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6 Best Websites for Hiring Freelance Accountants in 2024

Oliwia Owsianowska Oliwia OwsianowskaFreelance Jobs Expert February 29, 2024
February 29, 2024
Finding the right freelance accountant can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded. The easiest way to hire an accountant quickly is to search for qualified professionals on a large online freelance platform.

Unfortunately, not all freelance websites are created equal. High fees, unverified profiles, interfaces that challenge your patience, and customer support that seems to be on a permanent vacation are typical sources of frustration. Some platforms are budget-friendly and feature thousands of accountant profiles, while others are costly, hard to use, and not worth your time and money.

As a business owner, choosing the wrong platform could lead to wasted time or resources, and a potential mismatch could affect your financial health. The wrong hire can lead to inaccuracies in your accounts, missed opportunities for tax optimization, and financial reporting that doesn’t meet the mark.

After researching dozens of platforms, I found Fiverr stands out because of its low fees for professional profiles and well-designed filtering tools. These features make it easy to find the right accountant for your business needs. I recommend starting your search with Fiverr, but if you’re curious about other viable options, keep reading to discover the best hiring platforms I’ve uncovered for hiring an accountant.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Freelance Websites for Hiring Accountants in 2024

  1. Fiver – Skilled accountants at unbeatable prices for efficient budget optimization.
  2. Upwork – Ideal for long-term collaboration with dedicated accounting experts.
  3. Toptal – Top-tier accountants for your needs with excellent recruitment support.

See 3 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best Freelance Websites for Hiring Accountants

While testing the best freelance websites for hiring accountants, I focused on platforms offering specific features and benefits essential for business owners like you. Here’s what stood out:
  • Vetted professionals: The platforms I recommend ensure their accountants undergo a thorough vetting process. This is a critical aspect as it assures you that your financial data is in the hands of someone both competent and trustworthy.
  • Communication platform: A dedicated communication platform is essential for clear, ongoing dialogue between you and your accountant. It simplifies the process of exchanging information, asking questions, and making updates, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your collaboration.
  • Secure payment system: All the platforms I explored provide a secure payment system. This feature is indispensable because it safeguards your hard-earned money, ensuring smooth and fraud-free transactions.
  • Reviews and ratings: Every service I mentioned features a comprehensive review/rating system. It allows you to gauge the quality of potential hires based on others’ experiences, making it easier to find a reliable accountant who meets your standards.

With Fiverr, you control how fast you get the service
Fiverr delivery time filter
Fiverr features gigs created by freelancers, resembling a job marketplace. This approach eliminates the time-consuming back and forth of job postings and proposals, streamlining your search for an accountant.

My search for “accounting” returned over 13,000 profiles. However, using Fiverr’s filters, I narrowed it down to 44 profiles that closely matched my needs, making it easy to screen and contact the right freelancer. This level of specificity is invaluable.

Freelancer profiles on Fiverr are diverse and detailed, thanks to the autonomy given to freelancers in showcasing their services. Sections like FAQs and service pack comparisons address common questions upfront, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Fiverr’s cost and fee structure prioritizes affordability, allowing free account creation and service browsing, with payments held securely until service delivery approval. This ensures you receive unbeatable quality at no risk, making it the ideal platform for hiring skilled accountants without financial strain.


  • Freelancer profiles. Fiverr’s setup emphasizes showcasing the individual behind the skills, giving you a good sense of what they can do. Detailed information about their experience and specialization means you can find someone who offers a tailored service to cover specific business needs​​.
  • Seller levels. Fiverr’s extensive seller and rating system clearly indicates a freelancer’s experience and customer satisfaction. Skimming through a few profiles, you can quickly identify those with a proven track record of excellence and reliability.
  • Fiverr’s app. You can easily browse the profiles of freelance accountants and hire the best ones on the go. The app also lets you purchase gigs, track orders, and approve payments wherever you are.
  • Basic skills tests. Fiverr offers a feature where sellers can take skills tests, including in areas relevant to accounting and bookkeeping. While this process is automated and might not constitute thorough vetting, it provides some insight into the freelancer’s abilities.
Read our expert Fiverr review for more details.

