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10 Best Hotel Website Builders to Fill Your Rooms in 2024

Oliwia Owsianowska Oliwia OwsianowskaWebsite Development Expert
 Selecting the right website builder for your hotel can mean the difference between a fully booked season and rooms gathering dust. Not having integrations with booking systems can make managing reservations difficult and double-booking errors more frequent. Also, without robust customization and branding, your website might not effectively show your hotel’s unique qualities.

Using the wrong website builder could lead to fewer online bookings and missed opportunities. But not all website builders offer the essential tools for a fully functional hotel site – and finding the ones that do can take time.

Fortunately, I tested the most popular website builders on the market for you, and Wix stood out as the best choice for hotels. With Wix, you’ll benefit from superior templates with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop design interface, enhanced visibility through advanced search engine optimization (SEO) tools, and the Wix Hotels add-on for seamless booking experiences.

To get started with building a website that books rooms while you sleep, check out the Wix builder or continue reading to discover the other top-rated builders I found for you.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Website Builders for Hotels in 2024

  1. Wix1 – Fully featured Hotels add-on to streamline booking management.
  2. SITE1231 – Quick setup and global reach with multi-language capabilities.
  3. Squarespace1 – Stylish, minimalistic designs for a sleek, professional hotel website.

See 7 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Hotels

While testing the top website builders for hotels, I focused on those features that hotel businesses actually need. Creating a great website quickly is crucial, as is having easy access to advanced booking systems and branding tools.
  • Ease of use. I made sure every builder on my list offers a user-friendly experience. This is important because you want to spend more time hosting your guests and less time figuring out how to manage your website.
  • SEO and marketing tools. SEO tools can help you climb the search engine rankings and expose your hotel to new guests. And once you’ve made the connection, you’ll want them coming back for more with marketing integrations to help you manage guests, establish mailing lists, and set up campaigns and special offers.
  • Customizable templates for branding. Most of the builders I’ve included offer customizable templates. Consistent visuals allow you to weave your hotel’s story and aesthetic into every page, ensuring your website is as inviting as your lobby.
  • High-quality image and video support. The ability to upload crisp images and high-resolution videos means you can showcase your hotel’s best features and give visitors a virtual tour, which can be the deciding factor for bookings.
  • Integrations with booking systems. All the website builders I’ve selected come with booking system integrations. From checking availability to reserving a room, these streamline the reservation process for a smooth user experience.

Wix feature: full-screen image display
Wix’s templates include attractive features such as full-screen image displays
Wix zeroes in on functionality and simplifies booking and payment processing with its robust hotel add-on. Wix Hotels lets you manage reservations1, create seasonal rates, and send instant confirmation emails. You can set up room and rate additions, integrate calendars, and connect with prominent booking channels like Booking.com and Expedia.

The Wix Owner app is another game-changer for hotel owners. You can manage your entire hotel website right from your phone. This includes engaging with visitors through live chat, tracking business analytics, and handling bookings and payments. The app even lets you manage your online store, update your blog, and oversee your hotel’s restaurant orders.

Wix is beginner-friendly due to its easy design, but it also has advanced functions and integrations for experienced marketers. You can use its detailed analytics and social media features to check website performance and improve online engagement.

Wix logo black

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  • Customizable templates. You can tailor your hotel’s website with any of Wix’s free 800+ templates. This ensures your online presence is as unique and welcoming as your hotel.
  • Wix Stores. Integrated e-commerce functionality comes standard with Wix Stores, enabling you to effortlessly book rooms and sell hotel services or products directly to your guests.
  • App market. The Wix App Market extends your hotel website’s capabilities, offering a suite of applications for everything from online bookings to guest feedback management.
  • SEO tools. Superior online visibility is achievable with Wix’s SEO tools. With a comprehensive SEO guide, customizable meta tags and URLs, and built-in SEO structures, your site will rank higher in search results and make it easier for potential guests to find you.
Want to learn more? Read our expert Wix review.

Templates 800+
Web hosting
Booking apps 9+ (including Wix Hotels, Schedulista and vcita)
Starting price $17.00

SITE123 restaurant menu card
SITE123 enables you to quickly add and update new pages, such as the hotel’s restaurant menu
SITE123 is one of my first go-tos for a user-friendly option. Editing is straightforward, offering various content and design choices without being too complicated. It integrates with useful tools like Google Analytics, online booking systems, and marketing tools, which really make the life of hotel owners so much easier.

