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Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner
Graphic Designer
If you’re a small- or medium-sized business that wants a more intricate logo design process than just editing a template or using an AI bot, Deluxe Logo Design Service is ideal for you. Their tiered price plans provide an option for all budgets and grant access to professional designers. They’re willing to listen, learn, and collaborate with you at every step of the process.


Deluxe has been helping companies fulfill their potential for over a century. Their small-business services have been going strong since 1915, when they provided checks and financial forms. Although they only founded their logo design branch in 1992, they apply their decades of wisdom to ensure a comprehensive and intuitive service.

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business that wants a more intricate logo design process than just editing a template or using an AI bot, Deluxe is ideal for you. Their tiered price plans provide an option for all budgets and grant access to professional designers. They’re willing to listen, learn, and collaborate with you at every step of the process.

Why Choose

  • Work closely with a professional design team
  • Bespoke branded stationery with your logo
  • Vector images included in the finished product
  • Initial brainstorming session to establish your needs


DeluxeDeluxe offers a range of services with their Logo Maker. Their cheapest option includes the choice of hundreds of templates, each of which can be customized in their drag-and-click editing platform. You can finalize your design in one sitting, before paying a single fee when you’re happy. The paid plans provide the opportunity to work with professional designers throughout; they create the concept, and you give feedback accordingly! Working collaboratively throughout the entire process allows you to oversee the development of the brand, and produce a finished product that you are truly happy with.

Dedicated Design Team

Very few online logo makers grant you access to an entire team to work on your design. While platforms like 99designs crowdfund multiple options for each client, Deluxe offers an in-house team. Your designers can work cohesively, brainstorm ideas, and collaboratively create several draft options. The primary advantage here is that you benefit from up to eight unique, artistic perspectives, which remain harmonized by your ongoing feedback. This feature is by far the main selling point of Deluxe, as it offers professional standard results for a reasonable price. Unlike the experience of working with an individual freelance designer on a platform like Fiverr, with Deluxe, you can work with a number of designers accustomed to collaborating with each other continually.  

Multiple Revisions and Perspectives

Some logo makers consist of AI bots. You input information about your company personality and an algorithm spits out your design. You might find these useful for stop-gap logos, but they don’t allow for comprehensive branding and development. The format of Deluxe’s paid plans ensures the design process is exactly that: a process! It felt good to have an ongoing back-and-forth with the team, as it allowed for personalization of the design. The final image was notably more sleek and refined than the initial draft. Without the option of multiple drafts and revisions, I feel like the design wouldn’t have properly represented my vision.

Additional Branding Options

Deluxe offers its users more than just a logo design; they provide a full business branding experience. Their premium packages extend into creating visual business cards, letterheads and envelopes inspired by the logo concept. If you opt for the Platinum package, then you also enjoy free printing of 1000 cards.  However, you can also purchase these elements separately, alongside a plethora of other branded merchandise. Have your logo printed on pens, bags, drinkware, apparel and electronics.

The only downside is that colors do vary slightly from how they appear online. Some reviews also claimed that the products lacked quality; in some cases the print was peeling off or didn’t look like it did online. However, these complaints were more than balanced by happy customers who received just what they wanted. Overall, the additional branded options seemed to provide mixed results.

Ease of use


Design Process

Deluxe promises the best of both worlds, by combining the convenience of online logo makers with the quality granted by a professional design team. You start the process via their website, which offers countless services yet is somehow easy to navigate. Simply click the Logo Design & Print Marketing tab in the top menu and visit the Logo Design section, and you’re there!

From here, you can opt to use their free Logo Maker. This no-cost option is pretty average compared with others on the market, and still requires a fee for the final product. The tool itself works by providing templates and offering color and font changes. If you prefer this format, then resources like Canva or LogoMakr provide a truly free alternative.

After a few attempts using the maker, it became clear to me that the algorithm stored only limited options. Despite my selecting different industries at the start of the creation process (first Health then IT and Computing), several of the designs used the same shapes, icons, and background images. They also had a somewhat dated feel, like they would have been more at home in the late 1990s.


Meeting Your Design Team

If you choose their premium service, the primary benefit is that you get to collaborate with a team of up to eight designers. You start the process by filling out a design brief, which asks about your requirements and preferences, including:

  • Layout and logo type
  • Color choices
  • Images and ideas that you already have
  • Font style preferences
  • Intended uses of the logo (e.g., shop front, social media, business cards)
  • Basic company information (e.g., such as website, name)

The platform makes it clear that these choices will act as an inspiration for your design team, so there’s no guarantee you’ll receive the exact color palette you choose. While this may seem annoying to some, it’s actually a benefit. Color psychology is such an essential part of branding, that is requires a professional eye to get it really right.