Communication Channels In-platform messaging
Project Management Tools Relies on external integrations like HubSpot, Google Workspace, Slack
Vetted Professionals
Starting Price $5

2. Upwork: Best for Long-Term Projects

Upwork search badge filters
Make your search easier with the Talent badge filter
On Upwork, I’ve found it remarkably flexible to start with projects as short as a few hours. Inviting freelancers for longer projects is straightforward once you are satisfied with the initial outcomes. This approach significantly minimizes risks, ensuring you commit to long-term collaborations only with qualified talent aligning with your project’s needs.

Upwork’s reputation and extensive global talent pool are particularly impactful when you need someone who understands the financial nuances specific to your industry or region. The platform’s advanced filtering options streamline the search process, ensuring you can find freelancers who are not just skilled but also knowledgeable about the specific requirements of your project.

Whether you’re a startup on a shoestring budget or a well-established business, Upwork lets you negotiate and find quality accounting services within your budget. It makes financial expertise more accessible, ensuring managing your finances won’t mean breaking the bank.


  • Rating system. The rating system lets you evaluate an accountant’s past performance and client satisfaction, guiding you to professionals who meet your standards.
  • Large talent pool. With an extensive talent pool, you can find accountants with the precise expertise needed for your projects. Detailed filters help pinpoint specialists in your industry, streamlining your search.
  • Intuitive user interface. Upwork’s interface is smooth, making tasks like posting jobs and browsing profiles straightforward. Plus, it’s super easy to switch between traditional job postings and a Fiverr-like marketplace, giving you the flexibility to adapt your hiring strategy on the fly.
  • Project management tools. The suite of tools for file sharing, time tracking, chat function, and video messaging simplifies collaboration with your accountant. You’ll appreciate being able to monitor the progress of your financial tasks in real time rather than being left in the dark until the final reports are delivered.
For more information, read our expert review of Upwork.

Communication Channels In-platform messaging, video calls (Zoom)
Project Management Tools Work Diary for hourly contracts, Reports for tracking project progress
Vetted Professionals
Starting Price $5 for fixed-price contracts, $3 per hour for hourly contracts
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3. Toptal: Premier Recruitment Support for Elite Accounting Talent

Toptal contact form
It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to fill out this form
Toptal’s rigorous screening process ensures only the elite accounting talent makes the cut, with typically fewer than 3% of applicants accepted. This selectivity guarantees that you’re working with experts who have proven their skills and integrity through comprehensive real-world scenarios​​.

The recruitment process for freelancers involves five meticulous steps designed to evaluate and affirm the candidate’s capabilities comprehensively. This structured approach ensures that only the most competent and professional individuals join Toptal’s network.

Toptal requires an initial deposit of $500, which is applied as credit towards your first invoice or fully refunded if no matches are made. Freelancer rates start at around $60 per hour, reflecting the premium talent on offer. This investment is worthwhile for businesses seeking top-tier accounting professionals, as the efficiency and expertise of Toptal’s freelancers can ultimately save time and resources in the long run​​.


  • Live screening. Its screening process is rigorous, ensuring only top talent makes it through. It’s impressive that only 3% of applicants are accepted, reflecting a commitment to quality that aligns with the needs of those seeking top-tier accounting services​​​​.
  • Money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee offers peace of mind, allowing you to try an accountant’s services, knowing you can receive a refund if the service does not meet your expectations.
  • AI-matching. Toptal’s AI-matching employs sophisticated algorithms to pair you with accountants best suited to your project requirements. It learns from your preferences, refining future recommendations for a perfect match.
  • Time tracking app. TopTracker offers full privacy control for freelancers and their clients, making it easier to track time, manage invoices, and handle payments. It benefits both parties, ensuring accurate financial management and productivity.
Read our expert Toptal review for more details.

Communication Channels Toptal connects you with suited candidates
Project Management Tools
Vetted Professionals Rigorously tested and vetted top 3% of applicants
Starting Price $500 initial deposit applied as credit toward the first invoice

Fiverr Pro plan feature comparison
Fiverr Pro comes with a few extra perks and advantages
Fiverr Pro elevates your hiring process by offering exclusively vetted professionals. Unlike the broader Fiverr platform, Fiverr Pro focuses on quality over quantity, presenting only freelancers who have passed a rigorous selection process. This ensures that every professional you come across is highly skilled and reliable.

Quality comes with a price, but investing in a Fiverr Pro accountant means securing top-tier financial expertise for your business. This platform does the heavy lifting by vetting each professional, saving you the average $1,500 it usually costs to find and hire qualified freelancers. The value of this investment is reflected in the high-quality services you receive, which can significantly impact your business’s financial health and growth​​.

