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10 Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders (2020 UPDATE)

Dale Cudmore
May 07, 2020

It cannot be understated how much of an effect a well-made landing page will make on your conversion rate, whether you’re collecting leads or making sales.

And with so many landing page builders out there, you can make them quickly, even if you don’t know how to code (or just don’t want to). The only problem is that there are hundreds of landing page builder options, so how do you find the best one for you?

Short on time? Here are our top landing page builder picks

Does it have templates close to what you need? Can you integrate it with the other tools you use? Does it give you enough control?

I’ve created hundreds of landing pages over the years, using dozens of landing page builders. To help you make this choice for yourself, I’ve narrowed down your options to the 10 best. I include both the best web builders with landing page capabilities and online marketing platforms with landing page features, and dedicated landing page builders.

I’ll break down the most important pros, cons, and features of each. You’ll find both paid and free landing page builder options.

Reading this guide should make this important decision more manageable, and save you the time of testing out tons of tools yourself.

What We Look For in the Best Landing Page Builders

I wanted to compile a list so that, no matter what situation you’re in, there’s at least one or two great landing page builders for you to choose from. When testing and evaluating tools, I looked for landing page builders that:

  • Are smooth and intuitive. Some landing page builders out there are clunky, finicky, and just a pain to use. All of the tools on this list are at least reasonably user-friendly.
  • Offer a good variety of templates. Building pages from scratch is a waste of time. Ideally, there’s a big enough template selection that you can find one close to what you need, make some small tweaks, and drop in your content.
  • Give you full control and are flexible. You should be able to modify just about any content or design on the page you’d like.
  • Have a wide variety of integrations. Landing pages typically need to connect with other tools you use (e.g., email marketing tools, CRM tools, content management systems). I’ve made notes along the way of the builders that offer the largest variety of integrations.
  • Are mobile-responsive. It’s 2020, your landing pages should look great on any device. All the options on this list make mobile-friendly landing pages.

With that out of the way, you’ll find the best landing page builders below. I’ve divided them into two main sections: website builders that allow you to make landing pages, and dedicated landing page builders.

Website Builders That Offer Landing Page Capabilities

Although a dedicated landing page builder might seem like an obvious first choice, website builders offer an all-in-one solution that means you don’t have to sign up for different services to get the job done.

For example, if you’re launching a new product and need a landing page to advertise it, and you’ve already built the main website with a website builder, wouldn’t it be easier if the website builder enabled you to create fantastic landing pages, too?

What’s more, dedicated landing page builders can be expensive. So why not give a free (or cheap) website builder with built-in landing page features a shot?

1. Wix – A Strong Selection of Landing Page Templates

Wix is one of the most versatile website builders there is. You can make anything from a blog, to a landing page, to a full online store.

Off all the website builders available, Wix has the best landing page templates.

To check out the templates without having to sign up:

  1. Go to the Wix homepage.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Templates link.
  3. In the template library, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select Landing Pages.

Wix offers a nice free plan to get started, but it does come with limitations. You can’t connect a custom domain, and there will be ads on all your pages, which is a big problem when it comes to landing pages.

What do you get if you pay? In most cases, you will want to upgrade. On top of removing ads and being able to connect a custom domain, you get more resources, the ability to accept payments, plus ad vouchers.


  • More than 30 Wix landing page templates (500+ overall). Wix has a huge selection of professionally designed templates. There’s an entire category for landing page templates, which includes all the common purposes (e.g., launch pages, webinar pages, coming soon pages).
Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image1
  • More than 250 apps (i.e., integrations). Wix integrates with the most popular tools. You can either search for a specific one in the Wix App Store, or browse by category (e.g., analytics, chat, heatmap, email marketing). Some categories are a bit limited. For example, there’s Constant Contact and MailChimp for email marketing, but no other popular options.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image2

  • Premade sections to add to the page. One of the biggest challenges of building a landing page is getting elements to line up properly. Wix lets you add combinations of elements, like text, buttons, images, and more. There are many to choose from, and they will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image3

  • Add live chat to your landing pages. Wix Chat is one of the apps offered by Wix itself, which has both a free and paid plan itself. It lets you answer any questions that a landing page visitor might have, which can have a big impact on conversion rates.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image4

Want to learn more about Wix? Don’t miss our expert review.

