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14 Best Freelance Websites To Hire Graphic Designers in 2024

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros MelidoniotisFreelance Jobs Expert April 15, 2024
April 15, 2024
There are plenty of freelance platforms out there, but not all of them are reliable for hiring graphic designers. If you don’t want to waste time and money, you should only use freelance sites that protect you, the employer, with secure payment and job management features.

You don’t want to end up with a design that turns out to be plagiarized or with a designer who runs off with revisions undone and the work half-finished. You certainly don’t want to pay for a design you can’t even use.

I’ve scoured the web to find the best freelance graphic design platforms and compared their features and benefits to create this list of the top 14. Of my favorites, Fiverr is the best platform to find graphic designers, as it offers numerous design services for as little as $5 per project. But every option is different, so read on to determine the best freelancer site for you.

In a Hurry? These are the Best Freelance Websites To Hire Graphic Designers in 2024

  1. Fiverr – The best option for businesses on a budget, with top-tier designs costing as little as $5.
  2. Upwork – Versatile hiring options and a great choice for establishing long-term business relationships.
  3. TopTal – A good alternative if you’re looking to hire for a complex UX or UI project.

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What We Look For in the Best Freelance Websites for Graphic Designers

My colleagues at Website Planet and I have spent a lot of time testing the best freelance websites around. When it comes to the top choices for freelance graphic designers specifically, I looked for:
  • A wide range of graphic design services. The freelancers on the websites listed below can tackle many different projects, from designing logos and brand identities to creating social media graphics.
  • Detailed design portfolios. I looked for detailed profiles to ensure you can quickly browse and assess a freelancer’s previous work before getting in touch.
  • Reviews and client feedback. My top choices feature detailed rating systems, so you can quickly get insight into a particular designer’s work process and reliability.
  • A range of price points. Whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to spend extra for top-tier services, my top recommendations can help you get the job done.
  • Secure payment processes. All payments made through the platforms listed below are 100% safe. My top choices (Upwork and Fiverr) also feature straightforward refund procedures.

Fiverr gigs under the Graphics & Design filter
Fiverr’s search filters let you narrow your results to your exact criteria, including delivery time, language, and budget.
Fiverr is one of the best-known freelance marketplaces around, owing to its large user base and variety of service niches. After just two minutes of browsing, I was able to find graphic design services for business cards, brochures, flyers, logos, brands, and more. There are hundreds of thousands of freelance design gigs on the platform, so you’ll have a lot to choose from.

fiverr logo 2

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One of the great things about Fiverr is its versatile price options. If you’re on a budget, you can find affordable designers starting at $5 a gig. Or you can browse designers on Fiverr Pro. Pro-verified designers have all been carefully vetted, so going pro gives you a strong guarantee of receiving high-quality designs.


  • Experienced designers. Fiverr’s top-rated sellers can deliver all kinds of high-quality designs. If you’re unsure of someone’s skill level, you can always check out their full profile to see details of work completed and customer reviews.
  • Useful add-ons. Many graphic designers offer useful add-ons with their packages, including additional revisions and super quick 1-day delivery. These cost extra but can save you quite a bit of time and money.
  • Time-saving filters. Fiverr’s robust search engine makes it easy to find the right graphic designer for you. After clicking on the service you want or searching for a keyword, you can filter options by type of design job, seller level, budget, and delivery time.
  • Security. Your payment is held in escrow till you’re happy with the work. So, if a seller fails to deliver, your money is safe.
Check out our in-depth Fiverr Logo Design review for more details.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $5.00

Upwork freelancer filters
Upwork’s advanced filters will narrow your search and help you find the right graphic designer for the job.
Upwork is one of the most versatile and well-organized freelance marketplaces I’ve used. You can post jobs, review profiles, and hire designers the traditional way, or browse Upwork’s “Project Catalog” for thousands of design gigs. Where other platforms zero in on quick one-off jobs, Upwork offers a slew of management tools that encourage long-term collaborations.

Upwork’s talent pool is also impressive. The search engine comes with some very advanced filters, and there are dozens of graphic design categories (e.g., 2D or 3D animation, AR/VR design), deliverables (e.g., social media, infographic), and styles (e.g., minimal, contemporary, art deco) to choose from.


