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How To Find a Book Illustrator (Plus Our Top 9 Picks) in 2024

Nathaniel Okwoli Nathaniel OkwoliFreelance Jobs Expert July 12, 2024
July 12, 2024

Finding a great illustrator for your book is like finding a creative partner. You need someone whose style resonates with your story’s tone, whose technical skills match your requirements, and whom you can communicate with effectively throughout the process.

Here’s how you can find a book illustrator in seven easy steps:
  1. Define your project: Identify the type and style of illustrations needed for your book.
  2. Set a budget: Determine how much you can spend on illustrations.
  3. Search for illustrators: Check your chosen platforms to find outstanding book illustrators.
  4. Review portfolios: Examine the portfolios of potential illustrators to find a style that matches your vision.
  5. Check reviews: Look for feedback from previous clients.
  6. Message the freelancer: Contact illustrators to describe your specific needs.
  7. Hire: Choose an illustrator and maintain clear communication throughout the project.
There are countless platforms to find book illustrators, both online and offline. For example, you could search for freelance illustrators on social media platforms, through agencies, or in art communities. These approaches can work but often take longer and may not guarantee quality or security.

Luckily, thanks to the sea of talented book illustrators on Fiverr, you don’t have to break a sweat. There, you’ll find many highly skilled book illustrators with impressive portfolios, track records, and ratings, all at an affordable price.

Continue reading to discover my top 9 illustrators on Fiverr who can bring your ideas to life.

9 Best Book Illustrators for Hire

I’ve used many platforms to hire book illustrators, and my favorite, by far, is Fiverr. There’s a huge pool of talented artists to choose from, the search filters are advanced and easy to use, and the gig prices are affordable.

I looked through the profiles of dozens of Fiverr’s top book illustrators and compiled some of the best in the list that follows. Generally, you should expect the following range of specializations from these illustrators:
  • Book cover design
  • Hand-drawn art
  • Digital art
  • Storyboard sketches
  • Full-page illustrations
  • AI art generation
  • Character design

Screenshot of Anwargart Fiverr gig page
You can get up to 3 revisions when you order Anwargart for your book illustrations
Anwargart has over 500 five-star ratings and some of Fiverr’s most competitive book illustration prices. Their packages start at just $20 for black-and-white comic or manga art, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious authors of various story types.

When you choose Anwargart, a team of artists, rather than just one, will collaborate on your design as soon as your order is accepted. With many positive reviews, it’s clear that most authors are satisfied with their work quality. One client noted that Anwargart meets deadlines and readily makes both minor and major adjustments if necessary.

2. Hameo Pham – Fiverr Pro Artist for Cute Animal Illustrations

Screenshot of Hameo's Fiverr gig page
Hameo is a Fiverr Pro freelancer who creates illustrations for children’s books
Hameo is a full-time artist based in Hanoi specializing in Disney-style illustrations featuring cute animals. They’re the best choice for books that need adorable animal illustrations, such as children’s or coloring books.

You can expect high-quality work from Hameo because of their Fiverr Pro and Top Rated badges. The Fiverr Pro badge indicates that the freelancer has been vetted by the Fiverr Pro team for quality, while the Top Rated badge means they have met Fiverr’s highest performance criteria. For their Standard package, you’ll receive 1 art line illustration with up to 3 characters, delivered within 5 days and with up to 3 revisions.

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3. Lusine Bizon – Top-Rated Illustrator for Educational Books

Screenshot of Lusine Fiverr gig page
You can hire Lusine for high-quality book illustrations for your educational books
Lusine integrates various mixed-media techniques to create engaging instructional visuals, which makes their work particularly effective for educational books.

Suppose you need a detailed illustration of at least 15 pages with color, background, and full-body characters. In that case, Lusine might be your best pick to make complex educational concepts accessible to young readers.

4. Jessica Gamboa – Children’s Book Illustrations With Unlimited Revisions

Screenshot of Jessica's Fiverr gig page
Jessica provides well-designed book illustrations for clients
Jessica is a top-rated professional illustrator on Fiverr, skilled in digital and watercolor illustrations. Their soft and dream-like watercolor illustrations make them perfect for children’s books. I appreciate how their style captures the imagination to bring stories to life.

As a Pro-rated illustrator on Fiverr, Jessica consistently delivers outstanding results, ensuring high-quality outcomes for your projects. You’ll benefit from their unlimited revisions in the basic package. I find this particularly useful for achieving the exact look you want for your book.

