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OVHcloud vs. Hetzner – Which One Is Actually Better? 2024

Mark Holden Mark HoldenWeb Hosting Expert
With OVHcloud – the world’s third-largest web hosting provider, you’ll get VPS, private and public cloud, and dedicated servers to meet your hosting needs. Hetzner’s hosting packages offer a wider range – from shared hosting and colocation to managed VPS, cloud servers, and dedicated servers. I tested both these web hosts on multiple parameters. I found that choosing a clear winner in this OVHcloud vs. Hetzner competition is difficult as the best host would depend on your needs.

Click here to see OVHcloud’s latest deals or read on to know how you can decide which of these two would suits your needs the best.

1. Plans and Pricing

Hetzner scores a win with its lower prices

Hetzner’s shared plans, though not the cheapest, are budget-friendly and offer value for money with several beginner- and developer-friendly features. OVHcloud’s public cloud plans are available for multiple locations and billed hourly/monthly. OVHcloud’s cloud and VPS plans cost more than Hetzner’s cloud plans. If you’re looking for standardized dedicated servers, you can get them for cheap with Hetzner’s server auction. Hetzner’s dedicated servers (root and NVMe) cost lower than OVHcloud’s dedicated servers.

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from OVHcloud
Domain registration prices (for some TLDs like .com, .org) are cheaper with OVHcloud.

Hetzner offers a 30-day cancellation period but OVHcloud offers no refunds.

With its lower prices, Hetzner wins.

2. Features

Wider range of hosting plans plus more features help Hetzner win

With Hetzner’s shared plans, you’ll get Symantec Basic SSL certificate, Let‘s Encrypt SSL, WebFTP, daily database/user account backups, and SSH access. GDPR-compliant Hetzner cloud plans have Linux OS, 1-16vCPU, 2GB-32GB RAM, and 20GB-360GB disk space. They come with NVMe SSDs, floating IPs, automatic backups, and choice of local/network storage (NVMe SSD RAID or Ceph). If you want to configure Windows RDP, check Hetzner RDP services. When testing OVHcloud vs. Hetzner peering, I found Hetzner has an open peering policy.

OVHcloud’s VPS servers support multiple OS and come with 1-8 vCore, 2GB-32GB RAM, and 40GB NVMe-640GB NVMe storage. They offer paid add-ons like geolocated IP, load balancer, etc. If you would rather let experts handle your VPS, I recommend Hetzner’s managed plans that scored better in this OVHcloud vs. Hetzner VPS battle.

With OVHcloud, you’ll get vRack, which lets your OVHcloud services be isolated, linked, or spread across a single or multiple private secure networks.

You can compare Hetzner and OVHcloud by checking this comparison table.

Hetzner OVHcloud
Hosting Types Shared hosting, managed VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers VPS, hosted private cloud, public cloud, and dedicated servers
Free Domain × ×
Free SSL Certificate
Disk Space 20GB-360GB 40GB NVMe-640GB NVMe
Bandwidth 20TB 250Mbps-unlimited traffic to 2 Gbps-unlimited traffic (conditional)
Automatic Backups Daily Daily
Control Panel konsoleH control panel OVHcloud control panel
Email accounts 100-unlimited (shared hosting) NA
Free CDN ×
Free Site Migration × ×
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days ×
Hetzner wins this round, thanks to more variety in its hosting plans plus slightly better features.

3. Performance

OVHcloud wins with its better performance

OVHcloud has 27 datacenters around the world that come with server redundancy and load balancing to deliver high availability. Its VPSes use NVMe storage and offer load balancers (as paid add-on) for better performance.

Hetzner has 3 datacenters – 2 in Germany and 1 in Finland. Hetzner has a redundant network and uses NVMe SSDs and Juniper backbone technology for enhanced performance.

OVHcloud guarantees a minimum of 99.9% uptime. Though its servers were pretty fast across Europe and decent in America when I tested them, I can’t call them the best on the market. You can check the details at our expert OVHcloud review.

