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Brent Emmerson Brent Emmerson Web Hosting Expert

HostPapa is hard to recommend. It’s based on old technology, it has no special features, and its performance is quite slow. Its support is outsourced and the agents are non-professionals. Its competitors are often cheaper and usually superior in many aspects. 

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Serviceable, Affordable Hosting – But Is That Good Enough?

HostPapa is a Canadian hosting company with a surprisingly strong, if distant, fan-base in Australia and New Zealand. The company aims itself squarely at small businesses, touting the benefits of starting your business site on its data centers in Toronto, Los Angeles, or Amsterdam.

Again, that makes me wonder about Australia and New Zealand. Anyway, HostPapa offers shared hosting, managed shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and even website builder plans.

HostPapa is a name designed to give you that nostalgic feeling of safety and family. Well, how that’ll actually make you feel depends on your family dynamic, but the message is clear: HostPapa wants you to know it cares.

But does the company actually care? And if it does, does that caring actually make for a good web host? I wanted to know the answers, so I ran a test site on HostPapa for a couple of months, as part of Website Planet’s huge web host comparison project. Here’s what I discovered.



HostPapa - cPanel
cPanel isn’t very exciting, but it gets the job done.

All the Basics Are There… But Not Much Else

Since our hosting reviews focus on WordPress a fair bit, it’s worth noting that HostPapa has some WordPress-specific hosting plans. However, as with many other companies, that doesn’t mean much at all. It’s just the same shared hosting plans, but with WordPress preinstalled.

That said, all of these plans come with free site migration, if you have an existing site, and unlimited bandwidth. As long as you’re just running a regular website, and not storing your personal music collection, you can use as much bandwidth as you need.

There’s also a free site builder included with every plan, but the Starter and Business plans limit you to a maximum of 2 pages. That’s actually fine if all your site needs is a one-page portfolio sort of thing, and it can work for a temporary site. Otherwise, it’s just not enough pages.

I signed up for the basic WordPress hosting plan, WP Starter, just for kicks. This plan nets you 100GB of SSD storage, which is actually quite a lot. It’s much more than the usual 10-15GB that most hosts offer on their basic plans. (More expensive plans give you unlimited storage, though.)

Free SSL certificates are included in every plan, and installed automatically. This ensures your site is reasonably safe from hackers, especially if you have forms where users input their personal information.

And now we come to the – and I say this with just a hint of sarcasm – stand-out features:

WordPress Comes Preinstalled

Well, it’s a WordPress plan, right? Thus, WordPress comes preinstalled, together with a free version of the Jetpack performance enhancement plugin. That saves you a few minutes of clicking and no money whatsoever, so while I can’t complain about it, I won’t say it’s amazing either.

Honestly, you could just as easily install WordPress through cPanel, which is included. On the other hand, having it preinstalled is far easier if you’re a beginner.

Backups on Demand

Unfortunately, there are no automated backups, at least not for the Starter plan. While HostPapa does apparently have a separate backup service, that’ll cost you extra. However, you can download backups through the cPanel whenever you need to, so that’s… good.

It’s not nearly as good as the automatic backups offered by Liquid Web  or SiteGround , but it’s something.

cPanel backup wizard
cPanel’s backup feature is always nice to have, but it’s nothing special.

The Real Premium Features are in the Advanced Plan

The situation gets a bit more interesting with the most advanced plan. It includes premium licenses for Jetpack and comes with a premium Wildcard SSL certificate. That’s all good stuff that costs quite a bit of money otherwise.

Then again, for the price of the Advanced plan, you could also get Kinsta’s amazing cloud-based hosting, so… meh.


Ease of use

HostPapa Service Area
HostPapa’s user area looks a little dated, but it’s serviceable.

It’s Perfectly Average Here, Too

The user area is a minimalist, not-very-modern-looking interface that seems to have been developed by HostPapa. It’s easy enough to work with, and includes the expected management options for domains, services, billing, and support.

There is nothing here to make your user experience any harder or easier than the average. cPanel is cPanel, and it’s pretty easy to use as long you can navigate between the 70% of options that you’ll never open.

