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Barbara Harris

Barbara is an expert in Performance Marketing. She leads WebsitePlanet PPC and SEO teams, and she mentors SMBs on the use of Search Advertising as well as Social Marketing.

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Hire the World

Hire the World is a design community that offers not just logo creation services, but also web, graphic, and other design services. It’s one of the few platforms that gives you the option to “Hire a Professional” in addition to the typical crowdsourcing design contest option. Plus, Hire the World has invested heavily into a social media feel, allowing its users to peruse each...


An easy to understand web building platform that will allow you to take full control of how your business looks on the Internet. With a free service and all the features you need to build a professional looking website, BlueVoda could tick off all your check points.

Express Pigeon

If you are looking for a basic email marketing service to just send emails and capture subscribers, then Express Pigeon is Perfect. They offer dozens of quality templates and an incredibly easy to use editor.


Easy, Efficient and Professional, StreamSend email marketing platform provides hundreds of free stock images, templates and an easy to use template editor. No graphic skills needed to get started. Take advantage of their 30 day free trial to check StreamSend for yourself!


Alerti is an entry-level social media management tool that focuses heavily on project management and alerts. If you are looking to track brand mentions or follow conversations on certain keywords then this is most certainly the ideal solution.


If you're looking to post Tweets across multiple Tweeter accounts, while following influencers and monitoring keywords, TweetDeck is your ideal time-saving solution, particularly if you're on a tight budget, as TweetDeck is completely free of charge!

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4 Powerful Social Media Techniques you would love (and share…)

Social Media Marketing is built up from a range of useful techniques, some work well and some do not. For me, four essential checkpoints need ticking off when it comes to driving your social media channels, which I am about to discuss in a lot more detail. For every Social Media platform you need to think about whom you are targeting, where you are targeting, and how you...

5 Most-Underrated News Apps to Power Your Content Curation Duties

Are you responsible for curating content to post to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? Do you spend your days scouring the Internet looking for relevant content your audience will enjoy? Instead of 'Googling' keywords or sifting through your favourite websites, there are a variety of news readers and RSS feed readers that can make your job much easier. While your...

The Ultimate Guide To Successful Youtube Advertising

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world with over 800 million monthly unique users watching over 4 billion videos daily, it's the equivalent of nearly half the planet's population watching a video on YouTube every day. The growing usage of YouTube is not surprising, as it acts as a video hub for content on every subject known to mankind, be it music, pop...

3 Strategies for Increasing Content Shelf Life

Every piece of content you create has a finite shelf life. On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, that shelf life can often be measured in hours or minutes. And due to the endless need to create new content, this can create a serious problem for even the most prolific websites. But producing a steady stream of new material doesn't necessarily involve creating...

5 Impressive Ways To Get Your Facebook Business Page More Likes

Every brand on Facebook is on Facebook for one reason -- to (eventually) get more business. Getting more business from Facebook means different things to different types of businesses. Different brands will have different objectives, such as driving in-store sales, increasing online sales, launching a new product, building awareness, or promoting a mobile app. Regardless of...