5. Rein G. – Best for Poetry Book Illustrations

Screenshot of Rein's Fiverr gig page
You can get a simple line art illustration in 3 days with Rein’s basic gig package
Rein is a freelancer who enjoys reading poems and creating digital hand-drawn illustrations for poetry books. Whether it’s concept art or line art style, Rein can create a simple object, animal, scene, portrait, or a unique composition art based on your poems.

Rein is a Level 2 seller on Fiverr, which means they consistently meet the platform’s high-performance criteria and have a strong track record of fulfilling client expectations. With a stellar 4.9 rating, Rein excels as a digital artist, delivering illustrations within 3 days. For a budget-friendly price of $15, you can get one full-body line art illustration with a background.

6. Titan Fahmi – Budget-Friendly Book Illustrations With Fast Delivery

Screenshot of Titan's Fiverr gig page
You can order a book illustration for as low as $5
Titan Fahmi is a seasoned illustrator with over 11 years in the design industry and holds a Level 2 seller status on Fiverr. Their illustration gig is excellent for budget-conscious projects since it includes fast delivery, multiple characters, and detailed backgrounds.

With more than 1,500 reviews and a 4.9 rating, Titan has proven to be reliable. Their fast delivery and comprehensive packages make them a practical option for authors needing quality artwork quickly. Their vibrant and colorful illustrations make their work best for children’s books, comics, and covers.

7. Faiq A. – Surrealistic Illustrations Best for Sci-Fi Books

Screenshot of Faiq's Fiverr gig page
With over 9 years of design experience, Faiq will deliver high-quality book illustrations
Faiq’s grunge illustrations, rendered in pen and ink, are perfect for sci-fi and surrealistic stories. I admire how their style captures the gritty essence of urban landscapes, objects, and people, adding depth to these genres.

Their basic package offers black-and-white, two-color illustrations with 7-day delivery and 1 revision. This is a cost-effective option for impactful artwork and is great for projects with a quick turnaround. For more detailed work, their premium package includes full-color illustrations, which are also delivered in 7 days and with up to 3 revisions.

8. Marina B – Hand-Drawn Retro Illustrations for Fantasy or Horror Books

Screenshot of Marina's Fiverr gig page
Marina creates professionally hand-drawn illustrations using ink technique
Marina’s black-and-white hand-drawn illustrations captivate you with their retro style. Using pen and ink, they create detailed scenes that evoke a sense of nostalgia. In addition, Marina holds a 5-star rating on Fiverr, which speaks to client satisfaction and multiple positive reviews.

Marina’s work depicts landscapes and nature with intricate lines and shadows. People are rendered with expressive detail, giving the illustrations a timeless quality. Whether you’re creating a fantasy, psychedelic, or horror book, Marina’s art offers a rich visual experience that invites you to look closer and find new details with each viewing.

9. Irul – Top-Tier Freelance Illustrator for Comedy Books

Screenshot of Irul's Fiverr book illustration gig page
You can order Irul’s book illustration gigs for as low as $10
Irul’s cartoon and comic strip style is perfect for comedy and comics. Their freehand digital technique brings a lively, playful touch to their illustrations, which can be effective for commercial and advertising, editorial, and educational themes. Irul’s basic plan includes a black-and-white illustration of 1 object or person with unlimited revisions.

Irul’s illustrations are great for bringing humor and energy to your stories. Their style can engage readers with vibrant and expressive characters, making your content both entertaining and visually appealing.

How To Hire a Book Illustrator on Fiverr

Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you easily hire a professional book illustrator on Fiverr.

1. Search and review profiles.

Screenshot of Fiverr's homepage
The search box is easily accessible on Fiverr’s homepage
Go to Fiverr.com and type “book illustrator” in the search box. ​After typing the keyword in the search bar, you’ll find a list of relevant gigs on the page.

2. Select your preferences.

Screenshot showing Fiverr's search filters
Toggle through the filters to find other options and narrow down your search
Fiverr allows you to filter down to style, such as realistic, cartoon, whimsical, and line art. You can also choose a technique like vector art, freehand digital, watercolor, and 3D graphics. Then, set budget limitations, exclude low-level sellers, or choose to work only with verified professionals.