If you want to attract international visitors​​, I recommend SITE123. The platform shines with its Multilingual Website Tool, which allows you to translate your site for a global audience1. With this tool, you can duplicate your website in various dialects or languages, including right-to-left languages.

While beginner-friendly with guided tours and a user-focused dashboard, SITE123 might not be the best fit for those seeking complete creative control due to its template limitations​​. It’s ideal for small- to medium-sized hotel businesses prioritizing ease of use and essential integrations over extensive customization.


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  • Free SSL encryption. This feature secures an internet connection by encrypting data sent between your hotel’s website and your guest’s browser, which ensures that any data shared by your guests stays secure.
  • App market integration. I appreciate how easy it is to add apps to your website. From site analytics to reservation management, SITE123 makes hotel management smooth and effective.
  • 24/7 customer support. Online bookings can happen any time. Whether it’s a late-night query or an early-morning issue, SITE123’s team is always ready to assist. This constant availability ensures that your hotel website runs smoothly without any interruptions.
  • User-friendly dashboard. I found this to be incredibly helpful. It’s a centralized spot for tracking and managing your hotel’s online activity, covering everything from visitor stats to income.
For more details, read our in-depth SITE123 review.

Templates 80+
Web hosting
Booking apps 2+ (including Tockify and Simplybook.me)
Starting price $12.80
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Squarespace template for hotels
Squarespace has templates designed specifically for hotels
Squarespace’s beautiful templates have always captivated me. Its design sensibility zeroes in on stylish, minimalistic designs and smart use of negative space. The choice of fonts and color palettes in Squarespace’s builder enhances the visual appeal and can effectively convey your hotel’s unique character.

Each template is neatly categorized, making it easy to find the perfect match for your hotel’s theme and aesthetic. What’s more, the customizable content blocks allow for remarkable flexibility. I could easily tailor each section to display the unique aspects of the hotel, from luxurious rooms to exclusive amenities.

Squarespace’s e-commerce tools are pretty efficient for hotel owners. The multi-channel payment processing1, automatic tax calculations, and easy management of discounts and sales simplify operations significantly. These features not only streamline the booking process but also enhance the guest experience and increase the overall efficiency of hotel operations.


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  • Squarespace forum. Here you’ll find discussions on best practices and the latest trends in website design. The Squarespace team also runs an informative blog and hosts webinars, which I found useful for staying updated on its features.
  • Customizable content blocks. The platform boasts a variety of content blocks, ranging from simple text to online booking and reservation buttons. What impressed me was how despite their diversity, these blocks formed a consistent and neat site layout with the help of a grid arrangement.
  • Built-in logo maker. If you’re in the midst of creating or revamping your hotel’s brand, you may like this tool. It simplifies the logo design process, guiding you step by step toward a unique and professional look with minimal effort.
  • Localization tools. The localization tools provided by Squarespace are particularly advantageous for hotels that cater to an international market. Being able to adjust default text, date, and currency settings can open your site up to a global audience.
Read our full Squarespace review to see more features.

Templates 165+
Web hosting
Booking Apps Acuity Scheduling
Starting Price $16.00

Webador bed and breakfast template
Although Webador offers limited templates, you can easily switch between them
Webador’s approach to hotel website creation centers on simplicity and efficiency. You can create a functional website in under 10 minutes, making it an ideal option if you’re new to website building or have limited time to get a functional website up and running.

What I found interesting is Webador’s unique approach to templates. Instead of assigning categories to the templates, you can repurpose any of its 55+ versatile, mobile-friendly templates to fit any industry or business. This flexibility is invaluable for hotels as you can adapt any Webador template to your specific needs.

There’s a limited but always free plan suitable for small hotel businesses looking to start an online presence without heavy investment. However, a notable drawback of Webador is its lack of an internal app store, which can limit the functionality and customizability of the website for more advanced needs.


  • Ease of use. Webador is exceptionally user-friendly, which is ideal for beginners in the hotel industry. It offers a straightforward interface with a drag-and-drop builder, eliminating the need for coding or design skills. You can also preview your website before publishing it.
  • Simple blogging tools. Adding a blog to your hotel’s website is easy with Webador. Although the blogging function lacks more sophisticated features like tagging or custom URLs, you can easily edit posts, schedule them, and manage comments.
  • Shared website editing. The platform allows for collaborative editing of your hotel’s website. You can assign roles like co-owners and page editors, making it easier to work as a team.
  • Multilingual websites for paying subscribers. For hotels targeting an international clientele, Webador provides easy-to-set-up multilingual websites. Keep in mind that unlike SITE123, it charges extra for this feature.
Read our expert review for more on Webador.

