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Louisa McGrath

Louisa is a freelance content creator based in Ireland. By day, she works with SaaS companies and SMEs. By night, she writes short stories and walks dogs.

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Podcastpage comes with some unique features that podcast creators will love. It has custom audio players, automatic episode updates, timestamps, and more. But there’s a shortage of options when it comes to customization, templates, and integrations. Depending on how the level of marketing and e-commerce features you're looking for, you might find it limiting.


Podpage has some features that podcasters will really appreciate, including lots of cool automation. But the awkward editing process really brings down the experience - as well as the appearance of your site.

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5 Best (Affordable) Website Builders for Nonprofits in [2021]

A great website can help your nonprofit build awareness, drive donations, and attract volunteers. But not every website builder allows you to create a great website. If you’re going to put the time and effort into building a website for your nonprofit, you want to know you have the option to add any feature you might need, from a donation button to a newsletter to online...

May 26, 2021
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5 Best WooCommerce Store Themes in 2021 – Plus 2 Extras!

As I was browsing through the WooCommerce theme store, I noticed that you can’t filter your options by industry. At first I was a little frustrated! But then I realized that a lot of themes are suitable for various types of stores and businesses. After taking the time to go through each WooCommerce template, I can tell you that some of the best themes are hidden behind...

April 27, 2021
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Jimdo Pricing Plans 2021 – How to Avoid the Hidden Costs

With 12 different pricing plans, choosing a Jimdo subscription can get confusing - especially since Jimdo doesn’t present you with all the options when signing up. There are seven plans that use AI to automatically create a site for you. Then there are five plans that allow you to choose a template and customize it yourself. Jimdo’s top tier plans are quite pricey,...

April 13, 2021
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BigCommerce Pricing 2021: Be Aware of These Extra Costs

BigCommerce is a platform a lot of big brands use, but its pricing model could give pause to some businesses, especially smaller ones. Why? Because you can’t always control how much you pay to run your store. In recent years, BigCommerce has significantly hiked up the price of some of its plans. Another pricing aspect that some users don't like - me included! - is that...

The Best Shopify Store Themes in 2021 (Plus Ones to Avoid)

Not all Shopify themes are not created equal. While there are some absolute gems waiting for you, there are also a few themes that should be avoided at all costs. Of course, Shopify’s long list of payment options will work on all themes. But if you’re looking for features like responsive design, product filters, or advanced marketing tools - well, that all comes down to...

The 5 Best Membership Website Builders in 2021 (2 Are FREE)

Not every website builder allows you to create a members-only area. But even the ones that do won’t necessarily meet your specific requirements. Membership websites come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the website builders that make them. For example, not all builders enable recurring subscription payments, while some let you create discussion forums and others...

5 Best Personal Website Builders (4 Are Free) – 2021 Update

Many website builders are so focused on impressing business customers that they forget about the needs of personal users like you and me. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not pay a premium for a whole lot of fancy features that I’ll never use. I know from past experience that figuring out the best and most relevant option can be overwhelming. In fact, I gave up and...

5 Best Website Builders for Travel Agencies in 2021: 4 Are Free

On the surface, many website builders appear to offer the perfect solution for travel agencies. But they don’t always provide the features you need. You’re probably looking to take bookings on your website. Then, every travel agency wants to market their site too. But not all website builders offer booking features, while others can be an SEO nightmare. Choose the right...

Squarespace Pricing [2021]: Crucial Tips Before You Sign Up

Squarespace claims to be the perfect website builder for students, artists, and creatives who want to build a stylish site, and it provides e-commerce solutions for businesses as well. But nobody’s perfect, and since it doesn’t have a free plan like other site builders, the big question is: Is Squarespace really worth the cost? As an avid Squarespace user myself, I took a...

Maximize Email Signups on Landing Pages in 2021 (+ Pro Tips!)

If your landing pages haven’t been performing as well as you’d like, don’t worry. From rethinking your copy to redesigning your layout, there are lots of practical things you can do to get people signing up more often. In this article, I’ve compiled five tried-and-true tricks for maximizing email signups. They’re all based on simple principles, so you won’t need a Ph.D in...