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Ari Denial
Ari Denial
Form Builder Expert

Gator Forms is a basic WordPress form builder plugin that has the essential tools for creating an online form but doesn’t offer much more than that. Many of its features, including templates, require you to upgrade to a Pro plan that fails to impress. It is, however, incredibly beginner-friendly, and if you’re just looking for a basic form builder without any frills, Gator Forms could be a good choice.


Basic WordPress Form Builder with Lots of Limitations

Gator Forms screenshot - homepage

Basic WordPress Form Builder with Lots of Limitations

With around 4,000 active users, Gator Forms offers free form building tools, with more features available if you upgrade to Gator Forms Pro.

Building an online form in WordPress is simple with Gator Forms. However, it isn’t the most attractive of form builders and its features are really quite basic, unlike Ninja Forms, which gives you more advanced features, more templates, and excellent integrations (and not only that, but it’s free).

Should you choose Gator Forms for your WordPress website? Keep reading to discover what Gator Forms offers and whether it can meet your needs.



Underwhelming Template Selection – and Only ONE Free Template

Gator Forms screenshot - Free contact form template

Gator Forms offers a small selection of form templates – with just ten template types to choose from. If you want to use any template other than the one for the Contact form, you have to upgrade to a Pro plan. But hey, maybe that’s all you need.

Gator Forms’ templates are all mobile responsive and can be customized using the drag-and-drop editor – which lets you easily rearrange the order of form fields and add additional fields. On the Pro plans, you can also apply customizable themes to your forms to change fonts and backgrounds. And yes, you guessed it – no themes are offered on the free version.

You can save forms created using a Pro template in the free version, you just won’t be able to display them on your website. Kind of defeats the purpose! Even the Pro templates are limited – you can choose forms for appointments, applications, call-backs, contact form with a map, feedback, hotel reservation, and forms with multiple fields.

Gator Forms’ template selection isn’t the best. To be honest, there are other WordPress form builders that give you so much more – for example, Cognito Forms has a huge selection of templates for all kinds of businesses.Explore Gator Forms Templates



Simple Tools for Simple Forms

Gator Forms screenshot - Features

As a pretty stripped-back form builder, Gator Forms doesn’t have a ton of features. Instead, it gives you what you need to build straightforward contact and business-related forms for your WordPress website. If you opt for a Pro plan, you get additional features such as extra fields, themes, and file uploads, but none of these extra features are particularly impressive.

However, some of Gator Forms’ features are worth a closer look:

Bootstrap Library for Full Mobile Support

So much browsing is done on mobile devices these days that you need your forms to look great in all formats. Gator Forms uses the Bootstrap library to ensure that your forms will display well no matter what device is being used to view them.

Bootstrap settings can be customized in the Advanced tab of the editor. The default Bootstrap version is v 2.3.2, however, which is an old version that’s no longer officially supported. Choose version 3.x for full mobile-first support.

Gator Forms screenshot - Bootstrap versions

Unlimited Forms and Fields

Unlike some WordPress form builders (such as Cognito Forms), Gator Forms allows you to create as many forms as you’d like – even with the free version. You’re not limited in the number of form fields you can use either. However, the free plan only has five field options: text input, multi-line text area input, email, name, and send button.

The Pro plan offers 22 form fields, including phone, subject, password, calendar, select list, multiple select lists, radio group, checkboxes group, single checkbox, agree to terms & conditions, send a copy to yourself, custom text/HTML, header, upload, captcha, newsletter, and list of recipients.

CAPTCHA-Free Spam Protection

Whether you’re using the free or Pro version of Gator Forms, you can rely on the built-in spam protection that doesn’t require the use of a CAPTCHA field.See full list of features

Ease of use


Beginner-Friendly Editor Makes Form Building Easy

Gator Forms screenshot - Dashboard

Beginner-Friendly Editor Makes Form Building Easy

Gator Forms is ridiculously easy to use, even if you’ve never used a WordPress form builder before. It uses a tabbed editor that makes it simple to change settings, adjust the location of your form, rearrange and add form fields, and explore some more advanced settings (that you should only use if you know what you’re doing!).