Fiverr Pro also offers advanced business tools that streamline collaboration and project management. The platform lets you track all your business purchasing activities, share payment methods with your team, and work transparently. These features simplify managing your accounting needs, enabling you to focus more on your business and less on the logistics of working with freelancers​.


  • Secure messaging. Protects your confidential financial discussions with accountants, ensuring privacy and data protection. This facilitates clear, direct communication for real-time updates and immediate task feedback.
  • 24/7 customer support. Fiverr Pro’s team can assist anytime, addressing issues promptly and offering peace of mind for all your accounting project needs, from technical difficulties to service inquiries.
  • Team collaboration. Enables multiple team members to work together seamlessly on accounting projects, enhancing productivity. This allows for easy sharing of files and progress updates, streamlining the workflow.
  • Business success manager. A success manager can help navigate Fiverr Pro, offering guidance and connecting you with suitable freelancers for accounting projects. Their role is to optimize your search based on its functionalities and your needs​​​​.
To learn more about Fiverr Pro, read our expert review.

Communication Channels In-platform messaging and video calls
Project Management Tools Collaborate on shared projects, track progress, and manage budgeting from one dashboard
Vetted Professionals Handpicked for the highest level of quality and service
Starting Price $40

5. Paro: Most Personalized Matches

Scheduling a free consultation with PARO
Answer 6 easy questions to schedule a free consultation
Hiring a freelance accountant on Paro is slightly different. For starters, this platform specializes in the finance sector. To begin the process, you take a quiz so the service knows how to best meet your needs.

According to Paro, only the top 2% of finance freelancers make it through their rigorous vetting process, which includes a skills assessment, interview, test project, and reference check. PARO claims it can match clients with the best financial analyst, CFO, CPA, or bookkeeper for the specific job at hand.

Since collaborations with PARO specialists are typically long-term, it’s essential to be fully aware of the contract details. A few clients have reported unexpected recurring monthly charges, even after they’d stopped receiving accounting services on the platform.


  • Statement of work builder. This tool helps you define your project’s scope, objectives, and deliverables, ensuring clarity and alignment from the start. It sets clear expectations, preventing misunderstandings and paving the way for successful engagements.
  • Project pricing guidance. It serves as a resource for understanding market rates, ensuring you get fair pricing. This feature aids budget planning by providing average industry cost insights before committing.
  • Best-fit match predictor. A sophisticated tool that matches your project with the ideal accountant based on skills and past performance. It significantly reduces the effort to find a suitable match, saving you valuable time.
  • Free consultation. Offers a commitment-free opportunity to discuss your needs with a Paro expert who can help you clarify your project requirements and get personalized service advice.
Communication Channels Secure platform messaging
Project Management Tools
Vetted Professionals Top 2% of pre-vetted industry professionals
Starting Price Priced individually

6. Graphite: Great for Big Budgets

Graphit skills filter
Graphite’s expensive but offers industry-specific accounting services
Graphite is a platform that connects businesses with top-tier accounting talent, offering access to a pool of independent consultants who specialize in various accounting services, including tax support, bookkeeping, payroll, and CPA support.

After specifying your needs, you post the job, and professional accountants will submit their proposals, but they can only submit 10 per month. This bidding system ensures you receive proposals from genuinely interested and dedicated professionals. You can then compare candidates based on their experience and ratings and communicate with them directly to assess their fit for your project.

That said, Graphite’s services are significantly more expensive than those of many competitors, making it less lucrative for businesses operating on a limited budget.


  • Scalable team. This feature allows you to effortlessly adjust your accounting team’s size to meet current project demands as your business grows. Quick scaling without long-term commitments suits project-based work perfectly.
  • Pay only for work delivered. You’re billed solely for completed work, aligning expenses with project progress. This transparency fosters trust, as payments directly correlate with delivered milestones or tasks.
  • Speedy proposal evaluations powered by AI. AI technology efficiently analyzes proposals, matching you with the best accountants quickly. It selects candidates based on skills and performance, guaranteeing high-quality matches and saving time.
  • Built-in messaging and video conferencing. The integrated communication tools can help you save time and money. They streamline project management and coordination, eliminating the need for external tools.
Communication Channels In-platform messaging and video calls
Project Management Tools
Vetted Professionals Highly selective vetting process, only 1 out of 20 experts accepted
Starting Price Priced individually

Are You an Accountant Looking To Sell Your Services?

