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6 Best Data Entry Freelance Websites in 2024

Kamso Oguejiofor Kamso OguejioforFreelance Jobs Expert July 12, 2024
July 12, 2024
When selecting a data entry professional, the stakes are high, as their accuracy and reliability become the backbone of many important data-driven decisions. Hiring the wrong person can turn a straightforward task into a major headache. I’m talking inaccurate data entries that derail analysis, missed deadlines that postpone critical business activities, and escalating costs due to constant revisions and corrections.

Finding a qualified freelancer who can do the job effectively without compromising your data, credibility, or profit margins can be difficult. Your best bet is to hire a data entry expert from a trustworthy freelance website with robust security measures, transparent pricing structures, and strong customer reviews.

To help you out, I researched dozens of prominent freelance websites to find the best one for hiring your ideal data entry freelancer. Among these, Fiverr stands out for its comprehensive vetting process, diverse talent pool, competitive pricing, and track record for client satisfaction. That said, my other 5 recommendations are great options, too, so read on to learn more about each of them.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Data Entry Freelance Websites in 2024

  1. Expert’s Choice
    1 1fiverr-logo- Fiverr
    Fiverr is a popular choice with our readers
    Affordable data entry experts with quick turnaround times.
  2. 1 1upwork-logo Upwork Easy-to-hire data entry freelancers for long-term projects.
  3. 1 1toptal-logo Toptal Best for hiring data entry projects that involve developers.

What We Look For in the Best Data Entry Freelance Websites

During my tests, I concentrated on specific features that elevate the functionality and value of freelance websites for hiring data entry experts. Here are the key features I looked for:
  • Ease of use. A straightforward platform makes it easy to post jobs and find data entry experts. All of my recommendations have very intuitive user interfaces. Some even include an advanced search and filtering feature that allows you to narrow down candidates efficiently.
  • Broad network of data entry professionals. Access to expert candidates ensures you find the right fit for your project’s specific needs. All the websites on my list provide a wide range of data entry professionals.
  • Affordable pricing. All of the platforms on my list offer a good balance between cost and the quality of candidates.
  • Flexible hiring models. I prioritized data entry freelance websites with flexible hiring models, including hourly rates, fixed-price projects, and long-term contracts.
  • Responsive customer support. Immediate support helps resolve issues swiftly, ensuring your hiring process is uninterrupted and efficient. For this reason, I only included platforms with knowledgeable and reliable customer support teams.

Fiverr's $5 data entry gigs
Fiverr’s advanced filters allow you to fine-tune your search results
With rates starting as low as $5, Fiverr features some of the most affordable data entry freelancers on the web but also maintains a commitment to quality. I appreciate that each freelancer’s profile includes ratings and reviews from previous clients. This way, you can find someone who can deliver high-quality work without compromising your project’s standards – even at lower prices.

Most of Fiverr’s freelancers offer bundled packages. For instance, you can find a seller who offers data entry, web research, product listing, and copy-paste services. By contrast, many platforms only provide these services individually and at high costs. Likewise, you can pick freelancers who specialize primarily in data entry. It’s rare for a Fiverr seller to not deliver, but when that does happen, you can easily request changes or even get a refund.

I like how fast and easy it is to hire a data entry operator on Fiverr1. Once you’ve signed up as a buyer, all you need to do is type “data entry” into the search filter, and Fiverr will give you thousands of freelancer options. You can save time by narrowing down these options to reveal the right fit for your project. Once you’ve made up your mind, contact the expert via the Fiverr platform (freelancers on Fiverr typically respond within 24 hours).


  • Helpful extras. For an extra fee, you can get faster turnaround times and additional revisions for any data entry project you’ve assigned. This can help you save money and time in the long run.
  • Subscribe to save. Fiverr encourages repeat business through its freelancer subscription feature, which lets you save between 5-20% if you work with a freelancer long-term (the freelancer sets the subscription duration and discount).
  • Seller ratings and rankings. All Fiverr freelancers are ranked on a five-star standard and classified into one of four levels of sellers (New Seller, Level One, Level Two, and Top Rated). These evaluations will help you identify a freelancer’s qualifications so you can make an informed decision.
  • Advanced filtering system. Fiverr’s filters narrow your search results based on categories (e.g., data entry, data typing, web research), tools ( Excel, Google Sheets, PDF editor, etc.), budget, country, and more.​​
Read our comprehensive Fiverr review to learn more about its features.

