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7 Best Unlimited-Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers for 2024

Josh Fasulo Josh FasuloWeb Hosting Expert March 01, 2024
March 01, 2024
Not many VPS hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth, and many of the ones that do don’t offer very good value otherwise. This makes finding a decent bandwidth-unlimited VPS host like finding a needle in a haystack.

At Website Planet, my colleagues and I have signed up for and tested all the most popular VPS hosts around the world. I’ve examined our results and there are only three hosts that offer unlimited site traffic that are actually worth your money.

But they do exist – especially if you widen your search to VPS hosts that offer a ton of monthly bandwidth to the point it’s nearly unlimited, like Kamatera. If you stay open-minded about this prospect, you may find yourself a host that can give you a lot more than just unlimited bandwidth.

We tested the most popular VPS hosts with unlimited or otherwise high bandwidth limits. After reviewing the results I managed to cut it down to the top seven. But which one is right for you? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Short on time? These are the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosts for 2024:

  1. Expert’s Choice
    kamatera-logo Kamatera
    Kamatera is a popular choice with our readers
    Highly customizable VPS with superior performance and unlimited bandwidth
  2. scalahosting-logo Scala Hosting Fully managed VPS hosting with a great set of features for a low price
  3. ionos_logo_2023 IONOS Unbeatable affordability with the lowest prices for unmanaged VPS hosting

What We Look For in the Best Unlimited-Bandwidth VPS Hosts

The top criterion is pretty obvious, but beyond unlimited or very generous bandwidth, here’s what it took for a VPS hosting provider to make our list:
  • Generous “other” resources. The number of CPUs, the gigabytes of memory (RAM), and the volume of storage a host offers can make a difference to the performance and scalability of your site(s).
  • Speed and reliability. Your site’s loading speed and reliability is critical to visitor engagement. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance for unmetered site traffic.
  • User friendliness. Even if you’re a developer or experienced user, some VPS hosting providers’ platforms are easier to use than others. The ones on our list fit that bill.
  • Plenty of features. Some VPS hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, then limit the number of features included. We looked for hosts that include the features you want and need for free, or at least make them available for a reasonable price.
  • Solid security. Your host should provide enough protection to help prevent attacks, and on the off chance your site is compromised, it should be able to help fix the issue without causing you too much stress.

Kamatera server description
Kamatera’s features, performance, customizability, and reliability are the best we’ve found
Let me make something clear straight away – Kamatera doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth. Instead, you’ll get a generous 5TB free monthly bandwidth. While you can go over this amount freely, you’ll incur a small overage fee for every GB of bandwidth over 5TB.

So, why is this number one? Because Kamatera is one of the most reliable and best-performing VPS hosts. In addition to this, it’s also one of the most customizable. You can build your server from the ground up, setting the exact RAM and vCPU you need. You can also scale these resources instantaneously at any point when you’re up and running.

The generous 5TB monthly bandwidth will likely cover most users’ needs on its own – and Kamatera’s relatively low prices means that even if you incur overage fees you’ll still be getting a good deal.


  • Self-managed with full management available – By default, all of Kamatera’s servers are self-managed with full root access. For a monthly fee, you can purchase managed support for server maintenance and other time-consuming tasks.
  • Customizable server dashboard. Configure your main server management dashboard the way you want it to give you a quick glance at the information that’s most important to you, like resource usage and traffic.
  • Thorough redundancy. In the event of a hardware failure in any component, a backup instance will automatically deploy. And as with most providers, diesel generators are ready and waiting in the event of a major power outage.
  • 30-day free trial. You can give Kamatera a 30-day test drive with no commitment, and while you only get one cloud server, 1TB of storage, and 1TB of bandwidth, you do get a designated account manager.
See Kamatera’s performance test results for yourself in our Kamatera review.

Managed VPS? Yes, optional
Data center locations 3 in the US, 2 in Europe, 1 in the Middle East, 1 in Asia
Uptime guarantee 99.95%
Starting price $4.00

Feature list for Scala Hosting's managed VPS
Scala Hosting offers plenty of value for money
If you’d like unmetered bandwidth paired with a managed service, you may be interested in Scala Hosting. As part of its managed VPS packages, Scala Hosting will take care of your server setup, maintenance, and optimization for you. In addition, you’ll benefit from daily backups and snapshots.

Despite this nice set of features, Scala Hosting offers some of the lowest prices on the market today for quality managed VPS. It also offers unmanaged solutions, but there are little in the way of entry-level options. The lowest-tier unmanaged offering is a server with 4vCPU cores and 8GB RAM – and it isn’t cheap.

With a managed server, you can start with a respectable 2 vCPU cores and 4GB RAM. However, unlike Kamatera, you’ll have to pay up front for three years to get the best value. This is a significant commitment, even for the cheapest server.


