logos and How to Make Your Own for Free 2023

Jill M. Sheehan Jill M. SheehanGraphic Designer August 25, 2023
August 25, 2023
The right DJ logo will not only match your personality and taste in music – it will also help your audience associate your unique talent with a strong image. But you also want to make sure your logo will look good on event posters, postcards, and even T-shirts.

If you have no background in graphic design, the best way to achieve this is to leave the work to a professional designer. And I’m going to tell you how you can hire one for an amazingly cheap price (click here to jump down now). If you have confidence in your own design abilities, I’ll also show you how you can create a DJ logo for free.

Before we get started, here are some of my favorite DJ logos from around the web. For even more inspiration, see some famous DJ logo designs below.

9 Best DJ Logos

DJ logo - Dave & Danny

Logo by BEZITA
from 99designs

DJ logo - Hermanoscano

Logo by Ron | Graphics
from 99designs

DJ logo - Party Vibes

Logo by Imran Haroon
from 99designs

DJ logo - Illumin8

Logo by Navz
from DesignCrowd

DJ logo by Fiverr designer

Logo by xer0_xdesign
(hire xer0_xdesign for $100

DJ logo - Coach Joaquin

Logo by Kreative Fingers
from DesignCrowd

DJ logo - Saturn James

Logo by thermometerarts
(hire thermometerarts for $100)

DJ logo - DJ Fotografo

Logo by designsforrest
(hire designsforrest for $25)

DJ logo - Destruction

Logo by Digihexagon
from DesignCrowd

How to Get a Unique DJ Logo for a Great Price

Maybe you’re too busy to sit down and create your own logo. Maybe you’d rather just leave the design work to the pros. Not to worry – it’s easy to hire a professional designer on Fiverr.

Starting at $5, you can find loads of gigs (as they’re called) available from skilled graphic designers on Fiverr. But can you actually get a quality logo for $5? We tested several different designers on the platform – see the results in our in-depth Fiverr logo design review or watch the video below.

As part of his quest to find the best new logo for Website Planet, my teammate tested Fiverr and many other top logo design services. Read his full logo design service comparison to find out who won.
Of course, the site offers much more than logo design – you can hire freelancers for a range of services, including video and animation if you’re in the market for visual effects at your DJ events.

To get started, click through the Graphics and Design menu to find the Logo and Brand Identity category; Logo Design appears right at the top as one of the more popular offerings.

Peep at Your Design Options

Fiverr screenshot - Design categories

Noteworthy Fiverr Features:

  • Customer reviews and portfolios let you see who’s worth hiring for your project.
  • Basic, standard, and premium package options help you work within your budget and project scope.
  • It’s easy to communicate with designers on the site and with the optional Fiverr mobile app.
Fiverr’s search engine lets you narrow down gigs by your preferred logo options, budget, and the delivery time. You can also post your own gig requesting design services if you’d rather have designers come to you.

Fiverr screenshot - DJ logo designers

Expert Tip: It pays to do a bit of homework and design research before hiring a freelance designer. Keep a close eye on what you see from logo designers to ensure the work isn’t copied or based on copyrighted work. Sometimes, designers will use templates where they quickly change the text, and they may end up looking too much like something that’s already out there. A unique design is worth the extra costs involved.

Don’t miss our tips on how to hire the best designers on Fiverr.

Logo Pros for the Elite Crowd

If only the best designer will cut it for your DJ logo, Fiverr Pro is worth looking into for top-rated logo gigs. Designers in this category have been thoroughly vetted, ensuring you get the best results possible. This does mean higher starting gig rates, but you will receive the attention to detail and quality work that goes with professional design services.

Fiverr screenshot - Fiverr Pro logo designers

How to Make Your Own DJ Logo

Tune Into the Design Process

Prefer to do your own thing? I’m going to show you how to make a logo using Tailor Brands (read our full Tailor Brands review here). You can start creating logos right away, although I recommend setting up a free account so you can save your logo designs.

