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9 Best Freelance Ghostwriters for Hire: Great Results in 2024

Roxana David Roxana DavidFreelance Jobs Expert July 12, 2024
July 12, 2024
Hiring a ghostwriter isn’t just about filling a role. Finding a voice that resonates with your vision is crucial, especially for nuanced projects like memoirs and thought leadership pieces. Many freelancers advertise ghostwriting services, but how do you commit when it’s unclear if they can capture your voice authentically?

While finding a low-cost service that provides high-quality ghostwriting is difficult, I’ve had the best results with Fiverr. Fiverr offers an affordable gateway, with services starting at just $15. You can browse through detailed reviews and portfolios to assess freelancers’ abilities to handle various styles and subjects, ensuring they can meet the specific demands of your project.

To save you the time of sorting through hundreds of profiles, I’ve vetted several top ghostwriters on Fiverr. I ensured they offer affordable and versatile services that deliver high-quality writing essential for effective communication. Let me guide you through finding a serious and proficient ghostwriter, all while keeping your budget in check.

How To Find a Ghostwriter

There are many ghostwriting platforms and services available. However, if reliability and quality are your top priorities, Fiverr stands out as a strong choice. Here’s a streamlined process to help you secure a professional ghostwriter through Fiverr:

Browse Platforms

Start by exploring well-established marketplaces like Fiverr, which simplifies the selection process by allowing you to browse through profiles of freelance ghostwriters. Each profile includes ratings and reviews that highlight the freelancer’s professionalism and quality of work. While platforms like Upwork and Toptal are also great resources for finding talented writers, I’ve found Fiverr to be the more accessible and straightforward option.

Although it’s possible to find great talent through ghostwriting agencies, I’ve found that they can often be less transparent about fees and more costly overall, especially when it comes to initial communications with writers. This is why, after all considerations, Fiverr remains my top choice. Its user-friendly interface and transparent review system make it easier to connect directly with skilled writers without hidden costs.

Define Your Project and Set Your Goals

Consider the scope and depth of your project. Do you need someone who excels in creative storytelling? A technical expert who can write detailed, informative pieces? On Fiverr, you can filter freelancers based on their experience level, from beginners to seasoned professionals, so you can find someone who matches your project’s requirements.

Take a Closer Look at Freelancer Portfolios

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, take a closer look at their portfolios. A good ghostwriter’s previous work should speak to their style and versatility. Most freelancers on Fiverr provide samples of their writing or links to published works, giving you a transparent view of what they can offer.

Message Potential Ghosts

Don’t hesitate to contact a few potential writers. Initiating a dialogue will help you gauge their responsiveness and willingness to align with your vision. Ask questions about their process, availability, and willingness to adapt to new topics and styles. This step is crucial for ensuring a good fit. The good news is chatting with freelancers on Fiverr is free, so you can ask all your questions without worrying about extra fees.

Read Some of Their Writing

Before making a final decision, consider asking for a short writing sample tailored to your project (note: some writers may charge for this). This sample will give you a firsthand look at how well the ghostwriter can capture your project’s intended tone and complexity.

By following these steps, you’ll streamline the process of finding a skilled ghostwriter and minimize the risks of hiring online.

Best 9 Ghostwriters for Hire

In my work to uncover the best ghostwriters available, I’ve delved deep into the offerings of many freelancing platforms and ghostwriting agencies. Fiverr has proven to be the best resource for finding skilled and reasonably-priced ghostwriting talent.

From this extensive pool, I’ve selected 9 highly-rated ghostwriters who bring creative flair, reliability, and excellent value for money. I also factored in their consistent performance and positive client feedback. Here’s a glimpse at some of the tasks my top picks are equipped to handle:
  • Developing full-length books, from non-fiction to novels.
  • Writing content geared towards children, including poetry.
  • Producing viral self-help books and content.
  • Crafting engaging blog posts and articles.
  • Helping with your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile.
  • Writing clear and impactful product descriptions and other copy.
  • Producing detailed technical writing for specialized fields.
  • Writing lyrics and rap bars.

