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Tailored Logo Review 2024 – Don’t Pay Before Reading This

Andrea Schlottman Andrea Schlottman Graphic Designer

A so-called “marketing and design consultancy,” Tailored Logo strives to be your one-stop shop for small and midsize business (SMB) branding. The company’s prices for logo creation are reasonable enough, but its design portfolio is pretty hit-or-miss. For more consistent quality at the same price, I’d hire a logo designer elsewhere (or even design my logo myself).


2,000+ Logos Created, but Are They Good?


Tailored Logo brands itself as a one-stop shop for marketing and design, advertising 15+ years of experience and over 2,000 logos created. The pictures on the company website give off the vibe of a traditional (expensive) creative agency, where designers work collaboratively on your project. But that’s not what you’ll pay for with Tailored Logo, and definitely not what you’ll get.

Instead, Tailored Logo offers a wide array of discounted design and digital marketing services, ranging all the way from logos to iOS apps. This variety of services certainly looks impressive at first glance, but it could also be a sign of a company trying to do too much. Does Tailored Logo really deliver high-quality, custom logos, fast and at a good price? Or is it stretched too thin to provide the laser-focused logo expertise you need?

Before clicking Let’s Start, read this quick review. I’ll show you exactly what you’ll get for the price – and more importantly, what you won’t.


Quick Logo Design with Optional Branding Add-Ons

Tailored Logo uses a fairly straightforward process for logo design, all done online. You’ll write a creative brief and then wait for the designers to share their logo concepts with you. You’ll then provide feedback, get revisions, and eventually finalize your logo design.

Tailored Logo screenshot - Logo portfolio

You’ll Get Input from Multiple Designers

Tailored Logo offers many different logo design packages (more on that below), but each package gives you multiple logo concepts created by different designers. With the most basic package, two designers will send you one logo idea each. Great, two heads are better than one, right? Well, only if those heads work together, and they really get what you’re after in a logo.

Tailored Logo’s designers seemingly work alone rather than as a collaborative team, which results in a huge difference in quality across individual logo designs. I’ll show you exactly what I mean at the end of this section.

The second problem is that you can’t pick the Tailored Logo designers who work on your project. This luck-of-the-draw approach might work fine, or you might find yourself working with someone whose design instincts are a million miles from the look you want.

If you’d rather choose a designer yourself, try heading to Fiverr, where you can view thousands of portfolios and hire someone whose work you know you like.

My colleague has hired several designers from Fiverr, and all of the other top logo design platforms, in a quest to find the perfect new logo for Website Planet. Don’t miss his comparison of the best logo design services – and find out which one is our clear winner.

You Can Bundle Other Branding Services

If you need more than just a logo, Tailored Logo offers discounts on bundled packages that include two or more of these services:

  • Logo design – Select how many logo concepts you want, plus the file types you need.
  • Branding – Get custom designs for business cards, t-shirts, and other marketing/promo items.
  • Website development – Choose a basic HTML site, content management system (CMS), or e-commerce shop.

If you want every last aspect of your company’s digital presence to be handled by Tailored Logo (and I’m definitely not saying you should), the company also creates animations, explainer videos, and even iOS and Android apps.

You Can Get Your Logo Quickly

Tailored Logo delivers logos in as little as 48 hours. (Until recently, the advertised turnaround time was 24 hours, so there’s a worrisome trend here.) Note that requesting revisions to your proposed logos will slow down the process of getting your final, downloadable files. Still, the process is pretty fast overall.

On the other hand, many designers on Fiverr also offer quick turnarounds, often for a much lower price. For that matter, you could even create your logo yourself with a tool like Tailor Brands or Wix Logo Maker (which I actually did below!). Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), these logo makers quickly generate unique logo designs that you can customize and download in a matter of minutes.

You’ll Get Unlimited Revisions… Maybe

Tailored Logo screenshot - Features

As this screenshot from the homepage shows, Tailored Logo prominently advertises an “Unlimited Revisions” policy. There is a catch, though: only the top three packages include unlimited revisions. So you’ll have to spend a fair amount to unlock this feature. The lower-priced packages place limits on the number of revisions you can request. For example, the second-cheapest option, Professional, allows six revisions.

Okay, Quick Is Good… But How Do the Logos Look?

Quick turnarounds and unlimited revisions are nice selling points for Tailored Logo, but ultimately, you need to know that your logo will look professional and be worth the price you paid. After taking a thorough look at Tailored Logo’s portfolio, I’d say that most of the designs look…“fine.” Not really a five-star endorsement, is it?

To be fair, some of the logos are creative and well-designed, like the three examples below. I love the thoughtful use of color, imagery, and text. It also impressed me that the styles are so different from one another; with some design services, every logo looks a variation on the same idea.

Logo by Tailored Logo - Farmer Marine Construction Logo by Tailored Logo - Faded Stylez Logo by Tailored Logo - Dynomite Donuts

Unfortunately, many other Tailored Logo designs look basic, generic, and even amateurish, like the three I’ve highlighted below. Really, these logos look like they were designed by a completely different company than the ones above. (Here’s where the use of multiple designers working on their own, rather than a collaborative design team, gets Tailored Logo into trouble.)