Vetted talent pool No – but there are
essential skills tests and a
rating system to verify a
freelancer’s skills
Payment method Escrow payment via credit
card, PayPal, Payoneer,
wire transfers, or digital
wallets like Apple Pay and
Google Pay
Data entry service quality Beginner, mid, and expert level
Starting Price $5.00

Upwork's data entry specialists
Upwork’s data entry freelancers are great at multitasking
Upwork’s data entry experts can handle all sorts of jobs, from updating databases and transcribing to importing and exporting data between different software. They also offer related services like virtual assistance, web research, lead generation, and more. This way, you can save money by employing an expert generalist rather than hiring different freelancers for each task in your project.

I’m a big fan of Upwork’s advanced search filtering system, which enables you to categorize your search based on criteria like skills, location, hourly rate, and earned amount. You can also customize your search results to include or exclude certain words. The downside is that since Upwork is more of a general marketplace, you may struggle to find a match even with these filters, though the platform’s large user base does help mitigate this issue.

Much like Fiverr, Upwork supports long-term collaboration1 between clients and freelancers. It offers tools that encourage collaboration, like text and video chat, a work diary, a time tracker, and file sharing. I also appreciated Upwork Payroll, a payment processor that makes managing long-term data entry projects seamless.


  • Job posts. If you prefer not to go through thousands of freelancer profiles, you can post a job with details explaining precisely what you’re looking for. This way, interested freelancers will send in their applications directly to you. At the same time, Upwork will show you a list of data entry operators that meet your job requirements.
  • Project catalog. If you’d instead not post jobs, you can simply browse through Upwork’s Project Catalog to find ready-to-launch, customizable projects that fit your data entry needs.
  • Affordable professionals. While not as affordable as Fiverr’s entry-level options, you can still find data entry experts on Upwork for as low as $5-$10/hr.
  • Detailed freelancer profiles. Each freelancer’s profile includes details about their job success, hours worked, total earnings, response time, and customer reviews.
Learn more in our extensive Upwork review.

Vetted talent pool Yes, certain top-level
Upwork freelancers are
vetted through an
invitation-only screening
Payment method Escrow payment via credit
card, PayPal, Payoneer,
wire transfers or direct
bank transfers
Data entry service quality Beginner, mid, and expert level
Starting Price $3.00
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3. Toptal: Best for Hiring Data Entry Developers1

Toptal's data entry developers
Many of Toptal’s data entry experts specialize in software development
If you’re looking for top-level data entry experts with experience in software development, Toptal would be a great choice. Its developers are experts in data analysis, data engineering, data cleaning, web development, Python, Java, and more. Most of them are veterans, having no less than 3-years of experience under their belt.

Toptal claims that only 3% of freelancers who apply to join are accepted. While this figure is difficult to verify, there’s a rigorous screening system in place – a pretty effective way of handling quality assurance. This client-first approach ensures a job well done, and 24/7 telephone support1 adds peace of mind.

That said, I’d only recommend Toptal if you have a large budget because its freelancers tend to be quite pricey. Toptal’s services typically start at $60/hour, which is way higher than Fiverr and Upwork’s entry-level rates. There’s also a mandatory initial deposit of $500, which is pretty high for small businesses with minor data entry projects.


  • Browse through profiles. You can view many available data entry developers on Toptal’s platform. Once you’re ready to start hiring, click the button on your preferred freelancer’s profile.
  • Free trial. Toptal gives you 2 weeks to decide whether a particular data entry specialist fits your project. If they don’t, you won’t be billed for the time, and your $500 initial deposit will be refunded.
  • Team management. You can hire multiple data entry developers and create a team for your project. And you can manage that team directly on Toptal.
  • Straightforward hiring process. Toptal does the screening and selection process for you, so you don’t need to browse and compare freelancers. Simply fill out an online form, request a callback, relay your requirements to Toptal’s staff, and they’ll match you with your ideal data entry professional within 2–3 days.
For more details, check out our Toptal review.

Vetted talent pool Yes
Payment method $500 initial deposit applied
as credit via credit card,
ACH, bank wires, and
Data entry service quality Expert level only
Starting Price $60.00

Bark's data entry company search box
Bark will help you find the closest data entry companies
Bark is a job board that prioritizes local companies and agencies over independent freelancers. As a result, it’s a great option if you’re looking to work with a data entry company in your area.

