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Oliver TaylorOliver TaylorEmail Marketing Expert

Mailchimp is probably the most well-known email marketing service, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. I was more impressed with Constant Contact, which gives you much better value for your money.

However, Mailchimp has long been the go-to service for businesses on a budget. Even if you’ve never used an e-mail marketing service before, Mailchimp’s learning curve is relatively accessible for a beginner. On top of that, they’ve got advanced marketing automation tools, superior third-party integrations, and A/B testing features.


Mailchimp at a Glance

Free trial:No, free plan instead (email and chat support included for the first 30 days only)
Starting price:$0.00 per month
Email templates:100+
Live chat support:Yes

The Most Popular Email Marketing Service – but Is It Right for You?

Mailchimp is a leading marketing automation platform. You may have heard of Mailchimp before, either by word of mouth, or you have spotted companies using their service. Either way, Mailchimp can’t be ignored when it comes to your email marketing campaigns.

If you are on the hunt for professional looking templates, easy customization and loads of extra features, Mailchimp is definitely your first port of call. Your signup forms and newsletters will catch the eye, reflect your brand image, and can be formatted for mobile and desktop devices in a snap. Mailchimp sends more than a billion daily emails and has created products and personalized technology to help small businesses grow.

Why Choose Mailchimp?

  • Free lifetime membership option
  • Amazingly user-friendly email creator
  • Intuitive navigation from start to finish

Take a closer look at the awesome features Mailchimp has to offer.



See Why Mailchimp’s Features are the Best!

  • Free e-commerce features to sell your products and track your earnings, that seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more.
  • Increase sales with customer segments, product references and promo codes.
  • Drag and drop data- online store based recommendations that appear on each of your customer’s data allow you to customize automation to a personal level and stay competitive with tailor-made promo codes.
  • Offer discounts and give your customers incentives to purchase, using a promo block to include your code in a campaign.
  • Mailchimp’s free automated emails include welcome messages, abandoned cart notifications, and order receipts, which save a ton of time and increase sales.

See full list of features

Ease of use


Even a Chimp Can Get to Grips With This Platform

Mailchimp is incredibly easy to use and has intuitiveness in the forefront of design. Whether you need to create templates for newsletters or promotional emails, or want to navigate around the site to see what else you can get your hands on – Mailchimp is simple as 1,2,3.

No confusion, no hassle, no problems.

You’ll enjoy playing around with all of Mailchimp’s powerful features, and before you know it, you’ll become an email marketing pro.See if Mailchimp is Right for You



Here to lend a helping hand

Mailchimp did a great job with the FAQ, tutorial videos, learning center and forum section. When reviewing this section, we found that they had an easy to follow answer or solution to almost any question you can think of.

However, there was no phone number to be found, which means you can only email or use the live chat feature to contact support, who will only answer during business hours.

  • Email support
  • Live Chat – displayed at the top of the page
  • Forums
  • Video tutorials & learning center
  • Great FAQ section
  • Blog
  • Features request table
  • No Phone Support



Flexible Pricing Plans Tailored to everyone

Mailchimp offers 4 pricing plans, based on your needs, the size of your subscriber list and your sending frequency.

The Free, no-cost plan is perfect for beginners and includes powerful and useful features. Send up to 12,000 monthly emails and cultivate a list of up to 2000 subscribers. The Free plan offers almost all features included in the paid plans and allows you to experiment and build your mailing list and business for $0.00 a month.

The Essentials plan is ideal for frequent senders who cultivate a list of more than 2,000 subscribers or who’ve outgrown the Free plan. It offers you an option to use paid features to enhance and engage your subscribers. The Essentials plan gives you 24/7 email and chat support as well as A/B testing capabilities.

The Standard plan gives you everything you get with the Essentials plan plus advanced audience insights, retargeting ads, custom email templates, and behavioral targeting automation.

The Premium plan is tailored for enterprise-level marketers and is loaded with powerful features that will take your campaigns to the next level. Send your quarterly reports and newsletters or promotional event invites. You can have more than 200,000 people on your subscriber list and get the gold standard in advanced segmentation.