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Gator Forms’ drag-and-drop interface makes arranging the form fields super easy. You can add new fields by dragging the field you want into an empty placeholder box (created by clicking on the + icons) or over the Add row boxes, which will turn yellow to indicate where the field will go.
Gator Forms screenshot - Drag-and-drop interface

Four-Step Form Building

Gator Forms screenshot - 4-Click Setup

Building a form in Gator Forms is a four-step process – five if you count pressing the Create new form button. The tabbed sections in the builder create a kind of step-by-step process that you can follow in any order you want.

These are the four steps:

  1. Setting the position of your form
  2. Choosing and arranging the form fields
  3. Selecting a theme (if you have a Pro plan)
  4. Configuring the email settings

Once you’ve set these up, your form is ready to use.

Straightforward Customization

Gator Forms screenshot - Theme customizer

If you opt for a Pro plan, you can use a standard theme or create a theme to match your branding using the theme customizer. With simple radio buttons, text fields, and color selector boxes, you can adjust everything from the background image of your form to colors of active form fields, buttons, and links. Using the customizer is easy, with everything displayed on a single page.

Gator Forms is one of the easiest form builders I’ve used, and it’s designed with beginners in mind. Stripping back to the basics means there are no complicated features you have to learn how to use, and you can create your form in minutes.

The form editor is intuitive, but there’s no guided tour or tooltips to help you if you get stuck. You can, however, refer to help documentation that will guide you through the steps of building your first online form.

If you know how to use WordPress, you won’t have any trouble using Gator Forms. Even setting your form to display on your webpages is simple, since you don’t even have to copy-and-paste a shortcode onto your contact page. Just select the Gator Forms content block in the editor to display your forms on your website.

See if Gator Forms is Right for You


If you go with the free plan, the only support you’ll get is through the community forum (where you may or may not get an answer to your questions). Essentially, you’re on your own. Pro users get support via a ticketing system, and there are two levels of support, depending on which plan you choose.

Standard support is available on the Personal plan, and you get access to priority support on the Business and Agency plans. The difference between the two support levels isn’t clear – but it’s fair to assume that priority support means your questions will be answered faster. There’s no live chat or phone support.


Gator Forms Pro has three pricing plans – Personal, Business, and Agency, suitable for one, five, and unlimited sites, respectively. The reasonably priced annual plans give you access to Pro features, including priority support on Business and Agency plans, a larger number of field types, themes, and file upload options.

You’re also able to access future updates with Pro plans – but to be honest, Gator Forms isn’t updated all that frequently (and hasn’t yet been tested with the latest version of WordPress).

The free plan is fine if you just want to add a basic contact form to your website, but the fields really are very limited. You can’t, for example, use a phone number form field without upgrading to a Pro plan. Other WordPress plugins, such as Ninja Forms, include far more on their free plans than Gator Forms does.

Upgrading to a Pro plan with Gator Forms is simple – buy from the official Gator Forms website using the in-plugin button, and add your activation code in the plugin settings.


How does Gator Forms match up to the competition?

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Gator FormsCompare 3.5 Compare
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Bottom line on Gator Forms

Gator Forms allows you to create basic forms for your WordPress website, but it has a lot of limitations and doesn’t give you the templates and features that other form builder plugins offer. It’s best suited for you if you just want something simple to create a contact form on your website.

The Pro plans with Gator Forms give you a greater range of form fields and support via ticketing, but there are other plugins that offer better value, so upgrading to a Pro plan with Gator Forms isn’t something I’d recommend. If you still want to give it a shot, though, Gator Forms offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Ari Denial
Ari Denial
Ari is passionate about web hosting and design and has been building websites with WordPress for over ten years. When he’s not testing web hosts, you’re likely to find him trying (in vain) to train his three beagles (who are better at training him than he is them!)

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