Templates 55+
Web hosting
Booking apps Bookingmood
Starting Price $5.00

5. IONOS Website Builder: Basic Yet Functional AI Site Building1

IONOS real estate template
You can easily adapt any of IONOS’s template to suit your hotel’s brand
The ease of use offered by IONOS’s MyWebsite Now builder is ideal for hotel owners creating an online presence for the first time. With IONOS, you get essential functionalities without unnecessary complexities, allowing you to easily create a website that highlights your hotel’s offerings.

What’s more, IONOS also offers an AI assistant that allows you to create your hotel’s website in seconds. Based on a few details you provide, the AI assistant can create a custom template with curated images and text. This feature streamlines the website creation process, making it efficient and user-friendly.

IONOS provides just 25 website templates. While they are all fully functional and professionally designed, the limited variety might not offer enough options for your hotel website to truly distinguish itself. Each template offers a modern, clean aesthetic that aligns with hotel branding, but the narrow selection means you might not find something unique to your specific vision.


  • Dynamic content. Based on the viewer or time of year, IONOS can enable dynamic content to target specific markets or promote seasonal offers. For example, you could use this to display special packages to visitors during the winter holidays.
  • Competitor tracking. This tool informs you about your competition’s online activities, such as Google rankings, reviews, and social media presence. It helps maintain market awareness and can be quite effective when combined with a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Automatic image optimization. By automatically adjusting images for various devices, IONOS ensures your hotel photos will look great whether viewed on PCs, tablets, or smartphones.
  • GDPR-compliant. The platform includes an optional cookie notice, which is crucial for compliance with European Union privacy regulations. If visitors from the EU are going to access your website, this feature is essential for legal conformity.
See more in our expert IONOS review.

Templates 25
Web hosting
Booking apps BookingPress
Starting Price $1.00

6. Shopify: Comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions for Hotels1

Shopify template
Shopify has many good-looking templates designed for hotels
Shopify is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of your hotel’s online presence. It offers robust e-commerce tools, making room bookings a streamlined process. You’ll find features like discounts, efficient inventory management, and multi-language support. You can even sell gift cards or hotel experiences through your Shopify site.

Shopify is a fitting choice for hotels with a wide range of services. Its flexibility stands out, allowing you to tailor the platform to your needs and preferences. Additionally, Shopify’s App Store is a significant asset, housing over 8,000 tested applications that can enhance your website’s functionality.

However, it’s important to note that Shopify does not offer a free plan, and it can be rather expensive. This cost factor is something to consider when deciding if Shopify aligns with your hotel’s budget and requirements. Despite this, the value provided through its extensive features and reliable support could justify the investment.


  • Gorgeous-looking templates. Shopify’s selection of over 165 themes caught my eye. They cater to various industries, so finding one that echoes the vibe of your hotel is entirely possible. While some themes are free, just a head’s up that the paid ones can be a bit pricey.
  • Unlimited products and storage. I appreciate that Shopify doesn’t place a cap on its resources like bandwidth or storage. This, along with its SEO and simple blogging platform, is handy for hotels that want to display their offerings and stay connected with customers.
  • Shopify point of sale (POS). Shopify’s Point of Sale system is a neat feature. It integrates your online store with in-person sales so managing both digital and on-site payments becomes streamlined.
  • Fraud analysis. When an online transaction looks suspicious, Shopify’s built-in fraud detection system will flag it for you. This can include failed attempts at providing the correct CVV code or address verification.
For more features, check out our expert Shopify review.

Templates 165+
Web hosting
Booking apps 20+ (including IzyRent and Bookeasy)
Starting Price $29.00

Other Notable Website Builders for Hotels

7. Web.com Website Builder1

Web.com hotel template
Web.com offers simple but varied templates
Web.com offers a powerful builder with a diverse range of high-quality tools and excellent design flexibility – perfect for creating a visually appealing hotel website. With over 200 templates balancing style and functionality, you can easily find a design that resonates with your hotel’s aesthetic.

However, one significant drawback I noticed is the user experience, particularly regarding navigation and access to features. For instance, the e-commerce tools aren’t immediately accessible from the main website section of the dashboard. To access them, you must navigate through different sections, which can be confusing and time-consuming.