1. Seb_jenkins – Best for Novels and Long-Format Fiction

Ghostwriter Seb_jenkins Fiverr profile
Seb_jenkins is a versatile writer with impressive journalistic experience
Seb Jenkins is not just any writer; they’re a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. What does that mean for you? Well, it’s like a stamp of approval that says this freelancer delivers excellent work on time, and clients love them. In other words, you can trust Seb to take your novel or fiction project from an idea to a fully fleshed-out manuscript that reads perfectly. Seb’s popularity on Wattpad is another testament to this, as that site’s audiences tend to get bored quickly if the story isn’t captivating enough.

Whether you need someone to ghostwrite your entire novel or just give you a hand with parts of it, Seb has the skills to make it happen. Seb’s 8 years of experience writing novels means they’re a pro at handling all the twists, turns, and character developments your story needs. Seb’s background in journalism adds another layer to their skill set, highlighting a knack for thorough research. This is especially crucial in novel writing, where creating believable worlds is key.

Ghostwriter Tonybostian Fiverr profile
Tonybostian is not a high-end writer, but he offers quality at a good price
Tonybostian (Tony) is your go-to if you want to create children’s books or poetry without spending a fortune. They’re perfect for projects where budget constraints are a concern, but quality can’t be compromised. With consistent 5-star ratings, Tony has earned Fiverr’s Top Rated distinction. This means they meet the platform’s highest performance criteria and consistently deliver exceptional work.

Tony’s gigs include ghostwriting short stories, blog posts, and other short-format projects. One of the best things about their work is that you get results fast. For instance, you can order a 400-word children’s story and have it delivered within one day (topic research included). Tony is your perfect fit if you need someone for a quick collaboration rather than a long-term project.

3. Coraliebelair – Best for Self-Help Books

Ghostwriter Coraliebelair Fiverr profile
Coraliebelair is a reliable author of over 800 books
Coraliebelair (Coralie), vetted by the platform with Fiverr Pro status, is your ideal pick for ghostwriting self-help books. What’s more, Coralie’s been hand-picked by the Fiverr Pro team for displaying exceptional skills and a proven track record. Coralie’s experience collaborating with businesses adds a unique depth to their writing and ensures great communication and professionalism.

I recommend hiring Coralie if you want to infuse your self-help books with actionable insights and professional wisdom. With over 800 non-fiction book credits, they have extensive experience. Plus, they provide great value within reasonable deadlines. A 10,000-word book takes 2 weeks to deliver, which is impressive considering they don’t use AI-generated content. However, Coralie will take AI-assisted requests and can deliver a book of the same length written with the help of ChatGPT in 10 days.

4. Freelancemomma – Best for Food, Travel, and Parenting

Ghostwriter Freelancemomma Fiverr profile
Freelancemomma can help you write travel and expat articles for blogs
Freelancemomma (Jennifer Raskin) is a seasoned Level 2 writer with over two decades of professional writing experience. They’ve crafted compelling content for ad agencies and magazines and have worked as an internationally-published editorialist. Jennifer’s specialty is writing articles covering health, beauty, fitness, food, parenting, and travel. Beyond that, they offer expertise in creating engaging advertorials and detailed product descriptions.

The multitude of 5-star reviews attest to Jennifer’s commitment and quality of work. Even the basic gigs offer SEO keywords and in-depth topic research. For a little extra, they can provide more revisions, faster delivery, and even references and citations for their work. And even though their gigs are set for 500-word articles, you can always request longer ones and see the respective costs directly on Jennifer’s gig page.

5. Historydavid – Best for Historical and Academic Writing

Ghostwriter Historydavid Fiverr profile
Historydavid is great for not just history but geography and culture as well
Historydavid (David) is the go-to ghostwriter for anyone needing expertise in history, geography, and academic papers. Armed with a doctorate in European history and a portfolio of publications with major academic presses, David has deep subject matter knowledge and research capabilities. As a Level 2 freelancer on Fiverr, David’s offer includes historical research, content writing, editing, transcription, and even consultation for historical fiction projects.