One unique and somewhat unusual feature is that Bark’s data entry experts must pay to contact you whenever you post a job. I actually dislike this system because it limits the number of applicants you get for your job listing. That said, this pay-to-bid feature can help filter out freelancers who aren’t serious about working with you.

You can sign up on Bark and post your first job within a few minutes. And you don’t have to pay any fees to post a job. Just don’t expect freelancers to reply as fast since they’d have to pay before they can access your contact details.


  • Extensive user profiles. Each freelancer’s profile includes relevant information such as their average response time, staff numbers, number of times they’ve been hired, client reviews, and a portfolio of their past work.
  • 24/7 customer support. Bark offers 24/7 customer support via email and phone, ensuring prompt attention to any concerns you raise with their team.
  • Freelancer matching. Once you explain your job requirements to Bark, it’ll provide you with a long list of relevant data entry companies, agencies, or freelancers.
  • Multiple requests at once. You can post as many jobs as you want on Bark and even post the same request twice, which could result in faster responses from freelancers.
Check out our in-depth Bark review for more details.

Vetted talent pool No
Payment method Bark doesn’t handle
payments directly
Data entry service quality Beginner, mid, and expert level
Starting Price $50

5. OnlineJobs.ph: Job Board for Hiring Filipino Data Entry Professionals1

OnlineJobs.ph's data entry job board
You can hire a full-time Filipino data entry expert for less than $500 per month
If you already do business in the Philippines or prefer working with a Filipino because of the cultural compatibility and local expertise, OnlineJobs.ph is the best option. It features thousands of Filipino data entry professionals ready to contribute to your business and work with you long-term.

You can find affordable and dedicated data entry experts on OnlineJobs.ph. Some freelancers work for as low as $2 per hour. While this is a super affordable fee, it does mean that you need to be diligent to ensure you’re hiring a quality candidate.

To post jobs on OnlineJobs.ph, you must pay a monthly subscription of $69.00 minimum. I don’t really like this since I’m used to platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, which allow you to post jobs for free. To make matters worse, the platform doesn’t even handle payments for you. The good news is that once you find a data entry expert that fits your job criteria, you can end your subscription and continue the project off the platform.


  • Advanced search filters. OnlineJobs.ph’s advanced search filter enables you to search by employment type, monthly salary limit, availability, English score, and more.
  • Recruitment process. For $500, OnlineJobs.ph will perform background checks and find the right fit for your data entry project. It’s a great option if you don’t want to spend time vetting multiple freelancers.
  • TimeProof is OnlineJobs.ph’s time tracker. It’s an effective tool for tracking how much time your employees spend on each task you assign them.
  • Thousands of data entry expert profiles. There are several profiles of data entry profiles to choose from, so there’s a very high chance you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.
Learn more in our in-depth OnlineJobs.ph review.

Vetted talent pool No
Payment method OnlineJobs.ph doesn’t
handle payments directly
Data entry service quality Beginner, mid, and expert level
Starting Price $69.00

6. Guru: Versatile Platform for Hiring Data Entry Experts

Guru data entry search results
There are over 300,000 data entry freelancers to hire on Guru
Guru is a great option if you handle various data entry projects with unique requirements and timelines. Guru is versatile as it supports one-off and long-term data entry projects. Plus, you can hire experts from within your local area and worldwide.

Guru features 4 payment terms to accommodate different budgets. These include Hourly Payment, Fixed Price, Milestones, and Recurring Payments. I like Guru’s flexibility, as most platforms typically stick to one form of payment.

You can post jobs on Guru for free, but there’s a 2.9% handling fee, which is a pretty fair price compared to competitors. I just wish Guru’s billing system was less complicated. Freelancers are charged a 9% commission on the fee you pay them, and sellers can request that you pay a portion of this fee for them without you knowing it. But as long as you’re on the lookout for this billing quirk, you should be able to avoid these extra charges.


