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6 Best Websites for Hiring Translators: Most Reliabe in 2024

Roxana David Roxana DavidFreelance Jobs Expert April 16, 2024
April 16, 2024
We’ve all come across a bad translation or two. We’ve probably even joked about it. But when it’s your content we’re talking about, it’s no laughing matter. Poorly translated content can lead to misunderstandings and potentially hurt your credibility.

Luckily, there are freelance websites offering translation services that provide accurate translations at affordable rates. With the right platform, you get access to high-quality translators who can complete your project on time and within your budget. The best ones can even help you narrow your search according to expertise and service.

After researching translator qualifications, client reviews, and success rates on major freelance platforms, I’ve compiled a list of the best websites where you can hire translators. Fiverr stands out with its large talent pool and options for every budget, making it an excellent choice for your translation needs. You can also find the perfect translator through any of the other platforms I’ve listed, some of which are known for their rigorous screening process and client protection.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Freelancer Websites To Hire Translators in 2024

  1. Expert’s Choice
    fiverr-logo- Fiverr
    Fiverr is a popular choice with our readers
    Tons of translator gigs to choose from, some going for as little as $5.
  2. upwork-logo Upwork Excellent client protection and review system to help you find the best translators.
  3. Translated – The largest number of languages available for translation and quick AI-powered options.

Fiverr's menu for searching translators
Fiverr has very low rates and lots of freelancers to choose from
On Fiverr, you can find freelancers for almost any job imaginable, with gigs starting at just $5. The good news is that translation is one of the site’s most popular services. With thousands of translators who cover nearly any language, there’s no lack of options on this diverse platform.

Fiverr also offers a 24/7 customer support team that is ready and willing to deal with any problems you may have. All payments made on Fiverr are safe and handled securely through the website’s payment portal.

Another feature I love about Fiverr is its user-friendly interface and project management tools. These include a dashboard for tracking orders and communications, a delivery system for files and feedback, and analytics for evaluating freelancer performance and project timelines. These tools allow you to easily track the progress of your projects, communicate with freelancers, and manage deadlines and deliverables easily.


  • Detailed filters. The search engine has filters that allow you to narrow down your search results by your source and target language, the type of document you’re translating, the native language of the translator, their industry of expertise, and even their seller level (the length of time/jobs completed on the platform).
  • Diverse language pool. There are around 70 different languages available for you to translate to or from, including less commonly offered ones like sign language. Plus, many translators speak more than two languages, so you can collaborate on multiple tasks without switching freelancers.
  • Quick translations. Many Fiverr translators offer expedited services, capable of delivering translated documents within 24 hours. I’ve seen this feature included for shorter texts and documents, even on $5 gigs, but some freelancers are willing to translate longer texts in one day for an extra fee.
  • Secure messaging system. Fiverr’s platform has a secure messaging system designed to protect sensitive information. This will ensure that any documents or information that you share with your translator will be made available to their eyes only.
Check out our Fiverr review to learn more about how it works.

Best for Tight deadlines (under 24 hours), tight budgets
Rating system  (Seller level + star rating)
Payment security Easy payments, disputes are rare
Starting price $5/hr

Upwork's homepage
Upwork is a great place to find translators or let them find you
As a leading name in the world of freelancing, Upwork is an excellent place to find a translator. It features an intuitive interface that makes navigating, managing projects, and communicating simple. Upwork’s design focuses on efficiency, with features like a comprehensive dashboard, detailed project tracking, and a clear billing and payment system.

Upwork lets you browse potential candidates, post jobs, and let freelancers come to you. Posting jobs is straightforward, but Upwork guides you through the process with clear steps for defining project budget and details.

Upwork offers great client protections, including hourly payment protection, weekly limits for billable hours, and escrow refunds. It also has a responsive customer service team you can contact through live chat, email, and phone. I like how accessible it is for different types of people, including phone-phobic introverts like myself.


