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Esme Mazzeo Esme Mazzeo Email Marketing Expert

Mailjet is an email marketing service that offers businesses an easy way to send out newsletters and other mass emails to up to 900,000 customers. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system to design emails and data analytics available, any company, no matter the size, can use Mailjet to help reach and sell to more people.


Mailjet at a Glance

Free trial: 30 days
Starting price: $0.00 per month
Email templates: 40+
Integrations: 83
Automations: Yes (Premium plan only)
Live chat support: No (Ticket support only)


Mailjet is an email marketing service that offers businesses an easy way to send out newsletters and other mass emails to up to 900,000 customers. It’s truly an intuitive platform for any business, whether you’re one person designing something for your blog or a large company seeking a way to design and send out emails more efficiently. Here are some features that make it a good service especially for anyone new to email marketing:

  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop system that makes designing intuitive and fast
  • Real-time email monitoring for instant data about campaign performance
  • A/B tests so you send out the most effective emails
  • Free plan available if you send under 6,000 emails monthly

The template selection could be larger, and I wish that free plans included a few more features (even on a trial basis). That aside, it’s a complete service with many tools that allow you to not only design beautiful and professional-looking emails, but also reach a wider audience and help your business grow.



Mailjet is a robust email marketing service, no matter the level of service you choose. Some of my favorite features include:

  • Unlimited contacts storage
  • Statistics tracking
  • Easy personalization
  • API support

More advanced features like advanced template management, the ability to lock content, and automated marketing have a price tag. But, they’re necessary to the success of your business, especially if you use email as a means to attract more readers and customers. Here are several that stand out:

A/B Testing

A/B testing on Mailjet is easy. First, I set up the basics of my test like the name, language, and the contact list I wanted to send it to. Then, I set up the variable I wanted to test, such as the length of the subject line or image content. The simplest test has two versions and tests one variable. But Mailjet allows for up to 10 versions of one campaign. I used three.

After creating three subject lines for a campaign, I was able to set the percentage of my contact list that I wanted to receive each email, set the time to start it, and choose whether the winning email was automatically or manually set.


Another feature is segmentation, also available with a premium account. This allows you to group your customers into separate lists based on certain variables like what time your most engaged customers open emails. There’s even data to tell you when certain customers are inactive so that you can send them re-engagement campaigns.

In the contacts section, all you do is click on Segmentation and then Create a Segment. Mailjet filters segments based on properties like “Name” or “Birthday,” or activity like when a person last opened an email. It can also filter your list by more than one property. So, I created a list of all contacts that live in New York and have opened an email from me in the last 14 days.

After setting conditions, you can click on Calculate to know the exact number of subscribers that match your qualifications. Then you can save the list.

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration on email design will save time for all premium users and everyone on your team. You can easily assign everyone roles (e.g., marketer, designer, or developer) and increase your team’s efficiency. You can add as many people as you want, and there’s no longer any need to wait for one person to finish his or her part of an email before working on yours. Email sections are blocked off as people work on them, and then you can instantly see the work your colleague has done.

Subscription Widget

A nice feature available to everyone is the subscription widget. This allows people who opt-in to automatically be added to your email subscription list. There’s a double opt-in feature that both ensures your customer is interested in your offering and increases your GDPR compliance.

The process of creating a subscription widget with Mailjet is fast and easy. You can either set it as a pop-up or embed it. You can collect more than an email address with the subscription widget. Use it as an opportunity to collect information like the name and address of your customer.See full list of features

Ease of use


Mailjet’s sign-up step is fast an easy. I answered a few questions about myself and my business, and in minutes was ready to design an email. The designing process is simple, too.

I was happy to see that Mailjet uses a drag-and-drop system for editing. I like that the editing screen is clean and clear, not cluttered. All of the elements available to add are labeled in a separate toolbar from the design screen, making it really easy to work.