Connecting a Domain Could Potentially Be a Hassle

My domain was included with the hosting (it’s a one-year minimum commitment on all plans, so they all come with a free domain). However, had I needed to connect a domain registered elsewhere, the necessary data (nameservers/A record) is unavailable, which is annoying. My only option would have been to ask support for help.

The preinstalled WordPress was a nice touch, but as I said before, not much more than that. Softaculous would’ve been just as good, and it’s there. You can install any of the major CMS in minutes.



So, as mentioned, I set up a test website to check out HostPapa’s server performance over a few months. The standard test website is built on WordPress, has some high-quality images, some animation, and other things you’d expect to find on even the most generic, free-WordPress-theme-based website. It’s pretty standard, in other words.

It’s also standard practice to ask every host’s tech support if they can offer some website optimization tips before we run our tests. That gives hosting companies the opportunity to start off the review strong, even if they don’t know it. Unfortunately, HostPapa’s tech support only suggested upgrading to a more expensive plan, which is just tacky.

Once I ran my tests, this is what I was looking at: complete page loading time reached a 2.08-second average, average global loading speeds were at 3.223s, and the site’s uptime was at 99.973% over four months. These aren’t the worst results I’ve gotten, but they’re far from the best.

If that’s enough statistics for you, I don’t blame you. Feel free to jump ahead and see why I had some issues with HostPapa’s support. If you want to get your geek on, take a number-based ride with me through the finer details of my tests:

I used GTmetrix to test my site’s complete loading times. Sucuri only tests how long it takes a site to really start loading, but it runs those tests from a number of servers all over the world. Then I use UptimeRobot to see how much of the time the site stays, well… up.


That 2.08 second average complete loading time is brought to you by a fastest speed of 1.6s, and a slowest of 2.9s.

Speeds were tested in Dallas, TX, to compare Hostpapa to other hosts, but the data centers I used are actually closer to Vancouver, Canada. Still, results in both testing locations were very similar, so expect these middling speeds wherever you or your visitors are in North America.

Actually, if your visitors get the slowest speed of 2.9s, just expect to lose them. Here’s a look at one of the better tests:

HostPapa GTmetrix test results
If only these were the normal numbers.


We see a lot more variation in page load times here. And remember, these aren’t complete paid loads… but the fastest average is 0.535 seconds, and the slowest is a glacial 4.846s.

The fastest locations (mostly in North America) are pretty fast, but still considerably slower than many of the top hosts. Even InterServer, for example, which wasn’t a performance beast of any kind, was twice as fast.

The slow speeds are horribly slow, and the average of 3.223 seconds really takes HostPapa out of the running. No Cloudflare CDN can change the fact that Hostpapa simply can’t support Australian and New Zealander visitors. Or, you know, visitors in a whole lot of other places, either.

HostPapa Sucuri test results
I’ve seen worse results, but not too many.


99.973% over four months. It’s very good – not excellent – but definitely what I’d consider reliable.

The weird thing is that HostPapa advertises a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but the SLA (Service Level Agreement) doesn’t have a word about that. I chatted with an agent and asked him to elaborate on what exactly is guaranteed, and what happens when that guarantee isn’t met. He told me it means that if I don’t like the service, or if it’s less than 99.9%, I’m free to quit.

No kidding. Many other hosts, just for reference, pay you back the hosting cost if they can’t live up to their promise.

HostPapa UptimeRobot results
At least the servers are working.


Good news first: there’s a fairly useful knowledge base, with tutorials to help teach you to use your hosting and build your website. If you have questions, you really might want to start here, because this is just about as good as it gets.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
If you like reading, you’ll like HostPapa’s knowledge base.

There’s supposed to be 24/7 support through chat, email, tickets, and phone. However, the people I interacted with were not the liveliest or most helpful, and not super fast to respond. Well, some agents were reasonably helpful, while some seemed like ignorant and/or sneaky salesmen. Still, at least their English was good.

