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6 Best Website Builders for Real Estate Agencies in 2021

James Guill James Guill

Most website builders offer a wide selection of templates, but only a few have templates that are specially designed for real estate agencies.

But a good template isn’t everything, especially when your line of business has its own specific requirements. We tested over 20 website builders to bring you only the ones that offer everything a small to medium real estate agency needs. This includes contact forms and newsletters, event calendars and video features for property walk-throughs, not to mention all the necessary marketing features.

Your time means money, so we also tested each builder individually to see if you can actually get a fully functional website online fast – even within less than an hour.

Quick Guide: Our Top Picks of Website Builders for Real Estate Agencies in July 2021:

  1. Wix – 15 Fully customizable templates designed specifically for real estate agencies
  2. SITE123 – Multilanguage sites to help you reach international buyers
  3. Squarespace – Beautiful gallery layouts to show your listings in their best light

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1. Wix

One reason that Wix is the most popular platform for real estate agents is that it offers a wide variety of features that real estate sites require like including photo and listing portfolios, contact webpages, Google Maps integration, social media integration, and more.

Most importantly, it features an excellent selection of 14 templates specifically designed for real estate, the most of any builder on this list.

Just using the templates, you’ll have almost any feature you need to show off your business and listings, and if you want more control, you can customize it to your needs using its simple drag-and-drop editor.

Wix real estate templates

Click to see all templates

Wix also allows you to add functionality to your website via its App Market. On the App Market, you can add the following features and more to your real estate website:

  • Wix Events (for open houses)
  • Wix Forms (for a wide variety of forms, including contact forms, loan pre-qualification, etc.)
  • Wix Video (to add video walk-throughs of homes, or a personal introduction)
  • Wonder Search (to allow visitors to search for specific properties on your website)
  • Live Chat (to allow visitors to speak with you or a representative directly on your website)

You can go with Wix’s free plan, but some features such as video functionality will be unavailable. You’ll also have limited storage and bandwidth, which may make it tough to showcase homes in the way you wish.

For real estate business, I recommend the Unlimited plan, as it offers 10GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, one hour of video, a free domain, and $300 in ad vouchers. The commission of one sale will pay for years of Wix service.

Curious to learn more? Read our in-depth Wix review.

2. SITE123

SITE123 is another option for creating a real estate website, but be forewarned that it doesn’t offer much in the way of pre-configured templates for real estate businesses.

It does have a variety of business templates that you can easily modify to work for your company, so don’t let that worry you. Personally, I liked the Premium Lodges template, but there are plenty to choose from.

Site123 business templates

See SITE123’s templates

For real estate business in large cities or multilingual communities, SITE123 is going to be one of your best options, as it allows you to build your website in over 80 languages and to make your website multilingual without the addition of any specialized software or plugins. By default, you should be creating both an English and Spanish website, plus add any additional languages relevant to your region.

SITE123 also has its own App Market that allows you to add functionality to your website. Some of the apps include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Twitters Conversion Tracking
  • Pure Chat Live Chat Support
  • JotForm
  • Huzzaz Galleries

SITE123’s free plan is very limited with just 500MB of storage, and you’re forced to use a subdomain. You also can’t make your website multilingual.

Its Professional plan is the best option, as you get 90GB of storage and your own domain, and you can convert your website into three languages. If you only need to translate your website into a single language, you can choose Advanced instead, but the difference in price is minimal.

Or read our expert review.

3. Squarespace

Out of all the website builders on this list, Squarespace has some of the most beautiful templates available. You can search for templates or go by category. When I searched for real estate templates, it gave some fantastic recommendations, with the Bryant template being a perfect fit.

Squarespace real estate templates

View all of Squarespace’s real estate templates

One thing I really like about Squarespace is that you can install several templates and work on several layouts of your website at once. This is great for those wanting to mix things up from time to time, or those needing unique designs for events or to showcase special properties.

Squarespace also helps you focus on marketing your business. You can send email campaigns, set up blogs for your listings, showcase social media from your website, offer a calendar of events or showings from your website, and more.

Squarespace doesn’t offer a free plan, but there is a 14-day free trial. Also, the Personal plan is affordable and more than adequate for most real estate websites. For just a few bucks more, you can upgrade to the Business plan, which does allow for complete customization of your website through both CSS and Javascript.

Or read our expert review to learn more about Squarespace.

4. WordPress.com

Out of all the website builders on this list, WordPress.com is probably the most comprehensive, but that functionality comes at the cost of convenience. Unlike the other website builders listed, you’ll have a bit of a learning curve, and you’ll have to code some of the features to optimize your website.

That said, WordPress.com has the largest template selection in the world with templates that are perfect for real estate. Also, with more advanced plans, you can incorporate themes from third-party marketplaces like TemplateMonster and ThemeForest. That way, if you find a WordPress real estate template elsewhere that works for you, you can install the template, and you’re ready to start building.

WordPress themes

See all WordPress’ Themes

One advantage of using WordPress.com is that you can install most any plugin you can imagine. The catch is that not all plugins are free. Some require a license. You can find free plugins for most basic features such as photo galleries, contact forms, and even basic booking functions.

