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Zlatan Aleksic is a freelance marketing content writer with years of experience in writing product and service promotions and reviews.

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UOL HOST is a Brazilian hosting agency with a full assortment of shared, e-commerce, reseller, CMS, cloud, cloud VPS, and even developer-specific hosting packages.


InfoNETA is a Croatian hosting agency which provides professional service at reasonable prices. They are a part of DHH group, which is a regional industry leader holding under its umbrella a number of neighboring hosting agencies.


Pressable is an American hosting agency that specializes in providing WordPress-based hosting services to web developers and businesses of all sizes.

Peoples Host

PeoplesHost is an American hosting service run by a team of seasoned experts with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Their main objective is to hit a 100% customer satisfaction rate by delivering top-notch service and customer support along with their fully-redundant infrastructure.


Mittwald is a German IT company with years of experience in the industry. They provide top of the line service to small and large business clients, with competitive prices and a rich offer of resources.


Selectel is a Russian company with a wide range of cloud and dedicated server solutions tailored for both individuals and businesses. The company provides high quality services for low prices compared to their competitors.


AmeriNOC is an American hosting service company located in San Diego. The company provides top-rated service thanks to the top of the line hardware infrastructure located in San Diego Tech Center, and it’s blended network which includes a large number of internet providers.


IPOWER is an American hosting service dedicated to providing simple and comprehensive hosting solutions for small to mid-sized businesses all over the world. They focus on individual clients and small business operations that can make the best of their unlimited hosting plans.


ARDHOSTING is an Indonesian hosting company with stellar support service and a number of hosting plans that will fit anyone’s budget and needs. The company focuses on providing affordable services with loads of additional features that are not available with most of their competitors.


Domains.co.za is a South African company with almost two decades of experience in the web hosting industry. They provide a variety of hosting plans and other online services to both individuals and businesses.


Web Drive is a New Zealand hosting company with years of experience in the industry. They provide a variety of basic and advanced hosting solutions to individuals and organizations at fair prices.


ProfitServer is a Russian web hosting agency with a wide array of services for all types of customers. Their main market represents the Russian Federation and Germany and they have tons of special offers for clients based in those two countries.


PHPNET is a hosting company located in France that provides a wide array of attractively priced hosting solutions. The amount of resources, support service, and the hardware infrastructure available with PHPNET promises an uninterrupted online presence.


Torpix merged with Chkserv and is a London hosting company which offers WordPress hosting solution to small and medium business clients. The company offers a series of useful features which makes this company a solid competitor in the market.


Dimofinf is a hosting company in Saudi Arabia that utilizes cutting-edge technology in order to provide secure and uninterrupted service to their clients. High-class hardware combined with professional support service and unlimited resources makes Dimofinf a logical hosting solution for both small and large business clients.

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