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Ezequiel Bruni
Ezequiel Bruni
Website Development Expert

Zyro is like “Baby’s First Business Site,” but it’s actually pretty good for a simple tool. If you’re looking for more complex design features and third-party add-ons, however, you should probably look elsewhere. The support is also not great.


Zyro, a brand-new website builder from budget-friendly web host Hostinger, is aiming to be the beginner’s best friend. It’s a minimalist site builder that’s designed to teach you how to use it, and it provides artificial intelligence (AI) tools to spare you from the bulk of the work.

Zyro also offers cheap pricing, solid features, and a fairly generous free plan. The platform is available in English, German, French, Malay, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

But can you build the site of your dreams with it, or are you better off with an established site builder like Wix, or another builder from our short list of top website builders for 2021? Well…if you don’t need much out of your website, Zyro might work for you. Read on to see exactly what I mean.


Zyro website builder templates

There isn’t a huge selection, but Zyro’s templates are quite eye-catching

Dozens of Templates to Choose From

Even with a free plan, I was able to access 70+ templates, all of which were both good-looking and mobile-friendly.

The free templates cover various industries including art and design, hospitality, fashion, and more. Unfortunately, you can’t customize them too much. You can change colors, but I haven’t found a way to change the fonts. And once you pick a template, you’re stuck with it on that particular site.

That lack of customization options forced me to drop the score a bit.Explore Zyro Templates


Zyro website builder - editing format

Zyro Does What It Says, and Not Much More

Overall, Zyro delivers what it promises. It just… doesn’t promise much.

There’s a Grid-Based Layout Builder

Zyro’s layout editor is designed to keep things looking good, and still give you some creative control. It accomplishes this by constraining the layout to a pre-made grid. You can drag and drop things where you want to, but the size and spacing of page elements is kept consistent.

Zyro website builder - editing layout
The grid-based editor makes it easy to place elements on the page

The AI Tools Are Kind of Cool

The AI Writer will populate your website with content based on the industry/type of site you pick. Your options are somewhat limited, but it’s a quick way to get your site copy started.

Zyro website builder - AI Writer output
Examples of the AI Writer’s output, which you’re supposed to customize.

Zyro’s AI Heatmap is designed to help you figure out how users navigate your site, so you can tweak your layout for more conversions.

There Are Some Third-Party Integrations

What Zyro doesn’t have is a large app market like Wix or Weebly, instead it has some basic integrations with services like Google Ads, Facebook Messenger and Hotjar analytics. All of that and more is available from the Basic plan and up.

Other site builders, like Wix and Squarespace, give you some free ad credits for Google Ads (and other platforms) with their more expensive plans. You won’t get that here.See full list of features

Ease of use

Zyro website builder - AI Writer tool

It’s Fairly Standard and Easy to Use

At no point in the process did I ever feel lost, or wonder “What does this do?” The learning curve is more like a leisurely stroll.

There Is a Variety of Business Tools

These include the Business Name Generator, Slogan Generator, and Logo Maker, and also access to a business email on your own domain (if you have a domain). Each of these tools does exactly what its name suggests. They’re just a quick way to get your site started if you have no assets or copywriters on staff.

There Is Unsplash Integration

This means you have more than a million great stock images to choose from. They’re completely free, and easily accessible in the site builder. Enough said.

You Get Free SSL, They Get Free SSL, Everyone Gets Free SSL

Every site gets SSL encryption (even on the free plan), which is a security layer that makes sure all the data sent between the site and its users is, well… encrypted. Because every site gets it automatically, you don’t have to enable it manually. That’s a nice touch.See if Zyro is Right for You


The options for contacting Zyro consist of a live chat module at the bottom of every page, and an email address journalists and publishers can use to ask for information. It’s not a customer support email, but I tried asking for help there anyway.

Well… how do I put this? Zyro’s support isn’t great.  No one responded on either chat or email. At all. In two days.

Zyro website builder - live chat
Hello? Anyone there?



One thing I do like a lot about Zyro is the pricing.

It’s darned cheap, and for someone who just needs to build the first website for their business, that’s a definite bonus.