  • Feature-filled control panel – Scala Hosting offers a proprietary control panel called SPanel. It allows you to connect an unlimited number of sites at no extra cost, and it comes with a WordPress site manager you can use to oversee multiple sites. If you’d prefer to use cPanel, you can add it to your server for an additional monthly cost.
  • Robust security solution – The SPanel control panel comes bundled with SShield security. This employs AI technology to detect and block web attacks. It also informs you of any potential vulnerabilities, with suggested fixes.
  • Free unlimited migrations – Scala Hosting’s support team will freely migrate all of your websites to its platform. They’ll verify everything works as it should before completing the migration.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – While most VPS hosts lack a guarantee, Scala Hosting guarantees a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days of your contract.
To learn more about Scala Hosting, check out our detailed review.

Managed VPS? Yes, optional
Data center locations 4 in the US, 4 in Europe, 1 in India, 1 in Asia
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Starting price $20.00

Feature list for 1&1 IONOS VPS hosting
Despite the low prices, IONOS’ platform is reliable and secure
Tight budget? IONOS offers the cheapest VPS with unlimited traffic on this list. The VPS S is available for just $2.00 per month – and this price doesn’t rise at renewal time. Despite these low prices, you’ll still get access to plenty of features, including a customizable firewall and free temporary snapshot backups.

However, this server is very light on resources. With just 1GB RAM and 1 vCPU core, you’ll struggle to run anything beyond a small site. Theoretically, you could run a basic WordPress site, but I’d recommend choosing the VPS M in that case – it offers 2GB RAM and 2 vCPU cores while remaining highly affordable.

That said, while traffic is unlimited, per-second bandwidth is not – this is capped at 1GBit/s on all plans. If your site becomes hugely popular, IONOS may not work for you.


  • Dedicated personal consultant – Every IONOS customer gets a dedicated adviser. All support queries will be put through to this single point of contact, who can then develop an understanding of your needs in order to provide more useful support.
  • Premium support available – IONOS’ VPS is unmanaged. However, you can call IONOS to negotiate paid support for a wide range of topics, including troubleshooting third-party applications, server configuration, and more. If your request is feasible, you’ll be offered a quote.
  • Optional secure cloud backups – If you’re willing to pay a bit extra, you can purchase cloud backup storage at any time. The cloud storage comes with ransomware and malware protection, along with heavy encryption.
  • Manage your hosting on the go – IONOS is one of the few major hosts that let you manage your hosting via a dedicated mobile app. You can manage your VPS products, monitor performance, and handle invoices, all from your phone.
For more details, read our comprehensive IONOS review.

Managed VPS? No
Data center locations 1 in the US, 3 in Europe
Uptime guarantee 99.99%
Starting price $2.00

InterServer VPS options
InterServer’s VPS plans may not include unlimited bandwidth, but they are still impressive
InterServer may not offer unlimited bandwidth, but its VPS plans are still very generous. If you’re a website owner in the US or Canada, InterServer may just be a good fit for you, as it has data centers on both coasts.  If you have an overseas audience, however, you may want to look elsewhere.

So, if InterServer doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth, why is it here? Like I said, it’s very generous with bandwidth for its budget-friendly pricing. A single-core VPS will most likely cost you less per month than a decent lunch or fancy coffee and still deliver 2TB of bandwidth. And with VPS plans of up to 16 cores offering 32TB of bandwidth, your site has plenty of room to grow.

InterServer offers Linux servers with free DirectAdmin and Webuzo, or cPanel for an additional charge. You can also get Windows servers with Plesk control panel for an added fee. And then there are the “storage” servers, for those who need TBs of storage space and don’t mind the slower spindle-type drives running it. Whatever your server needs might be, InterServer might just be able to satisfy them.


  • Free managed VPS at affordable prices. The more server you need, the more help you need to maintain it. InterServer understands this and includes free management regardless of server type once you buy 4 or more cores. With InterServer’s low prices and monthly payment plans, 4 cores is easily affordable.
  • Easily scalable. With no long-term contracts, you can easily add more cores at any time by simply increasing your monthly costs. Your site can grow with your business without a long wait or a big strain on your budget.
  • Cancel anytime. Because InterServer works on a monthly business model, you can cancel your service at any time. Note that there are no money-back guarantees or refunds, so if you’ve paid ahead, it’ll cost you. But again, the small fees mean you won’t lose much.
  • Choice of operating systems. You can set up your server with CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora, and more. Work within your comfort zone without the need for a time-consuming learning curve.
Read our expert InterServer review for more details
Managed VPS? Yes, with purchase of 4 or more cores
Data center locations 2 in the US, in NJ and CA
Uptime Guarantee 100% power, 99.9% network
Starting price $6.00

5. Liquid Web: Premium Hosting and Support

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting
Liquid Web’s VPS hosting lives up to its promises to be affordable, reliable, and accessible
Liquid Web appreciates that there are techies and non-techies in the online world. Not all of us are capable of handling our own server maintenance, after all. Liquid Web offers you the choice of both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting with very generous bandwidth.

