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Kamatera Review: Powerful Host, but Read This First [2024]

Caitlin Greyling Caitlin Greyling Web Hosting Expert

Steady server performance makes Kamatera stand out against other VPS and cloud hosting providers. With its decent pricing plans and 30-day free trial, it’s a great platform if you don’t mind tinkering with your own servers. But if you’re new to cloud and VPS hosting and there’s no system administrator available, it might be a bit more of a challenge


Global Cloud Hosting for All (Well, That’s the Plan)

Kamatera landing page
Kamatera is one of the few hosts to offer a free trial of its hosting services.

Kamatera offers cloud-based VPS-style hosting, with data centers all over the world. And I do mean all over. The goal seems to be making cloud hosting accessible to everyone, with affordable prices (starting at $4.00 plus a 30-day free trial) and easy server setup.

But does Kamatera live up to this lofty goal?

Actually… yes. Well, somewhat. Listen, it’s a whole thing, and while I was impressed with the service in some aspects, others might well let you down. It depends entirely on what you need for your website and how familiar you are with managing servers.

I built and ran a test website to see for myself just how this cloud hosting/VPS hybrid performed. Unfortunately, doing so required some advanced knowledge that isn’t common to the average user. However, if this isn’t an obstacle for you, Kamatera’s low pricing and free trial make signing up with this host a risk-free, money-savvy move. To see how Kamatera compares.

To see how Kamatera compares with the competition – and decide whether or not it’s the host for you– read my full, detailed review below.



Whether You Need a Website or an “Internal” Network, You’ve Got Options

Kamatera's list of cloud solutions for enterprises.
You may notice a distinct focus on “the cloud” in Kamatera’s features

I hope you don’t easily get decision paralysis, because you are going to be loaded down with options here. You can start up an instance with most major server operating systems (OSs), or go for a preconfigured server with a whole host of different apps and control panels to choose from.

Now, you don’t really get to mix and match the OS and control panel options unless you want to set it up yourself or hire Kamatera to do it for you. But still, the options are plentiful.

There are solutions for almost every conceivable situation – including e-commerce websites, web application hosting, and more. Oh, and did I mention that you can try Kamatera for 30 days for free?

Every virtual server comes with the ability to scale resources individually. Need more storage but don’t want to pay for more RAM? No problem. You can scale resources up or down as needed with a simple form. It takes no time at all.

Kamatera server management
You can adjust your server resources individually, at any time

It should also be noted thatKamatera neither offers a free SSL nor sells SSLs. But if you pick a server image with a control panel, you can just generate your own certificates via Let’s Encrypt or a paid provider, so that’s not too big of a problem. You just need to know what you’re doing.

Speaking of server images, that’s how this whole system works. You can choose from a pretty darned large number of server images. Choose one, everything gets installed for you automatically, and you just go on from there.

If you want to do things more or less from scratch, you can start with a simple OS image. Your options include Linux, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, TrueNAS, FreeNAS, openSUSE, Ubuntu, and, of course, Windows. The OS images are pretty up-to-date, too. You can install CentOS version 8, Ubuntu 22.04, Windows Server 2022; the usual good stuff.

Now, if you’d rather not spend a perfectly good afternoon configuring all your own software, you can install an image that already includes server software and an app of your choice (like WordPress, Joomla, or even MediaWiki).

If you want more flexibility, you can pick an image with a control panel like cPanel, Plesk, or Vesta. Mind you, you have to pay for any licenses yourself, and that could cost a pretty penny.

These preinstalled app/control panel options include:

  • cPanel
  • DokuWiki
  • Drupal
  • Jenkins
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Mattermost
  • MediaWiki
  • Moodle
  • NextCloud
  • Plesk
  • Pure-FTPd
  • Vesta
  • WordPress
  • Zentyal
  • phpBB
  • phpMyAdmin

Now let’s say you don’t need a server to have much beyond PHP or Node because you want to write your own app from scratch. Or maybe you just need somewhere to put a big old MySQL database or five.

