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Jill M. Sheehan
Jill M. Sheehan
Graphic Designer
Does the Deluxe logo maker live up to the brand’s gold-standard image? Not in my opinion. I found this free tool a little lacking, especially if you’re looking for an original design to set you apart from the crowd. Read on to see which alternatives I recommend.


Deluxe Logo Maker - homepage screenshot

Easy to Use, but the Results Might Be Disappointing

In recent years, Deluxe has expanded its services to include marketing, custom promotional products, and logo design. But when it comes to the logo maker – are you just paying for the brand name?

I wanted to find out whether Deluxe’s logo maker is worth investing your time and money in. The simple tool was easy to use, but I was pretty disappointed with the dated, generic templates that made it difficult to create a unique design.

I can tell you right now: If you need a logo that is truly one-of-a-kind, you’re better off hiring a freelance designer on Fiverr for a fraction of the price. If you’d like to create your logo yourself, you might want to check our list of the top logo design platforms.

Read on to find out why I wasn’t impressed with the Deluxe logo maker.

Features and Ease of Use

Deluxe offers two logo design services: its free-to-try DIY logo maker and a custom logo option designed by its team of graphic designers. You can expect to pay substantially more for a one-of-a-kind logo created by Deluxe’s expert designers.

Deluxe Logo Maker screenshot - design services

My review focuses on the DIY Deluxe Logo Maker, which uses customizable templates to create personal and business logos.

Some of the logo maker’s key features include:

  • A searchable catalog of logo templates, sorted by industry
  • Several font styles, including serif, sans serif, script, and display fonts
  • A color picker tool with HEX code and RGB color support
  • Basic drag-and-drop layout adjustments

You’ll start with a simple walkthrough process where you’ll enter your industry, business name, and slogan (if you have one), then you’ll select your preferred font and logo styles from a small selection to help narrow down the templates.

The templates feel a little…dare I say, dated? Uninspired? Not to mention, your logo could end up looking very similar to someone else’s if they use the same template.

Deluxe Logo Maker screenshot - logo templates

Editing Your Logo

When you find a template you like, click it to start the editing process. You can’t upload your own designs nor can you draw your own shapes or artwork, so you’re basically stuck with what you see in each template.

You don’t have to save your logo right away, but I recommend setting up a free account so you can save your work as you go, and speed up the purchasing process later. (You can also do this at the end of the logo design process, where you’ll have to sign up to save your logo anyway.)

Deluxe Logo Maker screenshot - logo editor

The working canvas is limited to the area in the dashed rectangle and text areas are limited to 30 characters. Unfortunately, you can’t download a preview image, and a screenshot would have distracting watermarks and/or grid lines around it.

Here’s a nice plus, though: you can easily undo and redo any edits. Clicking Reset will set the template back to its original state, and it’s easy to start a brand new logo project with a different template if you change your mind completely.

Deluxe Supports a Range of Languages

The free logo maker is available in the following languages: English, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, and Japanese.

I tried several additional languages and found it supports characters in Cyrillic, Vietnamese, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Kannada, Hindi, and Armenian. However, some font choices don’t render the characters perfectly (or don’t work at all).

As you can see below, when I was testing Russian-language characters, some previews didn’t show any text, or the text was misaligned. If that happens, you’ll need to try different fonts to find one that works with your chosen logo.

Deluxe Logo Maker screenshot - Russian fonts

The Hard Upsell

If you decide to purchase your logo, beware: Deluxe tries to upsell a variety of add-ons such as websites, domain names, business cards, and promotional products. It’s okay to say no – just click Not Right Now to ignore these annoying pop-ups.


If you want it, you can get some pretty cool branded swag, and you can even upload your own existing artwork to print on custom promo products (just not within the logo maker).


Pricing and Support

Deluxe offers two download options for your logo (both are paid). When you go to checkout, you’ll automatically get the Basic package with the choice to “upgrade your order” and pay for the Premium package add-on.

With the Basic package, you get:

  • Full-color and black-and-white versions of your logo in multiple sizes and formats, including PNG, PDF, JPG, and GIF, plus high-resolution SVG and EPS source files
  • Edits to your logo up to five days after purchase. If you want to make edits after the five-day window, you can request one free revision by the design team.

With the Premium package, you’ll get everything in the Basic logo package, plus:

  • Unlimited edits for one year (this covers color and text changes only), and the edited version will replace your previous logo
  • Multiple logo layouts
  • Social media graphics to use on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Full access to your logo from any device via cloud storage.

Compared to other logo design services, you get a really generous selection of file formats to suit a range of needs, from websites to printed products. Both packages give you full ownership and commercial usage rights of your customized logo.