You don’t have as much versatility in setting up your server as you do with InterServer or Kamatera, but rather have preset configurations like Scala Hosting. You also only have a choice of InterWorx, cPanel, or Plesk Web Pro, control panels and all come at an additional monthly cost. You do have some flexibility in your payment model, as you can set up monthly, yearly, or two-year plans. Of course, the longer the contract, the lower the price.

All of Liquid Web’s plans include a whopping 10TB of bandwidth every month. And while its plans aren’t as affordable as InterServer’s, Liquid Web is still an affordable choice, especially if you choose a two-year contract. Choosing a monthly plan with Liquid Web will cost you more than 2X what you would pay for the same package on a two-year plan.


  • The Interworx control panel allows you to control unlimited sites. Whether you run multiple businesses and need a site for each, or you manage more than one site for customers, Interworx lets you control them all from one place. This makes everything easier and more efficient, with no need to switch accounts or remember numerous passwords.
  • 100% power and uptime guarantees. Liquid Web takes the reliability of its servers seriously. Any power or network interruptions will result in a credit to your account.
  • Easy scalability. Even though you’ve chosen to pay for a two-year plan, if you need more or less from your server, you can have it. Liquid Web’s support will help you reconfigure your servers and re-work your fees at any time.
  • Excellent customer support. Liquid Web received a nearly perfect score – 4.9 out of 5 – for its support team in our comprehensive expert review. And yes, it is well-deserved. Liquid Web’s support team is available 24/7/365. And they are fast, professional, knowledgeable, and just plain good at what they do.
Read our expert Liquid Web review.
Managed VPS? Yes
Data center locations 2 in US, 1 in Europe
Uptime guarantee 100% power and network
Starting price $15.00

6. DreamHost – The Most Unlimited Features

Detail of dreamHost's plan features
DreamHost doesn’t only offer unlimited bandwidth
DreamHost provides relatively inexpensive managed VPS hosting. With managed hosting, DreamHost will take care of things like server maintenance, updates, and security patches, so you can focus on your website and your business operations.

The entry-level VPS Basic plan gives you 1GB of RAM and 30GB of SSD storage, but you can easily scale up your resources to 8GB of RAM and 240GB of SSD storage.

In addition to unlimited bandwidth, all DreamHost managed VPS plans offer unlimited websites and email accounts, along with free SSL certificates. I value the inclusion of free SSL because it helps prevent browsers from flagging your site(s) as insecure, and not all hosts provide it for free.

One thing that sets DreamHost apart is its 100% uptime guarantee. But while that is a superb level of reliability, our performance tests found page loading speeds to be somewhat slow.


  • DreamHost panel. A straightforward, user-friendly, custom control panel is just one feature that makes DreamHost’s VPS service one of the easiest to use.
  • One-click application installer. It takes only a click of your mouse to install popular web hosting apps, like WordPress, almost instantly.
  • Unlimited sub-accounts. With an unlimited number of sub-accounts in your main hosting account, it’s easier to manage your client accounts and contractor access.
  • US-based. With its data centers in the USA, DreamHost VPS is ideal if your target audience is in the States, but less ideal if you want to reach a global market.
Check out our expert DreamHost review for more information.

Managed VPS? Yes
Storage capacity 2 in the US
Uptime guarantee 100%
Starting price $15.00

7. OVHcloud – Best Long-Term Pricing for Unlimited-Bandwidth VPS

Detail of features included with OVHcloud's various VPS plan
The services included with OVHcloud’s plans give you solid value for the price
One of the biggest advantages of OVHcloud is the great value for money. If you commit to a two-year plan, you can get a solid VPS with 2GB RAM and 1vCPU core for just $4.76 per month. This also comes with 40GB SSD NVMe storage – a storage solution that’s even faster than standard SSD.

OVHcloud is a host based in France with data centers all over the world. It provides unlimited monthly bandwidth through most of these data centers but does have per-second bandwidth limitations with each of its plans (ranging from 100Mbps to 2Gbps).

If your data center is in Sydney or Singapore, you will encounter monthly bandwidth limits in addition to per-second caps. However, you can still receive up to 4TB, which accommodates approximately 800,000 visits per month.

However, it isn’t all good news. In our performance tests for OVHcloud, we recorded great loading speeds but not-so-great uptime, well below its 99.9% commitment. We also found the OVHcloud control panel difficult to use and didn’t get a lot of help from customer support.