When you go to the Tailor Brands site, you have a couple options – you can sign up with an email account or use an existing Google or Facebook account, which you may want to do if you plan to tie your logo to your social media presence or website.

Tailor Brands screenshot - Create account

Lay Down a Few Tracks

The next step entails answering a few design-related questions, which helps the AI-powered tool generate some DJ logo templates for you. You can enter a single line of text, or if you have a slogan or longer business name, you can use up to two lines.

9 Best DJ Logos and How to Make Your Own for Free-image14

Next, you’ll select your industry with additional information about what you do. This helps Tailor Brands choose relevant images for your logo design. Are you trendy? Basic? In a league of your own? Keep these words in mind for the next step. You’re also presented with a choice of logo styles: name-based, icon-based, or initial-based designs.

Tailor Brands screenshot - Enter your industry

Be the Icon You Want to Be

Now it’s time to add some pizzazz to your DJ logo. Tailor Brands features a large catalog of industry-related artwork in full color and black and white. Color icons can’t be changed, but you can recolor the black-and-white icons later on if you choose.

You only get to choose one icon per design, so carefully consider your options. This is where adjectives that describe you can really come in handy. Perhaps you’re known specifically for your record-spinning skills, or maybe you’re always deep in the “wave your hands in the air” action. Narrow selections down to the images that would really stand out on business cards and banners.

Tailor Brands screenshot - DJ icon library

Expert tip: Color artwork can cost more to reproduce, while solid-color icons keep things clean and simple. Though you shouldn’t limit yourself based on potential printing costs, if you’re just getting started as a DJ, you might want to stick to something that’s easy and inexpensive to mass produce until you’re ready to upgrade to something fancier.
The next question isn’t too tough, but you’ll want to put a bit of thought into it, as it determines which font choices Tailor Brands shows you later. You’ll see a series of font pairs – choose the one that looks best to you. You can also opt to dislike both – the logo editor will still show you plenty of options to work with.

Tailor Brands screenshot - Logo styles

Remixing Your Look

With all the design questions out of the way, Tailor Brands will generate several logo concepts for you. Some may be way off the mark, but the ones toward the top of the list typically feature DJ logo ideas worth considering.

You’re not stuck with these logos as your final design – you can edit a number of logo elements, including color schemes, fonts, and shapes.

Tailor Brands screenshot - Logo editor

Play around with the various settings until you land on a winning combination of text and visual elements. You are slightly limited with layout options, and you can’t bold or italicize fonts, but it’s still a pretty good tool for creating a solid logo design.

Tailor Brands screenshot - Text styles

Stand by Your Jams – Logo Packages

When you’re ready to purchase your logo – and you’re not obligated to do so until you’re completely satisfied with your design – you have a few subscription-based options to choose from.

A Basic logo package provides you with high-quality raster images (ideal for screen-only and social media use), but if you plan to print out your logo, you’ll want to consider the Standard or Premium plan, which give you vector-based artwork that looks good at any size. You can upgrade your account at any time if you decide to check out additional features such as social media tools and custom logo options.

If you cancel your subscription (even after one month), you still retain the rights to your logo and can continue using it wherever you like.

And that’s a wrap on your Tailor Brands DJ logo design – congratulations! Now it’s time to launch your baby into the world.

Logos Created with Tailor Brands

Here are some sample logo designs created with Tailor Brands.

Sample DJ logo created with Tailor Brands - CeeJay the DJ

The full-color icon makes this logo feel hip and modern with a touch of handcrafted personality through the hand-stamped logo font and brush script slogan text.

Sample DJ logo created with Tailor Brands - Weddings by Winda

Wedding DJs might want to keep things formal and low-key with handwritten or script-style fonts. The combination of a heart inside the record icon also ties it together perfectly for formal event entertainers.

Sample DJ logo created with Tailor Brands - Jams by Jaymes

Headliner DJs might desire to draw focus to their image by utilizing marquee-style logos. Neon signs and banners positioned both in front of and behind the DJ booth would showcase this specific logo style exceptionally well.