Free plan or trial available?Free plan, but with limited features
Number of templates500+
Customer support channelsPhone (U.S. business hours)
Ticket (Email)

2. Site123 – One of the Simplest Site Builders

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by other site builders, Site123 is a great option for you. It’s designed to be as simple as possible to use.

It features a point-and-click editor, so there are no situations where an element drops into the wrong place and messes up your layout.

The downside of this simplicity is that there are limited customization options. You don’t have full control of the layout, so you might not be able to create the exact landing page you had in mind.

Site123 only has two plans, one free and one paid. The free plan gives you most of its features, but does have some limitations.

What do you get if you pay? The premium plan removes Site123 branding from your site, and lets you connect a custom domain. You also get access to e-commerce features, and a free domain for the first year.


  • Promo page templates. When you add a new page to your Site123 website, there are several types of pages you can use as templates. The “promo” category features 22 variations that are great for landing pages.
Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image16
  • Extremely easy to add and sell products. You can add products to your site, and then display and sell them on any pages you’d like. You can track orders from your main store panel, and view analytics to help measure conversion rates.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image17

  • Support available around the clock. Site123 offers 24/7 live chat support, and whenever I’ve had to use it, I’ve been impressed with the speed and quality of responses.
  • Integrations to most popular tools. Site123 doesn’t have the biggest selection of integrations, but it still has more than 50. You can connect to the most popular tools that a landing page might need to interact with, like Google or Facebook Ads, Hotjar, and live chat tools.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image18

Want to learn more about Site123? Check out our expert review.

Free plan or trial available?Free plan, but with limited features
Number of templates180+
Customer support channelsLive chat (24/7)

3. Squarespace – Build Landing Pages and an Online Store at the Same Time

Squarespace is one of the best website builders for e-commerce businesses. It’s simple to use, and quite powerful. If you plan to sell products on your site, in addition to making landing pages, it’s a good option. And while there is no fully-free plan, there is a 14-day free trial. Paid plans do come with ad credits, which will cover your costs for a while if you use them wisely. Even though it isn’t free, they are one of the best builders and we had to put them on the list.

The one downside of Squarespace is that there are no integrations. Some integrations are built-in, but if you’re trying to connect a tool that’s not supported, you’re out of luck.


  • A powerful and simple form builder. If you’re creating a landing page to collect leads, you’ll need attractive forms that visitors don’t mind filling out. Squarespace’s form builder is easy to use, and you can send submissions to an email address, Google Drive sheet, or MailChimp list.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image5

  • Collect payments. If you’re trying to make sales from your landing page, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily add products to your site and collect payment through PayPal or Stripe.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image6

  • Built-in email marketing features. Collect visitor information and send emails from your account. This feature is powered by MailChimp, which gives you the option to send broadcast emails, or set up basic automation sequences.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image7

  • A huge stock photo gallery. When you add a picture to a page on your site, you can upload your own, or find one in the image gallery. The free photos are powered by Unsplash, while the Premium photos are from Getty Images ($10 each). There are tens of thousands to choose from on most topics.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image8

Read our expert review to learn more about Squarespace.

Free plan or trial available?14-day free trial
Number of templates100+
Customer support channelsEmail (24/7)
Live chat (4am-8pm EST)
Twitter (24/7)
Community forum

4. WordPress – Integrates with Almost Every Tool

WordPress is typically known for its incredible blogging features. However, it’s such an open and flexible platform that WordPress can be used for almost anything, including landing pages.

WordPress.com has a free plan, but it’s fairly limited. Your page will have WordPress branding on it, and more importantly, you can’t use custom themes or plugins.

What do you get if you pay? You remove the branding, and get more access to the features WordPress has to offer. Most importantly, certain plans let you upload custom themes and plugins, which – as I’ll show you below – are critical to building landing pages on WordPress.


  • Templates with landing page builder included. The typical free WordPress themes are good for blogging, but not so much for landing pages. But if you go to a popular theme repository like TemplateMonster or ThemeForest, you can search for WordPress themes that are suitable for landing pages. When you add up all the options on different theme stores, there are well over 100 to choose from.
Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image9
  • Can be extremely flexible. WordPress gives theme designers a ton of options, and the best themes give you a lot of control over things like design and layout. Some themes offer complete drag-and-drop page builders, with simple customization panels.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image10

  • Thousands of plugins. WordPress integrates with everything through plugins. Every tool knows that many of its customers use WordPress, so there’s going to be a plugin for any other popular tool you use. There are even plugins that integrate dedicated landing page builders.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image11

  • Easily add “advanced” elements to your pages. While the default WordPress pages aren’t the easiest to build a nice landing page with, it’s still possible. The challenge is more about design than the page content itself, because it’s easy to add blocks like forms to your page to collect visitor information.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image12

Not sure if WordPress is the right solution for you? Read more in our in-depth review.