Logo by Tailored Logo - Beard Bros Logo by Tailored Logo - Magical Maids Logo by Tailored Logo - Gidget

A lot of designs I saw in the Tailored Logo portfolio (even the fairly good ones) had me thinking, “Wait, I could do that!” And I don’t mean with professional graphics software like Adobe Illustrator, either. To see whether my hunch was right, I pulled up some of my favorite DIY logo makers and put them to the test.

Here’s a comparison with Tailor Brands:

Logo by Tailored Logo - Equity Recruiting & Consulting Logo made with Tailor Brands - Finance Consulting & Management

Left: From Tailored Logo’s portfolio. Right: My version, created with Tailor Brands in 15 minutes. To learn more about this platform, read our in-depth Tailor Brands review.

And with Wix Logo Maker:

Logo by Tailored Logo - The Country Canine Logo made with Wix Logo Maker - The City Canine

Left: From Tailored Logo’s portfolio. Right: My version, created with Wix Logo Maker in 15 minutes. Learn more about Wix Logo Maker in our expert review.

And finally with DesignEvo:

Logo by Tailored Logo - Sterling Higgins Logo made with DesignEvo - Masterson Smith

Left: From Tailored Logo’s portfolio. Right: My version, created with DesignEvo in 15 minutes. Click here to read more about DesignEvo.

The similarities between the logos in each pair are enough to make you wonder…what are you really paying Tailored Logo for? Sure, you could get something like one of the genuinely original designs in the company portfolio. But you’re just as likely to get something that you could easily make yourself.

Allow me to include one last point: Assessing a logo’s excellence relies on a business maintaining its usage over an extended period. I was inquisitive to determine the number of companies highlighted in the Tailored Logo portfolio that still employ those logos. Thus, I tapped into my inner investigator (fine, fine, I simply resorted to Google).

I actually couldn’t find many of the companies at all, and several of the ones I did find were using different logos. Conclusion: It’s hard to know whether Tailored Logo’s claim of “2,000+ logos created” means real logos or samples showing fake companies, created just to pad the company portfolio.

Pricing and Support

Multiple Pricing Packages for Your Logo

Tailored Logo screenshot - Pricing packages

Tailored Logo offers four logo design packages, each for a one-time payment. Here are the key differences that make one package more expensive than another:

  • Number of logo concepts: The cheapest package offers only two logo concepts for you to review, while the most expensive plan offers unlimited concepts.
  • Logo revisions: As I said, you’ll only get unlimited revisions with the more expensive packages. The Startup plan includes just three revisions, so there’s a pretty good chance of getting stuck with a logo you don’t love.
  • File formats: The cheapest package offers only low-resolution files for small, digital display. To get more broadly usable files (like high-res PNGs or scalable vector files for printing), you’ll have to pay more.

The prices here are much lower than those of The Logo Company, another agency that gives you multiple logo concepts from different designers. Unlike with The Logo Company, though, the cheapest option at Tailored Logo isn’t that useful, since you don’t get any high-res or print-ready files. And The Logo Company only does logos, which gives me a little more confidence that the designers will understand what I need. To read about our experience with them, click here to read our in-depth review of The Logo Company.

Overall, for what you’re getting, I would say that the prices at Tailored Logo are…reasonable. Given the lackluster portfolio, along with the limited revisions and file formats included in the basic plan, you could certainly get greater value with another logo design service like Fiverr.

There’s a Money-Back Guarantee

All of Tailored Logo’s services come with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund by phone, email, or live chat, and you’ll get your refund within 48 working hours.

Be careful, though: The money-back guarantee is only valid before you’ve approved the initial logo concepts. Once you’ve approved them and asked for revisions, you’ll no longer be able to request a refund.



How does Tailored Logo match up to the competition?

1Fiverr Logo DesignCompareOur Score4.9Compare
1Wix Logo MakerCompareOur Score4.9Compare
1Tailored LogoCompareOur Score4.1Compare
1Get Custom LogoCompareOur Score1.5Compare


As far as low-cost logo design services go, Tailored Logo seems like…one of them. The company’s portfolio is a very mixed bag, and there’s no way to know whether you’ll end up with something uniquely creative or dreadfully generic.

So sure, you could hire Tailored Logo to create your logo, and you’d probably come out reasonably happy with the result. However, for a better assurance of quality, I’d recommend hiring someone on Fiverr  who has a portfolio you really love (which just might save you some cash, too).

  • Custom logos made by multiple designers
  • Many prices and packages available
  • Quick logo design timeframes
  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • Basic package gives you only two design concepts.
  • Unlimited revisions are only offered with higher-priced packages.


How does Tailored Logo work? 

To get a design from Tailored Logo, you’ll need to write a creative brief and then wait for the designers to share their logo concepts with you, usually within 48 hours. However, since you get input from multiple designers who work alone, individual logo designs may be wildly different.