8. WordPress.com1

Wordpress.com hotel template
With WordPress.com, you can be sure your website will be responsive on every device
With over 250 themes, WordPress.com offers a diverse range of design options. While it started as a blogging platform, it now includes more hospitality-related themes, which can be beneficial for showcasing different aspects of your hotel. The variety will help you find a theme that aligns with your hotel’s branding​​.

However, WordPress.com does have a significant learning curve, especially if you’re new to website management. For hotel owners who might not be tech-savvy, this could pose a challenge in effectively using all the features WordPress.com offers. Despite its power and flexibility, this complexity might make it less suitable for hotel owners looking for a straightforward, quick setup.

9. Duda Website Builder1

Duda city hotel template
Duda will provide you with modern and eye-catching templates
With over 120 diverse, mobile-responsive templates, Duda provides ample design flexibility for your hotel’s website, catering to various styles and needs. The platform offers both ready-to-use and blank templates, encouraging originality in design. However, more advanced templates require familiarity with Duda’s flex mode for editing, which might be challenging for beginners​​.

A notable downside of Duda is its e-commerce features. While the platform is well-equipped for building a comprehensive hotel website, including room booking and service-selling functionalities, these e-commerce tools are not included in the standard plans.

10. Hostinger1

Hostinger Blackmore theme
Hostinger has several travel-related templates
Hostinger’s affordable website builder pricing may initially lead to concerns about quality, but you’ll find that its performance exceeds expectations. The company’s servers offer reliable hosting with fast loading speeds, which is vital for hotels that want to maintain a professional online presence.

However, it’s worth noting that Hostinger doesn’t offer an app store, which might limit some functionality. Additionally, while their live chat support is responsive and helpful, the absence of email or phone support options can be problematic, especially if you prefer more direct lines of communication for tech support.

Stay Booked With One of These Best Hotel Website Builders

Each website builder on my list allows you to create a professional website for your hotel, offering rich functionality that appeals to guests. However, the right choice depends on your specific needs.

If a personalized appearance is crucial for you, my top recommendation is Wix1. With over 800 templates, Wix provides the flexibility to implement any creative ideas you have for your hotel’s online presence.

Squarespace stands out for its professional design1 capabilities and efficient marketing tools, including email campaigns. This builder is ideal if you’re looking to craft an aesthetically appealing website while also leveraging marketing strategies to attract guests.

For simplicity and ease of use, SITE123 is the way to go1. It offers diverse layouts and multilingual support, ensuring you can get your hotel’s website online quickly and cater to a global audience.

Check out the comparison table below for a quick overview of these builders.
Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Wix Integrated booking system through Wix Hotels Enterprises seeking a unique website with features to encourage customer loyalty $17.00
SITE123 Free multilingual website feature to attract international visitors Affordable hotel websites tailored for small-scale, straightforward requirements $12.80
Squarespace Advanced design aesthetics with minimalistic templates Luxury or boutique hotels focusing on a visually captivating online experience $16.00
Webador Simple and rapid website creation New hotels or smaller inns/B&Bs looking to quickly establish an online presence $5.00
IONOS Dynamic content customization Seasonal hotel owners who need a highly customized website at a low cost $1.00
Shopify Comprehensive sales and management tools Hotels that also offer packages or premium services that can be booked online $29.00


How can I ensure my hotel’s website is easily found online?

You’ll need a website builder like Wix to enhance your hotel’s online visibility. It offers comprehensive SEO tools, including meta tags and Google indexing, helping your site rank higher in search results. This makes it easier for potential guests to find your hotel online.

Can I manage bookings directly on my hotel’s website?

Yes. SITE 123 lets you manage bookings on your website. It integrates with well-known online booking systems, including Tockify and Simplybook.me. This integration streamlines the reservation process, offering a smooth and efficient booking experience for both you and your guests.

Is it possible to create a website for my hotel without advanced technical skills?

Certainly. Most website builders mentioned in our list enable you to do that. A good example of a website builder known for its user-friendly design interface is Squarespace. It offers customizable templates and content blocks, allowing you to create a professional and unique website for your hotel without needing advanced technical skills.

Can my hotel’s website support multiple languages to attract international guests?

SITE123’s multilingual website feature allows you to easily translate your website into multiple languages. It offers automatic translation, or you can use your own translations. Additionally, you can add flags for each language, ensuring your website visitors can easily toggle between languages.

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