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OnlineJobs.ph Review: Hire Filipino Freelancers in [2024]

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros Melidoniotis Freelance Jobs Expert

OnlineJobs.ph is a huge job board with thousands of Filipino professionals looking for long-term work. You can save quite a bit by outsourcing virtual assistants – and other team members. But if you’re willing to expand your search beyond the Philippines and aren’t interested in costly recruitment services, there might be better options available to you.


OnlineJobs.ph Is a Job Board – With Some Extras

OnlineJobs.ph FAQ
The platform works just like other similar online job boards

OnlineJobs.ph is a large platform that connects professionals and businesses with Filipino talent. Employers can either post jobs on the website and have people apply or browse profiles and contact potential employees directly.

Unlike other popular outsourcing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, OnlineJobs.ph isn’t designed to host freelancer profiles. Most Filipinos on the website are seeking full-time (or part-time) work, not one-off projects. If you’re not looking to hire long-term, OnlineJobs.ph probably isn’t the right choice for you.

The hiring process is easy, and there are tools you can use to track time and quickly pay your employees. You’ll find Filipinos looking for work as virtual assistants, accountants, social media marketers, video editors, developers, copywriters, and more.

OnlineJobs.ph isn’t a middleman service. You pay to post jobs and access the website’s talent pool, and that’s pretty much it – there are no additional fees. Once you’ve found your hire, you can even cancel your subscription and take work outside the platform.

Read on to find out whether OnlineJobs.ph ticks all the right boxes for you.



Everything You Need to Find and Manage Filipino Talent

OnlineJobs search feature
The advanced filters can help you narrow your search

At its core, OnlineJobs.ph is a large job board for hiring Filipino talent. It’s easy to use, features profiles in various industries, and can even help you find someone who’s a good fit for you with its recruitment services.

Thousands of Profiles

OnlineJobs.ph is home to thousands of profiles. You can perform a quick search by typing relevant keywords and then refining the search results with advanced filters. These filters include employment type (full-time/part-time), a monthly salary limit ($400-700, for example), and requirements for specific primary and secondary skills (such as speaking or writing).

Similar filters are available when you post a job on the website’s board, which means that only qualified individuals will see your posting. Employees aren’t vetted by the platform, but OnlineJobs.ph has introduced an “ID Proof” score and a “verified” badge to battle fake profiles.

No Additional Fees

You pay a flat subscription to use the website’s services, and that’s it. Once you’ve hired someone, it’s up to you to figure out how (and how much) you’ll pay them – OnlineJobs.ph won’t take a cut or charge additional fees.

While that sounds great, it also adds an element of risk to the outsourcing process. Sure, you’ll save quite a bit, but how can you be sure your employee will deliver? How do you get your money back if things go south? OnlineJobs.ph can’t offer payment security – they don’t handle payments directly.

And if you’re not willing to pay the ($500) recruitment fee, it’s your job to check out each profile thoroughly, interview your candidates, and start with smaller tasks before entrusting anyone with larger projects.

Background Checks

Another way to know whether a profile is real or not is to ask for a background data report. Clever algorithms monitor potential employees’ behavior, generating reports based on their work history, reviews, and social media profiles. But remember that background data checks are only available with a Premium account.

Recruitment Services

Since there are so many profiles to browse through, the hiring process can take time – especially if it’s your first time using the platform. OnlineJobs.ph can narrow down the search, perform background checks, and find the right fit for you.

You can initiate the recruitment process by paying the recruitment fee of $500 (per hired worker), completing a request form, and entrusting the OnlineJobs.ph team with the remaining tasks. Once we identify and screen the perfect candidate, you will be able to commence collaboration with them right away.

Honestly, though, I can’t help feeling like that’s a lot of money – so you might be better off hiring workers on your own.

OnlineJobs.ph Features at a Glance

Signup fee $69 per month
Transaction fee
Money-back guarantee*  (only applicable to the subscription cost)
24/7 support
Conflict resolution

Ease of use

Hiring Filipino Talent Made Simple

EasyPay feature
EasyPay is the platform’s own payment management system – and it’s free to use

The OnlineJobs.ph website is designed to make hiring as straightforward as possible. The UI is intuitive, and free billing and time-tracking tools are available to all employers.

All of this means you can find suitable candidates in just a few minutes, provided you know what you’re looking for.

Easy Search and Job Posting

I love how easy it is to post jobs and search for employees at OnlineJobs.ph. Even when using the advanced search filters, I had no trouble reading the interface and skimming through multiple profiles at once.

The profile preview window lists the jobseeker’s expected salary, experience, education, and availability, making it easy to see whether someone’s a good fit.


Easypay is the OnlineJobs.ph’s own payment management system. It lists your hires and offers quick payment links through your preferred payment processor (such as Payoneer or PayPal).

It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s free and easy to use. All OnlineJobs.ph accounts have access to EasyPay, but note you don’t have to use it if you’re already familiar with other accounting software (like QuickBooks, for example).


OnlineJobs.ph has also developed its own time-tracking tool. TimeProof is free to use, and as an employer, you don’t even have to download the software – all the information about your employee’s activity will be available on the website.