Deluxe accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Lots of Support Options

Deluxe Logo Maker screenshot - Support Center

If you need a little help, Deluxe offers a solid range of support channels, including a support center (with FAQs and video tutorials), live chat during business hours (Central Time Zone), email ticket support, and phone support. They aim to reply to inquiries within 24 hours.

Deluxe also offers a Small Business Resource Center packed with loads of business articles and insight, including logo design topics.

Deluxe Logo Maker screenshot - Small Business Resource Center

Where I find Deluxe really goes the extra mile is its free logo design eBook that covers the creative process, includes case studies, and answers common logo design questions.

Although you might find the logo maker a bit underwhelming, I’ve never seen another logo design site offer this much useful business and design information for free.

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Stay away! Better value elsewhere!

We are...will were...a new small business looking for logo design services. After speaking to their super friendly sales staff (Amy) we negotiated a package that was $395. Someone from a "design team" contacted me and we spoke about our needs. We were super excited. The design process began and within a few days we had 6-8 logo designs to chose from to begin revisions.....we hated all of them. All of them! They were incredibly basic and in about 5 minutes I made a nicer looking logo on their self design site just to prove to my wife how basic the logos were. We were rather disappointed. Nevertheless we picked one thinking that we could simply ask for revisions (since they were unlimited) and in the end we would have the logo that we were envisioning! This is where it really started to feel like a one sided conversation. You pick your "favorite" revision, answer a handful of redundant questions about what you like and don't like about it. A day or two later a slightly tweaked version appears. After a few weeks of this we weren't making progress; still a very very basic logo design. I reached out to the sales girl (Amy) and expressed our disappointment. She was again very nice and had the design team reach out to me again and they gave it a go again; same results. At this point our business is getting very close to launch time and our marketing materials, website, etc are at the stage where they needed completion for printing, embroidery, etc. We were essentially cornered into hiring someone different to do our design work. We chose a competitor that turned out to be amazing! They were unfortunately everything that Deluxe wasn't. We now have a logo that we're in love with!In the interest of being good business partners I reached out to Deluxe again and explained our disappointment and explained that we had essentially been forced to go elsewhere for our logo design due to timing and how long their process takes. They had someone "higher up" contact me and offer to start at square one etc etc. I explained again that our design need had been satisfied elsewhere and they weren't going to be able to rectify the situation by providing logo design services.I knew that they policy had a "no refunds" clause but I figured that, hey, maybe we can come to some sort of mutually beneficial resolution. I'm aware that they spent some time in "design" and their time certainly has value to it. I didn't expect to receive a full refund. Here's where our disappointment turned to "I'll never do business with them and I'm going out of my way to let others know my experience". I believe that greedy business is bad business and by not doing the right thing in business will cost you money in the long run. After a brief email exchange reminding the person they'd sent to resolve the situation it was made clear that their offer to "start over" was unfortunately too late. Here's where they sealed the deal. The next email I received was the "Dear John" letter that spelled out their policies and procedures, the timelines on our efforts to revise the logo, and how they don't give refunds, etc etc etc.....a bunch of corporate mumble jumble.In the end they offered a credit, equal to 1/4 of the amount we paid, to use on their services in the future. I mean if you really think that through the irony is hard to get past. Honestly, had they offered even half our money back I would have happily parted ways (we can't all get along all of the time) and been strangely satisfied with our overall experience. In the end we would have a logo that we love and we wouldn't have spent much more that our original budget spread between the two companies.In the end they chose the greedy route and here I am spending quality time writing negative reviews. It wasn't, and isn't, about the money. Money is just money. It's about doing business the right way and about doing the right thing. They offer a ton of services that we would have certainly considered for our business. We will without question go out of our way to spend our money for those services elsewhere.So, that's our Deluxe experience. Perhaps yours will be more pleasant.

April 20, 2019
Waste of money

The logo they designed was very cartoonish. I got a much better one on for $50. They also charged tax on services which is illegal. Just horrible logo, poor taste, not sophisticated. You should not charge tax, shame on you. Too bad I used you.

March 25, 2019


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Bottom line on Deluxe Logo Maker

The Deluxe Roundup

To wrap things up: Deluxe offers a simple and reliable logo maker. It’s not terribly fancy, but it gets the job done, and there’s lots of support to help you create a half-decent logo.

However, if you need a truly unique logo, I recommend you hire a designer on Fiverr. With professional designers from all over the world and a wide variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one who can make your logo dreams a reality.

Jill M. Sheehan
Jill M. Sheehan
Jill is a writer, artist, and graphic designer from the Pacific Northwest. Her areas of interest include print-on-demand technology, surface pattern design, and small business marketing. She enjoys cats, chocolate, 80s music, yoga, and visiting NYC whenever she can.

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