Kamatera even has simple, service-based server images to choose from. These include:

  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch
  • FreeNAS
  • HAProxy
  • Kubernetes
  • LAMP
  • LEMP
  • Memcached
  • MinIO
  • MongoDB
  • NFS
  • OpenVPN
  • PHP
  • RabbitMQ
  • Rancher
  • Redis
  • Ruby on rails
  • Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • node.js
  • pfSense

So those are all the standard features. Now let’s have a look at some of the big-ticket items:

Load Balancer, Built-In Firewall, and System Recovery

Kamatera disaster recovery infrastructure and solutions
Kamatera has infrastructure in place to ensure fast disaster recovery.

Well, it wouldn’t be cloud hosting without load balancing, would it? The point is that you don’t have to worry as much about getting hit with loads of traffic all at once, because the underlying server tech will be able to handle it.

As for potential attacks, the built-in firewall system at Kamatera helps to ease some of the strain. You’ll still have to manage your server’s security yourself, for the most part. You know, keep your ports locked, don’t give your root password to beautiful spies, don’t click any links about enlarging appendages, that sort of thing.

And if everything does go wrong, Kamatera has disaster recovery written into its hosting – and that’s included in every server package. Besides 24/7 real-time data replication and monitoring, it offers a Server Recovery Option (SRO) add-on solution that can help keep your website or server online through it all.

Cloud Private Network

So there might be times when you want a server that’s not for the rest of the internet to see. In that case, you can choose a sort of LAN networking option when the server is created. This should, in theory, allow you to patch this remote server into your local network.

This is great if you want to run things like Mattermost (a Slack alternative), or other team-focused software on a server that you control but don’t have to physically maintain.

Or, I dunno, use it for the super-secret company blog?

Remote Desktop Images

So this is interesting as all heck: You can actually install a desktop OS on your server at Kamatera. You have the choice of Ubuntu or Windows 10, and you can use virtual network computing (VNC) to access it. Well, if you choose Ubuntu, you also have the option of using remote desktop protocol (RDP).

In any case, you get a remote desktop. Why would you want that? Well, if you only have a small laptop at home, you could use the remote desktop to run tasks and programs that are too CPU-intensive for, say, a Chromebook.

Kamatera Features at a Glance

Free domain name?
Free SSL?
Free trial 30 days
Uptime guarantee 99.5%
Data centers 5 in the US, 1 in Canada, 6 in Europe, 5 in Israel, and 1 in China

Ease of use

Well… It’s Easy to Start a Server

This is the section where things went a little downhill, if I’m honest. Don’t get me wrong, actually using the service is pretty easy. Check out the image below. The UI is clean, clear, and usable. Starting up a new server (and managing your existing servers) is simple stuff. I literally have no complaints.

Creating a server on Kamatera
Choosing your region, OS, and installed apps is a cinch

Creating a New Account with Kamatera

The problems I ran into involve all those handy preconfigured server images I mentioned above. Basically, creating a new account and connecting a domain are no easy feat with Kamatera. I’m an I-can-Google-this-maybe sort of system administrator at best, and to use this hosting service, you’ll want an expert. Let me explain:

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

I wanted a WordPress site, so I figured, just grab the WordPress image, right? Well, the pre-built WordPress image comes with Ubuntu 18.04, NGINX, and PHP 7.2. A little dated, but not too shabby. It all installed fine, and everything was easy to set up.

Except the domain name. Turns out to get that working right, you have to point your domain name at the server (easy), configure the NGINX server to listen on that domain manually in the config files (uhhh… less easy for me), and then… get WordPress to stop telling you that it can’t find the database when you change its URL settings (pain in my butt).

See, I’m sure all of these problems have perfectly reasonable solutions, and if I knew more about the inner workings of both the NGINX server and WordPress, I could probably have gotten my domain working.

But I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to start up a website and have it work without me thinking too hard.

Eventually I just deleted that server and started a new one with the Plesk control panel, which had pretty much the same OS and software installed. I was able to install WordPress and get the domain working for the duration of Plesk’s free trial.

