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Survey Anyplace Review 2024: Is It a Wise Investment?

Ari Denial Ari Denial Form Builder Expert

Survey Anyplace comes with a decent set of templates – but many of these are too specific to be useful to everyone. The builder isn’t drag-and-drop, either, so it’s not particularly beginner-friendly. You can use the seven-day free trial to determine if Survey Anyplace is right for you.


Super Form Builder for Surveys, but You Have to Pay

Survey Anyplace review - homepage screenshot

As its name suggests, Survey Anyplace is a form builder designed specifically for creating surveys. It’s great for market research, assessing customer satisfaction, and HR (human resources) – but you’ll find no options here for lead generation and contact forms.

The company itself is based in Belgium, serving users around the world. Help articles are available in English, French, and Dutch, however, so there’s a distinct European focus.

While there’s no free version of the form builder, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

Is Survey Anyplace worth paying for, or are you better trying a survey builder with a free plan, like SurveyMonkey? Will it suit your form-building needs? Keep reading for my expert opinion on what Survey Anyplace has to offer.



Beautiful Templates, But Are They Too Specific?

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Template library

With Survey Anyplace, you have the choice of starting with a blank canvas or choosing one of the 20 pre-designed templates. Without a doubt, Survey Anyplace offers some attractive templates – and you can easily preview them to decide whether the form is right for you.

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Preview Mode

All templates are available no matter what plan you’re on – and you have full access to the templates during your free trial, too. There are no specific categories for the templates available, and you can’t sort or filter them.

The types of templates available include consent forms, evaluation forms, assessment forms, retail surveys, data collection, quizzes, and proficiency test forms. Some of the templates do seem to be a little too specific – for example, there are templates for “disc assessment” and “language proficiency test,” which are obviously for a niche audience. However, you can easily customize the surveys to match your own needs.

All Survey Anyplace templates are fully responsive – and, in fact, are designed with mobile devices in mind.



Superior Features for Interactive Surveys

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Features

Survey Anyplace’s features are designed to help you create surveys that your target audience, customers, or staff will actually enjoy completing – by incorporating interactive incentives and animated scoring features, quiz timers, and emoji-like ratings.

When you sign up with Survey Anyplace, you can add your logo and use that as the background for your forms, or you can choose one of the 40 high-quality backgrounds available in the builder.

In the builder’s “Extra Options” tab, you’ll find advanced features including quiz options (which incorporate a leaderboard and quiz timer), options for sharing on social media, and the ability to integrate with apps through Zapier. The features available to you, however, vary based on the plan you’ve selected.

You can create unlimited forms with unlimited questions – the plans are restricted only by the number of responses you can receive. Monthly restrictions are per account, rather than per form, so if you have multiple surveys going, you could arrive at that limit fairly quickly.

Quality Question Types

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Question Types

Whether you opt for a template or decide to build your form from scratch, it’s easy to add questions to your survey.

You can choose from a variety of interactive and text-based question types, including text choice, open-ended, ranking, NPS (Net Promoter Score), and auto-suggest. All question types can be edited. You can even add a YouTube video to your questions:

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Adding a YouTube video

Interactive Quiz

Surveys can easily become quizzes with specific “right” answers, which you can use to gauge your visitors’ knowledge and create more useful content. Survey Anyplace has quiz templates, but if you prefer, you can create your own from a blank template.

Quiz-focused features in Survey Anyplace include question pools (banks of pre-written questions you can easily add), a quiz timer, and an animated gauge that can check answers and display a final score.

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Final score

Incentive Widgets

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Scratch-off widget

You can add a bit of fun to your surveys with Survey Anyplace’s incentive widgets. These are perfect for offering your customers the opportunity to win prizes or discount codes, and they feature fun little scratch-offs (seen in the screenshot above). Place them at the end of your surveys as an incentive to complete the whole survey.


Ease of use

Simple, but Not the Easiest Form Builder to Use

Survey Anyplace screenshot - getting started

If you’ve never built an online form or survey before, you might struggle with Survey Anyplace’s editor. It’s not a drag-and-drop editor like some other form builders (e.g. JotForm and SurveyMonkey), which makes it less beginner-friendly – but it’s not impossible to learn.

