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7 Best Freelance Photographer Websites: Hire Experts in 2024

Emily Robin Emily RobinFreelance Jobs Expert
When you have an important corporate event or a wedding to plan, you only get one shot at hiring a good photographer. And a bad freelance photographer can ruin your special day or mess up your ecommerce advertisements with cheap-looking photos.

My goal today is to help you find a high-quality freelance photographer who actually delivers, whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to spend on a pro.

I researched popular websites where you can hire freelance photographers, doing a deep dive into both the ease of using these platforms and the quality of photos I received.

Although my personal favorite is Fiverr for its affordability, fast delivery, and wide selection of photography categories, one of the other freelance platforms might suit your needs better depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

Check out freelance photographers on Fiverr now, or keep reading to see what the other freelance marketplaces have to offer. I’ll also offer my insights into how to use freelancer websites to boost your chances of a good hire.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Freelance Websites for Photography in 2024

  1. Fiverr – High-quality photos for online businesses and products with a flexible price range.
  2. Upwork – Huge selection of experienced pro photographers for long-term projects.
  3. Splento – Easiest way to hire a photoshoot service online with photographer matchmaking.

See 4 More Great Options | Comparison Table | FAQ

What We Look For in the Best Freelance Websites for Photography

The only way to be sure you’re hiring a good freelance photographer online is to use the best freelance photographer websites.

On my hunt for the best freelance photographer jobs, I compared the following features to choose my top 7:
  • High-Quality Photos. Let’s be real – anyone with a phone can snap a photo. Hiring a photographer should get you professional photos with sharp resolution, expert composition, and skilful editing. The quality should be good enough for business use or once-in-a-lifetime events.
  • Scope of Services. There are a lot of uses for photography. I made sure to include sites that offered freelance photographer jobs for products, business, lifestyle and personal use, photo editing, and design. Some platforms have it all, while others specialize in one or a few types of photos.
  • Easy Hiring Process. A good freelance website takes the stress out of hiring a photographer. Finding a freelance photographer should be made easy with advanced search filters by categories such as location, category, and budget.
  • Good Refund Policy. If something does go wrong, a reputable freelance website will help you out as quickly and painlessly as possible. I looked for platforms that offer full returns within a fair window of time just in case the photos you receive are poor quality.

browsing freelance photographers on Fiverr
You can search for specific fields of photography in Fiverr, such as product, blog post, and local photography.
Fiverr is a massive freelancer marketplace with 830,000+ freelancers. I found over 5,400 photography services listed.

You can hire a freelance photographer on Fiverr for weddings, nature, travel blogs, products, food – you name it, Fiverr probably has it. There are even a lot of freelancers on Fiverr who specialize in Amazon product photography, fashion magazines, and other niches.

It’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for, too. Fiverr’s advanced search filters let you narrow the results by photography type (apparel, sports, food, etc.), photo setting, file format, budget, and seller level.

Seller levels are cool because you can do two neat things with them: find an experienced photographer (Level 2 or Top-Rated sellers); or find more affordable photography with a Level 1 or new seller.

Beginners tend to charge less for their photos, so hiring entry-level photographers is a great way to save and still get good-quality photos.


  • Advanced Search Filters. Search by budget, language, location, photography category, and delivery time. Fiverr really lets you narrow down your search results, which can save you a lot of time.
  • Gig Subscriptions. If you find a freelance photographer you like and want to work with them long term, you can subscribe to their job listing to get a steady stream of work.
  • Freelancer Ranking. Freelance photographers are ranked based on their job completion, average customer rating, and response and delivery time. This means Top-Rated and Level 2 sellers must maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. So, you know you’re getting a reliable photographer.
  • Add-on Services. If you’re willing to pay more, you can get extra photography services like expedited delivery, set staging, and live models.
Check out my colleague’s Fiverr review to see exactly how it performed in our tests.

Scope of Services Ecommerce, product, food, beauty, headshot, studio, lifestyle, and marketing photography.
Project Management Tools Chat messaging and file sharing.
Refund Policy Full refunds within 14 days of order completion.
Starting Price $5.00

Upwork freelancer search
Upwork makes it really simple to hire freelance photographers for long-term projects.
Upwork is home to 12 million freelancers across a lot of fields, including freelance photography. After a quick search, I was able to find freelance photographers for events, food, fashion, sales products, and even aerial shots (so good they may have activated my fear of heights!).

There really is no shortage of talent, and you can view each photographer’s work portfolio, total earnings on the site, and customer reviews. I found lots of experienced photographers with strong portfolios, charging anywhere from $10-$200 per hour. Plenty of budget and pro options to choose from here!

