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6 Absolute Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)

Bethenny Carl Bethenny CarlWebsite Development Expert
Wix has an unmatched selection of templates for real estate agencies, but they’re not all born equal. So how do you choose the right one for your business?

You need something that looks good, speaks well of your business, has your basic contact information, and maybe a map to show people where you are. You can add a booking/appointment app to any Wix website, but having one built-in wouldn’t hurt, right?

It’s a matter of making the right decision, and we’re here to help you with that.

Wix real estate templates The huge Wix template library is one of the many reasons users love it. While there are 14 free real estate templates, some are better than others. Well, that’s 14 templates in the “Real Estate” category, but some have sample content for architects and interior designers. Not to worry, you can change the content, so none of that really matters.

Come along with us and we’ll show you the best templates we found, the worst templates we found, and even a few that aren’t “real estate templates” at all, but can do the job well with just a bit of easy customization.

Are Squarespace Templates Better for Real Estate? 

While Wix has more templates to choose from, the Squarespace templates are arguably better-looking with a more modern feel. Plus, its templates are automatically mobile-responsive, unlike those on Wix. The Squarespace grid-based layout might leave less room for creativity, but you can feel confident that your site will look great. 

Squarespace templates for real estate
Squarespace has a few templates specifically designed for real estate, all of which are mobile-responsive
There are five templates tailor-made for real estate (my favorites are Suffolk and Barbosa), and a whole variety of others in alternative categories that can be easily customized to showcase both residential and commercial properties. 

Great design features include full-width banner images and slideshows, and the capability to add neighborhood maps and appointment booking pages. In just a few clicks, you can also create multilingual sites for your overseas clientele. You can read about Squarespace’s other features in our expert review. 

Wix Real Estate Templates We Love

These templates are the best of the best within the “Real Estate” category. Enjoy.

Real Estate Landing Page Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image1 The first Wix real estate template on our list is the very practically titled “Real Estate Landing Page Website Template.” (Okay, they’re all very practically titled.)

This one is for you if you want to get your information out there as fast as possible, with a one-page website and minimal fuss. It’s by far the simplest and quickest of the templates to get started with. The blues and greens give it that “modern business” feel, and the typography is set up to match that theme.

Residential Architects Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image2 If you want to go for a more classical and elegant-feeling design, this template is a great starting point. Yes, it says it’s for “architects,” but that’s just a matter of changing some text.

This clean template — in its default setup — relies on text and storytelling to make an impression. But this is Wix, so you’re hardly limited to the default setup! You can add all the huge images you want. Combine them with the fantastic type and layout options to get your brand looking fancy.

Real Estate Company Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image3 Here we have a clean, sleek, and fairly typical real estate company website design. If you want a contemporary look, this template has you covered. It’s also got booking/appointment functionality set up for you. Just put in the information for the real houses you’re selling, and Wix will take care of the rest.

Wix Real Estate Templates We Don’t Love as Much

Sadly, not all templates are made equal. While Wix has a generally great standard of quality for all its designs, some of them admittedly have more flaws than others. For the sake of your business, we’ve put the worst offenders here, so you know what to look out for.

We’re not mad. We’re just disappointed.

Property Group Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image4 This one is quite flawed. First, it has a decidedly dated aesthetic that feels a bit drab, and doesn’t take advantage of the larger screen sizes now available to us. That wouldn’t be a deal-breaker on its own, but it’s combined with very small body text, which makes for poor usability. The white space seems to be used inconsistently, too.

Interior Design Firm Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image5 This template makes many of the same mistakes as the last one, particularly the inconsistent spacing, as well as the generally dated and drab feel.

The worst offense, however, is the lack of contrast that’s visible (or rather, not visible enough) throughout the website. Navigation links, in particular, should never blend into the background as well as they do in this template, as it makes the whole website harder to use.

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Other Wix Templates You Can Use for Your Real Estate Website

You don’t need to limit yourself to the templates in Wix’s “Real Estate” category. Wix has loads of other templates that you could adapt to your needs with relative ease. Some templates even provide useful features that aren’t in the ones designed specifically for real estate.

Home Organizer Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image6

Found in the “Services & Maintenance” category
Let’s say that you’re a real estate agent working on your own. This business template for home organizers is designed to sell the services of one individual, rather than a company.

Change the pictures and text, change the “Book Online” page to match your services, and you can use that focus on the personal touch to your advantage. I particularly like the “Tips” section. If you’re a freelancer, regularly posting advice is one of the main ways you can build a reputation.

Finance Consulting Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image7

Found in the “Consulting & Coaching” category
There may be times when you want a website that looks more like a general business site, especially if your customers are at the corporation-sized, enterprise level.

For that situation, you might consider this template, which is clearly aesthetically aimed at growth-focused businesses. You know, the businesses that love their charts. Get out there and show them how real estate synergy will catapult their profits… or something.

Marketing Consultants Website Template

6 Best Wix Real Estate Templates (+2 Worst)-image8 If you’re seeking a blend of modernity and elegance, consider this option – you won’t be disappointed. You’ll likely be interested in incorporating the booking app. However, this template serves as an excellent foundation for any real estate team aiming to emphasize the sale of their expertise in a personable and approachable manner.

It’s the kind of template where you’d put up lots of pictures of the customers you’ve made happy, and not just of the buildings you’re selling.

Picking the Template That Feels Right

The beauty of a website builder like Wix is its inherent flexibility. You can really use just about any template in the Wix library, because all the content and functionality can be changed or switched out. You can use our favorites, or not, as you see fit.

We focused a lot on talking about what kind of image you want to project for your business. Why? Because image is the most important factor. The template you choose needs to back up your goals and your message, and it needs to reflect who you are, and who your customers are.

For example, are you selling modern condos, or classic brownstones? In the first case, you’ll want a modern-looking theme, and in the second, something more classic.

These real estate website templates we listed here? They’re a great place to start looking.

But in case you haven’t quite decided on Wix yet and would like to learn more about it, read our Wix expert review, or this in-depth article about Wix’s pricing plans (and how to save money). Or, you can go straight to Wix by clicking the button below.

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