  • Detailed designer profiles. Every Upwork profile is like a complete resume, listing everything you need to know about a designer to help you make an informed decision.
  • Many graphic design categories. Upwork hosts thousands of graphic designer profiles specializing in web design, print design, branding, brochure design, packaging design, social media design, and more.
  • Work-related tools. Upwork offers its very own time-tracking app that comes equipped with chat functionality, file exchange capabilities, Zoom integration, and more. Work Diaries and advanced reports help you stay on track.
  • Low fees and secure payments. Upwork charges a low 5% fee on every payment you make and doesn’t release your funds until you approve the submitted work.
Read our expert Upwork review to learn more about the platform.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $3.00
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3. Toptal: Best for Hiring Top Talent for UX and UI Design Projects

Toptal graphic designers page
Many of Toptal’s expert designers specialize in app and web design
Toptal features many talented designers, but it’s particularly useful for UX and UI design projects as it specializes in web development services. The platform offers access to the top 3% of freelance talent globally, ensuring you only work with exceptionally skilled designers in their fields.

Toptal’s strict screening process spans up to five weeks and includes multiple evaluation steps ranging from language and personality tests to in-depth skill reviews and live screenings. For complicated UX and UI projects, you must ensure the freelancer you work with understands your audience and can create designs that keep them satisfied and engaged. Toptal’s meticulous approach to vetting means there’s a high chance you’ll find just the right fit for the job.


  • Diverse skill set availability. Toptal provides a wide array of specialized skills within its freelancer pool. With over 200 types of developers, including those with niche UX and UI expertise, you’re likely to find a freelancer who perfectly matches your specific project requirements.
  • No-risk trial period. Toptal offers a two-week, zero-commitment trial period with new freelancers. This feature allows you to assess the compatibility and quality of the freelancer’s work without paying anything.
  • Straightforward process. Unlike most other freelance platforms, Toptal does all the work for you. You simply fill out an online form and request a callback. Communicating over the phone is effective, especially if you’re looking to hire a designer long-term.
  • Extensive user profiles. Toptal’s team will send CV-like profiles of candidates, each detailing their education, skills, certifications, employment history, location, and more. And they do it quickly – you can expect to be matched with a suitable professional within 24 hours
Dive into our expert Toptal review for more information.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $60.00/hour

Mayple hiring process
Mayple promises to help you find the right fit for your design project within 3 days
What makes Mayple a go-to for graphic design needs is its focus on aligning a designer’s expertise with your company’s unique aesthetic and messaging. The advanced algorithm matches you with a talented designer who knows how to work with your brand’s visual identity.

If you have a medium-sized business seeking to boost your brand’s visual communication without the hassle of sifting through numerous portfolios, Mayple offers a convenient, cost-effective solution. But it’s a bit too expensive for the average business.

Also, getting a match can take up to 10 working days. If you’re in a hurry and your budget is limited, you should stick to affordable freelance marketing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.


  • Expert matching system. Mayple uses its sophisticated algorithm to pair you with graphic designers whose style and expertise match your brand’s needs.
  • High-quality talent pool. The graphic designers at Mayple are top-tier professionals, having passed a rigorous vetting process to ensure they consistently produce high-quality work.
  • Marketing-focused. Mayple’s graphic design services are designed to complement your overall digital marketing strategy, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand message.
  • Scalable. Mayple offers premium design services at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies, with the flexibility to scale up as your business grows.
Discover more in my detailed Mayple review.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $1800.00

5. DesignCrowd: Good Value Design From Around the Globe

DesignCrowd's graphic designers category page
DesignCrowd allows you to review designer profiles and ratings before hiring
DesignCrowd is a good middle ground between budget graphic design on Fiverr and more expensive contest design options like 99designs. You can hold designer contests similar to 99designs, but for a lower price. You won’t find too many bells and whistles, but the platform is easier to use and navigate because of it.

There are over 1.1 million designers in its worldwide community, so you won’t fall short of options! You can also get designs for various categories – anything from ads to apps, to brands, to CD covers. It’s possible to get designs very quickly after posting, sometimes within 24 hours.

While DesignCrowd offers competitive pricing, I’m not a fan of its extensive add-on system. It will cost you extra if you want to guarantee a higher number of submissions or need to extend your contest.