And then the Plesk panel kept crashing, giving me 502 errors, all because something called “sw-engine.service” kept crashing. Fortunately, the WordPress site itself stayed up, and allowed me to keep testing.

And that’s the only reason I didn’t scrap everything, start over with a fresh CentOS server, and do it all from “semi-scratch” with CyberPanel.

The short version is this: Some of the preconfigured servers come with problems baked in. Not only would I not recommend Kamatera for beginners, I wouldn’t touch the service unless I was ready and willing to get my hands dirty in the command line. If you’re looking for something more beginner-friendly, Liquid Web has some decent cloud/VPS solutions.

Full Server Control + Low Pricing to Match

The above won’t be a deal-breaker for everyone. If you’re the kind of person who likes building your own server from scratch, Kamatera’s affordable pricing and solid performance might well be what you want. And you don’t even necessarily have to do it yourself… if you’re willing to pay.

Server Management Services (Cost a Lot Extra)

Kamatera offers pricey, but helpful fully managed service
Kamatera offers pricey, but helpful fully managed service

If you want a server that’s configured and maintained, and generally kept working by someone else, you have that option. For a pretty substantial fee every month (well, substantial for people on a budget), you can have the Kamatera team do everything for you.

That includes setup, server installation and configuration, troubleshooting, everything. For a medium-sized business, or even a small business that’s making money off its site, this is a perfectly reasonable way to do things and could save you a lot of trouble.

This, you could say, is the “beginner option.” Being a beginner has its costs, I guess.

Customizable Server Dashboard (Everyone Gets This)

With Kamatera, you can set up your own custom main server-management dashboard to tell you how many resources your servers are using, what kind of traffic they’re getting (but not analytics), and all that good statistical stuff.

It’s a small thing, maybe, but I like being able to configure exactly what information I can see at a glance.

Kamatera dashboard
Kamatera’s clean-looking, customizable dashboard made managing my account a whole lot easier


This Is Good Stuff, I’m Glad to Say

Kamatera’s biggest selling points are that its cloud infrastructure is fast, and it has servers everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. 18 data centers that cover Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East is nothing to sneeze at.

Those first two areas have servers in Hong Kong, Toronto, New York, Santa Clara, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and London. And then, there are just a whole bunch of servers in Israel (Rosh Haayin, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva, and Tel Aviv).

How does that translate into performance? Well, I picked the Dallas, Texas server center, set up my WordPress-based testing site (eventually), and got these results:

The average complete page loading speed was a respectable 1.1 seconds. Uptime during my (admittedly short) testing period stayed at a solid 100%.

If you want to know how we conduct hosting performance tests, have a look here.


Since you want to keep load times under 2 seconds, ideally, that 1.1s average is pretty great, and the server was very stable. The fastest loading time was 1s, and the slowest was 1.2s – and that’s because my page was a little heavy that time.

I sort of misplaced the optimized images I typically use, and I wanted to check the performance of my site with oversized images anyway. When you take into account the size of the page, even with Gzip compression enabled, the results are really good.

Kamatera GTmetrix score
This was the absolute fastest complete page load


You really can’t beat 100% uptime! What’s more, the graph shows fairly little variance in ping times. Oh, that 400ms spike would be hell for a video game… but for a web page? That’s doing okay.

Kamatera UptimeRobot results
100% is always hard to beat


Generally Prompt, Not Always Helpful

The support team is, I think, hampered by the fact that Kamatera wants to sell its server management services. That’s fair enough in some respects, but it led to some disappointment in my interactions.

At least I can say the team is very available. The support team can be reached 24/7. The sales and billing teams are available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST, in most of the world and Sunday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. IST, in the Middle East.

All teams are available by email and phone, and you can open support tickets from your dashboard.

Here’s how my interactions went:


Well, this one was my fault, really. I emailed the sales team asking, “How easy is it to install WordPress?” Thing is, I emailed them outside of business hours. By the time they got back to me, I had already started up a server because I was impatient to get my testing started.

