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FreeLogoServices 2024 review – why 3.7 stars?

Andrea Schlottman Andrea Schlottman Graphic Designer

Don’t be fooled by the name – It’s free to design your logo at FreeLogoServices, but you’ll have to pay to download it. With lackluster templates and average customizations, I’d say there are much better logo makers to spend your money on.

If you want to save even more money but you need a professionally designed logo, you should head to Fiverr and hire a logo designer for as little as $5.


💎Service TypeDIY logo maker
🚀Free to TryYes
💲Starting Price$39.95
📁File FormatsEPS, SVG, PNG & JPEG
🔄Free RevisionsNo
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress

Perfectly Adequate, but Definitely Not #1

FreeLogoServices review - homepage screenshot

If you’re looking for free logo services, well, FreeLogoServices is sure to pop up at the top of your search results. The company’s got some great Google-ability (which, yes, is definitely a word)…but what about its logo design services? Are they actually free? If not, are they worth the price?

Spoiler alert: There are probably better logo makers out there, such as Wix Logo Maker. And no, you can’t download your logo for free, like you can with DesignEvo. But hey, we all have different needs…so let’s give FreeLogoServices a fair shot.

FreeLogoServices claims to be “the #1 provider of logo design services and branded marketing products” – with 25 million users and counting. The website is available in ten languages (and you can make your logos in these languages, too):

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Simplified Mandarin
  • Japanese
Assuming you love the logo you’ve made for your Italian fashion house or Turkish lunch spot, you’ll only pay once to get all the logo files you could need. The “branded marketing products” are pretty diverse, too: banners, signs, t-shirts, pens, clothing, custom or DIY websites, business emails, and even local business listings.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The real question is whether or not FreeLogoServices will give you a high-quality, well-designed, and fully customized logo that you would even want to get printed in the first place. Does this platform really live up to its claim of the #1 logo design tool? Keep reading to find out for yourself.



Decent Editing Features and Add-ons, but Very Lackluster Templates

Unlike some other popular logo design platforms (looking at you, Looka and Tailor Brands!), FreeLogoServices is not powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Because FreeLogoServices has no AI, it doesn’t ask you questions, learn from your answers, and then present customized logo concepts. Instead, it gives you and every other user on the planet the same logo templates from the same stock library.

Not to confuse you – there is a step-by-step startup wizard, consisting of four quick screens. It’s just not AI-powered. Instead, it’s designed to help you filter through the existing template library, for instance by choosing your preferred logo style (shown in the screenshot below).

FreeLogoServices review - logo styles screenshot

And that brings me to the next key feature…the logo templates themselves.

Thousands of Logo Templates, Almost All Mediocre

Ah, the logo templates.

Have you ever heard that old saying, “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink?” Literary nerd as I am, this line from a 1700s English seafaring poem perfectly describes how I feel as I swim through the sea of logo templates.

There are thousands of templates, yet I somehow can’t find one that I like. The vast majority make me feel nothing but “meh,” probably because they share an uncanny resemblance to early-internet-age clip art.

Take a look for yourself in the screenshot below.

FreeLogoServices screenshot - logo templates

Do these logos say “modern and tech-savvy”? Or “early 2000s with zero design budget”?

To be fair, FreeLogoServices did a terrific job of identifying the word “planet” in the name Website Planet…but that’s not really a huge plus when their planet icons look a couple decades out of date anyway.

The Customization Options Are Pretty Decent

If you can look past the lackluster logo templates, I do actually like FreeLogoServices’ customization options. They’re robust enough to personalize your logo without getting too overwhelming.

The basic customizations depend on the individual logo template you choose, but in general, you can:

  • Include your company name and slogan
  • Add up to two or three additional text boxes
  • Choose to display an icon, initial, or wordmark alone
  • Change fonts and sizing
  • Choose preselected colors or find your own on the color picker tool
  • Freely drag and place text or icons anywhere on the “canvas”

FreeLogoServices screenshot - character limit

To answer my own question, yes, there is a character limit (of 30 per textbox).

FreeLogoServices does not support more advanced customizations, like the ability to change transparency, add color gradients, or insert animations. You also can’t add a new background shape if it doesn’t already exist in your template.

The bottom line? You’re more or less stuck with the logo template you choose, which is less than ideal when the templates aren’t too great to begin with.