  • Fast design contests. Prepare a brief and get design concepts from designers worldwide in less than 24 hours. Then pick your favorite submission, and download your files.
  • Simple filtering system. DesignCrowd has dozens of graphic design categories, which you can browse using the on-site filtering tools. You can also filter designers by rating, earnings, projects won, and country.
  • Favorite designer wishlist. When you’re browsing the platform, it’s easy to create a designer wishlist and start your design contest in just a few clicks. If you’re willing to pay extra, you can directly invite your top designers to your project.
  • Private projects. DesignCrowd can keep your project secret and away from the prying eyes of search engines, competitors, and other clients – provided you’re ready to pay a little extra.
Read our DesignCrowd review to learn more.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $109.00

99designs contest page
99designs will use your preferences as a guide to craft accurate briefs for artists to follow
99designs helps you find the designer best suited to your tastes by finding and presenting the style you’re looking for to potential applicants. You run a design contest based on your visual presentation and choose from freelancers who apply. I love this, as it lets expert designers come to you!

You can run contests in over 90 design categories, including the big ones like logos, web design, and illustrations. Since 99designs is such a big platform, you could get a hundred or more bids on a contest. The sheer volume of submissions in a contest can sometimes lead to decision fatigue. Sorting through so many designs may require more time and effort to identify the one that perfectly matches your vision.


  • Quality guarantee. When designers apply to join the 99designs platform, a “Curation Team” manually vets them. Once they’re in, you know they’ve met the requirements for technical skills, design principles, conceptual thought, and client communication.
  • Quick turnaround. Most contests on 99designs run for about a week or so. By paying a bit extra, you can expedite the process and receive a large number of submissions in 24 hours or less.
  • Great filtering tools. You can use seller levels (entry, mid, and top-level) to help you find the right designer. You can also filter by category, sub-category, and industry to fine-tune your results. And there’s a language filter, too.
  • Free logo maker. The 99designs logo maker might not be the most advanced, but it does the job, especially if you want to illustrate your logo ideas to a professional designer. The library of icons and fonts is decent, and you can download your full-color logo in SVG (vector), PNG, and PDF without paying a dime.
See how well 99designs performed in our logo contest by checking out the full 99designs review.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $299.00

7. GrowTal: Premium Graphic Design Services

GrowTal's pre-vetted UX Design service
You can use GrowTal to assemble whole teams
Much like Mayple, GrowTal uses both algorithmic data and manual filtering to match you with ideal freelance graphic designers. It’s not the quickest way to get things done, but it does deliver exceptional results.

The roster of freelance graphic designers at GrowTal is impressive. Each designer has passed a rigorous selection process, ensuring top-tier talent for your projects. Whether you want a contemporary logo, an engaging website design, or a comprehensive branding package, GrowTal can help you create a custom team to meet your project’s unique needs.

GrowTal is excellent for businesses looking for a more nuanced and expert approach at a relatively reasonable price (compared to agencies). The $500 security deposit isn’t ideal, so I don’t recommend GrowTal for projects on a tight budget.


  • Top-notch support. GrowTal’s team is active and supportive during and after the hiring process. They do their best to understand your graphic design needs and find a good match.
  • No commitments. GrowTal allows you to switch graphic designers easily if compatibility issues arise. You will also get your $500 deposit back if you decide to leave the platform (provided you’ve paid all outstanding invoices).
  • Custom design teams. Why hire one graphic designer when you can assemble a whole team? With GrowTal, it’s an option, and you’ll even get your own dedicated manager to help you stay on top of things.
  • Accelerator packages. GrowTal offers fixed-price graphic design packages for smaller projects and one-off designs.
My in-depth GrowTal review explores these features in more detail.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $30

8. Kimp: Great for a Consistent Flow of Graphic Designs

Kimp unlimited design service
Although not truly unlimited, Kimp’s design service is consistent
Operating on a subscription model, Kimp is great if you need regular graphic and video design work but can’t afford to hire someone full-time. You’ll get your own project manager and three designers, ensuring personalized attention and consistency in output.

Despite its many strengths, Kimp might not be ideal for professionals looking for occasional graphic design work. Although you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime, you should request at least 10 designs weekly to get your money’s worth.