Historydavid stands out with over 500 5-star reviews on Fiverr, showcasing their track record of high-quality work in history and academics. They’re willing to approach any subject, an asset for any project involving historical knowledge. For example, they’ve helped a client with the history of chess and another with finding ancient funeral music. You can also use David’s gigs as research for a fantasy, romance, or historical fiction book.

6. Amyample – Best for SEO Content Ghostwriting

Ghostwriter Amyample Fiverr profile
Amyample has lots of gigs for optimized content
Amyample is a seasoned professional writer with a rich background in copywriting and social media. They’re a Level 1 freelancer on Fiverr, which means they’ve met some of the highest performance criteria. This translates into a higher starting price, but in my opinion, it’s justified by their years of experience and many achievements.

Amyample offers various services, from writing SEO content for websites, landing pages, and email campaigns to product descriptions. They can also write catchy social media posts. If you’re looking for premium content for your brand, Amyample is the perfect one-stop content writer.

7. Jadefrog01 – Best for Brands and Blogs

Ghostwriter Jadefrog01 Fiverr profile
Jadefrog01 is a great ghostwriter for businesses
Jadefrog01 is a Top Rated Pro freelancer on Fiverr, recognized for their expertise in creating compelling content across various formats. Their services include writing articles, blogs, books, eBooks, press releases, and social media content. They also specialize in developing distinctive brand voices and comprehensive website content like landing pages and product descriptions.

Jadefrog01’s ability to articulate a clear and engaging brand narrative makes them an excellent choice for businesses aiming to connect with their audience and stand out in their niche. They also offer a monthly gig for writing blog posts and articles, which is great if you’re looking for a long-term ghostwriter.

8. Ajsiders – Best for Resumes, Cover Letters, and CVs

Ghostwriter Ajsiders Fiverr profile
Ajsiders is not only a great ghostwriter but also a career coach
Ajsiders (Adam S.) is a Top Rated ghostwriter on Fiverr who specializes in resume writing and career coaching. Their services, which include writing cover letters, CVs, and federal resumes, are designed for all career stages and industries. I also found that they’re a good option for building and optimizing LinkedIn profiles.

Ajsiders’s approach focuses on creating achievement-driven content that aligns with industry standards and personal career goals, making them a smart choice for anyone looking to advance professionally. Many clients report getting more interviews and job offers after their assistance.

9. Wimana – Best for Songwriting and Rap Lyrics

Ghostwriter Wimana Fiverr profile
Wimana is a well-rated lyricist and poet
Wimana C is a specialist in poetry and songwriting and a Level 2 freelancer on Fiverr. With three poetry books published and more on the way, they bring a rich expertise to lyric writing and poetic compositions. Wimana’s main offerings include ghostwriting professional rap and hip-hop lyrics, spoken word poetry, and aphorisms. All of their work is original and custom-made.

I was most impressed with Wimana quick turnaround times and reasonable pricing. Their 5-star rating is another testament to their meticulous attention to detail and exceptional talent. Clients consistently praise not only the quality of work but also Wimana’s ability to meet tight deadlines, which is remarkable given their one or two-day delivery.

How To Hire a Ghostwriter on Fiverr

Here’s a quick illustrated guide to help you hire your ghostwriter on Fiverr:

The Fiverr homepage, with the word "ghostwriter" written in the search bar
Fiverr makes it easy to search for ghostwriters from the homepage
  1. Go to fiverr.com. Search for “ghostwriter” or “[your specific niche subject] ghostwriter.” Then, hit the search button.
The result page for the word "ghostwriter" on Fiverr, with the filters highlighted
Fiverr offers extensive filters you can use to narrow down your search
  1. Use the filters to find freelancers that fit your requirements, including budget and delivery time. You can also see people that work through agencies. After you find one you like, click on their picture to go to their profile.
The Contact Me button highlighted on a ghostwriter's profile on Fiverr
After finding a potential ghostwriter, you can send a message from their profile
  1. To message the seller (which I advise you to do before purchasing a gig), click the Contact me button on the right side of their profile. If you don’t have a Fiverr account, this is the moment when you’ll need to sign up. You can use your email, Google, Apple, or Facebook account.
The message box on a freelancer's Fiverr profile
Fiverr makes it easy to send a message even if you’re unsure how to start the conversation
  1. If you don’t know how to start the interaction, use one of the predefined prompts that appear in the conversation box.
The gigs on a freelancer's profile on Fiverr
If the ghostwriter has too many gigs, you need to click on “View all” to see all of them
  1. The ghost’s profile has all the information you need, from reviews to prices and portfolios. Scroll down to see all their available gigs.
The "Compare packages" button highlighted on a ghostwriter's gig page on Fiverr
All the buttons you need are conveniently placed on the right side of the page
  1. After you click on a gig, you’ll be directed to the gig’s page. To see what you get for different price tiers, click Compare packages.
The first step in buying the ghost’s service is clicking Continue on the gig’s page
  1. To start the buying process, click Continue.
The "Continue" button highlighted on a ghostwriter's gig page on Fiverr on the order summary menu, along with order upgrades
For some gigs, extras are available to purchase for your order
  1. Look at your order. You can add additional services here if you want faster delivery or other extras.
The billing and payment page after you order a gig from a freelancer on Fiverr
After you review your order, there’s only a small step left before you’re done
  1. Now, you only need to add your billing and payment information to complete your order. Voila! You just hired a ghostwriter.
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What To Look For in a Ghostwriter

Choosing the right ghostwriter from among hundreds can be daunting. Use the following criteria to help you narrow down your options and find a professional who will truly elevate your project.
  • Affordable (but not too cheap). While budget is a significant consideration, when it comes to ghostwriting, extremely low rates might compromise the quality of the work. Investing a bit more leads to higher quality, more professional results that truly reflect your vision.
  • Genuinely passionate about the subject of the book/project. A ghostwriter who is genuinely interested in your topic will bring a level of enthusiasm and insight that shines through in their writing. This can make the difference between flat and vivid, engaging content.
  • Good reviews. Positive feedback from previous clients is a strong indicator of a ghostwriter’s reliability and quality of work. Reviews can tell you a lot about a writer’s professionalism and the overall satisfaction of those they’ve worked for.
  • Plenty of experience. An experienced ghostwriter has honed their craft and is likely to have dealt with a wide range of subjects and formats. They can bring a depth of knowledge and flexibility to your project that less experienced writers might not.
  • Good communication and timely delivery. Effective communication is crucial for ensuring the final product meets your expectations. A ghostwriter who keeps you updated and delivers on time respects your input and values your schedule, leading to a smoother and more satisfying collaboration.

Choose the Perfect Ghostwriter for Your Project

Choosing the right ghostwriter can make or break your project. Whether you’re crafting a novel, compelling articles, or technical documents, you need a writer who excels at their craft and aligns with your vision. It’s crucial to find someone who offers value for money, is passionate about your subject, and comes highly recommended by clients. Experience, good communication, and timely delivery are essential.

Platforms like Fiverr are valuable resources for finding talented ghostwriters. The right ghostwriter can transform your idea into a compelling story that resonates with your audience, making your investment worthwhile.


Is hiring a ghostwriter legit?

Yes, hiring a ghostwriter is a legitimate and common practice, especially in professional writing, business, and publishing industries. It’s a practical solution if you have ideas but may not have the time or skills to articulate them effectively in written form. It’s important, however, to ensure that you engage with reputable platforms or services, like Fiverr, to find a qualified ghostwriter.

How do I find a freelance ghostwriter?

Finding a freelance ghostwriter can be efficiently done through platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, where you can browse profiles, read reviews, and assess portfolios. I’ve written a simple guide to help you learn more about choosing the right ghostwriter for your needs.

What is the average cost of a ghostwriter?

The cost of hiring a ghostwriter can vary widely based on their experience, the project’s complexity, and the text’s length. Prices can range from as little as $15 for simple projects on platforms like Fiverr to several thousand dollars for extensive manuscripts or technical writing.

Are ghostwriters worth it?

Yes, ghostwriters can be incredibly worthwhile if you want high-quality, professional writing that effectively communicates your message or story. They can add value by allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your project or business. If you want to expand your search, check out our article on the best freelance platforms where you can easily find professional ghostwriters.

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