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April 20, 2020
Convenient letter delivery service

Through Mailchimp, I set up a sales funnel for one of my customers. 1. Convenient analytics system with wide functionality. Easily track conversions and bounce rates. 2. Convenient forms for creating letters and the ability to insert your own code. 3. High-quality anti-spam system.

Wilmer Palma
January 04, 2020
Every campaign we develop with Mailchimp is a resounding success.

To talk about Mailchimp is to talk about excellence, popularity and at the same time of simple software management. Using this software is simple and from the first moment we run into this program, we easily understand what each of its functions is about. One of them is the possibility of programming emails that monitor each of the purchases made by our customers. This helps us to know what types of tastes are handled among our comparators and based on that know a little more their interests. Based on this, we design successful strategies to recommend to our customers new products that are coming to market and that we market. However, although the service is very complete and covers the needs of our company in terms of tools for digital marketing, I think the prices of premium plans are a bit high. Other services offer cheaper packages that offer the same functions. In general, Mailchimp has allowed us to make everything related to marketing through email from our business easier. This software automates a part of the process which has made us save time and raise efficiency levels in terms of making our brand known. The work team quickly became familiar with the tool, which has undoubtedly been a great advantage. Mailchimp came to our hands to make us more prosperous and lucky. Mailchimp also offers a very interesting free version that allows you to reach up to two thousand contacts and that can be used so that those people who have not yet used this tool know a little more about it. In general, it is very easy to use software. I assure you that from the first day you open the application you will feel comfortable handling it because its interface is very intuitive.

November 17, 2019
A powerful program that will allow you to reach thousands of contacts and conquer new customers

Mailchimp is a very versatile program that has the characteristic of being able to adapt to any type of company, large or small. This service allows you to develop the best and most successful marketing campaigns through email. Mailchimp puts templates at our disposal to give it the professional touch that each of our campaigns requires in addition to making them in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, Mailchimp offers a free version that allows you to reach up to two thousand contacts. It is very good and complete. If you want to expand the number of people to reach a lot more then you can choose between several plans that do not exceed $ 80 per year. Mailchimp really is a great solution.

Ariel Cohen
May 26, 2018
MailChimp Review

I compare this tool with Get response which send a watermark (signature) in each mail, that is advertising them more than it shares my messages… I like the interface. It used to be not as good for the autoresponder, but they fixed it lately (notice if you want to edit a message, you need to pause it first… Why the @$##@$%). Other than that, it works like charm, they have good Q&A and I recommend using them.

July 07, 2017
MailChimp Review

MailChimp is the most optimal newsletter distribution system for www.hecmo.com. It's easy to operate and it's constantly updated, effortlessly improving your productivity and performance. We choose to use MailChimp because of the great balance of features and the reasonable pricing. Also, we are very satisfied with the response from the support team - it seems that the company has the same values as us, and puts the customer above all else.

July 03, 2017
MailChimp Review

MailChimp’s robust marketing automation makes sure your emails get to the right people at the right time. Target customers based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales. And when you’re finished, get in-depth reporting insights to make every automated series you send better than the last. By-Hecmo.com


How does Mailchimp match up to the competition?

Constant ContactCompare4.8Compare
Squarespace Email CampaignsCompare3.0Compare

Bottom line on Mailchimp


  • Free for lifetime option (limited features)
  • Super easy template builder with hundreds of designs
  • High quality videos in the learning center


  • SocialPro add-on not included in free package
  • No phone support
  • Cannot be used for affiliate marketing sites

From start to finish – building your own email marketing campaign is so easy with mailchimp. Your choices are nearly endless in regards to the template selection, features and addons.

For anyone starting out and looking to kick start their email marketing campaign, MailChimp is the one stop shop for email campaigns, with sign up forms, list integration, campaign tracking, and endless templates.

Oliver TaylorOliver Taylor
Oliver is a senior web developer who develops features and directs maintenance tasks for the WebsitePlanet website and associated Android apps (Java and Kotlin).

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