My presales experience was nothing special, and it took up to 2 minutes between replies. The agent was pretty knowledgeable, and actually asked intelligent questions about my website before recommending a plan. Then he recommended the more expensive plan for no good reason, making me doubt his good intentions.

HostPapa support chat
My pre-sales service experience with HostPapa was going pretty well, until it wasn’t.

The agent also didn’t understand the concept of an uptime guarantee, as I mentioned before.

I started asking more and more questions, and to his credit, the agent suggested that maybe he should set me up with an expert, so we could talk on the phone and go over everything. I really appreciated that, even though I didn’t plan on having phone calls with strangers.

The agent did say that HostPapa runs its own CDN network, but I couldn’t find any evidence to prove it. All you get is integration with Cloudflare CDN’s free plan, which isn’t the greatest.

After signing up, I asked a different agent to help me make the SSL-protected HTTPS the default option for visitors, and he did it himself pretty quickly. That was good stuff.

Then again, when I randomly quizzed another agent on the web server technology running in the background (Apache 2.4), he replied that it’s Linux. No, no, no. Very bad. I corrected him and explained the difference between an operating system and a web server. Only after that did he manage to find the correct answer himself.

As I mentioned above, I asked support for help with optimizations. This resulted in the most outrageous reply of all hosts I’ve tested. The agent countered my plea for help with a long list of upgrade options and paid add-on services that would’ve easily doubled or tripled my monthly cost.

Shocked, I chose not to answer.

a HostPapa support ticket
HostPapa’s response to my request for help with optimizations was supremely unhelpful.

Then, he had the nerve to send me a follow up “Did you have some time to consider my offer?” message. This did not impress me. At all.



Well, I think at this point it’s pretty obvious that HostPapa doesn’t deliver the kind of value it could. It’s a below-average experience in features, performance, and support. The only thing that can save it is a super low and competitive price, like Hostinger’s $1.99 a month (but Hostinger gives you much better performance).

But alas, the price is $3.95 if you sign up to the longest possible period, which is 3 years. If you sign up for a shorter term, you’ll pay up to double.

You do get a free domain with all plans, but that’s just because yearly payments are the minimum. Most other hosts give you a free domain on the yearly plan, and no domain on the monthly plans. Just beware of the domain renewal prices for your second year.

Payment options include credit cards and PayPal, and all purchases are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you know, at least you can get out if you have to.


How does HostPapa match up to the competition?



HostPapa is hard to recommend. It’s based on old technology, it has no special features, and its performance is quite slow. Its support is outsourced and the agents are non-professionals. This is why it didn’t make our list of the best web hosting services in 2023.

I guess the only reason to choose HostPapa would be if you want to support a Canadian company (that outsources its support), and you’re willing to make a few compromises. 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly hosting that doesn’t make you compromise on features or performance, you should check out Hostinger or InterServer.
Brent Emmerson Brent Emmerson
Brent is a freelance web developer who loves experimenting with new technology and sharing his experiences with others. While his career life can get hectic sometimes, he always makes time for the important things in life: good coffee, good wine, and quality time with his twin boys, Aiden and Sean.
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Don’t Even Bother

My current hosting service really jacked up my rate so I started looking for another provider. I settled on HP because of the reviews and Canadian servers. They can't seem to get the domain transferred. When I've transferred hosts in the past this happened within a day or so. I finally got them to transfer my site only to find out I have to do a lot of the work myself to get it to point to hostpapa -- still not sure it is. Then I was supposed to have 10 emails included in my plan. Come to find out, I have to pay extra for each individual email address. Their support department is really less than helpful. Zero stars not one.