  • Multiple projects. Kimp allows for numerous design requests with the flexibility for endless revisions, handling two projects simultaneously with a daily focus of about 2.5 hours.
  • Quick turnaround time. Kimp’s designers work pretty quickly, often completing designs like business cards and blog images within a 10- to 24-hour window.
  • No hidden fees. The flat monthly subscription includes all graphic design services without extra charges for specific requests like logo design or stock photos.
  • Time zone overlap. With teams operating in various time zones, Kimp effectively manages to complete requests within the same business day, catering to a global clientele.
Read my expert Kimp review for more details.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $599.00

9. OnlineJobs.ph: Great for Outsourcing Graphic Design Talent

OnlineJobs.ph search results for graphic design
You can immediately see exactly how much these designers expect to get paid monthly
OnlineJobs.ph is a large job board that connects businesses with Filipino professionals looking for steady work. This platform is great for companies wanting to outsource talent, offering skilled graphic designers and digital artists at lower costs. It’s best for those looking to hire graphic designers for ongoing or full-time jobs.

If you have a small design project or can’t work with Filipinos, OnlineJobs.ph won’t cut it for you. Another downside is that OnlineJobs.ph doesn’t handle payments directly, which can be a risk for employers regarding payment security and work delivery.


  • Large talent pool. OnlineJobs.ph is home to thousands of profiles. You can search for graphic designers using keywords and advanced filters like employment type, salary range, and specific skills​​.
  • Direct hiring process. You pay a flat subscription to post jobs and access the talent pool. There are no extra fees, and you can easily cancel once you hire someone.
  • Background data checks. If you’re a Premium user, you can have the team perform more thorough background checks on graphic designers you’re interested in.
  • Recruitment services. For an additional fee, OnlineJobs.ph can streamline the hiring process, helping you find the right fit quicker and with minimal effort.
Read my in-depth OnlineJobs.ph review to learn more.

Wide range of design services
Designer ratings and reviews
Budget designs available
Secure payments
Starting price $69.00

Other Notable Freelance Websites To Hire Graphic Designers

10. ManyPixels

ManyPixels design services
I was surprised at how many graphic design services ManyPixels offers
ManyPixels resembles Kimp in many ways, but it doesn’t offer as much value. ManyPixels isn’t as scalable, is slightly more expensive, and doesn’t offer a free trial. That said, it’s a decent alternative with an excellent management system and rapid delivery.

Although Kimp recently switched to its own proprietary software, there are still a few management issues when managing several projects simultaneously. ManyPixels offers a slightly more streamlined design process and easy-to-use interface.

11. Design Pickle

DesignPickle's social media graphic design services
Besides social media graphics, Design Pickle offers logo, landing page, and GIF design services
Design Pickle is yet another subscription-based design service, but it stands out because it’s cheaper than the competition and allows you to queue as many requests as you want. The designs you get are high-quality and are often delivered within just a few hours of submitting your request.

The caveat is that the cheapest plan doesn’t include more intricate illustrations, and you can’t directly contact and collaborate with your designers. I also don’t like how revisions of delivered designs count as standard requests, which can slow the process down quite a bit.

12. Designhill

Designhill design categories carousel
Designhill shows you real-life examples of many of its graphic design categories
Similar to other freelance websites on this list, Designhill is a graphic design service offering you direct access to high-quality graphic designers. Using Designhill, you get access to its interactive feedback tool, which makes it easier for you to visualize requested changes.

However, I don’t recommend Designhill if you’re on a budget, as it charges you for everything. Plus, its website design feature is expensive and uses third-party sites like Wix – meaning you could easily design the website yourself, even without experience.

13. Behance

Behance discover page
I like that you can view projects recently completed by Behance graphic designers
An interesting feature offered by Behance is its Discover page, allowing you to view posts by graphic designers showcasing their interests and skills. You can view a graphic designer’s portfolio, react to your favorite posts, and hire them on the spot – depending on their availability.

Strangely, when searching for graphic designers through its search bar, you won’t find any with more than 21 reviews. In comparison to Fiverr, where freelancers get thousands of reviews, you’re going to have to trust the process and may need more revisions when using Behance.

14. Guru

Guru homepage
Interestingly, Guru has over 189,000 design and art freelancers
Guru is a well-priced freelance website that offers employers free access to its extensive database of graphic designers. With no add-on or monthly fees, Guru can be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for decent freelancers.

Despite the vast number of graphic designers on Guru, you’ll only find freelancers in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh – resulting in a time difference of about 10 hours. This can be a huge problem for complex projects that require constant communication, possibly causing delays.

Are You a Graphic Designer Looking To Sell Your Services?

Fiverr is my top choice for hiring talented graphic designers, but it’s also one of the best platforms for finding freelance work as a graphic designer.