I was impressed by how quickly the whole process went; after submitting my form and making a payment, the project leader contacted me in just two days. We talked about the things I wanted, and five days later I was presented with 10 designs.

Deluxe has its own online portal to discuss, comment, and review options. This was particularly impressive, as I didn’t want an endless trail of email threads.

I had chosen a plan with unlimited revisions, but it took only two edits before a cohesive design was complete. Depending on the pricing you pick, you receive two, three, or unlimited review sessions. These edits are not included in the turnaround time, but the company will work with you for as long as necessary for a finished product you’re happy with.

I was slightly disappointed there was no direct contact with the full design team, but it did make it more convenient to work via a project manager. However, it would have been nice to hear the opinions of everyone on the team, rather than just a summary of their discussions.

Once completed, the files were sent to me via email. The package included a vector image, which was ideal for further edits and resizing. I was also provided with the logo in 11 different file formats, including standard options like JPEG, PNG, PDF, among others. The message also assured me that I retained full rights to the logo now that it was complete.

Easy but Out of Your Hands

Overall, Deluxe was easy to use. However, this was mainly because of the fact that after the initial consultation, the process is largely out of your hands. Still, it’s worth noting the importance of attending the consultation with strong ideas in mind. Although Deluxe does help elicit inspiration, they are largely relying on the fact that you have a vision. If you go into the process without a clear understanding of your brand personality, the team will struggle to come up with a personal and relevant concept.

Once inducted into the portal, it’s straightforward to communicate with the project manager. We also established a direct email connection for additional discussions.

When developing the design, you are given options to choose from, which makes it easier to find the ideal one. You receive up to ten options, which is less than some other outlets. (99designs guarantees 30+ choices per project.) However, the benefit is that you can give feedback to upgrade and tweak these designs until you’re happy.



Deluxe boasts an impressive range of customer service options, including a phone line for each department, live chat, and general inquiry form. Unfortunately, during my review period the live chat was always offline.

I then tried the inquiry form, which required that I specify whom I wanted to talk to, my name, and my email address. A whole 24 hours later, there was still no reply.

Fortunately, the phone number was answered on the first attempt. The sales assistant was helpful and knowledgeable and resolved all my queries. They were also particularly interested in organizing another call to follow up on the issues.

However, there are several existing reviews that claim that calls and emails were never returned. Similarly, some found the staff to be rude and dismissive. Overall, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to customer service. The company promises a lot, but fails to deliver in multiple areas.


Deluxe offers a five-tiered price plan than ranges from $99 to $995. The standard option is cheaper than many other platforms, even those that use AI or crowdfunding. Once you start to include more advanced options, the pricing parallels the industry average.

You can choose from Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The main differences include:

  • Number of initial design concepts you’re given
  • Size of the design team (ranging from one to eight)
  • Number of revisions allowed (from two to unlimited)
  • Final file types (vector image or black-and-white logo in high-end plans only)
  • Added designs, such as business cards and stationary.
  • Access to lifetime file storage, specific fonts and color codes.
  • Addition of printed cards and hand-drawn mascots.

Once you’ve made a purchase, you’re also eligible for discounts in Deluxe’s other services.

While the first three tiers focus largely on logo design, the Gold and Platinum options aim to create cohesive branding for your entire business. Alongside the logo, you receive company stationary, fonts and specific color codes. The last two are incredibly helpful, as you can translate them directly to your website design. Both font and color are two of the strongest brand personality identifiers, so reflecting them across all platforms will increase your synergy as a company.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

It can be nerve-wracking putting the creative steering-wheel in someone else’s hands. You can’t be sure you’ll like the end results, which is a notable concern if you’re also paying them money. Fortunately, Deluxe guarantees complete peace of mind. If you don’t like the logo, you can receive a full refund. I was particularly impressed with this feature, as it ensures you won’t blow your budget unnecessarily. Unfortunately, the money-back guarantee does not apply to the free logo maker. However, this option allows you to see the finalized design before making a payment — so you have the opportunity to pass on it, if you’re not happy.

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Stay away! Better value elsewhere!