Thinking of offering your accounting skills online? Well, I’ve been on the hunt for the best spot for accountants to showcase their talents, and let me tell you, Fiverr has caught my eye as the go-to platform in 2024. It’s not just about throwing your services out there – it’s about connecting with a world of clients eager for what you’ve got to offer. Here’s why Fiverr is where you want to be:
  • Access a global marketplace: Fiverr connects you with a vast network of clients from all over the world looking for diverse accounting services.
  • User-friendly platform: Fiverr’s interface is straightforward and intuitive, making it easy to manage your services and interact with clients.
  • Set your own rates: Enjoy the freedom to define your pricing for various accounting services, allowing you to attract the right clients while ensuring fair compensation for your expertise.
  • Timely payments: Fiverr’s reliable payment system ensures you are compensated on time for your work.
  • Mobile app: Fiverr offers a mobile app that simplifies communication and project management, allowing you to manage your gigs conveniently while on the go.
To start selling your accounting services on Fiverr, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit Fiverr’s official website. Head to Fiverr and click the “Become a Seller” button to initiate the sign-up process.

"Become a Seller" button
You really can’t miss this button!
2. Create your seller profile. Fill in your details, such as email, password, and username. You can also sign up quickly using your existing Google or Facebook account.

3. Build a professional profile. Answer questions about your accounting expertise, services offered, and professional background to create a compelling seller profile.

Skills form
Help yourself with the proposed drop-down list of skills
4. Customize your gigs. Set up your accounting services by defining your gigs, including service descriptions, pricing, and delivery times.

Gig title
Take some time to write a Gig title that will help you stand out
5. Get approved and start selling. Once your profile and gigs are set up, submit them for Fiverr’s review. After approval, you can begin responding to client inquiries and applying for accounting projects.

Once your account is approved, check our updated Fiverr for Freelancers guide for tips and tricks on how to stand out and make the most of the platform.

Here Are the Best Websites for Hiring Freelance Accountants

While every business owner has unique needs, certain websites for hiring freelancers stand out as more suitable for specific requirements. If you’re on a tight budget and prefer to handpick an accountant yourself, Fiverr is your go-to platform. It offers a wide range of affordable options, allowing you to select the best fit for your financial management and bookkeeping needs without overspending.

For those who value a platform that supports long-term collaborations and has a broad talent pool, I recommend Upwork. It provides access to a diverse array of skilled accountants and a robust system for tracking work progress, making it ideal for ongoing projects or more complex accounting needs.

If you want to ensure the highest quality and reliability for critical financial operations, Toptal is another excellent choice. It stands out for its rigorous vetting process, ensuring you connect with top-tier accountants. This feature is perfect for businesses requiring specialized accounting expertise or those prioritizing the security and accuracy of their financial data.

Pricing Best Feature Best For
Fiverr $ Quick and affordable accounting services Small businesses seeking affordability
Upwork $ Wide selection for long-term projects Projects needing long-term collaboration
Toptal $$ Elite talent with rigorous screening High-end, specialized financial needs
Fiverr Pro $$ Vetted professionals for quality assurance Businesses requiring top-tier, vetted expertise
PARO $$$ Personalized matches with financial specialists Personalized, industry-specific accounting
Graphite $$$ Access to highly vetted independent consultants Large businesses with flexible budgets


Where Can I Find Freelance Accountants?

You can find freelance accountants on Fiverr. It’s known for its affordable yet professional financial consultants, making it ideal for small businesses on a tight budget. Fiverr stands out for its wide range of services at competitive prices, user-friendly platform with quick turnaround for most services, and transparent freelancer ratings and reviews.

How Much Do Freelance Accountants Charge?

It all depends on the website and the individual freelancer. On Fiverr, you can get little jobs done for as little as $5, while a platform like Graphite might charge you upward of $100/hr.

When Should I Hire an Accountant?

You might not yet have considered hiring an accountant if you run a small business. You should hire an accountant if you need someone to help you keep your financial records up to date, file your taxes, and deal with other legal and compliance issues.

How Do I Hire a Good Accountant?

Stick to the best freelance platforms whose talent pool consistently performs well. Examples include Fiverr, Upwork, and Toptal. Not all accountants specialize in the same areas, so use advanced filters to find the right fit. Once you’ve hired someone, keep their contact so you can easily reach them again when you need their help in the future.

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