Free plan or trial available?Free plan, but with limited features
Number of templates250+ (plus thousands on theme repositories)
Customer support channelsCommunity forum
Email (on paid plan)
Live chat (on paid plan)

5. Weebly – The Most Generous Free Plan

If you want to sell products on your site or page, Squarespace and Weebly are your two best options.

Weebly has extensive e-commerce capabilities that are easy to use.

However, the drag-and-drop builder itself is a bit clunky, and doesn’t always work the way you want it to. You also can’t fully customize the layout of pages.

But on the bright side, Weebly has arguably the best free plan of any site builder. It gives you most of Weebly’s features, other than being able to sell products and use a custom domain.

What do you get if you pay? You’ll be able to connect a custom domain, accept payments, and get access to certain advanced features like adding video backgrounds to sections (which can be nice for landing pages).


  • A good selection of attractive themes. While there are none specifically for landing pages, Weebly does offer many themes that can serve as the basis for a landing page. Most importantly, they are professionally designed, which means you can focus more on the layout and content.
Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image13
  • Accept payments on your site. It’s quite easy to add individual products to your site, or even make an entire store. Weebly has everything an online seller needs, like payment integrations and inventory management.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image14

  • More than 350 apps in Weebly’s App Center. If there’s any functionality you’re missing, there’s a good chance you can find an app to provide it. Most are self-contained apps, but some are integrations with other tools. Make sure any tools you need to integrate are there before choosing Weebly.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image15

  • Support when you need it. Weebly offers 24/7 live chat and email support. If you’re new to building sites or need help learning how to create a landing page, Weebly’s excellent support availability will be useful. There’s also phone support during U.S. business hours.

Curious to learn more? Read our expert Weebly review.

Free plan or trial available?Free plan, but with limited features
Number of templates50+
Customer support channelsPhone (U.S. business hours)
Live chat (24/7)

6. Jimdo – A Flexible Site Builder for Landing Pages and Online Stores

Jimdo is one of the smoothest site builders I’ve used, even if it’s not the most attractive.

While there are no templates for landing pages, it’s not difficult to build a page from scratch in a reasonable amount of time.

The free plan is pretty generous, as it gives you access to all of Jimdo’s features except for the e-commerce ones. However, you can’t connect a custom domain and it has ads, like the free plans for most other site builders.

What do you get if you pay? You remove the ads and can connect a custom domain. You also get access to features to sell products, as well as website traffic statistics.


  • Extremely easy to use drag-and-drop. When you hover over any page element, there’s an easy-to-select icon that you can grab and drag around. When you move it somewhere else, the surrounding elements re-adjust or resize as needed.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image22

  • Very flexible, easy to add sections. Some website builders make it hard to add new sections and elements to pages, or only let you do so in certain spots. In Jimdo, you’ll see an “add element” button pop up when you hover over the edge of any section. This allows you to build out a page much faster than in other site builders.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image23

  • Large selection of page elements. There are many page elements that you can add that aren’t as common on other site builders. You can add layout elements like columns, text with photo, or photo galleries. You can also add functional elements like tables, forms, and maps.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image24

  • Easy to sell products. Jimdo offers all the basic e-commerce features you’ll need to sell products online. You can quickly add products and collect payments on product pages, which you could link to from your landing pages.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image25

Want to learn more about Jimdo? Don’t miss our in-depth review.

Free plan or trial available?Free plan, but with limited features
Number of templates15
Customer support channelsEmail (Weekdays 9am-6pm CET)

Dedicated Landing Page Builders

If you’re getting serious about marketing, the website builders above won’t cut it. You’ll need a dedicated landing page builder.

These are generally more expensive, but let you make landing pages much quicker, have a bigger selection of templates, and have more advanced features like split testing.

Each of the following options has a standard drag-and-drop landing page builder designed to make customization as fast as possible.

Most do not have a free plan, but offer a free trial.

