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Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor
Freelance Jobs Expert

Guru is a freelancer platform that hosts professionals and groups offering services in eight primary categories. It does require a bit of time to learn the platform, and fees are higher than other freelance websites. Read on to discover the best alternative out there.



Are Guru’s High Fees Really Worth It?

Guru is an immense platform for freelancers, targeting professionals rather than entry-level freelancers. It offers every tool and feature to facilitate getting an assignment completed and ensure top quality of the work that you commission.  The wide choice of freelancers and the platform’s easy search functionality will enable you to match your project to the most qualified freelancer.

However, you might notice that Guru’s service fees are substantially high compared to the rest of the market. But don’t worry – Guru isn’t the only freelance platform out there.

If you need to hire a professional but you don’t have a huge budget, you should definitely give Fiverr a try. Simple jobs cost as little as $5, and you can choose from a huge variety of freelancers from all over the world.



Freelancers Cross the Borders

Guru reaches out across the world to include members from the UK to Australia. The only drawback are the hefty charges and fees required to qualify for membership in this impressive venture. It makes no difference whether you are happy with the services or not: so, this is a disadvantage for low-level users trying to make business on this site.

Guru includes people from all over the world. You can pick freelancers from the USA, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. However, some applicants from China, India, or the Philippines are under-qualified and overly pushy. This has aggravated many employers, who avoid hiring freelancers from these countries, although their quotes are very competitive in the market. Every new application for your project may o may not become the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.

Guru is a finely executed tool, ensuring high quality for both sides of the freelancer-employer deal. Guru has been on the market for more than 10 years, proving they have stood atop of the business in providing an array of freelance services and acting as responsible mediators between clients and employees.Explore Guru Templates



Here Is Where the Magic Happens

Guru doesn’t follow other freelance websites that run contests and incorporate complicated experience points-based rating systems. The feedback score is critical for both employers and freelancers. You will not find many people accepting work from you or hiring you if you have low feedback points.

You may describe working projects in whatever terms you choose, but bear it in mind that direct contact information disclosure is a big no-no on Guru and can get your account suspended or terminated.

Among other debatable Guru features is the special time-tracking software, which allows customers to track freelancer activity on hourly contracts.See full list of features

Ease of use


A Touch of Humor and Personality to See You Through

The Guru layout is polished and the navigation is intuitive, until you stumble upon their blog. In this area, Guru can use some plastic surgery and a little more structure and tagging. This critical source of invaluable information is not easy to navigate.

The search functions are simply stunning, allowing you to browse and filter job postings and freelancer profiles with ease.

Guru definitely offers a touch of humor and a dash of fun to the entire experience. The latter is pleasant up to the point you are charged hefty commissions on every transaction. The happy smiley faces that pop up when you are filling out registration forms may seem misplaced at times, but they are harmless.See if Guru is Right for You



We Don’t Want to Talk to You

Guru Help Center does not feature live-chat or a phone line, but the “Answers” message board and extensive FAQ section + the e-mail based ticket system should be able to help you resolve any questions. The thing is – their FAQ and blog combined is an overwhelmingly detailed tool that can really help you with anything, even if it’s you second-ever time on the Web. If it is your first-ever experience on-line altogether the “Answers” will help you. No, seriously – even if you are an alien. Maybe this is the reason Guru indicates your initial location as “Earth”?

  • Brilliant FAQ subdivided into client-specific sections
  • E-mail support
  • No live-chat
  • No phone help line



Here’s Where It All Gets Very Complicated

Unless you are an expert mathematician or statistician, you may have difficulty sorting out the service and membership fees, deducted from the employer’s payment every time a payment is issued. There are three types of accounts with monthly fees, depending on the sector you are working in. If you pay in bulk you get 20% discount.

  • Payment System – Verified credit card account or PayPal
  • Payment Protection – Guru-specific SafePay system that requires additional registration and verification
  • Payment Disputes – Mediation and Arbitration available only to registered SafePay users who have initially attempted to settle the dispute themselves + only if the sum in question is no less than $25

Depending on your membership type and the activity feedback-based-level on Guru, you pay 2,95% for each transaction + 4,5%-11,95% per monetary operation. This percentage system can be a bit complex to understand, but the FAQ section provides in-depth answers to most questions.

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October 16, 2020
The person was found

I needed to find a cool layout designer for a new project, I didn't find anyone from my friends, so I had to search on freelance sites. I must say that the site is not very intuitive, I would like to go in, open the necessary section and see freelancers by rating, for example. In General, I found the right person, but the service needs to be improved

July 31, 2020
In the end I did it myself

I ordered SEO services, the service is quite convenient for search, but the quality of freelancers suffers very much. For the amount that took the service-it is expensive, I had to redo some things myself because I used to work in this field

Karina H.
July 09, 2020
scam website. stay away. just trying to help you.

I've been a victim of a scam. I was contacted by a "recruiter" at Guru who contacted me with Human Resources at Mcmillan publishers. I made a one hour interview with him Steven Thomas. Then he sent me a $6900 for me to buy equipment (laptop, printer and softwares). I deposited the check and when I saw it in my account I was asked to pay the computer retailer. As soon as I sent the payment to a supposedly retailer, my bank realized the check was fake and bounced it. Too late. I had already sent the $1800 payment. Of course, I feel dumb. But then I think my only mistake is to trust people. Big mistake. Big pain.

Michael F.
April 28, 2020
Don not ever use this company

Many years ago I have used Guru to complete several projects. They all went fairly well. My last two projects, however, have been a nightmare. I went through several different developers each and everyone was either horrifically incompetent or a scammer trying to get paid for doing next to nothing despite decent reviews. With projects that go into arbitration, there is no way to rate the scammer to warn others and Guru keeps an "arbitration fee". Guru has become a scammer website for scammers.

March 24, 2020
Worst Freelance Site - Guru.com

Beware of this company and their policies. Had our account closed because we are an LGBTQ+ based company. This was after they scammed me out of my ID and personal financial details.Worst customer service I have dealt with - nothing but an attitude! Stay away

March 23, 2017
Guru Review

Tried two separate $1000+ jobs. I am very experienced project manager of this kind of work and needed an extension to my team. Both "gurus" failed to deliver as agreed and long, long after promised.

However, both Gurus had 5-star ratings! How can this be? It turns out Gurus can delete their negative feedback for money. Ugh.

The final failed project resulted in a refund, thankfully. However, adding insult to injury, Guru kept a $30 "transfer fee" for allowing me to withdraw my refund money. Thanks Guru!

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Bottom line on Guru

Guru is a freelance website offering many advantages and safety-nets for hiring  freelancers. One of its major drawbacks are the high monthly fees and transaction commissions. The percentage calculation system is also difficult to decipher at first. However, the level of freelancer competence and user experience gained from the site’s tools is highly satisfactory. This is truly a recommended platform.


  • Highly skilled freelancers
  • Fun and intuitive interface
  • Time-tracking software
  • Massive service fee discounts for subscribed members


  • High monthly and transaction fees
  • Complicated billing system
  • No live chat
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor
Oliver is a senior web developer who develops features and directs maintenance tasks for the WebsitePlanet website and associated Android apps (Java and Kotlin).

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