My favorite thing about Upwork is how easy it is to manage big projects and teams. If you want a long-term photographer, you can hire someone for 3-6 months or longer. And if you need multiple photographers for a big event, you can easily create a team of freelancers to collaborate with.


  • Project Management Dashboard. Manage any photographers you hire via instant message, video meetings, and file sharing. Upwork makes it super easy to collaborate with multiple freelancers at once, which is awesome news for big projects.
  • Project Listing. Draw freelancers to you by posting your project and budget. Anyone can apply, cutting out the legwork of hunting down a photographer. To attract good applicants, be as detailed as possible about the kind of photography you need.
  • In-depth Freelancer Profiles. To help you decide who to hire, you can view a freelance photographer’s hourly rate, photo portfolio, total earnings on the site, and customer reviews.
  • Locational Search. Find local photographers online by searching in your area. You can find plenty of remote photographers, too.
Get the detailed rundown in our Upwork review to find out more about how it works.

Scope of Services Product, event, lifestyle, and portrait photography.
Project Management Tools Messaging, video meetings, file sharing, invoicing, document signing.
Refund Policy Request a full refund within 180 days of making a payment.
Starting Price $0
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3. Splento: Fast, Hassle-Free Hiring

Splento portfolio categories
Splento has super-thorough photo portfolios you can look through by niche.
Splento specializes in photo and video production, so you know you’re getting pro photographers. You can book a photographer for events, real estate, headshots, products, travel, business, and family.

Hiring a freelance photographer is as easy as booking a photoshoot and entering your project details, so I recommend Splento if you want photos quickly with little-to-no hassle.

When you book a 1-hour photo session with Splento you pay a fixed rate, and your photographer is picked for you. This takes the stress out of hiring your own freelancer and getting a bad deal for low-quality photos, but it also means no budget options.

If you like a photographer and want to book them again, you can request the same freelancer, but Splento cannot guarantee their availability. Because of this, I think Splento is ideal for one-off projects, but it might not be the best choice if you want to work with a freelance photographer long-term.


  • Detailed Portfolios. Before you book, look through Splento’s photo galleries for each category it specializes in. Splento shares a lot of photos in its portfolios, so it’s really easy to see whether you like the work on offer or not.
  • 48-hour Delivery Guarantee. You’re guaranteed to get your photos within 48 hours, and you don’t have to pay extra for faster delivery, which I loved.
  • Global Coverage. Splento is based in London, but you can book a freelance photographer from anywhere in the world.
  • Online Gallery. Once your photos are delivered, they are stored and viewable online. You can also share them with people, which is a nice touch. It’s also a big relief to have your photos backed up online in case of hard drive failure (or a hot cocoa spill. Oops).
Scope of Services Product, headshot, business, event, and family photography.
Project Management Tools Once you make a booking, Splento manages your project for you.
Refund Policy Full refunds on projects canceled within 14 days of purchase.
Starting Price From $99

DesignCrowd freelancer portfolio
If you find a designer you like on DesignCrowd, you can hire them straight from their portfolio.
While some freelance designers are also photographers, DesignCrowd probably isn’t the place to hire a photographer to take headshots or to cover events.

However, it’s a great place to get professional designs that incorporate photos. DesignCrowd focuses on graphic design, art, and web design, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you need logos, brochures, real estate, and product designs that incorporate photos.

DesignCrowd allows you to either crowdsource a project, meaning that you’ll get dozens of artists and their designs to choose from, or directly hire a designer you like. For example, to find designers with photography skills, you can either filter your search by category, or create a project and list ‘photography’ as a requirement.

Since Designcrowd isn’t focused on photography, make sure you specify you want photos incorporated into your design.


  • Design Selection. When you crowdsource your project, you get anywhere from dozens to 100+ designs to pick from. You only have to pay for the winning design, so this is a cool way to see some options before you buy.
  • Designer Profiles. If you want to hire someone directly, you can browse designers and take a look at their past work. This lets you check out a designer’s photo quality before hiring.
  • Photoshop Design. DesignCrowd hosts lots of Photoshop experts who can professionally edit photos and turn them into designs.
  • Global Network. Hire from a large selection of photo designers all over the world, with the option to search by location.
Learn more about the ins and outs of this platform in our DesignCrowd review.

Scope of Services Brochure, website, logo, e-book, and product design, photo editing, and Photoshop.
Project Management Tools Feedback on designs, revisions, and file transfers.
Refund Policy Full refund on direct hires within 15 days of payment. Refunds on contests within 60 days of project posting.
Starting Price $109.00

5. Fiverr Pro: Reviewed and Approved Freelance Photographers

Fiverr Pro photography search
Turn the “Pro services” switch on to narrow your search to Fiverr Pro freelance photographers.
While I’m a big fan of Fiverr letting you hire freelance photographers for cheap, Fiverr Pro offers a better selection of vetted professionals. Thanks to this vetting process, you can get reliable freelance photographers on Fiverr Pro. This is a great option if you’re not too worried about budget.

