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Donna MosesDonna MosesWebsite Development Expert

Duda is one of our most popular website builders because it provides seamless mobile functionality, impressive inSite personalization, a wide array of business-first templates and better still, an easy and rich user interface that lets you build a gorgeous website with just a few clicks. And if you can’t find a Duda template that works for you, then Wix has 500 templates in over 70 categories.


Duda is an Impressive DIY Website Builder, Especially if You Are Looking to Build a Site That Looks Great on Mobile

Duda is a great choice for not only building websites with impressive mobile functionality but also for customizing visitors’ experiences based on their browsing history, location and language. If you are looking for a website builder that will give you a real chance at choosing templates that align with your brand, Duda makes for a fantastic pick.

Save 25% OFF Duda
Save 25% when you sign up for Duda's annual plan

Whether you opt for the free plan or choose to upgrade to one of the premium ones for your growing business, the range of features and functionalities that Duda offers make building a professional website a complete breeze. Duda is however slightly more expensive than other website builders available, which is why it didn’t make our list of top website builders.



Choose From Over 90 Beautiful and Natively Responsive Templates

Responsive: Duda templates let you simultaneously see how your final website will look on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Customizable: With Duda, you can play around with your theme settings, text, colors and navigation to build the kind of website you have always wanted.

Business-First: Duda is perfect for the small or medium-sized entrepreneur. Whether you are a dentist or photographer, personal trainer or restaurateur, all the tools you need to design a great website are at your disposal.Explore Duda Templates


duda features

Duda Is Big On Delivering Customized Experiences for Site Visitors

What makes Duda especially cool is that all its features are primarily there to help you build a website that truly meets the unique needs of each of your customers. The language feature is one of Duda’s biggest strengths. This SEO-friendly tool not only supports all major languages; it also lets you easily add other less-known languages so you can cater to your customers all over the world.

Website Personalization Tool

The Website Personalization tool, which is available in the free plan as well, offers a wide variety of customized actions in a way that other site builders are unable to provide. This tool lets you create features that are triggered by certain conditions for example, pop-up messages for first time visitors, triggered videos for repeat customers, special offers for visitors from a certain city etc.See full list of features

Ease of use


Build and Fine-Tune Your Website Without Any Hassle

The clean and minimalist interface on Duda lets you save your work, undo and redo edits, as well as edit and publish your website with just a few clicks.

The editor opens you up to an amazing set of customizing options including color palettes, every possible font, and navigation styles for different mobile devices and for desktop. If you are feeling particularly creative, you can go as far as setting a different color and background image for mobile and desktop.

Adding elements to your site for added functionality is also a complete breeze – just click Add Element on the design editor column to open up a Pandora’s Box of beautiful elements that only need to be dragged and dropped to your liking.

Control the Look And Feel of Your Website

Every element on Duda comes with a Settings tab that allows you to edit spacing using the CSS code and the HTML code for that particular element. Duda lets you save time by pulling content from another website to populate your site. If that’s not enough, you can duplicate any of the web pages you are building to use the design in another part of your website. Talk about removing the fuss out of building a terrific website!See if Duda is Right for You



Duda Guides You Each Step of The Way!

All Duda plans come with email support. Team and Agency plans also come with chat and phone support. Agency clients also upgrade from regular email to “priority email.” Custom clients receive dedicated support via an assigned account manager.

Aside from that, Duda offers a number of robust features to offer users additional assistance, including an FAQ, resource center, and webinars.



What is The Cost of a DIY Website?

Duda is one of the more expensive website builders available on the market. There are three options of plans – Basic, Team, and Agency. (There is also a Custom plan that comes with all the features of the highest tier plan plus advanced features, and is only recommended to those who expect a high volume of traffic.) As the name states, the basic plan offers basic features, but does include multi-language website option and access to Duda’s content library. As you move up, more features are unlocked. The Team and Agency plans offer team collaboration and client management features. Agency goes a bit further by also offering infrastructure services, including API integration to assist with creating instant websites and exporting websites.

Save 25% OFF Duda
Save 25% when you sign up for Duda's annual plan

When you create your Duda account, you will automatically receive a 30-day free trial. For individuals who sign up for the Basic plan, for those 30 days, they will have access to Team-level features. At the end of the 30 days, those on the Basic plan can choose to upgrade (Duda makes it easy), or revert to the Basic plan and lose a number of features, including upgrading to a premium store or publishing a mobile-only website.

If you are interested in opening an online shop, you need to purchase Duda’s e-commerce plan separately. The first 10 products are free, but you will need to pay monthly for either 100 products or up to 2,500. Also, with the free option, you only get two categories. The paid plan allows for unlimited categories. All plans come with unlimited storage. Paid options also come with a myriad of other features, including catalog management, promotions, order and data management, tracking and reporting, and payment options.

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January 07, 2021
Doesn't work well/at all with iPads and Tablets

I tried Duda for 5 months with my clients. A great maker EXCEPT it has a major technological flaw. The sites look AWFUL on tablets- especially iPads (which Duda techs admit is a big problem they are trying to fix). All the page's images, content and text were constantly jumbled on every type of iPad screen. On smaller screens such as the 13 inch Macs and PC laptops, sides were cut off and the sites got chopped to fit the screen. Not good. With Duda (up to Oct 2020) there is NO CONSISTENT screen resizing across device sizes, and many APPLE iPads simply just won't work with the system. What a waste. After spending a week or 2 of valuable design time on a client's site, to get calls saying the pages are all "jumbled" really isn't acceptable. Besides, 40% of the market is going to see an awful, jumbled website with Duda. Not good for any brand.

September 06, 2020
Overly Simple Features with no commitment to improving them

I have been using Duda for over 5 years as my main platform for delivering websites to clients. The core of the platform is excellent and easy to work with. This keeps me around. It is great for simple websites or micro-sites. However, its widgets and features are terribly basic with minimal features and functionality. Expected features are missing from everything. When they release features, they don't act on immediate feedback and make improvements. Regular requests and bug reports are thrown into the abyss and rarely heard from again. Duda is good, but you will still need other options (like WordPress and Shopify), but expect to be disappointed and be prepared to live with the deficient functionality. Duda could be so much better. It breaks my heart.

November 30, 2019
Hidden cost

First, they say, team subscription and charged my credit card for 113.USD and later when trying to publish its says need to pay more 90$ and there are more and more hidden costs. WordPress is much easy just buy a template edit yourself and publish. here with duda your in the chain of payments

March 04, 2020

I was going to about to buy a plan, fortunately I saw your comment. I do not sure that duda is clear in its prices.

January 07, 2020

Hi Wang. We'd like to hear more information about your experience with Duda. Please reach out to us at https://www.duda.co/contact.


How does Duda match up to the competition?


Bottom line on Duda

Without a doubt, the few negatives about Duda will not in any way prevent you from easily building beautiful, modern websites. If mobile functionality is important to you as a small or medium-sized entrepreneur, Duda will not disappoint. The available site widgets are more than capable of helping you build a responsive website that is navigable on both mobile and desktop devices. In addition to letting you build a multi-language website, Duda also makes it possible to create personalization rules to deliver tailor-made experiences for everyone who visits your website. Each plan comes with its own list of features and support options. Pick the one that works best for you. And if Duda is out of your budget, then you can click here to see which other website builders we recommend.

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