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GoDaddy vs tsoHost – Our Surprising Results [2021]

Mark Holden
December 13, 2020

There are so many similarities, good and bad, between GoDaddy and tsoHost. For example, both are pretty expensive and offer almost the same shared hosting packages. So, which web host will truly give you your money’s worth?

In my quest to compare GoDaddy and tsoHost, I tested both services across multiple categories. I wasn’t impressed with their lagging performance, inadequate level of support, and standard web hosting features. Like twins, this GoDaddy vs tsoHost comparison ended with a tie.

If you want my honest opinion, I wouldn’t waste money on either host and would rather go with a more powerful and affordable service like Hostinger.

Click here to see Hostinger’s latest deals or keep reading to see why GoDaddy and tsoHos didn’t win this comparison.

1. Plans and Pricing

GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting Packages Are More Expensive

Both GoDaddy and tsoHost offer pretty much the same collection of hosting solutions (shared, reseller, VPS, WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers). However, there are a few, but important, differences between them.

For example, GoDaddy offers shared hosting for Linux and Windows users, whereas tsoHost only offers cloud-based shared hosting plans for Linux only.

A Free Domain is included when purchasing any hosting service from GoDaddy Hosting

Even though these two aren’t the cheapest out there, GoDaddy offers more promotional discounts with its hosting plans than tsoHost, but has higher package renewal rates. tsoHost offers cheaper prices for shared hosting than GoDaddy even without introductory discounts.

With GoDaddy, you can choose to be billed monthly, annually, biennially, or triennially. With tsoHost, you can only choose between monthly or annual subscriptions.

GoDaddy offers a free domain name with annual plans, a free SSL certificate with its higher-value plans for the first year, free website migration (with WordPress hosting only), and a 30-day money-back guarantee with annual plans (48 hours with monthly subscriptions).

tsoHost also offers a free domain name with annual subscriptions. But, unlike GoDaddy, it offers free website migration with all plans. With tsoHost, you can get a standard SSL certificate at half-price with lower-value plans (renewed at full cost after the first year), and get it for free (for the first year) with higher-tier packages with annual billing. tsoHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The winner here is tsoHost. Compared to GoDaddy for shared hosting, tsoHost’s prices are cheaper and more affordable.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for even more budget-friendly prices without compromising quality, I recommend Hostinger.

2. Features

It’s an Unsurprising Tie between GoDaddy and tsoHost

Not only do GoDaddy and tsoHost offer the same number of shared hosting plans (four plans), same plan names, and package description, but they also offer almost the same resources and features with only very minor differences between them.

With GoDaddy’s four shared hosting plans, you get from 100 GB to unlimited HDD storage, 1 to unlimited websites, 10 to unlimited MySQL databases, unmetered bandwidth, and free Office 365 Email (for the first year only).

All GoDaddy’s plans also come with cPanel and a software application installer. GoDaddy doesn’t offer a free CDN or a free website builder.

Similarly, tsoHost’s four shared hosting plans include from 100 GB to unlimited HDD storage, unlimited bandwidth, 100 to unlimited mailboxes, 10 to unlimited MySQL databases, and you can host from 1 to 200 websites.

All plans also include cPanel and 1-click app installer. Like GoDaddy, tsoHost doesn’t offer a free CDN or a free website builder.

Take a look at this side-by-side table to further compare GoDaddy and tsoHost:

Hosting TypesShared (Linux and Windows), reseller, WordPress hosting (managed and unmanaged), VPS, dedicated serversShared, reseller, VPS (Linux & Windows), WordPress hosting, dedicated servers (Linux & Windows)
Free Domain
Free SSL CertificateWith certain plansOnly with higher-value plans
Disk Space20 GB – Unlimited20 GB – Unlimited (depending on the plan)
BandwidthUnlimited400 GB – Unlimited (depending on the plan)
Automatic BackupsDaily (for VPS and dedicated servers only)
Control PanelcPanel, PleskcPanel
Email Accounts1 Free100 – Unlimited (depending on the plan)
Free CDNWith WordPress hosting only
Free Site MigrationOnly with the fully managed WordPress hosting plans
Money-Back Guarantee48 hours or 30 days30 days

3. Performance

Both Web Hosts Deliver Average Performance

GoDaddy’s servers are located in India and the U.S., but tsoHost has servers in the U.K. only since it mainly targets customers in that region.

Both GoDaddy and tsoHost only use SSD storage with specific plans. SSD drives perform much faster than traditional disk drives like HDD.

GoDaddy offers a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) with all its WordPress hosting plans, but tsoHost doesn’t offer a free CDN with any of its plans. When activated, CDN boosts your website’s loading speeds all over the world by placing it on a global network of cloud servers.

Both hosts promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, neither host showed a perfect actual uptime due to occasional downtimes.