In my opinion, it’s well worth spending extra to hire a freelance photographer with good communication and professionalism – it removes the risk of receiving bad work.

Every Pro Verified freelancer on Fiverr has been thoroughly tested by the Fiverr team to ensure they uphold a standard of excellence.

Their higher education, industry experience, and portfolio must be examined and approved before they can be listed on Fiverr Pro. That means you know you’re getting handpicked photographers who can deliver top-grade photos.


  • Subscription-Free Access. Often, you have to pay extra to gain access to screened and reviewed freelancers. While Pro Verified freelance photographers generally charge more, you have instant access to them without any additional fees.
  • Experienced Photographers. Pro Verified freelance photographers must prove they have industry experience and provide a work portfolio that’s up to standard.
  • Fast Delivery: Photographers with a lot of industry experience know how to work fast, so you’re far more likely to get faster delivery times.
  • Professional Standards. To keep their Pro status, freelancers have to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. So, you can expect your Pro Verified photographer to be communicative and eager to make sure you’re happy with their work.
Check out our Fiverr review to see exactly what you get when you hire there.

Scope of Services Ecommerce, product, food, beauty, headshot, studio, lifestyle, and marketing photography.
Project Management Tools Chat messaging and file sharing.
Refund Policy Full refunds within 7 days of order completion.
Starting Price $5.00

6. SnapSquad: High-End Photos for Personal and Business Use

SnapSquad top photographers by category
You can view the portfolios of the best photographers in each category on SnapSquad.
SnapSquad is a freelance photographer booking platform. Its list of freelancers is pretty small, but I’ll give it a pass since SnapSquad focuses entirely on photography. You can get 1-hour photo shoots, food photography, drone shots, landscapes, and even underwater photography (my personal favorite).

The photo quality is extremely good, and freelance photographers on SnapSquad are qualified professionals. There’s little room for getting a bad photo – but that kind of assurance comes at a price. SnapSquad isn’t cheap, and I couldn’t find many budget options after browsing listings.

Still, if you’re willing to pay, SnapSquad has a lot of really great photographers on board that make it worth spending on.


  • Easy Booking. Each freelance photographer has their schedule clearly shown on their profile, so you see their working hours and availability right away.
  • Global Community. Select from freelance photographers all over the world. Just be aware that you may not be able to find local freelance photographers, as some regions won’t have freelancers who offer the type of photography you’re looking for.
  • Freelancer Finder Map. Search for freelance photographers by location and category and see their availability on an interactive world map. This helps visualize how close photographers are to you and what your options are.
  • Professional Portfolios. Photographers display their photos in attractive, easy-to-browse galleries. This makes it straightforward to get a sense of their style and skill before hiring.
Scope of Services Fashion, events, food, commercial, real estate, family, travel, landscape, underwater, aerial photography.
Project Management Tools Messaging and file transfer.
Refund Policy All sales are final.
Starting Price $9.99/month

7. Ooshot: Professional Photoshoots for Businesses

Ooshot brand and corporate photo productions
I was impressed by Ooshot’s photography for corporations and branding.
Ooshot is a marketplace of freelance photographers located all over the world. It specializes in branding and e-commerce photography for businesses, but you can also get travel, trade fairs, and documentary photography too.

The focus on art direction and business shots make Ooshot a solid choice for corporate photography. However, it may not be the best for personal use.

The cost of your project depends on its scope and your specific requirements. To determine the pricing for your project, feel free to reach out to Ooshot for a complimentary quote. While Ooshot’s rates might be higher compared to alternative choices, it’s important to note that you’ll receive top-notch photos tailored for professional use.


  • Talent Matching. When you make a booking and fill out your details, Ooshot handpicks photographers that are best suited for your project. This is a huge time saver and ensures you’re getting a photographer who can meet your needs.
  • 24-hour Delivery. Ooshot ensures a 24-hour delivery guarantee for your photos on simple projects, such as quick photoshoots. This feature proves exceptionally convenient when you require prompt access to your shots. Please note, however, that delivery times may not be as swift for larger photography projects.
  • Interest-Free Payments. If you aren’t ready to pay all at once, you can pay for your photos in installments. This is a neat option, especially for a high-end photography service.
  • Criteria Process. On Ooshot, photographers are assessed based on their style, technical abilities, and professionalism before they can provide services. This significantly lowers the chance of receiving poor-quality photos or dealing with a freelancer who has weak communication skills.
Scope of Services Portrait, ecommerce, documentary, food, real estate, branding, travel, trade fair photography.
Project Management Tools After you submit your project brief, Ooshot manages it for you.
Refund Policy No refunds, but Ooshot will reject poor quality photo submissions.
Starting Price Varies based on project

Are You a Freelance Photographer Looking to Sell Your Services?