We are...will were...a new small business looking for logo design services. After speaking to their super friendly sales staff (Amy) we negotiated a package that was $395. Someone from a "design team" contacted me and we spoke about our needs. We were super excited. The design process began and within a few days we had 6-8 logo designs to chose from to begin revisions.....we hated all of them. All of them! They were incredibly basic and in about 5 minutes I made a nicer looking logo on their self design site just to prove to my wife how basic the logos were. We were rather disappointed. Nevertheless we picked one thinking that we could simply ask for revisions (since they were unlimited) and in the end we would have the logo that we were envisioning! This is where it really started to feel like a one sided conversation. You pick your "favorite" revision, answer a handful of redundant questions about what you like and don't like about it. A day or two later a slightly tweaked version appears. After a few weeks of this we weren't making progress; still a very very basic logo design. I reached out to the sales girl (Amy) and expressed our disappointment. She was again very nice and had the design team reach out to me again and they gave it a go again; same results. At this point our business is getting very close to launch time and our marketing materials, website, etc are at the stage where they needed completion for printing, embroidery, etc. We were essentially cornered into hiring someone different to do our design work. We chose a competitor that turned out to be amazing! They were unfortunately everything that Deluxe wasn't. We now have a logo that we're in love with!In the interest of being good business partners I reached out to Deluxe again and explained our disappointment and explained that we had essentially been forced to go elsewhere for our logo design due to timing and how long their process takes. They had someone "higher up" contact me and offer to start at square one etc etc. I explained again that our design need had been satisfied elsewhere and they weren't going to be able to rectify the situation by providing logo design services.I knew that they policy had a "no refunds" clause but I figured that, hey, maybe we can come to some sort of mutually beneficial resolution. I'm aware that they spent some time in "design" and their time certainly has value to it. I didn't expect to receive a full refund. Here's where our disappointment turned to "I'll never do business with them and I'm going out of my way to let others know my experience". I believe that greedy business is bad business and by not doing the right thing in business will cost you money in the long run. After a brief email exchange reminding the person they'd sent to resolve the situation it was made clear that their offer to "start over" was unfortunately too late. Here's where they sealed the deal. The next email I received was the "Dear John" letter that spelled out their policies and procedures, the timelines on our efforts to revise the logo, and how they don't give refunds, etc etc etc.....a bunch of corporate mumble jumble.In the end they offered a credit, equal to 1/4 of the amount we paid, to use on their services in the future. I mean if you really think that through the irony is hard to get past. Honestly, had they offered even half our money back I would have happily parted ways (we can't all get along all of the time) and been strangely satisfied with our overall experience. In the end we would have a logo that we love and we wouldn't have spent much more that our original budget spread between the two companies.In the end they chose the greedy route and here I am spending quality time writing negative reviews. It wasn't, and isn't, about the money. Money is just money. It's about doing business the right way and about doing the right thing. They offer a ton of services that we would have certainly considered for our business. We will without question go out of our way to spend our money for those services elsewhere.So, that's our Deluxe experience. Perhaps yours will be more pleasant.

Waste of money

The logo they designed was very cartoonish. I got a much better one on for $50. They also charged tax on services which is illegal. Just horrible logo, poor taste, not sophisticated. You should not charge tax, shame on you. Too bad I used you.

Bottom line on Deluxe

In some ways, Deluxe offers the best of both worlds. You can access the free logo maker, or invest in working with trained designers. However, neither of these tools are clear from flaws. The budget option still requires a payment for the final product, and shows only a limited variety of — let’s face it — pretty boring designs.

The logo design service provides a more sophisticated process, which allows you to input your own perspective. It’s convenient and quick, and the prices are definitely reasonable. However, it’s not too far a stretch from working with a dedicated design firm. The scope for printing your logo is also beneficial; you can stock up on company merchandise (from T-shirts, to bags, to pens and more) very easily!

You would benefit from using Deluxe if you want a middle-of-the-road service, which balances professional input with affordable costs.


  • Multiple logo revisions available
  • Choose from several design perspectives
  • Fast turnaround time from concept to completion
  • Versatile finished product in numerous file formats
  • You own all rights to the design


  • Customer service could be better
  • Some features reserved for premium price plans

Free logo maker lacks diversity

Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner
Sarah is an experienced content writer and digital marketer. She is a well-versed online strategist and produces quality content to help others improve their website. Her expertise covers site development, social media promotion, SEO and content creation.

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