Out of all the freelance websites I’ve tested, Fiverr’s navigation features are the easiest to understand. You can design gigs, promote your graphic design services, and manage client relationships – even if you haven’t used a freelance website before. Plus, using its mobile app, you can stay online, close deals, and check out your analytics while on the move.

I also like that you can set your rates as low or as high as you’d like on Fiverr. Just bear in mind that if you have less experience, you’re more likely to attract clients by pricing your services at a lower rate. This will also allow you to gather feedback and reviews that can significantly enhance your profile. Regardless of your rates, you’ll pay a flat fee for every dollar you make which averages around 5.5%.

You can learn more about Fiverr’s features in my updated review.

Creating your Fiverr account and your first gig is straightforward:
  1. Visit Fiverr’s website and click Become a Seller in the top right corner.
Fiverr homepage with arrow pointing to "Become a Seller" link
Click “Become a Seller” to get started
  1. Fill in your details, such as email, password, and username. You can also use your Apple, Facebook, or Google account for quicker registration.
  2. Verify your email and choose selling freelance services when prompted. Fiverr will ask about your freelancing experience and work objectives.
  3. Read the information provided on what makes a successful Fiverr profile and what to steer clear of after creating your account.
  4. Enhance your profile with a professional photo, list your educational background and skills, craft a brief bio, and select your chosen languages.
    Fiverr seller profile setup
    Complete your profile by answering a few simple questions
  5. Create your first gig. Fiverr provides practical advice on how to title your gig, choose a category, select keywords, determine pricing, write a description, add requirements, upload photos, and publish.
Fiverr gig creation
Create your first Fiverr gig in 6 simple steps

These Are the Best Freelance Websites to Hire Graphic Designers

Hiring a top graphic designer can be challenging, especially when there are so many websites and platforms to choose from. That said, a few stand out, offering high-quality services and quick delivery at affordable rates.

Fiverr is my top pick for designs that must be completed ASAP. It’s also one of the most user-friendly freelance platforms, with advanced filters, detailed profiles, and distinct packages.

Upwork is great for finding top graphic designers for long-term jobs. It’s inexpensive and has all the work tools you need to manage hires and stay on top of your design projects.

I opt for Toptal when I need to hire UI or UX experts. Although more expensive than my top two picks, Toptal’s extensive screening process ensures I work with freelancers who can deliver designs of the highest quality.

Let’s go over everything we’ve looked at so far one last time:
Pricing Best Feature Best For
Fiverr $ Advanced filtering Anyone who needs a budget-friendly design ASAP
Upwork $ Work tools and long-term contracts Businesses looking to hire cheaply and reliably long term
Toptal $$ Zero-commitment trial Businesses looking for expert UI and UX designers
Mayple $$$ Bespoke design solutions Medium-sized businesses with bigger budgets
DesignCrowd $ Simple design contests Businesses that want to run contests without breaking the bank
99designs $$ Hundreds of submissions Businesses still in the ideation process
GrowTal $$ Custom design teams Businesses that need to hire and manage whole design teams
Kimp $$ Continuous flow of multiple designs Businesses looking for a steady stream of designs without committing to long-term employment
OnlineJobs.ph $ Cheap rates for full-time designers Businesses looking to outsource design tasks without paying a premium


What is the best platform to find freelance graphic designers?

It all depends on your budget and the job at hand. You can’t ever go wrong with Fiverr, which can reliably connect you with thousands of graphic designers without breaking the bank. Thanks to its helpful filters and varied pricing, it’s fantastic for both one-off and complex, time-consuming projects.

How much do freelance graphic designers charge in 2024?

There’s a wide variety of freelance graphic design pricing. If you use Fiverr, you can hire a graphic designer for as little as $5 per project, which is great for businesses on a tight budget. But many other graphic design prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your requirements.

Can I get a freelance graphic designer for my logo?

Yes, it’s easy to find a freelance graphic designer for your logo. The sites in this roundup give you a good starting point. Upwork is perfect for hiring freelancers long-term, and Fiverr is always a good bet for various affordable design services.

How do I find freelance work in graphic design?

The quickest way to find freelance work as a graphic designer is to sign up for one of the best freelance platforms. Depending on the website you choose, it’ll take only a few minutes to create an account, and you’ll be offering graphic design services in no time.

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