Tabbed, Easy-to-Navigate Editor

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Survey editor

In spite of its lack of a drag-and-drop interface, Survey Anyplace does have a tabbed editor that makes finding the right settings for your survey relatively easy. The tabs at the top work like a step-by-step approach to building your survey, so you set your questions first, move on to the design, check out the extra options, and then share your survey with your target audience.

Intuitive Question Settings

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Question settings

The questions are, of course, the most important part of your survey, so this is the part of the editor you’re likely to use the most. You can easily change the question type using the drop-down box, and the question text is easy to edit, too.

Adding answers for text choice questions is a matter of typing into the box – though, for the auto-suggest question type, you will need to create a basic spreadsheet (.csv file) to upload your suggestions. Other settings in the questions editor are simple toggle switches that you can turn on or off.

Simple Design Editing

Survey Anyplace screenshot - Design editor

If you want to customize your survey – to use, for example, your brand colors rather than the Survey Anyplace default colors – the design tab offers simple selection options for changing the appearance of your survey.

You can change the background, layout, and your logo, as well as the primary color, background color, font size and color, and button colors. You can also customize the progress bar, add an icon, and save your design as a template for future use.

The only problem I came across was trying to figure out how to move the questions up and down. There are no tooltips or “tour” in the editor. You can move questions by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the question number and selecting another number to change the position.

Survey Anyplace screenshot - text editor

Survey Anyplace says that you can build a survey in minutes, but in my experience, you’re looking at an hour or more. That is, unless you’re using a pre-designed template and not changing any of the question or design settings. Survey Anyplace’s closest rival, SurveyMonkey, makes the process much easier so you can create your surveys faster.



Getting support from Survey Anyplace is complicated. There’s a fairly detailed help center that has answers to some of the most common questions, and some of the answers have step-by-step instructions.

However, actual human support is more difficult to obtain, since there’s no information on the main website or help center pages about how to contact support. In the end, I typed “support” into the search box in the help center and found an email address that (in theory) goes to the support team. Response times and the availability of human support are unknown, since I didn’t get a reply to my email.

Survey Anyplace screenshot - FAQ section



Unlike many form builders, Survey Anyplace doesn’t offer a free plan – but you can take advantage of the free trial on the Essential or Professional plan, which gives you seven days to decide whether it’s worth investing in a monthly or annual plan. You don’t need to enter credit card details to sign up, so it’s a risk-free way of seeing if Survey Anyplace works for you.

There are four pricing plans, with prices varying depending on whether you pay monthly or annually. The Essential plan includes only 400 monthly survey responses – which is okay for a small research project, but not much use if you want to put surveys on your website or social media channels. The Essential plan doesn’t include the full set of Survey Anyplace features.

The Professional plan includes up to 2,000 monthly responses, so this plan would be best if you’re using Survey Anyplace for your business. This plan includes more advanced features such as complex question logic, Zapier integration, and support for multiple languages.

The Enterprise plan includes 5,000+ monthly responses and also gives you the option of collecting payments via Stripe. This plan can be customized according to your needs – and is best if you have a big corporation (and a big budget).

In addition, there’s the ReportR plan, which offers additional features, including support for PDF files, a PDF editor, and PDF widgets for creating a variety of reports from your form submissions.


How does Survey Anyplace match up to the competition?

1JotformCompareOur Score4.9Compare
1Cognito FormsCompareOur Score4.8Compare
1Survey AnyplaceCompareOur Score3.6Compare
1EmailMeFormCompareOur Score2.5Compare


Survey Anyplace gives you the tools you need to create attractive surveys. There is no free plan, but you can use the trial period to check if it’s right for your needs. The builder is more complex compared to form builders like SurveyMonkey, but the addition of the incentive widget is useful for increasing the number of people completing your surveys.

There are lots of question types and its templates are well-designed – but it’s worth checking whether there are enough relevant templates to justify subscribing. It’s not going to be right for everyone.
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Are they a real company?

I am billed evey month for services we didn't agree to. Our company does not send surveys. We do need this service so why do they take $69 / Month? Their website only gives instructions on how to cancel but they do not allow us to login to the account. Very shady business.

Mark, USA
February 16, 2024
Decent but hard to use and weak support

This is a good platform but the documentation is not user-friendly or thorough. Tech support can be nonresponsive or slow. They seem annoyed when you ask questions and act like the problem is you when it is often them. It decent product but could be a whole lot better for the prices they charge!

Carly Jack, USA
May 10, 2021
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