7. Landingi – One of the Most Affordable Dedicated Landing Page Builders

Landingi has some of the best landing page software, with all of the same features that the top options offer.

It also offers a built-in light CRM, which could be useful if you’re working with high value, individualized leads.

Landingi offers a few different plans to choose from. The introductory plans are relatively cheap compared to other dedicated landing page builders.

However, those plans don’t come with all of the features, or a full selection of integrations.

And like every other dedicated landing page builder on this list, there’s a 14-day free trial that you can use to test Landingi out. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee, which not many other landing page builders offer.


  • More than 200 customizable templates. You can sort through them by industry or goal (e.g., click through, sign up, download).
Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image26
  • Simple A/B testing. You can pick multiple variants to test against each other and create your best landing page. You get to set when a winner is chosen (manually or automatically after some time), as well as the traffic split between the two pages.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image27

  • A light CRM to help you go the extra mile. All your leads will be collected together in your “inbox.” There’s no limit on the number of leads you can have on any plan

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image28

  • More than 40 integrations with popular tools. Landingi has a fairly standard library of integrations for a landing page builder that you can browse by category. It has the most popular CMS options like WordPress and Shopify, and can also connect to Zapier if you need to make your own custom integrations.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image29

Want to learn more about Landingi? Read our expert review.

Free plan or trial available?14-day free trial (with a 30-day money back guarantee)
Number of templates200+
Customer support channelsEmail
Phone (Weekdays 9am–8pm CEST)
Live chat (Weekdays 9am–8pm CEST)

8. Unbounce – The Largest Variety of Integrations

Unbounce is one of the most well-known landing page builders for digital marketers.

Over the years, it has built up a huge library of integrations. If you work with a lot of different tools, this is your best bet for finding a landing page builder that can integrate with them all.

There’s a 14-day free trial with no restrictions, and then you’ll need to decide if it’s worth it to upgrade. The paid plans are quite expensive; they are aimed more toward marketing teams and agencies creating large volumes of landing pages.


  • Split test multiple versions. You can do basic A/B testing, or add as many variations as you’d like. Assign a percentage of traffic to each variant, and then pick a winner once the confidence percentage is high enough for you.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image30

  • More than 100 sortable landing page templates. You can sort through them by campaign goal (e.g., click through or lead generation), by type (e.g., industry), and special features (e.g., video background).
Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image31
  • Fast landing pages out of the box. Unbounce has taken care of as much page speed optimization best practices as possible. This includes things like JavaScript and CSS minification, browser caching, and lazy loading.
  • More than 100 integrations. Unbounce has a great selection of templates, sortable by category. Only 13 are “in-app” integrations, which are mainly the email marketing integrations (e.g., Aweber, Constant Contact). The rest are powered by Zapier (note that Unbounce is a Zapier Partner, so these integrations are reliable).

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image32

To learn more about Unbounce, read our in-depth review.

Free plan or trial available?14-day free trial
Number of templates100+
Customer support channelsEmailPhone (during business hours)
Live chat (during business hours)

9. Instapage – Cutting Edge Optimization Features for Landing Pages

Instapage has been around for many years, but it’s been overhauled recently so that its user interface looks better, is easier to use, and so that your landing pages will load faster. Much like Squarespace, there is no free version, but there is a 14-day free trial that you can use to test it out.

Instapage is somewhere in the middle of the other options in terms of cost. It only has a single paid plan, which includes all of its features. Beyond that, it offers a customized enterprise plan for large organizations with a few extra advanced features.


  • Split test multiple landing page variations. You can test different components of any page, and specify the traffic split between them.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image33

  • Built-in heatmaps. For many landing page builders, you’ll need to find a heatmap integration, but Instapage includes it for you. You can view mouse movements, clicks, and scroll depth heat maps for your landing pages.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image34

  • As fast as landing pages get. Part of Instapage’s big update was its new “Thor render engine,” along with other speed tweaks (e.g., refactoring CSS and JavaScript, lazy loading, etc.). One of its templates went from a 56 to a 95 on Google’s page speed test.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image35

  • Personalized landing pages. This is a very powerful feature that’s unfortunately only on the Enterprise plan. It lets you customize certain parts of your landing page based on either your visitor’s location, or the ad they clicked on to get to the page.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image36

  • More than 200 landing page templates. Instapage’s templates can be sorted by category (e.g., lead gen, click through, e-book). They’re all professionally designed, and responsive.
Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image37

Find out more about Instapage in our expert review.