  • Useful filters. With more than 25,000 translators available, broken down into different categories (e.g., general, legal, medical, and technical translation), finding the right person for the job is easy. The filters also allow you to search for translators by their hourly rate, location, native language, English fluency, job success score, and more.
  • Only pay for completed work. Your payment won’t be released until you’re satisfied and your freelancer’s work is approved. You can also rest assured that if your freelancer tries to scam you, Upwork’s responsive support team will quickly address your concerns.
  • In-depth review system. Upwork lets you see what past clients thought of a translator’s performance. This allows you to quickly weed out translators who have performed poorly before. The website also shows an overall job success score so you can quickly see which freelancers have consistently underperformed.
  • Diverse price range. You can find solutions for just about any budget, from long-term professionals who charge over $50 an hour to newbies who charge under $10 an hour.
Check out our Upwork review to learn more about how the platform works.

Best for Legal, medical, or technical translations
Rating system  (Job Success Score + Top Rated status)
Payment security Secure transactions
Starting price Around $7/hr
In a hurry?
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3. Translated: Best Combo of Human & Machine-Made Translations

Translated's price simulator for translations
Translated gives you instant quotas depending on the language and subject you choose
Translated is a top choice for professional translation services. It supports projects in 200+ languages and 40 areas of expertise, from document translations to software localization. This is the most range you can possibly ask for from any translation platform.

I like how innovative Translated’s offerings are. It provides sophisticated Developers’ Tools, including translation APIs and content extraction from numerous file formats, making it perfect for globalizing content.

Translated’s blend of technology and professional expertise will get you high-quality outcomes but also cost you more than Upwork or Fiverr. The least expensive option is a machine-translated text with a light human review, but if you want a human-translated text or a specialized reviser, the price increases accordingly.


  • High-volume translations. Translated specializes in managing large-scale translation projects with ease, so your business can handle extensive documents or multilingual tasks efficiently. This guarantees consistency and quality across all materials.
  • Instant quote feature. This nifty feature demystifies the cost of your project right from the start, providing a quick, transparent snapshot of your investment. You can get different prices based on how tight your deadline is and how much human involvement you require for your project.
  • Human quality checks. Even though Translated offers machine-generated translations, each goes through stringent human quality checks. Yes, that goes for the affordable solution, too.
  • Optimized workflow. Translated’s optimized approach means faster delivery without compromising meticulous attention to detail. In the rare case when a translator fails to meet your deadline, you also get a full refund.
Best for Businesses looking for high-volume translations
Rating system  (only internal vetting)
Payment security Secure transfer via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal; full refund if the translator misses a deadline; pay after delivery
Starting price $43 (for 1,000 words)

Bark's quiz for finding a translator
Bark matches you with the best available translators after a quick quiz
Bark is an interesting platform because you can find professionals across 11 countries offering in-person and online services, including various translation tasks. Listing job opportunities and obtaining bids from experts is straightforward. Plus, since freelance translators bear the cost of contacting you, listing your projects is free. But take note that Bark doesn’t handle payments directly.

Bark also attracts agencies and small businesses prepared to cover the contact fee. However, the platform’s intuitive design and effective pairing mechanism make it a great solution for prompt and dependable translating services from both agencies and freelancers.

When detailing your translation needs on Bark, the system suggests profiles that align with your specified criteria. You can select books, documents (including legal), or contracts from the home page, but if you get on the page for a specific language, the selection can extend to voice recordings, websites, user manuals, and more.


  • Local expertise. Bark offers the flexibility to meet freelance translators over coffee to discuss project specifics in person. This feature is particularly great given that Bark does not handle payment transactions, allowing you to meet and assess your prospective translator firsthand.
  • In-depth profiles. On Bark, each professional’s profile showcases their work experience, abilities, and feedback from past clients. A straightforward five-star rating system makes it easy to sort through potential candidates.
  • Global reach. With its presence in several countries, Bark provides access to native speakers from around the globe, including the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, and India. This diversity ensures you can find the perfect match for your language-specific projects.
  • Personalized notifications. Bark simplifies the search for translators by sending customized alerts for professionals who align with your project’s unique requirements. This makes it easier to find the ideal specialist quickly.
Read our expert Bark review for more details.
Best for Direct relationship with your translator
Rating system  (5-star rating system, client reviews)
Payment security You need to handle payments yourself
Starting price Average rates

5. OnlineJobs.ph: Budget-Friendly Fees for Long-Term Translation Projects

Some of the translating talent on OnlineJobs.ph
OnlineJobs.ph is a great place to find Filipino translators looking for long-term commitment
OnlineJobs.ph is a great platform for businesses looking to hire Filipino translators for long-term positions. It steps away from the freelance project model because it centers on relationships that promote consistency and growth over time. Yes, you can still find regular freelancers with hourly rates on the platform, but they’re rarer than on Upwork or other websites.