Also, you can’t pick the designers who work on your project. If you’ve decided to hire a pro to create your logo, a platform like Fiverr1 is a much better option – you can pick a designer to work with, and you get a quick turnaround for a lower price. 

Is Tailored Logo expensive?

Tailored Logo offers four paid packages1, which differ in the number of logo concepts, logo revisions, and file formats you get. Compared to a similar agency like The Logo Company, Tailored Logo has much lower prices, but its cheapest plan isn’t all that useful, as you don’t get any high-res or print-ready files.

Regardless of the platform you choose, be sure to use our coupons to get the best deals. 

Is Wix Logo Maker better than Tailored Logo? 

Even though Tailored Logo employs a team of professional designers to work on your project, the logos you get may look generic, basic, and even amateurish. You’re likely to get better results with a feature-rich logo maker like Wix1 – chances are you’ll be able to create a solid design in about 15 minutes. Find out more in our expert Wix Logo Maker review

How do I create a professional logo?

If you want input from multiple professional designers, consider trying out a design contest platform like 99designs1 – they provide a good balance of quality design and affordable prices. But if you want to do the job by yourself, check out our top logo maker recommendations for 2024 to get inspired.
Andrea Schlottman Andrea Schlottman
Andrea is an experienced content writer, copywriter, and editor with special interests in graphic design, sustainable development, travel, and literature. Originally from Texas, she has lived around the world and makes frequent trips to explore new places and visit family in Japan.
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Thank goodness I read the reviews

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to write a review. I was about to pay, paused, researched reviewed and found these. I had already given my name and email to Tailored Logo. When I stated to "Alan" that I am no longer interested due concerning reviews, Alan, kept emailing me. First, the emails were ignoring my very forthcoming of not being interested. Then Alan began offering me a discount. I blocked him. Thank you, brothers and sisters.

Weatherman, USA
April 10, 2024
Not really designers, more copy and paste.

This company acts like they care. After the initial contact and getting you to sign up, they continually try to upsell or have you buy others things. The product they turn out is random and does not follow any of the initial instructions you give them. The logos they turn out if you reverse google image search you will find company logos or templates from free websites they use and change words. One of the logo look like a Bing AI generted image, wonky. They do not give you anything authentic with any thought or effort.

anonymus, USA
March 25, 2024
They stole $1100.00 From me

Terrible experience with this company. They stole $1100.00 from me and never gave me what I paid for. I had to go back and forth requesting changes and they never made any of the changes requested. They will waste your time and steal your money.

Jen, USA
October 25, 2022
Money Back Guarantee is BS

Lets just say, I would never use them again, it took them 6 months to build my site. Whoever did the copywrite, was not in the United States or never went to school...I brought this to their attention and they told me that they had already correct all the grammar errors....now I'm not talking about a couple either here and there, there was well over 200 on the site. After I thought we were done, and they could set it live, they didn't use the correct domain I provided and instead removed my main company webpage and put in this sub site we made instead. The only good thing I can say is they didn't ghost me after I complained about getting ghosted.. from that point I had good communication with my rep ...but I could have save the 100 hours I put into this and all the money and had been further ahead. I would not recommend them.

Adam, USA
June 01, 2022

Please do not use this company. I currently have an open investigation with this company. Robert Jones is a con artist, liar, and a complete fraud. I was given over 5 different contact numbers for Robert Jones within a 2 month time frame. His telephone number was disconnected twice. This company is very unprofessional and will scam you out of thousands of dollars.

Delaney Logan, USA
May 24, 2022
Buyer Beware

I paid for the "premium" package. The initial experience was wonderful, they were responsive, prompt, and seemed to care. Everything was within 48hrs. Here we are 3 months into my "free addon services" and its been over a month since my last product delivery. As soon as the initial logo was done and I didnt purchase a website, the communication dropped off to near silence, unless I reached out. I feel like the company no longer cares and just wanted my money to dump me as quickly as possible after that.

Stephen Brown, USA
January 25, 2022

Stephen, I have spent thousands of dollars with them and it has been a nightmare. I have had to do their job basically. I have learned more about computers and website design by fixing their mistakes than I ever learned on purpose. They suck, John Vuknic

John Vuknic , USA
May 03, 2022
Always Read Reviews! Dang!

This place is just exactly like every single reviewer has experienced. Unprofessional, scammers, beware! I paid for the logo and website "deal". Our website never got completed, when I tried to complain to Dennis Kurtz, Robert Jones would immediately respond. What a joke. I now have to pay another company 2000 to do an seo audit on their junky work. Plus our staged website is littered with crap images, and latin descriptions. DO NOT PAY THEM A CENT.

Colleen Miele, USA
December 16, 2021

This is the worst one most unprofessional company I've ever encountered. I've paid this company $1099.00 for a website and $135.00 for a business card design. It's been 9 months and I've still got nowhere. It doesn't matter how specific you break down what you want. It still comes back wrong. Huge, huge mistake!

Jennfier, USA
April 29, 2021
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