Therefore, this is about the most reasonable, helpful response I could expect:

Kamatera email support
This was a reasonable and generally good response


Then, when I was having trouble with the preconfigured WordPress server, I opened a ticket to ask how I was supposed to set up my domain name. The agent was only minimally helpful, giving me advice that only an actual sys-admin might be able to implement. Then he tried to sell me the management services. I understand that he can’t (and probably isn’t supposed to) help people like me set things up unless I’ve paid for it. However, other hosting services I’ve tested at least linked me to a tutorial when similar situations occurred.


When I faced issues with my Plesk panel, I reached out to the 24/7 hotline. The support agent, to his merit, was very straightforward with me. Essentially, his role was to assist individuals whose servers were genuinely offline. He admitted my issue was something that needed attention, just not from him.

He told me to call back because the engineers who could actually help me wouldn’t be in until 5 hours later (I called around 6:45 p.m. CST). In the end, I didn’t bother. Still, I give him points for honesty and for not trying to sell me anything.



It’s a Darned Decent Price for the Service

While I’ve encountered many cheaper options in the world of VPS hosting, Kamatera has an advantage most of those other companies don’t: it’s cloud-based. If you’ve ever done any research into cloud hosting, you’ll know that as soon as the word “cloud” shows up, you can expect the price to double or triple.

Well, I’m happy to report that Kamatera doesn’t do that. Simply put, the price is more than acceptable when you consider the infrastructure your site will be running on. It’s a lot of bang for your buck, and my test site ran well on the smallest (read: cheapest) resource plan that Kamatera has. Plus, you don’t have to pay a cent to start, as Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial.

kamatera alternative logo

Save 100 % OFF Kamatera for 30 Days!

Get one month FREE for your server configuration and take advantage of Kamatera's high-performance cloud infrastructure today.

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Of course, you’ll have to pay extra for some fairly important features (like backups), but that’s commerce for you.

If you decide those reasonable prices are for you, you can pay with any major credit card. I managed it with no fuss and no problems with the fraud detection system. I do love it when I give my money to a company, and the company just takes it without whining.

Cancellation & Refunds

This is where Kamatera excels. There is no money-back guarantee, because you don’t need one. There’s a straight-up, no-questions-asked free trial for 30 days. If you cancel your service before the 30 days are up, there’s just no charge.

You do have to provide credit card details for your account, and you will be charged about $2 USD (or your local equivalent – I was actually charged less) to confirm those details. You’re also limited to using the cheapest server configuration, with no extra services. Add those services and you’ll have to pay up.

That said, my small, simple test site worked just fine on this setup, so I can’t complain. I was even able to attach a domain that I already owned to the test servers at no charge.


In the end, steady server performance and decent pricing are what keep Kamatera competitive with other VPS and cloud hosting providers. I cannot recommend this service for VPS newbies, unless you’ve got some cash to spend on the server management add-on.

But if you do, or if you like troubleshooting servers yourself, then Kamatera might well be the company for you.

If you’re looking for somewhat easier (if pricier) VPS-style cloud hosting, try Kinsta. Otherwise, have a look at Hostinger for darned cheap VPS servers.


How do I install WordPress on Kamatera?

Kamatera has different options for creating a WordPress website – some more complex than others. The easiest option is to choose a pre-configured server image that is set up to install WordPress automatically. You can install WordPress with just a few clicks – but you will need to know how to configure your domain name to point to your new website.

Do I need a credit card for the Kamatera free trial?

To use Kamatera’s 30-day free trial, you will need to create a billing profile by adding your credit card details. Kamatera says that this is simply a security measure to prevent malicious sign ups and you’ll only face actual charges for your website after the 30-day trial period (or if you exceed the usage amount for your selected trial plan). Your card will be verified with a small charge of up to $2 USD, however.

How much does Kamatera cost?