Sam Patterson, Canada
January 22, 2023
Definitely think twice

After their purchase of one on one internet and migrating me to their service, they have consistently engaged in nickel and dime, strong arm hard sell techniques. I receive regular (almost as if it was on a sales quota schedule) about minor infractions of my account on perf once a month or so when running the word fence process on my domains to help compensate for their mediocre security. After trying all different techniques to mitigate the issue, I finally broke down and let them migrate me from the plan I had under 1:1 for 10 years to one of their 'business plan'. Of course, like clockwork, and after the refund period had passed, now they are contacting me regarding any email box that gets anywhere close to exceeding their ridiculous 1000mb per box limit (regardless of if you only have 3 email accounts or the total size of storage of all email accounts). They of course want to now 'upsell' me to yet another plan the 'will solve all my issues' but not really give me any new features or storage that I would actually utilize. IMHO, avoid the 'shake down' racket and look elsewhere first. I certainly am regretting not doing that before signing up for their first 3 year upsell that would 'solve all my problems'*** *** at least until the very short refund period expires and the next sales quota period is reached.

Stephen, USA
January 04, 2023
Buyer beware …

I rarely rarely leave reviews, but this time I will take the time. I hope it saves someone from a very bad mistake. For 20 years me and my clients were with LFC Hosting. Best customer service ever ... UNTIL they were bought out by HostPapa. The very DAY that all my sites moved to HostPapa servers, we have had nothing but problems. In fact, after all my sites were migrated to HostPapa, I received an email from HostPapa informing me that the new credentials to my new control panel(s) would be sent in a separate email. Never received it. Called support. They said they would resend. Nope. Never got it until at least a day later. Recently, just one of our sites was down 29 times in just 17 days. Customer service is NON existent ... and even when you end up talking to a real person (which is rare), they know next to nothing. Back on April 17, 2022, multiple HP servers were down for almost 5 hours. Last week at HostPapa's suggestion, we moved from Shared Hosting to a VPS, HOPING this would resolve the downtime. They promised a migration to happen at midnight on Friday April 8. Saturday morning (April 9) ... nothing. Tried to contact Migrations department. No response. Tried phone ... no one answering ... left voice mail. Tried online support chat .... finally someone replied and said it could take several hours. THREE DAYS later, we got a reply. That was April 12. FIVE DAYS later while they did finally migrate the site, they completely failed to follow their own procedures, and put our site live. The direction they had received (and by their own acknowledgment their own procedure) was that they would NOT switch DNS until 'after' we had a chance to review the site running on the VPS. The result? Due to subtle SQL Server differences from old server, and fact we were unable to do pre-launch testing, our site was still down. It irritates me that I have to give even 1 star in order to submit this.

Tery Emilson, Canada
June 16, 2022
They will try to control us. they can let us go any time.