Free plan or trial available?14-day free trial
Number of templates200+
Customer support channelsEmail tickets
Live chat (Weekdays 6am–8pm EST)
Community forums

10. Leadpages – One of the Most Innovative Products Over the Years

Leadpages has been one of the driving forces behind some popular marketing tactics over the past few years.

On top of landing pages, it also offers a website builder, advanced pop-ups, and alert bars.

It’s the closest to an all-in-one conversion platform for small businesses and marketers.

The plans are relatively cheap compared to other options, and it offers a 14-day free trial.


  • Advanced pop-ups to maximize conversion. You’ve almost certainly seen popups powered by Leadboxes. They can be triggered by a link click, time delay, or part of a page. Leadboxes are included on all plans, and can help you maximize the conversion rate of your landing pages.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image38

  • More than 200 templates (with a cool twist). Like other landing page builders, you can sort templates by category or industry. But what’s unique here is that you can sort by the highest converting. Leadpages collects data on which templates convert the best, and gives you a leg up over your competition.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image39

  • More than 80 integrations. Leadpages has one of the biggest libraries of integrations among dedicated landing page builders. It includes popular CMS options (WordPress, Wix), payment processors (PayPal, Stripe), and email marketing tools (Constant Contact, GetResponse).

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image40

  • Simple split testing. As with the other dedicated builders, you can put multiple variations of your pages head-to-head. You can split the traffic to each variation however you’d like.

Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders-image41

Curious to learn more? Read our expert Leadpages review.

Free plan or trial available?14-day free trial
Number of templates200+
Customer support channelsEmail
Live chat (Weekdays 9am–5pm CST)
Phone (Weekdays 9am–5pm CST)


Which Landing Page Builder Is Right for You?

If you’re trying to minimize cost, go with one of the website builders listed here.

You won’t get quite the same selection of features, and it will take you longer, but they’re much cheaper.

But if you’re going to be making landing pages on a regular basis, go with a dedicated landing page builder. They’ll cost more, but save you a lot of time, and ultimately perform better.

To help you make your choice, here’s a summary table of the most important features of each tool we’ve looked at.

Landing Page BuilderTypeBest Features
WixWebsite Builder
  • 30+ landing page templates
  • More than 250 apps
Site123Website Builder
  • One of the most intuitive interfaces
  • 24/7 support
  • Can sell products
SquarespaceWebsite Builder
  • Best e-commerce website builder
  • Built-in email marketing
  • Built-in gallery of free stock photos
WordPressWebsite Builder
  • Great for blogging
  • Hundreds of paid themes that include a landing page builder
  • Huge plugin library
WeeblyWebsite Builder
  • 24/7 support
  • Can sell products
JimdoWebsite Builder
  • Probably the smoothest drag-and-drop website builder
  • Can sell products
LandingiDedicated Landing Page Builder
  • Simple CRM included
  • Split testing
UnbounceDedicated Landing Page Builder
  • Big emphasis on page speed
  • Split testing
  • 100+ integrations
InstapageDedicated Landing Page Builder
  • Big emphasis on page speed
  • Split testing
LeadpagesDedicated Landing Page Builder
  • Leadboxes pop-ups
  • Split testing

If you’re not sure if any of these are right for you, check out more detailed landing page software reviews from users.

Once you’ve picked the best option for you, it’s time to build some landing pages that convert.

If you’re new to conversion rate optimization, I suggest learning how to create a sense of urgency on landing pages, and what a high converting landing page looks like.

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Great and necessary article about a much-needed business service. Landing pages serve your clients to willingly and attentively engage with your company. This engagement factor is measured by your conversion numbers. Your ad campaigns must communicate easily, swiftly, and effectively. So must your landing pages. You only have one shot to win your clients' loyalty and approval. Make it count!
How I can build a landing page in Blogger?
Hi - I am struggling to find one that's effective + REALLY free. All of them require some form of payment. Any recommendations?
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As a complete newbie to landing pages....I found this very useful....thanks for doing all the hard work....just wondering why MailChimp was not there ?
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Thank you with the utmost gratitude my friend for this helpful page! I found it very helpful in giving me ideas on how to approach making a landing page.
A great article a bit too long but precise to the point.WP is still my preferred choice but Wix is also great. I didn't have contact with Site123 but now that I saw how simple it is I will definitely try it out
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