If you’re just starting out, Fiverr is a good place to find freelance photography jobs for beginners. Or, if you’re more experienced, you can establish yourself by earning a high seller rating, becoming top-rated, or applying to Fiverr Pro.

Either way, you’ll have to sign up on Fiverr before landing any gigs – let me show you how.

On Fiverr’s homepage, click Join in the top-right corner. Create an account with your email or your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

Fiverr homepage sign up
Your Fiverr username is what clients will see, so make it memorable and easy to read, such as your business or last name.
Now that you have a Fiverr account, you need to make a seller profile to start working. When you’re logged in on the homepage, click on your user icon in the top right and select Become a Seller from the dropdown menu.

This takes you to a new page, where you have to click Become a Seller again.

Fiverr homepage menu bar
You have to be signed in on Fiverr to see this page.
Fill in all the info Fiverr requires, add a bio, and upload a clear and catchy profile image. Make sure to enter your skills, such as categories of photography (products, aerial shots, fashion, etc.) and photo-editing software like Photoshop.

Fiverr creating a seller profile
To better stand out on Fiverr, list all your special skills, languages, industry experience, and education.
Once you finish filling in all your info, you’re ready to post your first gig on Fiverr. The whole process is doable in a day, so you can get working straight away.

Since you won’t have any customer reviews or a seller rating yet, I suggest finding a unique niche with the least competition. Be sure to buff your photography portfolio with your best examples, too. And good luck out there!

Find Professional Photography Jobs Online

In spite of popular belief, you can get professional-quality photos without spending your life’s savings – you just have to hire a freelance photographer from the right place.

If you run an online business or have a unique photography need, you can find all kinds of photography work on Fiverr. Plus, if you want a photographer who’s been reviewed and approved for the quality of their work and professional attitude, you can hire top talent on Fiverr Pro.

Alternatively, if you have a large project you want multiple freelancers for or are looking to hire someone for ongoing work, I recommend connecting with a photographer on Upwork. Upwork’s management tools let you communicate with your freelancer(s) and manage files and billing on the same platform.

The best freelance photography website for you depends entirely on what you need in a photographer. If you still can’t decide, check out the comparison table below summarizing what each platform is best at:

Pricing Best Feature Best For
Fiverr $ An affordable variety of ecommerce photography, from products to fashion. Online business owners who want high-quality photos at affordable rates.
Upwork $$ In-site management tools like file sharing, invoicing, video chat, and teams. Anyone looking to build a team of photographers or hire an experienced photographer for one-off or long-term projects.
Splento $$ Easy hiring process and online storage for your photos. People who want good photos fast, without the hassle of hiring.
DesignCrowd $$ Crowdsourcing designs to choose your favorite from a selection of up to 100. People looking for a design with photos and/or photo editing.
Fiverr Pro $$ A selection of carefully reviewed freelance photographers. Online store owners willing to spend extra for higher quality photos.
SnapSquad $$$ Global marketplace of top-quality professional photographers. Anyone with a big budget looking to hire a top-grade photographer.
Ooshot $$$ High-end, professional ecommerce and business photography. Businesses willing to spend more for top-quality photos.


What is a freelance photographer?

A freelance photographer is someone who offers their photography services independently of an agency, meaning that you work with them directly. Freelance photographers supply their own equipment and can do anything from fashion photoshoots to covering wedding events. There are some great platforms out there that will help you find a freelance photographer online.

How much do freelance photographers make?

How much money a freelance photographer makes depends on their experience and the difficulty of the job. In the US, the average freelance photographer makes about $50,000 a year, and top earners make as much as $80,000. It’s still perfectly possible to find a freelance photographer on a tight budget by using a platform like Fiverr.

What does a freelance photographer do?

This varies between freelancers and the services they offer. Online photographers on Upwork may work from their own studio, while a freelance photography agency like Splento sends a photographer to your location. You can get anything from Amazon product photography to business conference coverage.

How to find freelance photography jobs?

If you’re looking for freelance photography work, you can hire someone online through a freelance website. If you want to offer your services as a freelance photographer, read more about how to get started on Fiverr.

Who hires photographers?

Anyone! Photographers are useful for businesses to advertise their products and for people who want to cover big life events or take family photos. There are just a few specific things I’d recommend you keep in mind when hiring a freelance photographer.

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