I'm sharing my experience with all of you who are going to get hosting from HostPapa. First, I have a feeling: if you are just using this hosting as a CV so you are safe. If you are building your business but you are still in the first step and this hosting is ok for the budget, so you are not safe. think 2 times before you get this cheap hosting and ok to pay extra but be safe and not with hostpapa. My story : Their price is cheap is good The hosting is promoted as unlimited super good. you will ask yourself what is the catch, nothing is advertised has a catch. And looks legit!. Then after you buy the subscription, Emails will start from them to inform you, your website has faults that are against their resources policy. you will think, is it only me whos getting this issue?! but then you will find the Facebook website has faults, or can you just mention one website that does not have faults?! Moreover, Any new plugin you will install on the website will have a faulty effect when you activate it, or it might not match with the website/template. We can understand it's not a table you placed in the hosting with no changes or updates forever, it's a website that needs to be updated or add pages or new plugins the content might just be the text, font, or style. Faults will happen while you are doing that, but HostPapa they have a different way to think whether you used 1 % of the resource or 100%. but they want 0 faults in your hosting. which is non since only if you want to control the owner of the website. it is not possible for us to give 0 faults which are good upscale technic for them so get more upgrades and then more $$. However this is the catch, you will pay 2.5$ +- to get unlimited hosting at a nice price and good for your pocket. but they will not let you survive with them if you did not pay more. After so many Emails to push me to get an upgrade, sure I did not, I thought my account manager was supposed to let me see the errors that I should fix or guide me to fix it. he was talking to me like an AI system and I was thinking he is just an AI repeating his Emails over and over ( Ex:10 faults with screenshots please fix it). It's like this list of numbers 2. 3. 4. Like this and with a title Faults I'm sure some of you know how to get it or you know this list. The funny part I was replying to these emails like I'm chatting to a bot, but it was a real employee, so after those pushes that did not work with me, he threatened me by doing an inspection. and gave me 4 days to fix the faults which I don't know from where it's coming from I have 3 websites, or how to get 0 faults!!! (He's saying: upgrade or 0 faults ). So I asked him, by any chance do you know which website is giving these faults? and the issue was he knew it and he knew other things too which he could help me by providing that information from the first email he sent. that's strange. he called him self account manager. only to push me to upgrade I said, ok, inspection will allow me to see more things to fix. because my team was trying hard to find what is the issue. We knew the hosting is so slow, it is one of the limitations of cheap hosting but we don't need more. so after the inspection what happened? Nothing at all!! no one called me and no one update me what is the result of it. They did the inspection which I'm not against, but I did not receive the result yet i thought its a good one! they did not even Email me to say anything or send the screenshot that my account manager used to send 10 times per week or might be just an AI mode this time? suddenly all my 3 websites have been blocked, suspended. again no Emails to update me about this action! strange again. They controlled my business they blocked my recourse of income as they owned me. I'm using 60% of my resources they created faults for asking me to go or upgrade I was under their control for enough time. i moved to another hosting platform same plan with the same websites and no faults no emails to upgrade I found that they have some rules on their website, saying: account managers should update the clients before taking the action but they did not update me they just shut down my business. I don't have a lawyer to help me because my business is still small, and they knew that. However, I faced them and emailed them they returned my websites, again they don't want me anymore so they push me, my account manager again threatened me by telling me you have till 15th of Dec! for what? Then another email from the AI account manager said we will refund you the remaining amount if you will cancel your subscription! I was like (really!) other email from other person saying refund has been made you have till 28th Jan 2022. if it's a personal issue only with me (I'm assuming here)! If you don't want to give me your service so it's not the correct way, they have a big issue with money. you don't need to waste your time and my time by creating faults and inspections to let me

Soriana art, Canada
January 12, 2022
First time the sequel was better than the original!

I was a Lunarpages customer for nearly 20 years when I caught wind that they were bought by HostPapa, a company I never heard of. I dreaded the idea at first. But when I thought it over, the quality and service I was getting with Lunarpages were waning over the years. As time went on, I wasn't able to get tech support on the weekends, which is the only real-time I can work on websites. I couldn't get tech support at night. Things like 24-hour service when I first signed up for Lunarpages had disappeared or fell into a price range I couldn't afford. So I gave HostPapa a chance. And guess what? They have been a pleasure to work with! Tech support is a chat window away, and there is always someone there that is ready to answer any questions I might have. If their front lines can't solve the problem, they are prompt to escalate the issue to their 2nd tier support. Starlin over in tier 2 has been an invaluable contact! All of their tech support has. I never get the feeling I will be blown off, or that my issue is MY issue. They are there to help, and I am paying a rock bottom price. I've been with Hostpapa for a couple of years now and their service is outstanding. My sites are always up and running. I get questions answered. 5/5 stars!

John M Kelly, USA
April 12, 2021
Happy to user HostPapa services for more than 10 years

I have several sites hosted through HostPapa for more than 10 years, never had trouble, and their customer support is excellent; I never had to wait for a response, just click on the chat and anytime is someone there to help you. The cost is ok, really don't want to risk the quality I am receiving for a few bucks per year. I strongly recommend HostPapa

Pablo Maglio, Argentina
April 10, 2021
Outstanding Customer Service

I am no expert when it comes to the technical aspects of websites but I do know about people and I have to say that HOSTPAPA Customer Service people are quite simply superb. Helpful and courteous and accessible. Their response times to my inquiries have been truly impressive. I heartily recommend HOSTPAPA .

Michael Williams, USA
February 20, 2021
Consistent support

I have used Hostpapa for some years now and have strayed to the opposition stupidly twice on a couple of projects only to learn that it is good to stick with consistent support and services. I find their pricing fair, response to support well.

Catherine, New Zealand
February 17, 2021
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