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5 Best (Completely FREE) Wix Landing Page Templates

Katie Davies Katie DaviesLanding Page Expert
Need a landing page? Wix is one of the best options out there. You can use it to build a fully-functional landing page for free.

The Wix template gallery features dozens of landing page templates in two separate categories: Coming Soon and Promotional Page. It should be easy to find one for your specific niche. Also, since all Wix templates are fully customizable, you can choose one you like and tweak it however you like to make it reflect your brand.

However, some templates are of better quality than others. That’s why we put together this list of the best designs to help you get going and start boosting your conversions.

Ready? Let’s take a look!

#1: Product Landing Page

image3 58 Clean and fresh-looking, the below elements make this landing page template ideal for promoting a single product or range:
  • The Bold Color Palette: The subtle gray background is a fantastic contrast to the dark font; the strip of white space that has been used behind the colorful product imagery is also extremely effective at popping out against everything else
  • The Catchy Headline: The short yet punchy three-word headline captures the attention of the visitor and encourages them to read further
  • The Simple Layout: The design of the template doesn’t overwhelm the visitor in any way. The headline, call to action, product image, company logo, and homepage link work together to intrigue the visitor and encourage conversion
  • The CTA Box: The four-word product description and distinctive CTA button is contained in a box, which immediately draws in the visitor’s eye and makes it easy for them to convert
The main benefit of this template is that it’s scrollable; this allows you to include more information about the product or range further down the page, which is valuable to the reader. Alternatively, you can divulge this information once the visitor has clicked the CTA button.

Either way, if you use this template, your landing page is sure to showcase your product or range in the best possible light.

#2: Real Estate Landing Page

image8 14 Perfect for businesses who are trying to develop a targeted email list for conversions later on down the line, the Real Estate Landing Page is solely focused on engagement. The following elements make it so successful:
  • The All-Over Background Photo: Unique and attention-grabbing, this template has zero white space in the background. Instead, it uses an all-over photo that has been faded out and given a dark blue overlay so that it doesn’t clash with the other design elements. This is an intensely powerful way of showing off your product or service in a more subtle manner
  • The Contrasting Contact Form: You’ll notice that the contact form on this landing page is displayed as the key element. How? Well, the colors of the fonts, fields, and CTA button purposefully contrast against the colors of the background photo. As a result, it entices the visitor and encourages them along the conversion path
  • The Abundance of Contact Information: As engagement is the main goal of this landing page, the template cleverly incorporates a text box with a phone number and social media buttons, along with the contact form, for optimum results
  • The Minimal Color Palette: The color palette consists of four hues—green, blue, black, and white—that collectively radiate calm, trust, and professionalism
Essentially, the design elements in this template work together exceptionally well to stimulate visitor interaction with a business.

#3: Startup Company Landing Page

image2 63 Slightly more complex, with the intention of informing the visitor about a company, this template functions flawlessly for startups—thanks to the following elements:
  • The Vivid Background: The prominent hue of the background instantly captivates the visitor, but its neutral tone triumphantly avoids taking the shine away from the colors of the copy and imagery
  • The Strong Headline: The straightforward and powerful five-word headline communicates what the company does in a way that swiftly educates the visitor and invites them to read on
  • The Responsive Layout: The scrollable layout exhibits a high level of user-friendliness and boasts an attractive design. The addition of a lime green accent hue injects a vibrant splash of color into what would otherwise be considered a rather uninspiring color palette. Furthermore, a fantastic equilibrium between the written content and imagery has been achieved, enhancing the ease of information consumption for visitors without overwhelming them
  • The Links to Further Information: If the visitor is looking for specific information, the top navigation menu contains a handful of links, which makes it straightforward for the reader to navigate to different sections based on what they want to know
The idea of this template is to create buzz and awareness around the brand at the very beginning stage of the customer journey. It’s ingeniously designed in a way that will generate leads for future sales without coming across as too pushy.

Build Your Startup Landing Page with Wix >>

#4: App Landing Page

image6 25 Minimalistic and undemanding, this template has the sole purpose of selling apps. There are a few principle elements involved to make the offer as convincing as possible to the visitor:
  • The Snappy Headline and Paragraph Combo: The four-word headline coupled with the short paragraph underneath is more than satisfactory as a way of introducing the app and its benefits
  • The Contrasting CTA Button: The fact that the CTA button is in a completely different hue from the other colors used on the page makes it really striking. It’s specifically effective at drawing in the visitor’s attention and encouraging clicks
  • The Storytelling Photo: The template background is a photo, which immediately makes an impact on the visitor. Plus, it’s not just a photo of the app—it’s a photo of the app being used by a member of its target audience in a home setting, which tells the visitor what it’s all about
  • The Short Paragraphs with Additional Info: This template has two more paragraphs in the white space underneath the background photo where you can add customer testimonials and/or more information relating to the app’s key selling points
The best thing about the App Landing Page template is that, even though the layout isn’t overly complicated, there are several opportunities to persuade the visitor to convert. This skillfully increases the likelihood of clicks and sales.

#5: Photography Coming Soon Landing Page

image1 84 If you’re in the process of building or revamping your website, this landing page template is a great way to hook your visitors – thanks to the following elements:
  • The Solid Headline: Large and in charge, the headline communicating that a website is on the horizon is highly efficient for arousing the curiosity of a visitor
  • The Dramatic Background Photo: Similarly, the all-over background photo is a good storytelling feature to demonstrate a brand’s values and its propositioning
  • The Effortless CTA: The simplicity of the CTA, which invites a visitor to provide their email address so that they can be notified when the website goes live, makes it tremendously attractive
  • The Clickable Secondary Section: If a visitor can’t wait until the website goes live and wants to know more information about the company straight away, then they can click the arrow at the bottom of the page. This will lead them to a secondary section, which is the perfect opportunity to tell the visitor more about the company and what they do. The template also includes social media links in this section to encourage further engagement
Whether you decide to focus on the primary section or team it with an additional information section, this template will stick in your visitor’s mind and help your brand stand out for all the right reasons.

Stunning Landing Page Templates for Every Purpose

There’s a reason why Wix gets such amazing reviews. From its winning “Promotional” options to its captivating “Coming Soon” alternatives, it offers a wide variety of landing page templates fit for every purpose.

Each of the best five templates is wonderful in its own way:

Impression Appearance Ease of Navigation Ease of Customizability Unique Selling Points
Product Landing Page Upmarket and exclusive 8/10 8/10 9/10
  • The CTA box
  • The contrast between background and imagery colors
Real Estate Landing Page Calm and inviting 8/10 9/10 8/10
  • The bold contact form
  • The impactful all-over background photo
Startup Company Friendly and helpful 7/10 7/10 7/10
  • The responsive layout
  • The graphic-focused design
App Landing Page Casual and accessible 7/10 9/10 8/10
  • The contrasting hue of the CTA button
  • The audience-focused background photo
Photography Coming Soon Intriguing and exciting 9/10 10/10 9/10
  • The brand-focused background photo
  • The clickable secondary section
And remember, all of these landing page elements are completely customizable; from colors and text placement to social media icons and CTAs. It’s easy enough to mix and match the different features that you find most effective at communicating your brand and enticing your audience in order to achieve your goals.

Start off with a template that meets the primary goal of your landing page while effectively communicating your brand voice, values, and visual identity if you want to see results.

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