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    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
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    I signed up for an account at WooCommerce, reviewed their templates and unique features, tested how simple it is to use the platform, and checked with support on several issues.  When done, I tried to cancel my account and receive a refund. This is my experience with WooCommerce - I hope you can learn from it.


    woo-commerce-overview-1200To put it simply, WooCommerce is the best and most customizable platform you can have for an online shop. You can sell anything, anywhere, and in any way. And the best part – it’s free!

    The WooCommerce plugin can only be used as part of a website that is based on WordPress. Since it can easily be installed as a plugin on your WordPress site, you don’t have to learn anything extra to start using it. While it isn’t as simple as some of the drag and drop website builders out there, it certainly is worth learning. There are enough online tutorials to help you get started. It is also an open-source software, so if you are a programmer, the possibilities for you are endless.

    Due to the fact that it is an open-source plugin and can be customized, it allows you to sell as many products as you want. You can take unlimited orders without having to pay WooCommerce any commission. You can have unlimited user accounts for your site and can target a worldwide customer base without any extra costs.

    Some other notable features of WooCommerce include the ability to add coupons, highlight important or popular products on your store, manage orders from a single dashboard and view reports to further improve your user’s browsing experience and increase sales.

    The installation process is simple and similar to other plugins that you use for WordPress. The extensive documentation allows you to find answers to all of your questions. Moreover, there is a massive online community using this plugin so your questions on online forums won’t get unanswered.

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    WooCommerce is, in my opinion, the best WordPress plugin for e-commerce. It has a relatively easy to learn dashboard and unlimited sales options. If you want to start a store on your WordPress site, there’s no reason not to try this free plugin.

    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi is a blogger, a web developer, and a passionate writer. He loves to talk about the web.

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