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Network Solution is your standard, average, website builder who aim to help novice users pave their way into the online scene. Whilst the platform offers basic features and functionality, they tend to do it well but could offer more powerful solutions for the larger scaled businesses out there.


A Basic Service Offered That Lacks Powerful Features

First of all let’s make you well aware that this service isn’t going to take your business to the next level anytime soon. Network Solution acts as a way of getting your site on the net, and increasing its presence. Whilst it does have some great little features available such as SEO and social integration, it tends to lack mobile and responsive designs.

To it’s credit, the service is affordable and does compete in pricing with the big competitors. The editor is also one of the easiest editors to learn, with great navigation and crystal clear instructions on the build process.

Why use Network Solutions?

  • Affordable
  • Solid Site Editor
  • Diverse Templates

What exactly does Network Solutions offer?


Network SolutionPlenty of Customizable Templates

Template Selection – Network Solutions has over 200 templates with extremely diverse themes, but very few are designed well enough to make an impression. Most of their templates are “good enough” to use right out of the box, but they leave you wanting something a little bit better.

Customization – Luckily, the templates they provide are easily customizable and can be made to look more attractive through a little bit of extra work.

Multimedia – Video, audio, and other common features are available, and can be altered a fair amount. While they don’t give you the control you may need to make them fit into their templates perfectly, you can at least get pretty close.Explore Network Solution Templates


Network SolutionA Decent Range of Features But Very Basic
To say that Network Solutions lack features would be unfair, what they actually lack is depth to the features they offer. For example, they offer SEO and social media integration but they offer it in its basic form with room to take it further if they wanted to.

You can integrate PayPal into the site, check on visitor stats, and you can also add custom domains and email addresses to your admin interface. The biggest drawback is that any site you create won’t be mobile ready, to enable this you will need to create additional HTML and CSS files – which most people won’t know how to do.See full list of features

Ease of use

Network Solution

Quick to Learn

Network Solution’s site editor is very easy to learn, but doesn’t have all of the features that you might need to create a fully fledged website. Their menus are easy to navigate though, with a very straight forward organizational pattern.


When it comes to adding elements to your page, its as simple as just dragging and dropping them into place. All of the basic properties of elements can be changed through intuitive editors, but it can sometimes be difficult to make an element fit into the design of your page stylistically.See if Network Solution is Right for You


Network SolutionGreat Support, Limited Avenues


  • Email Support
  • Support Center
  • Phone Support
  • Forum
  • Video Tutorials
  • Live Chat
  • SEO Help
  • Blog

The support at Network Solutions is good, they get the job done quickly, know what they’re talking about, and respond in a timely manner. They don’t provide all of the avenues for support that I had hoped for though, and some of their text tutorials that they provide are a bit confusing, meaning you will be contacting support directly most of the time if you need help. Overall though, their support does what is needed, and seems very knowledgeable about the products they sell.



Fairly Priced

Network Solutions prices their web editor reasonably, packaging it with a full web hosting plan and a custom domain. They offer two main packages, but most sites will find that they can make do with the “Small” package. The “Large” package offers a much greater value though, providing much more storage space than typical hosting packages.


How does Network Solution match up to the competition?

Network SolutionCompare4.1Compare

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Bottom line on Network Solution



  • Affordable
  • Solid Site Editor
  • Diverse Templates
  • Little Feature Depth

Network Solutions provides a usable, stable site editor that is fairly easy to figure out. Â While it doesn’t provide all of the extra features that some editors do, it works fine so small business websites, business oriented portfolios, and anything else that doesn’t require flashy features.

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