You’ll Get a Great Variety of File Formats

Compared to almost any other logo maker I’ve used, FreeLogoServices stands out for its awesome variety of useful logo files, even with the cheapest plan. You’ll get:

  • JPEG, PNG, and GIF files – including color, black and white, and transparency
  • SVG and EPS files – vector files, which are great for editing with design software or printing in large scale

Of all the features, this is the one that I’m genuinely most impressed by. I guess that’s not saying much since the focus should theoretically be on the quality of logos rather than the quantity of files…but let’s take what we can get.

After all, most logo makers reserve vector files, and sometimes even transparent files, for their more expensive plans. (Read more on pricing below.)

You Can Hire a Pro

If you change your mind about the whole DIY thing, you can always hire a professional designer instead. Unlike some logo makers where the designer will only “touch up” your logo design, FreeLogoServices offers custom logos from scratch.

They also promise a “revise until you’re happy” policy.

FreeLogoServices review - Work directly with a logo designer

You Can Buy Printed Merchandise

Once you’ve made your new logo, you can get it printed on clothing, pens, signs, business cards… Basically, if it’s something you’ve ever received as a marketing freebie yourself, you can probably have it printed here.

By the way, you can also upload an existing logo (or other image) to get your promotional items printed, without using the logo maker itself.

You Can Get a Website and Other “Web Stuff”

Yeah, a website! Why not? You can get a branded website here, either through a DIY website builder or by hiring FreeLogoServices staff to design, code, and write content for your website. You can also use this tool to:

  • Create local business listings
  • Get a business email through Google
  • Register a website domain

I haven’t tried these add-ons myself (I’m good in the website and email department), but my gut instinct is that you’d get better results from a more dedicated provider. Unless you absolutely need a logo + domain + website builder + printed t-shirts…I’d probably go elsewhere for these add-ons.

My Experience with FreeLogoServices

Overall, there are some features of FreeLogoServices that you’d probably like, like the flexible drag-and-drop editor that’s still beginner-friendly. Or the fact that you can seamlessly order so many types of printed merchandise. Or the fact that you get so many different file formats.

To get the full FreeLogoServices experience, I used the platform to design a new logo for Website Planet. Here’s the best I could do.

Website Planet logo created with FreeLogoServices

Not awful, but not super great, either. If only the logo templates themselves were more modern and well-designed, then some FreeLogoServices features could be real knock-outs.


Ease of use

Beginner-Friendly and Easy to Use – No Design Background Needed

Even if you’ve never designed a logo before, you won’t find it too difficult to use FreeLogoServices. You may actually like how simple and straightforward the tool is. There’s no steep learning curve, and you don’t need any creative or artistic background.

The Interface Is Self-Explanatory

Even from the homepage, the website is pretty easy to navigate. Just click into the logo maker, complete the quick step-by-step wizard, and choose a logo template to customize.

At that point, you’ll enter an editing screen that looks like this.

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Color picker

The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive, even if you have little to no design experience. While it doesn’t have any pop-up user tips or hints for you, the editor is clear enough that you can easily figure things out on your own.

And if you do make a mistake, there are also several buttons to fix it for you:

  • Undo to reverse your last edits
  • Redo to go forward in edits
  • Reset to revert to the original template design

The editor will also “snap” objects into place to help you align them automatically.

You Don’t Need an Account to Design a Logo

Unlike with some logo makers, you don’t have to create an account to get started. That means you can play around with the platform as much as you want before giving away your precious email address (and thus opening the floodgates to ever more marketing emails).

You’ll only need to create an account once you’re ready to save your logo design.

Saving Your Logo Can Be Frustrating

Speaking of saving…that’s one process that could definitely be more user-friendly.

By clicking the floppy disk icon to save (a throwback nearly as dated as some of the logo templates…), I would expect the program to save my work and then let me continue – much like a standard word processing document.

However, as soon as you click save, you’ll be sent to buy your logo. This sales funnel vortex can take as many as five screens to get back to where you were in the editor.

Here’s the first screen that pops up whenever you save.

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Matching business cards

Nooooo, FreeLogoServices, I don’t want to be sold business cards when I click “Save.” I just want to know that my work-in-progress won’t be tragically lost if I accidentally close the wrong tab out of the 15+ I have open.