3. Check out illustrator profiles.

Screenshot of a seller's Fiverr gig page
Now you have to take a few minutes to peruse the illustrator’s profile
Now, you have to take a few minutes to peruse illustrator profiles. On the gig page, you can scroll through the seller’s portfolio. Check out package comparison and their previous works. Scroll down to see the About this gig section and read about what the seller is offering.

Screenshot of a Fiverr seller's review section
Check reviews and ratings from previous clients
You can check reviews and ratings from previous clients who worked with the illustrator. This gives you an idea of what they can deliver on the project.

4. Choose your illustrator

Screenshot of a seller's Fiverr gig page
From your search, you can choose a designer or a few of them at a time
You can choose an illustrator or a few of them from your streamlined search at a time. The best way to get a prompt response is to message 3 to 6 illustrators.

Some may be “away” or “offline,” so messaging more of them increases your chances of finding someone available. You can add your chosen illustrators to your favorites by clicking the heart icon in the upper-right corner of their gig pages.

5. Communicate your vision

Once you’ve identified potential illustrators, contact them to discuss your project. Be clear about what you envision and the project’s specifics, including deadlines and any text accompanying illustrations.

6. Place your order

Screenshot showing how to order a book illustrator on Fiverr
To work with your chosen illustrator, select the gig and package that best fits your needs
Click the Continue button to purchase the gig. Review the list of optional extras, such as faster turnaround time, another revision, or additional figures. Proceed to checkout and complete your order by following Fiverr’s instructions.

7. Review and revise

As you receive drafts, provide specific feedback. Communicate clearly with the freelancer until you achieve your desired outcome. Respond promptly to keep the project moving smoothly.

8. Final approval and payment

Once you’re satisfied with the illustrations, approve the ordered gig. Fiverr holds your payment until you confirm that the job is up to your standards.

What To Look For in a Book Illustrator

When looking for a book illustrator, you should consider several key aspects to ensure that the illustrator’s style and capabilities align well with your vision for the book.
  • Artistic style and versatility. You should choose an illustrator whose style resonates with the tone and subject of your book. Whether you need whimsical illustrations for a children’s book or more sophisticated imagery for a fantasy novel, the illustrator’s portfolio should reflect their ability to adapt to different styles and themes​.
  • Professional experience. Check the book illustrator’s experience level. Make sure they understand the nuances of book layouts and publishing standards. Look for someone with experience working with authors and publishers, as this shows they can adhere to briefs and collaborate effectively​.
  • Responsiveness and communication: A responsive illustrator who understands your vision can make the process more efficient. They should be open to feedback and capable of making revisions as needed​.
  • Understanding of printing requirements: The freelancer should be familiar with printing processes and requirements, especially if the book includes complex illustrations or needs specific printing techniques. The illustrator should understand file formats, resolution needs, and color specifications for printing to avoid any technical issues during publication​​.
  • Positive client reviews: Ensure the illustrator has a track record of positive reviews from previous clients. These reviews can provide insights into their reliability, quality of work, and professionalism. An illustrator with a high rating and glowing testimonials is more likely to deliver a satisfactory outcome for your project​.

Find the Best Book Illustrators Who Can Capture Your Vision

Finding the right book illustrator on Fiverr can transform your manuscript into a visually captivating book. Fiverr’s robust search engine allows you to find illustrators for any style and budget easily.

With Fiverr, you can get custom and professional artwork for your book without stretching your finances. The wide range of options ensures you can find the perfect artist to match your vision.


How much does it cost to hire an illustrator for a book?

The cost of hiring an illustrator for a book ranges from $5 to several hundred dollars per illustration, depending on the illustrator’s experience and reputation. Platforms like Fiverr offer a range of options, fitting various budgets and project needs.

How long does it take to illustrate a book?

The time it takes to illustrate a book typically ranges from 2 to 30 days, depending on factors such as illustration style, number of pages, and specific client needs. Most freelance book illustrators provide these estimates in their gig information profile.

How do I hire a book illustrator?

You can go to top freelance websites, like Fiverr, to hire a book illustrator. Use search filters and read profile or gig reviews and ratings to create a shortlist of potential hires. Finally, narrow your choices by messaging candidates to understand their processes and deliverables. Once you’ve found the right illustrator, start the hiring process by ordering the most relevant gig for your project.

Where can I find someone to illustrate my book?

You can find talented book illustrators on Fiverr, such as Anwargart for comic- or manga-style illustrations for as low as $20. You can also hire top-tier book illustration freelancers through other leading freelance websites in 2024.

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