Hetzner guarantees an annual average of 99.9% network availability. However, its loading times were simply terrible when I tested them. To know what went wrong, head over to our expert Hetzner review.

Due to its better performance, OVHcloud wins.

4. Security

Neck-and-neck competition with no clear winner

With its worldwide, high-security datacenters, OVHcloud guarantees the continuity of service even when a major incident occurs. With the vRack, load balancer, and anti-DDoS protection, it ensures a secure cloud.

To ensure security and data protection, Hetzner uses multiple redundant connections to DE-CIX (the largest German IXP) for smooth data transfer, DDoS protection, central back-up server, and RAID-1 hard disk system.

With somewhat similar security measures, it’s difficult to pick a clear winner.

5. Support

OVHcloud edges past Hetzner with its slightly better support

Hetzner offers support via email, telephone (8 am-6 pm CEST, Monday-Friday for web hosting and managed VPS), live chat, and an online contact form. I attempted to access its live chat, but it was unavailable at the time. Consequently, I resorted to using its email system. Regrettably, I did not receive a response through email. On a more positive note, its self-support tools, which encompass a DokuWiki and a comprehensive collection of support documents, articles, and tutorials for logged-in customers, proved to be much more effective.

Hetzner FAQ Support Page
Hetzner FAQ Support Page
Depending on what type of support you need (new order/technical advice/incidents), OVHcloud offers standard support via phone, email, and/or Twitter. You may even opt for its paid premium support. When I tested, its standard support was slow with wait times varying from a day to 2 days. For self-help, you’ll get guides and tutorials from OVHcloud’s community, documentation, and an FAQ for dedicated servers.

OVH Email Support
OVHcloud Email Support
Thanks to its slightly better support, OVHcloud wins this round.

The Winner is Decided by What You Need

This was a closely-fought match. While OVHcloud wins for its performance and slightly better support, Hetzner outshines it in pricing and features. With both these hosts scoring a tie in the security category, picking a clear winner among OVHcloud or Hetzner is tough as it all depends on your needs. Small or medium-sized businesses could find OVHcloud better while those looking for budget-friendly shared hosting or affordably-priced managed VPS can go with Hetzner.

Before you decide, remember that neither of these hosts features on our top 10. To find the ones that do, visit our list of ​ the best web hosting services​.

Comparison Table

Plans and Pricing
Budget-friendly shared hosting, managed VPS, colocation, cloud server, and dedicated server
Slightly expensive VPS, hosted private cloud, public cloud, and dedicated servers
Key Features
GDPR-compliant, Linux OS, NVMe SSDs, floating IPs, automatic backups, and choice of local/network storage (NVMe SSD RAID or Ceph)
Multiple OS supported, NVMe, geolocated IP, load balancer, vRack
99.9% guaranteed network availability; redundant network, NVMe SSDs, and Juniper backbone technology
A minimum of 99.9% uptime guarantee; server redundancy, load balancer, NVMe storage
Multiple redundant connections to DE-CIX, DDoS protection, central back-up server, and RAID-1
vRack, load balancer, and anti-DDoS protection
Email, telephone, live chat, and an online contact form; DokuWiki and extensive support documents/articles/tutorials for self-help
Phone, email, and/or Twitter; self-help tools include guides and tutorials from OVH’s community, documentation, and a dedicated server FAQ


Is ​OVHcloud better than ​Hetzner?

Since both these hosts offer similar hosting plans and features, your specific needs will decide which the best one is. For our top recommendations, check our list of ​​the best web hosting services.

Does OVHcloud offer WordPress hosting?

No, OVHcloud has no hosting plans tailored for WordPress, but you can still install WordPress (with a single click) to host your site on its servers. If you would rather have managed WordPress plans where all technical aspects of WordPress are handled by experts, I suggest you check the best managed WordPress hosting providers.

Does ​Hetzner offer VPS hosting?

Yes, Hetzner does offer managed VPS hosting but they are a bit expensive. I recommend you check our list of the best cheap VPS hosting services​ to get affordable and dependable VPS.

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