Nonetheless, it is nice to be able to save as many designs as you want. You could theoretically make a hundred different logo versions before ever purchasing anything. Just don’t hit “Save” until you’re ready to stop.

Changing Icons and Colors Could Be Smoother

While most of the customization options are fairly straightforward, there are two areas where I found myself wishing for improvement:

  1. You cannot change your icon. Once you enter the editor page, you’re stuck with the icon from your logo template. To get a different icon, you’ll have to choose a brand-new template.
  2. The color tool can be finicky. You can recolor individual sections of an icon (which is awesome and unique!) but the program doesn’t make that clear at all.

For instance, in the puzzle piece icon provided below, you can modify each of the three colors by clicking on the respective section and selecting a new color. However, please note that you will need to click and experiment, as there is no visual indication confirming your selection.

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Matching business cards

So How Easy Is It to Design Your Logo?

All in all, FreeLogoServices is very beginner-friendly. It’s not the absolute easiest logo maker out there, but neither is it the most complicated.

You may need to invest some time finding a template that doesn’t look too terribly dated. However, after you’ve chosen an adequate one, I’d rate the ease of use as actually quite good, and one of FreeLogoServices’ better features overall.

As another plus, you can also get one free revision within five days of purchasing your logo. That takes some pressure off – making your design process easier and, hey, maybe even a little fun. You just have to email the support team to request it.

And that brings us perfectly into the next category of…support.



Support Is Good…If You Can Get a Response

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Support Center

When using an online logo maker, good customer support can make or break the entire experience. And unfortunately, there’s no other way to say this: FreeLogoServices offers very limited support.

There Is a “Help Center”

FreeLogoServices does have a “Help Center” (also sometimes called a “Support Center” on the site), which I put in air-quotes because that’s just about as helpful as it gets. I read through many of their answers, and they were less than helpful.

For example, this answer is really vague.

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Print products FAQ

And this one points you to a third-party resource instead of answering the question itself.

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Email signature FAQ

I don’t necessarily care about these topics at this exact moment, but I’d have more confidence if the company gave clear and upfront answers to its own FAQs.

Real Support Is Very Limited

To get those more specific answers for myself, I contacted them the only way that I could: via support ticket.

That’s right – there is no phone number, no email address, and no live chat. (I did actually find one lonely email address listed on the site, but it was weirdly specific to domain registration, and I only stumbled across it by accident.)

So I filled out the website support ticket form to ask about free logo samples, which some logo makers, like Wix Logo Maker and DesignEvo, do provide.

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Contact form

After waiting three days, I received no response.

I decided to try filling out the contact form again – only this time, I made sure to log into my FreeLogoServices account first. (I guess that’s why the contact form below looks slightly different than the form above.)

FreeLogoServices screenshot - Support form

Perhaps logging in made the difference, because I did receive a response, around 24 hours later.

The support agent was very polite and clearly answered my questions. Since the email was not from one of those automated “DON’T YOU DARE REPLY” addresses, I decided to ask a follow-up question by email.

I was fairly pleased to get a direct response from the same support agent within about 10 hours. Again, she answered my questions and was very polite.

FreeLogoServices support email screenshot

Overall, my experience with support was just okay. Not amazing, but not absolutely awful. The agent was helpful enough, but I would have appreciated a faster response time (or any response at all to my first support ticket).

You Can Help Yourself Through the Blog (Sort Of)

FreeLogoServices does have an active blog with posts on everything from logo design to social media marketing and promo items. That could be helpful, right?

Like the other support options, I’d say the answer is “maybe.”

FreeLogoServices blog screenshot

One of the first things that caught my attention is the top blog post about color gradients in logos, which is a customization feature that this tool doesn’t even offer. (Insert shrugging emoji here? Facepalm emoji? So many emojis to choose from…but none express my disappointment.)

Full disclosure: I haven’t read every single blog post on there, but if they’re all as relevant as this one, I wouldn’t give the blog too much second thought.

It almost feels as though FreeLogoServices doesn’t want you to reach out to them, given the limited methods to get in touch with support. This approach doesn’t really build trust with new or even current customers. Just putting it out there.



Generous Pricing Is the Best Feature by Far

The “free” part of the FreeLogoServices name refers to using the DIY logo maker. You can design one (or two or three or 50…) logos completely for free, but, of course, you can’t actually download a logo for free.