You can post a job or search for resumes as a recruiter or employer. This is great because it gives you more flexibility. You don’t have to wait for translators to come for you – you can write to them directly if you’d like to be assertive and in control.

OnlineJobs.ph doesn’t charge fees or handle payments, which is both a blessing and a curse. It allows for direct negotiations and collaborations between you and the translator. You can cancel your subscription and do your business through other channels, but you must take extra care as you’ll be handling payments externally.


  • Streamlined job posting. OnlineJobs.ph makes it easy to post jobs with an intuitive interface and advanced search filters. If you already know what you want, you can find the right translator in a few minutes.
  • Informative previews. The platform provides detailed profile previews, showcasing the translator’s expected salary, experience, education, and availability. I noticed most are unemployed, so they should be ready to start immediately.
  • User-friendly platform. I like that the intuitive interface comes with complimentary billing and time-tracking tools for all employers. You can handle billing externally if you want, but it’s great to have a hassle-free option already built in.
  • Background checks. OnlineJobs.ph offers background data reports for potential employees to mitigate some risks. These reports are generated through algorithms that analyze work history, reviews, and social media profiles to verify authenticity. However, this is available only for Premium accounts.
Read our expert OnlineJobs.ph review for more details.
Best for Long-term collaborations, full- or part-time employment of a translator
Rating system  (only Verified badges and ID Proof scores)
Payment security Secure payments through the built-in EasyPay, but you can use other platforms if you prefer
Starting price Around $700 per month for a good full-time translator

6. Fiverr Pro: Best for High-Quality Translation Services

Some of the translating talent on Fiverr Pro
Fiverr’s high-quality Pro services are definitely worth the extra cost
Although Fiverr has already made this list, Fiverr Pro deserves special mention. The two service levels might share the same website, but they’re designed with different client needs in mind.

While Fiverr is all about cost-effective solutions, the exclusive Fiverr Pro program only includes vetted freelance translators who’ve proven their skills and expertise. Only the best are accepted into the program, earning freelancers a unique “Pro” badge that’s displayed under their username and on their profile page.

When hiring Pro sellers, I know the work I receive will be top quality. Yes, some translations can get quite expensive, but they’re still much cheaper than a traditional translation agency.


  • Top-quality translations. If you have money to spend, the quality of work is worth it when compared to regular Fiverr freelance translators. They come with more experience and better recommendations, after all.
  • Quick process. Don’t get me wrong, most translation tasks are serviceable via Fiverr, but sifting through thousands of low-quality gigs is time-consuming. By browsing profiles on Fiverr Pro, I know I can hire a skilled and reliable professional in five minutes or less.
  • Detailed portfolios. Regular Fiverr gigs don’t come with freelancer portfolios, which is a real shame. Fiverr Pro sellers have a huge advantage because they can showcase the work they’ve completed on the platform.
  • Vetted pros. To get Pro on Fiverr, freelancers must submit detailed information on their credentials, including education and former projects. After review, only a small percentage of applicants get accepted and earn the much-coveted Pro Verified badge.
Learn more about the differences between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro in our detailed guide.

Best for Pre-vetted translators
Rating system  (Seller level + star rating)
Payment security Easy dispute and payment resolution
Starting price Around $40 per project, but you can find lower rates depending on the language pair

Are You a Translator Looking To Sell Your Services?

If you’re a translator eager to offer your services, Fiverr is a top destination. You can connect with clients needing translation services, from small businesses to large enterprises. This diversity creates a constant flow of projects suitable for all kinds of specializations and language pairs. Plus, Fiverr’s review system allows you to build a reputation that showcases your skills and experiences to potential clients from a first glance at your profile.