Sample DJ logo created with Tailor Brands - Sounds by Suz

This logo concept makes use of the umlaut, aka the ü character, to show how Tailor Designs offers support for select international fonts. Some typefaces, however, may not display special characters, so it’s a good idea to test fonts out during the design process.

Tailor Brands Alternatives

Is Tailor Brands missing some logo design features you were hoping for? Here are a few more DJ logo makers to check out:
  • Do you like fancy outlines and drop shadows around your text? Or perhaps you want to use more than one image in your logo? You can do that and more on DesignEvo.
  • Does your logo call for gradient effects? Maybe some fancy borders and containers? Looka offers both of those features with an AI-powered design tool that’s very similar to Tailor Brands.
  • Do you need a full suite of design and marketing tools to help you build your business? Wix Logo Maker might be the right fit for you.

Get Inspired by Famous DJ Logos

DJ logo - Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix has a simple yet memorable logo. The single-color design translates well into posters and apparel and is easy to tweak to suit any color palette. It also works without his name, as many people have come to associate his image with the + and x alone.

DJ logo - Skrillex

This edgy logo for Skrillex looks a lot like the logo for the band Slayer – blocky and sharp with a bit of hard metal influence. The emphasis on “ill” also plays well into the image of a DJ who spins up energizing beats for the crowd.

DJ logo - Sup3rnatural

The logo for Sup3rnatural is a throwback to the 1980s with its geometric styling and ’80s color scheme. This logo design could help attract crowds of people who grew up with the techno and synthesized sounds that were popular back in the day.

DJ logo - Recreational DJs

This fun logo for Recreational DJ’s is for a group of traveling DJs who use a VW bus to get around. Given the popularity of the iconic vehicle, this logo would surely capture the attention of people looking to share in the good vibes mentioned in the slogan.

DJ logo - Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki’s logo nicely fits his surfer/skater dude image. The hand-drawn style is prominently featured on his Dim Mak line of apparel and accessories, which are popular with fans of his music and creative collaborators. The handcrafted look also gives it a more authentic and personal touch.

DJ logo - DVBBS

The logo for DVBBS conveys a lot of movement, something a DJ wants to see when they’re spinning their tracks. The directional arrows form the shape of each letter – a clever design choice. It also looks a bit like a pattern you’d see on a lit-up dance floor.

DJ logo - Draydel

Draydel says he appreciates sacred geometry and wanted something that also incorporated the image of an actual dreidel, which is clear in his logo. The design can be interpreted in many ways, but spinning up hot beats definitely comes to mind.

DJ logo - DJ Diamond

The logo for DJ Diamond conveys a clean-cut and sophisticated image. It cleverly combines a suit and tie within the shape of a diamond and fits the classier club scene the DJ frequently works in.

DJ logo - HDM

The HDM/Hire-a-DJ Melbourne logo features slanted text that conveys movement along with the record-scratching action. It also incorporates the skyline of Melbourne, Australia, which looks like it’s part of a graphic equalizer interface. It tells you everything you need to know about the services this company offers.

DJ logo - Empyreal Movement

This last logo, for Empyreal Movement, puts a nice stamp on this category, quite literally. It looks like a regally themed wax seal, and it also incorporates red and black, the two main colors in Trinidad and Tobago’s flag, which is where the DJ hails from.

*Website Planet is not affiliated with any of the DJs shown above.

And Now It’s Time for a Breakdown

Now that you’ve taken some time to learn what goes into a great DJ logo design, it’s time to chill out a bit. Feel free to look up other well-known DJ logos and learn about the stories behind each logo – they can help you create a brand that’s all your own.

If you’d like some additional design examples, you might want to check out this article on creating music band logos as well. Whether you ultimately decide to go with Fiverr, use Tailor Brands, or choose another logo design service, I wish you luck as you push your DJ career forward. Peace out!

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