How We Scored Each Landing Page Builder


Landing Pages are all the rage. Why? Because you can customize the look-and-feel of a ad campaign, highlight a particular item or run a special promotion without having to rework your entire site.
We rigorously tested these LPBs, putting them through the paces so you don’t have to guess which one is best. We broke down the evaluation into 5 sections: Templates & Designs, Features, User Friendly, Support, and Pricing, and rated them on a scale of 1-10.

Templates & Designs

We evaluated their templates on a couple of criteria:

Selection – is there a wide variety of templates to cater to a variety of different applications and people? Are the templates stylish as well as functional?

Customization – Can you modify the designs enough to put your own stamp on it?


We inspect all the Landing Page Builder’s features and check to see if they have the most common ones available.

No of Pages
How many landing pages can you create? What are the differences between free and paid accounts?

Unique Visitors
How many visits to each landing page are allowed per month?

3rd Party Integrations
Can you use the Landing Page Builder with such popular applications as MailChimp or SalesForce?

Social Integrations
Can you include Like or +1 buttons for Facebook, Google, or other social platforms?

Custom Domain
Can you publish your Landing Page under your own www or must you use one of theirs?

Stats & Analytics
Can you find out information about visitors to your Landing Pages and how detailed is the info?

A/B Testing
Can you set up 2 separate Landing Pages and compare their success?

Are there advertisements on your Landing Pages that are not your own?

Accepting Payments
Can you integrate payments and eCommerce into your Landing Page? Is it only Paypal, Google checkout, or can you also process credit cards via companies like

Lead Management/Capture
Can you capture names, email addresses and other info from your visitors?

User Friendly

  1. How easy is the landing page builder to use?
  2. Is it intuitive? Is it drag-and-drop?
  3. How quickly can you make a page and get it live?


  1. What is the pricing structure?
  2. Is there a free plan or a 2-week trial?
  3. Are the pricing and features competitive?


  1. Is there help when you need it?
  2. An extensive knowledgebase?
  3. A user forum and videos?
  4. Is there a phone number, email, or chat?