The Free plan has nearly all the features that the other plans do, with some limitations: you only get 500 MB of bandwidth and storage, you can’t connect a custom domain, and you don’t get integration with third-party services. You’ll also have Zyro ads on your website, in a sticky bar at the top of the page.

Upgrading to the Basic plan will give you access to all the features, let you remove the ads, and provide you with 10 GB each of bandwidth and storage. The Unleashed plan simply removes the bandwidth and storage limits entirely.

These paid plans are both significantly cheaper than most major site builders.

You can upgrade very easily, and you can pay with PayPal and all major credit cards.


How does Zyro match up to the competition?

WixCompare 4.9 Compare
SquarespaceCompare 4.8 Compare
ZyroCompare 3.7 Compare
SimpleSiteCompare 2.5 Compare

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December 15, 2020

I have tried only the Squarespace website builder before moving to Zyro once my friend recommended it. And it was the right choice. Zyro has lower prices, more customizations, quicker support, and a more user-friendly interface overall. So I rate them 10/10.

December 18, 2020

Hello Jennifer, thanks a lot for your comment. We are glad you are satisfied with our services, we are happy to have you! Regards, Zyro team

December 11, 2020
cheap prices

Zyro offers cheap prices compared to other website builders. So I decided to create my portfolio website with them. They have nice templates and I was able to design them how I want. Also, their logo maker and AI writer really help fill out the website content if you're having trouble. However, they could offer more integrations.

December 16, 2020

Hello Salim,Thanks a lot for your feedback. We have noted your comments - it's a great way for us to improve our services. We are constantly developing our website builder and adding new features, so watch this space for new updates soon :)Regards, Zyro

December 07, 2020
Powerful and budget-friendly

With Zyro, I was able to create a professional-looking website for my business in several hours. The most time-consuming part was preparing the content because customizing the website was super easy with the drag-and-drop builder and the intuitive grid. I would only recommend improving their logo maker as it took me longer than expected to get the wished results.

December 16, 2020

Hello Steve,Thanks a bunch - your feedback is essential for us to make our website builder even better and easier to use. We are working hard to improve Zyro every day, so rest assured we'll keep on looking for new ways to develop it.Regards, Zyro

December 04, 2020
Friendly tool for begginers

I have tried several website builders, including the most popular ones. But from my experience, Zyro has the friendliest interface. Zyro lets you fully customize the templates, and the intuitive grid helps to maintain the structure.

December 18, 2020

Hello Devon, thanks a lot for sharing your kind feedback with us. Your insights are essential for us to improve. Regards, Zyro team

December 02, 2020
Fantastic support team

Zyro has a live chat feature, which came in handy for me when I ran into some problems while creating my blog. I was amazed that the support helped me with every problem in less than 10 minutes. Besides the support team, Zyro prices also left me a good impression. I believe they are offering one of the best services for the lowest price in the market. I truly recommend them!

December 18, 2020

Hello Wendy, thanks for such nice words! Rest assured our Customer Success team will always be there to assist you with any issues you might have. Regards, Zyro team

November 20, 2020
Zyro is so easy to work with

I have tested several website builders, but by far I like Zyro the most. For example, unlike other builders, Zyro provides a wide variety of free quality pictures that you can freely move and edit their size. Zyro also has some compelling AI tools and a logo maker, which can come in handy while customizing your website.

December 18, 2020

Hello Calvin, you've just made our day! Thanks for such amazing feedback. Rest assured we'll keep improving and making our website builder even better. Regards, Zyro team

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Bottom line on Zyro

Zyro prides itself on being a sort of all-in-one solution. If you need your very first business site for cheap, it’s a great option. If you’re looking for more complex design features and third-party add-ons, however, you should probably look elsewhere. Check out our comprehensive comparison of the best website builders for a few good alternatives.

This is like “Baby’s First Business Site,” but it’s actually pretty good. Except for the support. That’s terrible, and it can be a dealbreaker for many people.

Ezequiel Bruni
Ezequiel Bruni
Ezequiel Bruni is biologically Canadian, legally Mexican, and self identifies as a total nerd. He's been a web and experience designer off and on since he was a teenager, and loves sharing the kind of beginner's advice he really wishes he'd had when he first started. He also loves video games, tacos, open source software, video games, sci-fi and fantasy in all their forms, and video games. He does not love writing in the third person.

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