  • More OS and control panel options. You can choose from a number of included Linux versions, control panels, CMSs, and other hosting-related apps. You can pay a bit more to use Windows Server or the cPanel or Plesk control panels.
  • 24/7 monitoring and intervention. Even though you’re in charge of your own security and server management, OVHcloud will keep tabs to make sure you’re safe from attacks.
  • Optional backups. They’re not included in the base price, but you can add manual or automatic backups, as well as point-in-time snapshots, for extra protection and security for your site.
  • Dedicated global IPs. You can attach up to 16 geolocated IP addresses from several countries to one VPS.
For all the details, take a look at our OVHcloud review.

Managed VPS? No
Data center locations 1 in Canada, 5 in Europe, 1 in Asia, 1 in Australia
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Starting price $4.76

How To Calculate How Much Bandwidth You Need

While there is some math involved (I’m sorry), it’s easy to estimate how much bandwidth your site needs in order to serve your expected audience. Follow my quick step-by-step guide below to work out your monthly bandwidth requirements:

1. Estimate your average page size. To do this, I’d recommend using online tools such as GTmetrix.com’s performance analyzer. This gives you the total page size of any URL you enter. Simply test some or all of your site’s pages, starting with the homepage, and calculate the average size in kilobytes.

2. Estimate your average monthly visitors. If your website is currently operational, utilize a site analytics tool such as Google Analytics to determine the monthly visit count and the average number of pages accessed by these visitors. In case your website isn’t live yet, feel free to provide an informed estimate.

3. Calculate monthly bandwidth usage. Multiply your average page size by the number of monthly visitors. Then, multiply this number again by the average number of pages each visitor accesses (it’s often only one page, depending on the type of site). Remember, 1,000 KB is 1 GB, and 1,000 GB is 1 TB.

4. Add redundant bandwidth. Increase your final result by 50% to 100%, giving you a redundant amount of bandwidth to fall back on during traffic spikes. That said, Kamatera offers 5 TB to start, so you probably won’t have to worry about going over the limit if you’re just starting out.

Which Unlimited-Bandwidth VPS Host Is Right for Me?

With the hosting providers in this article, you should never have to worry about traffic limits or reaching a monthly bandwidth cap, and still benefit from quality VPS hosting. Best of all, these hosts all offer affordable starting points.

Which one suits you best? Your specific needs determine the right choice. If you find yourself unsure, here are my recommendations.

If you require a highly customizable environment with great performance to back it up, I’d go with Kamatera. Total bandwidth is technically unlimited, but you will have to pay small overage fees if you go over your 5TB monthly allowance.

For a fully-managed solution with no traffic limits, check out Scala Hosting. You can get a respectable amount of RAM and CPU power, along with full management, for a far lower price than the competition.

Looking for the best deal on an unmanaged VPS? IONOS keeps costs low and traffic unlimited. You’ll still save money over the majority of competing hosts even if you choose to pay monthly, but the best prices come with a 12-month commitment.

For a quick comparison of all these vendors, check out the table below.
Standout Feature CPU RAM Starting Price
Kamatera Highly-customizable cloud VPS with great performance 1 – 104 vCPU cores 1GB – 512GB $4.00
Scala Hosting Cheap managed VPS with a good set of features 2 – 24 vCPU cores 4GB – 128GB $20.00
IONOS Lowest prices for unmanaged VPS with unlimited traffic 1 – 8 vCPU cores 512MB – 24GB $2.00
InterServer Month-to-month budget-friendly payment plans 1 – 16 vCPU cores 2GB to 32GB $6.00
Liquid Web Excellent service and support 2 – 8 vCPU cores 2GB to 16GB $15.00
DreamHost Managed support with 100% uptime guarantee and unlimited resources 4 vCPU cores 1GB – 8GB $15.00
OVHcloud Best long-term value for unmanaged VPS if you commit 1 – 8 vCPU cores 2GB – 32GB $4.76


Why should I consider VPS hosting?

VPS hosting offers several advantages, including greater control, scalability, and reliability compared to shared hosting. Kamatera’s plans allow you to have your own virtual server with dedicated resources, customizable configurations, and the ability to handle higher traffic volumes.

Are there any specific security considerations for VPS hosting?

Yes, security is crucial for VPS hosting. A provider like Scala Hosting offers robust security measures, such as firewalls, DDoS protection, regular backups, SSL certificates, and server monitoring.

What happens if I outgrow my VPS hosting plan?

If you outgrow your VPS hosting plan, most providers offer scalability options. For example, InterServer lets you upgrade to a higher-tier VPS plan with more resources to suit your growing needs.

How do I know which VPS hosting provider is right for me ?

It depends on your specific needs. These include both the amount of bandwidth and preferences like managed or unmanaged servers (IONOS is a good option for the latter). Evaluate providers based on their features, reliability, performance, customer support, and pricing.

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