Despite its efforts, GoDaddy has poor page loading speeds across different locations:

[GoDaddy] - [Speed test]

Want to know what went wrong with GoDaddy’s performance? Read more details in our expert GoDaddy review.

On the other hand, tsoHost delivers slightly faster page loading speeds, but still not impressive:

[tsoHost] - [Speed test]

Read more about tsoHost’s performance in this in-depth tsoHost review.

Neither hosts showed the reliable performance I expected. Nevertheless, Hostinger topped the charts with impressive performance results.

4. Security

GoDaddy Offers Slightly More Security Features

Both GoDaddy and tsoHost secure their accounts with DDoS protection, advanced firewalls, server hardening, and antivirus/antispam.

CloudLinux OS is used by both hosts with all their Linux-based shared hosting plans. CloudLinux OS securely isolates your account from other accounts on the same server to protect it against any unwanted external threats targeting the other accounts. It also ensures that all the server’s resources are allocated fairly among all accounts.

Both GoDaddy and tsoHost offer free automatic daily backups with specific plans only.

CDN has other benefits along with its performance boosting capabilities. It acts as an additional layer of DDoS protection. As previously mentioned, GoDaddy offers free CDN with specific plans, but tsoHost doesn’t.

In spite of their limited security features, GoDaddy leads this round by offering more useful security measures, namely free CDN.

5. Support

Getting Help Isn’t Easy with GoDaddy and tsoHost

Even though both GoDaddy and tsoHost have Knowledgebase sections, GoDaddy’s Knowledgebase is more comprehensive and organized.

You can contact GoDaddy’s support through live chat and phone. The phone support is available 24/7 through multiple call centers around the world serving different languages. The live chat is available 24 hours on weekdays (Monday to Friday). When I tried the live chat, I was instantly connected to a representative who wasn’t very Knowledgeable or helpful.

[GoDaddy] - [live chat]

tsoHost’s support is available through live chat, phone, and ticket. Only the ticket support is available 24/7. The chat and phone support teams are available seven days a week, from 7 AM to midnight.

When I tested it, the live chat representative was slightly more helpful than GoDaddy’s. But, some of the information provided was slightly misleading.

It’s another tie. Both hosts definitely need major improvements when it comes to customer support.

The Winner Is…Hostinger!

As you can see, both GoDaddy and tsoHost are pretty average for their prices and fall on the same level. tsoHost may be cheaper than GoDaddy, but GoDaddy provides slightly better security. Both hosts pretty much offer the same feature set with their shared hosting plans, an overall average performance, and unreliable support.

What do I think? If I were in your place, I’d invest my money on a more reliable and feature-packed service such as Hostinger. Hostinger is also recommended by our experts as one of the best web hosting services in 2020.

GoDaddy tsoHost
Plans and PricingMore expensive package renewal rates. Offers a 48 to 30 days money-back guarantee.Cheaper packages. Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Key FeaturesFree domain, free site migration (with certain plans), HDD storage with most plans, and free SSL (with higher-value plans).Free domain, free website migration, SSL certificate (with certain plans), and SSD storage (with certain plans).
PerformanceMore server locations, free CDN with specific plans, 99.9% uptime guarantee, few downtimes, slow loading speedsFewer server locations, 99.9% uptime guarantee, few downtimes, average loading speeds
SecurityDDoS protection, strong firewalls, antivirus/antispam, CloudLinux OS, free automatic backups with specific plansDDoS protection, strong firewalls, antivirus/antispam, CloudLinux OS, free automatic backups with specific plans
SupportMore comprehensive and organized Knowledgebase, live chat, phone (24/7), support not helpfulLess comprehensive and organized Knowledgebase, live chat, phone, support ticket (24/7), support not helpful


Which is better, GoDaddy or tsoHost?
It depends on your needs. These two web hosts are very similar in what they offer. They’re definitely not cheap, but tsoHost is a bit cheaper. They both offer pretty much the same features with their shared hosting plans, and both of them aren’t the best when it comes to performance. My advice? I’d rather go with more reliable and budget-friendly hosts like Hostinger.

Hostinger is also featured in our expert list of the best web hosting services.

Does GoDaddy offer WordPress hosting?
Yes. GoDaddy offers four WordPress hosting plans that can handle from 25 K to unlimited visitors per month and give you access to thousands of plugins and themes (free of charge). GoDaddy isn’t quite right for you? Explore the best managed WordPress hosting services.
Does tsoHost use SSD?
Not with all plans. tsoHost only offers SSD based storage with Linux VPS plans and with some dedicated server plans for Linux. However, if you want more SSD hosting options, take a look at    these cheap and fast SSD hosting services.
Does tsoHost offer a free domain?
tsoHost offers a free domain name for a year with any shared or WordPress hosting plan provided that you subscribe annually. Undecided about choosing the right domain name? Check out this ultimate guide to choosing and buying a domain name.

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