 Instead, you’ll choose from two one-time payment options: basic or premium.

As mentioned above, FreeLogoServices is very generous with its basic plan. You’ll get high-resolution logo files (including editable vector files) as well as the option to claim a free website domain for one year. The premium plan gives you all that, plus free logo edits for one year and a few variations in layout and sizing.

To either plan, you can also add on a subscription for a local business listing, website, and domain. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

Three important notes here:

  • There are no free logo samples, even for non-commercial use.
  • There are no refunds available for any logo design.
  • With either plan, you can request one free revision from customer support within five days of purchasing. (After that, you’ll need the premium plan to make free edits.)

And one more pricing thing that slightly irks me: FreeLogoServices claims to only save your logo designs for five days – presumably so that you’ll feel the pressure and “BUY NOW!” But I’ve had logos saved to my account for over a month, so I don’t think they’re being totally honest.

Usage Rights

I couldn’t find this information clearly posted online, which is why I asked the support agent. She clarified that “you are given unlimited use of the logo files you’ve purchased” and that “you may use your logo wherever you would like.”

Keep in mind that your original logo template will remain on the website.


How does FreeLogoServices match up to the competition?

Fiverr Logo DesignCompareOur Score4.9Compare
Wix Logo MakerCompareOur Score4.8Compare
FreeLogoServicesCompareOur Score3.7Compare
Get Custom LogoCompareOur Score1.5Compare


Neither Free…Nor the Best

For a company that claims to be #1, FreeLogoServices does not live up to the hype.

If it offered more modern templates (like, WAY more modern) and a better customer support system, I could see this company earning a pretty solid review from me – especially since it’s quite beginner-friendly and its pricing plans give great value. Unfortunately, the benefits are overshadowed by the out-of-fashion logo templates.

Sure, you could probably save a little money with FreeLogoServices, but you can’t change the mediocre logo quality. For a comparable price, there are better logo makers out there:
  • Wix Logo Maker is similarly beginner-friendly, just with easier and more creative logo customizations. This platform also uses AI technology, so you won’t be getting stock templates.
  • Even templates can be done better, too. DesignEvo also uses templates, only they’re much more modern, attractive, and customizable. You can also download your logo for free, even for commercial use.

My recommendation? Try one of these logo makers instead.


How does FreeLogoServices work? 

FreeLogoServices isn’t AI-powered, but it has a start-up wizard to help you filter through the template library, which has thousands of designs. The flexible editor lets you customize your logo easily – you can change colors, fonts, add text, and more. However, if you want more advanced personalization options, Wix Logo Maker is a better choice

Is FreeLogoServices really free? 

Despite its name, FreeLogoServices only lets you make your logo for free – to download it; you’ll have to pay. That said, even the cheapest plan gives you access to features like hi-res logo files (including editable vectors) and a free website domain for one year. The Premium plan comes with unlimited revisions, social media design, and more.

Both plans are quite affordable, and you can save even more money by using our coupons

Is Tailor Brands better than FreeLogoServices? 

Unlike FreeLogoServices, Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo generator, which means you get more relevant logo options to choose from. There’s a huge library of icons, and although the customization options aren’t the most advanced, you’ll find this tool incredibly easy to use, even if you’re a newbie. Learn more in our expert Tailor Brands review.  

How do I create a professional logo? 

If you want to try your hand at designing a logo yourself, you can do it with the help of one of these top-logo design services for 2024. However, if you’d rather have a professional handle the designing for you, consider hiring a logo designer on Fiverr for a super low price
Andrea Schlottman Andrea Schlottman
Andrea is an experienced content writer, copywriter, and editor with special interests in graphic design, sustainable development, travel, and literature. Originally from Texas, she has lived around the world and makes frequent trips to explore new places and visit family in Japan.
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Had a minor issue after I placed the order. (This was late at night.) Customer service contacted by noon next day and resolved the problem. Excellent service, and I can't wait to receive my b-cards and use the logo on my letterhead. I will likely order pens and other merchandise in the near future.

Jim D, USA
April 03, 2020
Dangerous do not order

This site is a scam, I ordered a logo I paid 29.90euros of my credit card and yet not received my purchase over 2 months, Don't trust them, my case is handled to my lower. I want my money back

anonymus, Portugal
December 16, 2019
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