Kamatera has some really affordable plans, starting at a few dollars per month. That’s really cheap for cloud/VPS hosting – but the downside is that you’ll have to manage your server yourself (or pay someone else to do that). Luckily, Kamatera can do so for you – but for a hefty fee that puts in on par with premium hosts when it comes to pricing

Does Kamatera have shared hosting?

No, Kamatera only offers cloud and VPS hosting solutions which are much more powerful and reliable compared to shared hosting. If you’re looking for shared hosting, we have more great choices in our list of the best web hosting providers.
Caitlin Greyling Caitlin Greyling
A freelance author, graphic designer, and photographer, Caitlin Greyling writes about web hosting, web builder software, graphic design, tech, and electronics, and has published hundreds of product reviews and comparisons for Website Planet, The Daily Mail, and Durability Matters. Her creative and technical knowledge has been showcased at PictureCorrect, Photutorial, and others. She is currently studying for an NCTJ diploma in journalism. When Caitlin’s not working, she’s exploring nature with her son and dog or relaxing at home with her cat.
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Unprofessional Services

We registered two virtual servers to provide email services. Unfortunatly, there are no PTR/RDNS records on the IPs. When asking for setting up PTR/RDNS records, they explained that we have to host a website, to get the Records done. By RFC this is wrong, but they insisted on "this are the company rules". HANDS off - these guys don't know what they are doing!

Erik Scholtz, Germany
October 11, 2022
Kamatera takes money from credit cards without an invoice!

They debit money from the card without any confirmation from you. They charged me for 2 months, although I registered a free test account, and after the expiration of its period I never used it again. Contacting support did nothing. They just stole my money and that's it.

Юлия, Ukraine
September 24, 2022
Kamatera charges credit cards without an invoice!

Kamatera has charged our company credit card three times in the last two months and yet produced no invoices. When I reached out to their billing department they casually say "for the payments you made in June, you'll receive invoices around mid-August" In what universe does that make sense? TL;DR: If you don't need an invoice for your expenses, feel free to use Kamatera. Their admin panel is quite easy to use and uptime is excellent. Technically, it is a great service they provide but as a business it is far behind almost every competitor they have.

Emirhan Yasdiman, USA
August 25, 2022
Worst service ever

I requested quota incerease for cloud computing from free 1 core to maximum 104 cores. I attached my credit card to Kamtera and I was saying "here is my money, take them". But after 3 days of waiting they denied my request without any reason and explanation.

Igor, Ukraine
January 02, 2022
Kamatera – great cloud service, affordable and fast

Kamatera is simple, reliable and inexpensive. The Customer Service team is excellent and very helpful. I had only two tickets, they were quickly and positively solved. I have been using Kamatera cloud server in production for three months and I am staying. I expanded my server resources a few times, the procedure cannot be easier, everything happened automatically, without interruption and very quickly. My server grows with my business. Pricing is very simple and transparent. Thank you, Kamatera!

Tomasz Wawer, Poland
September 21, 2021
Great service

I must admit, so far, I am very impressed with their service. They assign you an Account Manager Executive right from the start, a real person! In addition, what I like so far about the experience with them is: 1) Their dashboard has a lot of features and offers great flexibility in managing my instances. 2) The fact that they display a phone number predominantly on your support page, KOODO! We do not see that a lot nowadays. 3) I tried the support desk with one inquiry ticket and the response was faster than for some high-priority tickets I had opened with their competitor. 4) So far, my instance is fast, responsive and very stable. Overall, great service and very competitive pricing.

Mario, Canada
July 25, 2021
Excellent host with outstanding support!

Recently migrated to Kamatera, and I must say that they have been more than accommodating to my requirements. An intuitive user interface, with a quick turn-around of services and excellent customer support. I highly recommend anyone to at least try them out! Like me, you'll be happy and stay.

Thomas Smith, Great Britain
July 09, 2021

We are customers for 7 years. Whenever we needed support we got help from their very skilled support team. They have a rare service. The prices are fair. I would recommend Kamatera to anyone who needs a server. They have a commitment to give the best solution and service. Thank you

Oren, Israel
July 01, 2021
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