TimeProof is entirely optional, and OnlineJobs.ph does a great job of explaining why time trackers don’t always work as intended. Still, the option’s there for employers who’re used to similar time-tracking tools on other freelance platforms.



It Would Help If the Representatives Were More Direct

You can contact the OnlineJobs.ph customer support team via live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger. OnlineJobs.ph is headquartered in Utah, so I made sure to contact their support team outside the company’s regular business hours.

Live chat is available nearly 24/7, but it “can be offline sometimes” – that’s what I was told. At around 5:00 am MDT, I asked a series of questions about the platform’s verification and vetting procedures:

“Are workers vetted before they create a profile with you? Can anyone create a profile? How can I be sure that my worker is fit for the job?”

A representative replied within a few seconds:

OnlineJobs.ph Review
The representative was quick to reply but didn’t exactly answer any of my questions

I didn’t get an answer to the question I’d asked, so I became a bit blunter:

OnlineJobs.ph Review
Sometimes, you just need to spell things out

There. And what does this mean? I’ll say it again: if you’re not using the platform’s recruitment service, you should be extra vigilant when hiring people. Profiles aren’t checked or vetted before being published on the website.

So, what about other support offered by the platform? Email support is available 24/7, but replies can be slow outside business hours. When I asked a similar question via email on another account, a representative got back to me in less than an hour. Unfortunately, I was again greeted with links to the platform’s recruitment services.

Finally, I reached out to OnlineJobs.ph via Messenger early on a Thursday morning. My question was:

“Are background data checks available with the Pro plan?”

No answer. And it’s been a week now. But customer support through Messenger rarely works as intended, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Eventually, I learned via live chat that background checks aren’t included with the Pro plan.



Is It Asking a Bit Too Much for a Job Board?

Currently, OnlineJobs.ph offers two paid plans and a limited free trial. The free trial allows users to create job posts, view job applications, and browse worker profiles. That said, it takes two full working days for free users’ job posts to be approved, and although applications are visible, there’s no way to contact or hire workers – their contact details remain hidden until you upgrade.

The cheapest way to access the platform’s main features and begin hiring Filipino workers is via the Pro plan, which starts at $$69.00/month. There’s still a limit to how many jobs you can post and how many candidates can apply, but you won’t have to wait to receive approval, and contact details will be revealed.

The Premium plan increases the number of jobs you can post each month, and it also features a couple of advanced hiring tools (background data checks, worker mentoring, and on-demand video guides). These are all good to have…but I personally don’t think they’re worth the extra $30/month.

You can have OnlineJobs.ph take care of the recruiting process, but that’ll cost you an additional $500 per hired worker. That’s a lot, especially considering the cost of recruitment services offered by other platforms. To give just one example of a similar service, Upwork’s Talent Scout feature is available for free.

You can save up to 64% by committing to an annual Pro plan or 71% with an annual Premium plan. However, although this sounds like a significant saving, there isn’t much reason to pre-pay a whole year to maintain access to the job board at OnlineJobs.ph. The work doesn’t happen on the platform, so my advice would be to cancel after hiring.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for both plans, but that DOES NOT include any payments you’ve made to hires during that period. Remember, OnlineJobs.ph is just for finding and hiring workers – it doesn’t handle payments!


How does OnlineJobs.ph match up to the competition?

FiverrCompareOur Score4.9Compare
UpworkCompareOur Score4.8Compare
OnlineJobs.phCompareOur Score4.3Compare
SkillDostiCompareOur Score2.4Compare


OnlineJobs.ph is a job board designed to help you find virtual assistants and other workers from the Philippines. A basic paid subscription will give you access to the website’s profiles and enable you to contact Filipino talent directly.

If you’re looking to outsource talent and hire someone for the long term, OnlineJobs.ph offers some neat work tools that you can keep even after you’ve canceled your subscription.

That said, the recruitment service is pretty expensive compared to the competition. Vetting on the website’s somewhat limited, in that background checks are only available to Premium users.

Unless you’re looking to specifically hire Filipinos, LinkedIn and other free job boards will probably do just fine.


How much does OnlineJobs.ph cost?

You can post jobs and view profiles with the free trial, but you can’t hire anyone since contact information remains hidden until you upgrade. The cheapest plan costs $[-]/month, while the Premium plan is set at $[-]/month.

How does OnlineJobs.ph work?

Like most job boards, there are two main ways to find and hire people through OnlineJobs.ph. You can either post a job and view applications or use the search function to find suitable candidates yourself. There’s also a recruitment service available to users, but it costs an extra $500. Once you’ve found the right fit, you can unsubscribe but still keep access to the platform’s work tools (like a time tracker and payment tool).

Is OnlineJobs.ph a good place to hire virtual assistants?

OnlineJobs.ph is a decent choice if you’re looking to hire Filipino virtual assistants and other workers. That said, I think its subscriptions are on the expensive side for what they offer. If your search isn’t limited to the Filipino market, other job boards and freelance platforms will probably serve you just as well. Check out our list of the best freelance websites for more options.

What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants are remote employees who can offer administrative services to your business. Virtual assistants can be responsible for making phone calls, offering customer support, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, and so on.
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