Here’s a short step-by-step guide to getting started on Fiverr:

The location of the Join button on Fiverr's homepage
The signup process starts on Fiverr’s homepage
Step 1: Go to Fiverr’s homepage. Click the Join button in the top-right corner. You can sign up via email or connect with an existing Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

Step 2: Pick your username and password.

The Fiverr menu for switching between a freelancer and an employer account
Make sure to select a freelancing account when you sign up
Step 3: Go to your inbox and click the link from Fiverr to activate your account. This is not necessary if you use Google to sign up.

Fiverr's homepage after you sign up
Fiverr’s homepage changes after you sign up
Step 4: Return to Fiverr. After filling in a short quiz, select Become a Seller.

Fiverr's form for freelancers
After completing the form, you can create your first gig
Step 5: Fill out the form. Be as detailed and accurate as possible so potential clients can easily find you.

Step 6: Create a new gig. To ensure a great start and avoid common mistakes, check out my colleague’s Fiverr for Freelancers guide.

By being a Fiverr seller, you can set your own rates so you’re compensated fairly for your work. The platform also guarantees payment security, offering peace of mind and financial stability. With tools for efficient project management and client communication, Fiverr facilitates smooth collaborations, allowing you to focus on your work.

Choosing Fiverr means your translation skills are valued and rewarded, which makes for a solid foundation for a successful freelancing career.

These Are the Best Freelance Websites for Hiring Translators

Since getting your translations is incredibly important, you want to make the correct choice. All of the above options are perfectly suitable, but some are better than others, depending on your goal.

If quick turnaround times and affordability are your main priorities, consider Fiverr. Fiverr is great for fast, budget-friendly translations without compromising on the range of languages or the availability of freelance translators.

If you’re looking for specialized translation services focusing on security and quality, I recommend Upwork. It gives you access to a vast network of skilled professionals and a secure payment system, which is perfect for your peace of mind.

Or, if you’d rather have high-quality translations backed by a dedicated service and access to certified translators, go with Translated. It gives you everything you need for professional-grade projects, plus the assurance of working with translators vetted for expertise and reliability.

Here’s a quick comparison between all of the best websites where you can hire translators:
Pricing Best Feature Best For
Fiverr $ Great filters and 24/7 customer service Quick turnaround times for cheap
Upwork $$ Excellent review system to help narrow down the options Client protections and a huge translator pool
Translated $$$ Many obscure languages not offered by other platforms Very large projects that need to be done quickly
Bark $$ Job posting is free, freelancers pay to write to you Localized translators and in-person meetings
OnlineJobs.ph $$ Translators available to work immediately Employing translators long-term
Fiverr Pro $$$ Rigorous vetting system for translators Native-quality translations


Which website is best for translation jobs?

Upwork is excellent for many translation jobs, offering a vast selection of skilled translators. Fiverr is ideal for quick and budget-friendly projects, while Fiverr Pro offers high-end talent.

How do I hire a freelance translator?

Firstly, identify your project needs and use platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to find translators. Post a job or search profiles, review their work, and hire them through the platform.

How much does it cost to hire a translator online?

Rates can range from as low as $5 per hour on platforms like Fiverr for basic translation tasks to over $50 per hour for specialized or highly experienced translators. Some translators charge by the word, with rates typically ranging from $0.05 to $0.20 per word.

Which freelancing site is best for beginner translators?

Fiverr is the best website for beginner translators. It offers a user-friendly platform to gain experience and build a portfolio with a low barrier to entry. Plus, since the rates are lower than on other websites, there will be many clients looking for your services even if you don’t have much experience.

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Hi Adam, there's actually an important one you forgot... www.lilo.global offers a marketplace for translation services where the workflow is fully automated (document conversion, language detection, wordcount, TM analysis,...) so clients can work directly with freelance translators in a hassle-free way. The AI behind the platform will match the content type with the best suited translators. Feel free to check it out and provide feedback :).
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