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Newbies would probably be better served by a host with a more structured support center and friendlier  user interface. That said, if you know what you want and you know how to do it, Hostmonster offers a pretty good deal including lots of attractive features and eCommerce-tailored solutions.

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Part of a Network of Hosting Solutions

Hostmonster is a fairly unheard of web hosting company, and is part of a network of other hosting sites such as JustHost and BlueHost.

The tangible difference between these hosting networks are the prices they offer, and the value you get for those deals. Generally, Hostmonster prices are reasonably low;  and you are guaranteed great US customer service. That means no outsourcing customer support to other countries, which naturally makes their representatives easier to follow for American users.

Why Choose Hostmonster?

  • US Based Support
  • Unlimited Disk Space/Bandwidth/Domains/Emails
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free Domain
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee

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A Host of Features From Your Host

I have no uptime stats to give you here as the site doesn’t offer any transparency to what kind of uptime it runs at. What they do say is that you will be guaranteed stable performance and most online reviews fall in-line with that statement.

In terms of security there is 24/7 website monitoring, site backups and a UPS power backup which makes sure that you get high performance and the best in stability. With each plan offered you can also benefit from SSH access and IP deny which helps blacklist any potential threatening IP addresses.

You can easily get lost in the list of 70+ features listed by Hostmonster. The basics include unlimited disk space/domains/emails and a lot more, but this is just the beginning. Apart from that you’ll get lots of ready scripts for eCommerce, blogs, media management. Which is specially exciting, you’ll get free search engine submission and $100 bonus credits for Google AdWords.Ver lista completa de recursos

Facilidade de Uso


Easy, Friendly Signup & Use

The signup/setup process is relatively straightforward; however, they automatically select certain add-on features like SiteSecure at checkout, so you have to manually uncheck them or you will be charged.

Hostmonster uses cPanel, the most popular hosting management tool used by lots of web host companies. The panel itself is packed with various optimization/customization instruments, however some of them may require a plan upgrade. The good thing is, Hostmonster lets you try their cPanel for free, so you’ll have a clear view on which functions you’ll get after the purchase.

  • CPanel crowded with promotions
  • Some tricky extra-cost checks at Registration
  • One-click install for applications like WordPress


Veja se o Hostmonster é ideal para você


Not a Lot of DIY Help

Hostmonster claims its support team is located in Provo, Utah, and that you will speak to a true American. Waiting times to connect with them on the phone are within reason. The Help Center has a fair amount of knowledge base articles, but a limited amount of videos, “currently being updated” and the User Forum is small. In short, their support has the same look-and-feel as its brethren BlueHost and JustHost –, i.e., assistance with basic problems but not too much further.

  • Video Tutorials – about 30 video tutorials
  • 24/7 Email/Phone/Live Chat Support
  • Growing user Forum
  • Support Center
  • US support agents guaranteed
  • No Blog



Great Discounts for a 3-Year Contract

While offering almost the same features as BlueHost and JustHost, HostMonster’s pricing is somewhere in the middle. Their introductory plan offers great discounts for a 3-year term commitment. HostMonster offers a free domain, typical of many hosting sites. And while this hosting plan will satisfy most small/medium websites, HostMonster offers a pricier “Pro” version, which promises more resources (i.e. CPU) for larger heavily-trafficked websites.

The registration procedure is quite clear and you will easily omit unnecessary extras. Another good thing about HostMonster is that you can have a 30 day money-back guarantee, although few customers apply for it.


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Nidhi Arora
30 de Julho de 2020
HORRIBLE in all caps

1. They are incredibly SLOW. 2. Support is useless. No wait, it is non existent. 3. Completely inflexible and they blame you for everything. I had them for my first website so in the case of second website, I bought them with eyes closed. BIG MISTAKE. Hostmonster has changed a lot in 5 years and this hostmonster, I cannot wait to get rid of. We are actively looking for alternatives.

Jon Labaj
20 de Julho de 2020
after 10+ years I cancelled today

In the beginning Hostmonster was amazing, affordable, friendly customer service, fast site, and cutting edge tech. Within the last few years, the prices went higher and higher while the service, support, the experience fell apart. Massive price increases with no new features. When I cancelled today the customer support rep didn't even ask why? I would think after 10+ years they would at least ask or try to convince me but I guess its too common to care.

Timmy Cooper
22 de Maio de 2020

No actual help, website has been down and my email won't work. Now mid Carona, people think my business has shut down because emails are bouncing. They said 24-48 hours to fix. I have been on the 'live chat' every day checking and they keep saying sorry technical issues this may take a little longer, please wait another 24-48 hours. I can't move forward without basic emails. It is not that hard. You can never get first hand help. Go to a real provider

26 de Fevereiro de 2020
Awful company

They advertise $4.95 per month I’ve been with them for years and ONLY use web hosting and I’m paying way more than that!! Never can you talk to a real person and chat is no help!! They need two email address to Process credit payment and told me it would take 8 weeks to process a check. Numerous other problems to many to mention

25 de Fevereiro de 2020
Frustrating to say the least

You can’t get a person on the phone, the chat was awful, They have major glitches going on in the system right now because of an upgrade. Was told it would take eight weeks to process my check, they couldn’t take my credit card without two different email addresses!! I’m going elsewhere. I’ve been with them for over 15 years this is ridiculous

Ian Sheldon
10 de Maio de 2019
The worst hosting company on the planet?

Absolutely awful customer service. We requested a DKIM record be setup (their DNS zone editor has a bug so we couldn't do it ourselves. We are now on day 6 and it still isn't done, despite being told every day it has. The live support chat is a waste of time as they have to escalate everything to 2nd line support, who dont seem to exist because you never hear back from them. Avoid at all costs.

Avaliação do Hostmonster: conclusão

Hostmonster is a member of a group of sites owned by the same company, providing little distinction, aside from site design, as well as some price variations and their required length of contract.  Newbies would probably be better served by a host with a more structured support center and friendlier user interface. That said, if you know what you want and you know how to do it, Hostmonster offers a pretty good deal including lots of attractive features and eCommerce-tailored solutions.



  • Unlimited email/bandwidth/disc space
  • Free domain for one year
  • Decent pricing
  • US-based support center
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year contract required for good discounts
  • Not enough company information
  • Weak support center

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Max Anderson Max Anderson
Max é arquiteto de produtos e cientista de dados. Ele ensina HTML, CSS e JS para jovens desenvolvedores web, e escreveu alguns dos primeiros guias para desenvolvimento de apps para Android e iOS.

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