I chose a basic newsletter template and was able to personalize a campaign simply by clicking on the pre-placed element blocks and adding the specific content I wanted. Double-clicking an element produces specific menus.

Clicking an image block, for example, leads to a screen where you can crop, resize, or change an image’s orientation.

When my design was complete, I like that the “Review and Send” button allows me to check my work with the option to send instantly or save for later.


  • Save sections of the email that you’ll use often
  • Design an A/B test in the main editor quickly
  • Save templates and sections you build to use later
  • Code HTML from scratch or upload a file


  • Content protection to keep brand information confidential is paid only
  • Content selection could be specific to a few more industries
  • Customer service is difficult to contact in a timely manner

See if Mailjet is Right for You


mailjet-supportMailjet has an extensive collection of written resources, including:

  • An FAQ section
  • A blog with email marketing campaign tips and tricks, coding advice, and more
  • A resources library with guides, research reports, and success stories
  • A section for developers with resources and guides
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) resources

To contact a support agent, you can submit a ticket request. The process is fairly straightforward, and I liked that I was given a dropdown of 14 subject categories:

Then I was asked to assign my ticket a priority level of either normal, urgent, or critical. I selected “normal,” and more than three days later, I have still not heard back.

While I appreciate the fact that the ticket request form gives me an option to provide my phone number and mark a request as critical, I’d prefer to be able to immediately speak with someone, especially if I were faced with a potentially dire problem. That said, I wish Mailjet published a support number somewhere in their website, or at least offered live chat support, as many other email marketing service providers do.




Mailjet offers monthly or annual plans. The price of your subscription depends on the volume of emails you plan to send per month.

The free tier is only for businesses that plan to send 6,000 or fewer emails per month. Some of the features included in this plan are:

  • Unlimited contact storage
  • An advanced email editor
  • Advanced statistics options
  • A sending limit of 200 emails per day

The free plan might be enticing, but if your email list has more than a couple hundred contacts, that plan will not be a viable option.

The next plan up, Basic (starting at $15.00 per month), includes all the features of the free plan but with no ads, no daily sending limit, and added support. It’s a good option if your business only needs to design and send out email campaigns.

For access to some of the features that will contribute to your business’s growth, you’ll need the Premium plan (starting at $25.00 per month) which unlocks access to A/B testing, segmentation, multi-user collaboration, and the other advanced features. I recommend this plan for established small businesses with a solid subscriber base looking to improve the quality of their marketing campaigns and gather insight into their subscribers. If you have the budget, it’s a great place to start no matter what you sell.

The highest paid plan is the Enterprise plan, which is designed for larger companies and high-volume senders. It features a more “robust infrastructure,” access to deliverability and migration experts, advanced role management tools, and more. You need to Contact Mailjet and request a quote if this plan interests you, but I recommend that you start with the Premium plan first and move up only when you’re sure it’s not meeting your needs.


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Mike Mengel
April 28, 2020
Rubbish company

I have provided all the documentation related to the registration of the company to MailJet, purchased a paid account, validated the domain and sender email addresses etc.. yet every now and then they keep suspending the account without any notice and without any reason. The MailJet account is used in production capacity and so we cannot have it closed randomly out of anywhere. Yet when it happens there is not even a single phone number that we can call to resolve the issue!!

Greg Sperber
United States
November 18, 2019
Poor Customer Service, They Stole My Money

Was trying to do some email marketing. I did not realize the difference between transactional emails and cold emails. They promptly shut down my use. Again, that is fine...learning curve for me. And they did not refund the payment to me. Again, fine, cost of knowledge. My real problem with them is that I sent them an additional $50 from Paypal, which they accept. It never appeared on my account and they say they never received it, despite my giving them all of the transaction details. They refuse to acknowledge the payment or give me a refund. Their customer service was slow, demeaning, and utterly useless. How does the "accounting team" not find a transaction after giving them every last detail of the transaction? I wonder if they are actually malicious.


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