  • Intuitive interface. Guru’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. It allows you to see your current contracts, quotes under negotiation, outstanding invoices, and responses to job posts.
  • Time-tracker. Guru’s time tracker tool helps you track your freelancer’s job activity and see what data entry tasks they’re billing you for.
  • Wire transfer or eCheck. When you choose wire transfer or eCheck as your payment method, you can get 100% cashback on Guru’s 2.9% handling fee.
  • Feedback for buyers and sellers. Guru employs a feedback rating system to evaluate the success of the working relationship between a buyer and seller. Both parties can post feedback at the end of a job, so you want to ensure your freelancer gives you a positive rating.
Read our expert Guru review for more details.

Vetted talent pool No
Payment method eCheck, PayPal, wire
transfer, credit cards
Data entry service quality Beginner, mid, and expert level
Starting Price $0

Are You a Data Entry Freelancer Looking To Sell Your Services?

If you’re looking to market your data entry skills, you have many platforms to choose from. However, my top recommendation is Fiverr. It provides a global marketplace, connecting you with clients worldwide and increasing your exposure and potential client base.

Data entry services are in high demand, and Fiverr’s categorization system allows you to specify your offerings, such as spreadsheet management, data mining, or database administration. This specificity attracts relevant clients, streamlining the process of securing work. Based on performance metrics and customer satisfaction, Fiverr’s seller levels can further enhance your visibility and credibility.

To start selling on Fiverr, visit the website and click the “Join” button in the top right corner.

Fiverr's sign-up process
Start your account creation process by clicking the Join button
Registration is simple, with options to sign up using an email address or through Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts. Once registered, access the “Become a Seller” option under your user icon and follow the steps to create your seller profile.

Setting up a Fiverr seller profile
Set up your freelancer profile by selecting the Become a Seller option
Your profile is crucial as it showcases your data entry skills, experience, and the unique services you offer. While you don’t have to complete it immediately, you should note that a well-crafted profile can significantly impact your success on Fiverr, so ensure you fill it out extensively.

These Are the Best Data Entry Freelance Websites

Data is a vital part of any business. As such, you don’t want to work with just any data entry operator – you want the most competent individuals. That’s what these 3 top hiring services offer.

If affordability is your main priority, Fiverr is my top recommendation1. Its data entry freelancers charge as low as $5 and offer super-fast turnaround times.

If your data entry project consists of several microservices, consider Upwork1. In addition to data entry services, many Upwork professionals offer several related services, so you don’t need to spend money hiring individual freelancers for each task.

Finally, if you’re looking to hire data entry experts in the software development field, go with Toptal1. It lets you access top-level data entry developers who have passed a rigorous screening process to get to you.

Here’s a simple comparison of the best data entry freelance websites:
Pricing Best Feature Best For
Fiverr $ Data entry services
starting from as low as $5
Businesses looking
for the most
cost-effective data
entry freelancers
Upwork $$ Data entry freelancers
with multiple skills
People looking to hire
generalists who can
handle a variety of
data entry (and other
related) tasks
Toptal $$$ Strict screening process
that leaves the top 3% of
data entry developers
Software businesses
that want to hire
top-class data entry
Bark $$ Access to nearby data
entry freelancers and
Buyers looking to
work with data entry
experts in their local
OnlineJobs.ph $ Filipino freelancer
Businesses that want
to work with data
entry freelancers in
the Philippines
Guru $ Very versatile and
appeals to all sorts
of clients
People who handle
different sorts of data
entry projects with
varied requirements


Which website is best for finding data entry freelancers?

Fiverr is the best option for finding data entry freelancers. It makes accessing a wide range of data entry experts quick and easy. You can browse portfolios, read reviews, and hire professionals with the right skills and experience for your project. The best part is that you can hire a data entry freelancer for as low as $5.

How much does an Upwork data entry freelancer cost per hour?

An Upwork data entry freelancer typically charges between $5 and $30 per hour. However, more experienced freelancers may charge over $50 per hour.

Where can I find data entry freelancers?

You can find data entry freelancers on platforms like Upwork and Toptal, but my favorite is Fiverr. It’s user-friendly, offers a vast pool of skilled data entry experts at affordable prices, and its hiring process is fast and seamless​.

What is the best platform to hire freelancers?

The best overall platform for hiring freelancers is Fiverr. It offers a wide selection of talented professionals in various fields, such as data entry, graphic design, web development, and video editing, at competitive prices. Plus, it lets you easily compare prices and services, ensuring you get the best deal for your project​.

However, if you’d like to browse more options, check out our complete list of the best freelance websites in 2024.

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