The other big catch with WordPress.com is that you’ll have to go with either the Premium or Business plan to unlock most functionality. The Free plan is very basic, although it does offer an impressive 3GB of storage.

The Personal plan is a bit better, but you’re still stuck with basic design features and no access to premium templates. If you want to install custom themes or third-party plugins, you’ll have to go with the Business plan.

Or read our in-depth WordPress.com review.

5. SimpleSite

Out of all the builders on this website, SimpleSite offers the fewest design choices. Instead of templates, SimpleSite provides a selection of pre-configured themes.

SimpleSite themes

View all SimpleSite’s Themes

The biggest drawback to SimpleSite is that your website is going to look somewhat generic if you don’t do a lot of customization. Fortunately, you can customize options, for instance by adding forms, photos, videos, live chat, and most anything else you need to make your website functional.

Why recommend this website then? One reason: SimpleSite is the only website builder on this list that offers unlimited multimedia on all premium plans. If you want to showcase every home you’re selling, you can do so with video, HD photos, and more.

If you go with the basic free plan, you won’t get these options. Also, your website is limited to just 15 webpages and few design options. SimpleSite’s Pro plan is affordable and unlocks all the necessary features.

Want to learn more about SimpleSite? Don’t miss our expert review.

6. Weebly

Weebly is famous for helping people create e-commerce websites, but it’s perfectly fine for real estate businesses. While its standard templates don’t include real estate designs, you can easily modify the business templates to meet your needs. Weebly templates on average are on another level over most other builders on this list, and they’re easy to use and modify.

Weebly business themes

Click to see Weebly’s themes

A ton of tools come standard with paid plans, and they stand out over other builders. Weebly offers Parallax & Reveal for advanced animation effects, as well as a professional-level image editor to help make the photos of your listings look fabulous. Weebly also offers an App Center that provides a wide variety of tools to help you increase the visibility of your listings.

One thing Weebly offers that nobody else on this list does is its own real estate content management system (CMS). Weebly Cloud for Real Estate provides a complete solution for building and managing your real estate network. This solution is more suitable for companies wanting multiple websites, such as those that need websites for rental properties separate from their home sales or their apartment or condo rentals. This solution requires that you contact Weebly directly for a quote.

Another option that makes Weebly stand out is the ability to customize the CSS and HTML of your website. Most builders lock down the code, making it tough to do custom tweaks and impossible to add third-party plugins.

While Weebly does have a free plan, Your best bet is to go with the Pro plan, as it offers unlimited storage, HD video and audio, website search, and more.

Still not sure about Weebly? You can find loads more information in our expert review.

Sell More Homes with a Professional Real Estate Website

Whether you’re a large real estate company with an extensive portfolio of homes to sell, or a small company looking to sell a home in your small town, a professional real estate website will help you get more leads and ultimately help you sell more homes. When you use one of the website builders listed above, you get what you need to showcase your properties and give your potential buyers important information that will help them make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

If you’re still not sure which website builder is best for your needs, this table might help you decide:


Free Plan Templates for Real Estate Agencies Standout Feature
Wix The largest selection of dedicated templates
SITE123 Multilingual site functionality
Squarespace No The most attractive templates
WordPress.com The largest plugins library
SimpleSite The easiest to use
Weebly Weebly Cloud for Real Estate


How much should I spend on a real estate website?
How much you spend on a real estate website will ultimately come down to your needs and preferences – but it doesn’t have to be a lot! There are some great free options in this article, like Wix or SITE123, which are super easy to use but come with somewhat basic functionality. WordPress.com can give you access to a lot more features, but you may have to pay for some third-party plugins. And Weebly Cloud for Real Estate is designed specifically for building and managing your real estate network – if you’re interested, you’ll need to contact Weebly directly for a price quote. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure you check out our most recent coupons, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best price. Is Wix good for real estate?
Wix has over a dozen templates designed specifically for real estate agencies. Even if you don’t have a design background, you’ll be able to have a professional looking site up quickly, that can show off your properties and help potential clients get in touch. You can read more about Wix in our expert review. If you decide this is the right site builder for you, make sure you take advantage of our Wix coupons – updated daily!  What is the best website builder in 2021?
This is a really hard question to answer, because it will depend on what you are looking for. Are you looking for the best designed templates? Squarespace might be best. More interested in a free plan with a super intuitive editor?  Wix could be a better option. To make the right decision for you, check out our list of the top website builders on the market today. 

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You've incorrectly referenced wordpress.com, when you should be talking about wordpress.ORG (the self-hosted version). Wordpress.com is the proprietary version, which just like Wix, Weebly, etc. is limiting in terms of what you can actually build. Want plugins? You need to use the .org version. Also, you need to be smart with the theme you choose - they're not all created equal, and some are far more user-friendly than others (ditto, some have far more built-in features than others). Pro Tip: Do not go with a free theme.
Martina Bogdanovic
Hi Anastasia, Thanks for sharing your opinion. Regarding plugins, it is possible to install third-party ones and also custom themes, referring to WordPress.com. To find more about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, check out our article on their comparison.
Thanks for the research! My favorite real estate tech at the moment is RealtorMint (for website builder & CRM - integrates with IDX Broker) along with MailChimp (great for newsletters).
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